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Name: Reckless Whirlwind Liu
Gender: Cisgender male
Age: 18
Appearance and Demeanor: Reckless Whirlwind Liu is a pretty, physically fit young man. He grew up in a monastery with his head shaved and wearing simple robes, but now that he is in the outside world, he wears his hair long and wears the nicest clothes he can afford or steal. He generally fights with a three-part staff. He has an easy-going, friendly, sunny disposition—at least until he encounters something he thinks is unfair to himself or others, when he can get quite worked up and angry.

High Concept: Exiled Problem Student of Shaolin Buddhist Monastery: An orphan raised at Shaolin Buddhist Monastery, Reckless Whirlwind Liu excelled at martial arts, mastering the difficult to learn three-part staff, but showed an utter lack of the self-discipline and mindfulness needed to be a good monk. He would regularly sneak out of the monastery and into neighboring villages, where he would visit taverns, gamble and cheat at it, steal things that took his fancy, and generally act in ways unbecoming of a monk. His teachers exiled him, hoping experience in the world would teach the good conduct and self-awareness they could not. Reckless Whirlwind would like to return to Shaolin Monastery some day and become a monk, once he has—as he sees it—proven himself to his teachers. His teachers hope that can re-admit him some day, once he has gotten his act together.
o Invoke on rolls related to martial arts or involving knowledge of Buddhism.
o Compel when his exile would be a source of embarrassment or when a lack of self-discipline would get him in trouble.
Trouble: Happy-Go-Lucky Trouble-Maker: Reckless Whirlwind Liu is not a deliberate trouble-maker. He is simply incapable of grasping the consequences of his actions and so sees no harm in cheating at gambling, stealing things he wants, breaking into places where he doesn’t belong, and generally acting impulsively.
o Invoke on rolls where he is making trouble, such as cheating at gambling or stealing and breaking and entering for no good reason other than entertainment.
o Compel when his actions or his inability to understand the consequences of what he does could cause him trouble.
A Good Heart Underneath It All: Reckless Whirlwind Liu intends no harm and, if he realizes his actions have hurt others, he will try to make up for it. He is also willing to stand up for others he thinks are being treated unfairly.
o Invoke to help others.
o Compel when standing up for others or helping someone out would cause him trouble.
First Time Traveling in the Wider World: Raised as an orphan at Shaolin Monastery, Reckless Whirlwind Liu has led a sheltered existence. He has only been out of the monastery for a few months and is still learning the ways of the secular world. He is very curious to learn more about the world, but also very naive.
o Invoke on rolls related to learning about and exploring the world outside Shaolin Monastery.
o Compel when his ignorance or naivety would cause him trouble.
“Serving the Empress Wu Will Show My Teachers My Worth”: When offered a chance to serve the Empress because of his fighting skills, Reckless Whirlwind Liu seized the chance. He believes that if he can serve the Empress well, this will prove his worth to his teachers and he will be re-admitted to Shaolin Monastery.
o Invoke on missions on behalf of the Empress or when he is trying to prove his worth.
o Compel when serving the Empress or his efforts to prove himself would get him in trouble.

+4: Fight
+3: Athletics, Burglary
+2: Physique, Rapport, Stealth
+1: Deceive, Chi, Notice, Shoot

Always a Way In: +2 to Create an Advantage when try to get into a place.
Dance on a Reed: You are able to pass without problem over most chaotic terrain that would be an obstacle to ordinary people (rooftops, rocky crags, table tops, etc.) In addition you gain a +2 to Overcome actions when walking in places that would be impossible for most humans (standing on a reed in a lotus pond, tiptoeing across finger-thin bamboo branches, skipping across bodies of water like a tossed stone, etc.) This Stunt can only be taken by a practitioner of kung fu with a jianghu rank of at least +1.

Kung Fu
Jianghu Rank: 1
Kung Fu Style: Lightning Monkey
Lightning Crosses the Sky
Lightning Strikes Without Pause
Monkey Dances in Moonlight
Monkey Grabs the Peach

Physical Stress: [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] []
Active Consequences:
Other Active Aspects:
Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 2


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