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Character: Iron Flute Zhang[edit]

Jianghu Rank: 1

Refresh: 3


alt text


High Concept: Vagabond scapegrace poet

Trouble: Fickle child of the Tao

Phase One: Mysterious Origins, Powerful Friends

Phase Two: Deeper Than He Looks

Phase Three: Always Flamboyant, Sometimes Charming


Great (+4) Crafts (Poetry)

Good (+3) Chi, Fight

Fair (+2) Athletics, Lore, Shoot

Average (+1) Physique, Rapport, Provoke, Investigate


Physical O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________

Kung Fu:[edit]

Ghost Monkey

Form Aspect: Ghost Monkey concentrates on the mastery of internal energies to augment the style’s acrobatic defenses and attacks. Pushes, feints, sweeps, and pressure point strikes hinder an attacker, making him easier to outmaneuver and subdue. Rolls and dodges keep opponents at a distance until the practitioner can find the right opening to finish the fight with a disabling strike or grapple. One of the most physical of the Ghost styles, many underestimate the inner power of the capering, mocking Ghost Monkey.


Monkey Rolls Away: When invoking an aspect or advantage during a defense roll, gain 2 Armor Rating against the attack if it succeeds.

Lost Technique:

Drunken Immortal Form: Acts as a normal aspect (Intoxication is inspiration), though one only applicable when fighting while drinking, drunk, or acting drunk. Opponents cannot create an advantage on you based on exploiting your intoxicated state, and any invocations usable with Kung Fu Forms may be used with Drunken Immortal Form as well.


The Power of Song: Can use Crafts (poetry) instead of Provoke, Rapport, Empathy or Deceive with any attempt to sway or move the minds of others, so long as he can recite a poem or ballad.

Floodlike Chi: Can use Chi instead of Will in any test of wills, representing his harmony with the Way of the cosmos.

Zhang's Iron Flute: +2 with ranged Shoot Attacks as far as next zone, representing poison or tranquilizing blowgun darts.


Iron Flute Zhang is the quintessential youxia, wandering the countryside with just his scrip and his robe, playing his flute and righting wrongs with his longsword. He's also one of the best poets of the age, although he's atrociously irresponsible about it, dropping his manuscripts by the wayside or paying for wine with poems. His true origins and background are a mystery, one that he deliberately cultivates and embroiders; there are strong suspicions that he is the child of a good family, roaming under a false identity to sow his wild oats and avoid besmirching the family name. His trademark iron flute is his muse, and also a cudgel and a blowpipe when it needs to be. If he can't subdue or shame his adversaries with his flute, he pulls out his straight jian, which stretches from his shoulders to his knees and which he carries slung on his back. Zhang wears a taichi disk on his chest, and is actually a far more serious and devout Taoist than he pretends to be. He takes the Taoist principle of going with the flow to extremes, and often the flow is out of a wine gourd.

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