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Tarot the Compassionate Wanderer[edit]

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Necro-lord Midniticon has hordes of slaves under his power. But not all are living; most of them are zombified thralls, resuming in death the labor forced upon them in life, restrained by cold, heavy, solid voidchains.

None of his zombies retained their previous intelligence or personality, and Tarot was no exception. Until her chains cracked and a long-forgotten flash illuminated the decayed emptiness of her mind: her name is Tarot, she's a peasant, and she has a husband and children, and she loves them more than anything else in the world!

Escaping the Necro-lord's tyrannical grasp was no small feat, but using her own chains as weapons, Tarot nonetheless managed. At first, she was a lone wanderer, forced to hide her dead flesh under long sleeves, decayed face behind a mask, and dreadful smell behind flowers. Tales of a compassionate wanderer, enacting good deeds and attempting to solve conflicts pacifically, were born in her trails, sometimes with the hushed rumors that this same wanderer would unearth corpses whenever she thought nobody was looking to devour them, or that perfectly cattle would disappear leaving behind nothing but bloodied, severed ropes behind.

The worst, though, was the loneliness, and she couldn't get attached to the locals' own children too much. They already have their own parents. That one problem, at last, is being taken care of.

Fate Points: 3/3

Refresh: 3


High Concept: Maternal Free-Willed Zombie

  • Invoke to withstand situations only dangerous or deadly to the living; to bond with those who otherwise have no parent present; to interact with the undead in a non-violent fashion.
  • Compel to be mistaken as mindless and cruel; to be sluggish and not terribly witty at inopportune moments; to be discriminated against by the living; to hunger for the flesh of the living.
  • Permission to never have to sleep, drink or breathe; to gain sustenance through all sorts of fresh or rotten organic matter; to ignore physical pain.

Motivation: I Must Defeat the Necro-lord Midniticon

  • Invoke to face or challenge Necro-lord Midniticon and his underlings; to sabotage efforts to enslave through necromancy; to rally victims of necromancy, or their loved ones.
  • Compel to attract Midniticon's (or his underlings') unwanted attention; to face the possibility of being enslaved again.
  • Permission to sense Midniticon's sorcery's hold on a place or person; to sense his presence; to recognize in a tale or report hints betraying his influence.

Personal: Where Is My Family?

  • Invoke to remember key facts and details about her husband and children despite death-caused mental trauma; to travel toward their general direction even when utterly lost; to find a way to protect them even if she can't show herself or be present.
  • Compel to worry about their well-being; to try and get in direct contact even if they may not welcome her new nature; to prioritize that vague objective instead of focusing on closer, more direct problems.
  • Permission to remember their love even if all else is forgotten; to intuit a direction to journey to even without hints.

Shared: I Need Somebody To Be All Motherly Towards Even If They're Twice As Tall As I Am (Rune)

  • WIP


Careful +0

Clever +1

Flashy +1

Forceful +2

Quick +3

Sneaky +2


Thick Skull: (Forceful)

  • Whenever a trap or opponent attempts to create an advantage to hinder you (e.g., Dizzy Spell or Net Trap), you gain +2 to Carefully or Forcefully defend against it.

Voidchains: (Quick)

  • You can Quickly create an advantage to ensnare or tie a character. The first time during a scene that an enemy tries to break free from your snare, the opposition increases by +2.

Stress and Consequences[edit]

1 2 3

Mild Consequence:

Moderate Consequence:

Severe Consequence:

Extreme Consequence:

Invokes, Compels, and Permissions[edit]