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Name: Gale-Foot Fang
High Concept: Bandit Hero of the Poor
Trouble: Enemy of the Nobility
Aspect: Raised As A Thief
Aspect: Legendary Lord of Thieves
Aspect: The Empress Has My Friend
Player: Woolishly Grim


+4 Banditry
+3 Fight Stealth
+2 Investigate Deceive Will
+1 Athletics Contacts Notice Chi


Physical [1][2]

Mental [1][2][3]


Underworld Notoriety

When talking to another criminal, Fang can roll Banditry instead of Rapport.

Tricks of the Trade

When investigating a scene where a crime has occurred, Fang gains +2 to his Investigate.

Dirty Fighter

You have a talent for fighting dirty and are experienced in pulling all manner of tricks in order to get the upper hand on your opponents. Any time you invoke an opponent’s aspect in a physical fight, you get an additional +1 on the roll.

Kung Fu: Storm Tiger Style[edit]

Storm Flows Around Mountain If a target uses Full Defense, gain +2 bonus to the next attack against them.
Storm Rumbles In Distance Make a Fight or Athletics roll with a +2 bonus to create an advantage around controlling or redirecting momentum. If you move at least 1 zone as part of this action, or your opponent has as part of their action, gain a +3 bonus instead.
Tiger Rends The Flesh When you tie on an attack using Fight for defense you can inflict a 2 point shift attack instead of taking a boost.
Tiger Moves With Purpose Move at least 1 zone and make an attack using Athletics or make an Athletics attack on a target that just moved into your zone on their last action. Add 2 shifts to any stress you deal with this attack.

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