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Name: John Lampros
High Concept: The Scholar from East Rome
Trouble: Has to keep Ambrose out of trouble
Aspect: Fides, Gravitas and Virtus
Aspect: Possesses the Secret of Greek Fire
Aspect: Pupil of the Notorious Agent Cosmic Zhan
Player: EnigmaticOne


The Lampros (translation: 'Brilliant') family in Constantinople is descended from Kallinikos, the creator of Sea Fire (what foreigners call 'Greek Fire') and while largely a state secret, his family line has lived up to their name and kept knowledge of it for themselves. John, as part of this noble family, was brought up to be both a bright scholar, and demonstrated a strong grasp of mathematics and science that did the family proud.

However, the family drew the suspicion of Emperor Justinian II, already grappling with the aristocracy, cracking down on various sects in the Church, and unpopular for high taxes. Whether true or not, Justinian believed the family was associated with seditious elements, and John was sent away for his own safety. Deciding Eastern Rome was too dangerous, he went east on the Silk Road, towards the famous empire of China, reputed for its wealth, power and sophistication...

And it was indeed exotic in ways John could not have imagined. There were those who wielded powers practically supernatural, and one of them, a flamboyant fellow by the name of Cosmic Zhan took a shine to the intelligent foreigner. Zhan offered to teach him in chi and kung fu (when he was available) and recommended him to the services of the Empress. For indeed, there was an embattled monarch too, but one of worthy judgement and leadership...


+4 Lore
+3 Investigate Will
+2 Athletics Crafts Fight
+1 Arete Empathy Notice Rapport


Physical [1][2]

Mental [1][2][3][4]


Educated Discourse

John can use Lore in place of Rapport when dealing with scholars and other men of learning.

Scientific Expertise

John receives +2 to Lore rolls to Create an Advantage based on mathematical or scientific knowledge.

The Secret of Greek Fire

John may spend a Fate Point to attack with Lore with an additional +2 bonus.

Kung Fu: Byzantine Swordsmanship[edit]

Form In classical Byzantine style, John fights with a combination of spathion and buckler, using the latter both both offensively and defensively. Leading from high, low and mid guards, the East Roman delivers quick, powerful attacks mixed with intelligent calculation.
Insight of a Strategos When making a Fight Attack action, gain a +1 bonus and +1 Weapon Rating if the character’s action last turn was not a Attack. Free normal Defend actions do not count for determining their last action, but Full Defense does.
Essence of Constantia Gain a +2 bonus to Create an Advantage relating to resisting or coping with pain, intimidation, or fear.
Spirit of Gravitas Gain a +1 bonus when Defending against Attack, Overcome an Obstacle, or Create an Advantage actions based on fear or intimidation.
Optimates Launch the Counterattack When you defend against a Fight attack with style, you may inflict a 2 shift hit instead of taking a boost on your attacker.
Heraclians Show Their Prowess If the character succeeds with style on a Fight Attack, they can add a +3 Weapon Rating to the current Attack instead of taking a boost—effectively +2 when accounting for the shift cost normally associated with a boost.

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