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Thundering Lu[edit]

Thundering lu.jpeg
Name: Thundering Lu
High Concept: Renowned Imperial Courier
Trouble: Living up to her own Legend
Aspect: My Mother, the Khan
Aspect: Oyomaa the Unbroken - Storied Blood Bay Stallion
Aspect: The Hell's Harp Horsebow
Player: Mama Voodoo

Thundering Lu, known to the tribes of Great Steppe as Temulun-Abagai, is an Imperial Courier and a living legend up and down the great length of mighty Silk Road and beyond.


+4 Ride
+3 Archery Fight
+2 Athletics Lore Physique
+1 Contacts Crafts Provoke Will


Physical [1][2][3]

Mental [1][2][3]


Horse Whisperer

You may use Ride in place of Lore whenever dealing with Horses, Ponies, Donkeys or any other form of Equine. Camels OTOH are your avowed nemesis. The feeling‘s mutual.

Out Riding Fences for so Long

You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you are able to find enough food and water for yourself and your mount, even in extreme situations (like being dumped in the middle of the desert and separated from all your stuff). This source of opposition is just off the table.

Ride for Ruin and the World’s Ending

Whenever you successfully Attack while mounted, either using Melee or Ranged Weaponry, the damage inflicted increases by +2.

Rider on the Storm

Whenever you Attack using Bow and Arrow, you may make two Attacks during a single combat round, choosing either to Attack the same opponent twice or two different opponents once each.

Kung Fu: Steppe Rider Style[edit]

Steppe Rider Form - Horse and Rider are One All Horse techniques require you to be on horseback. If you attack with a weapon, you use Fight and get +1 Weapon Rating. If you are trampling with your horse, you use Ride and get no Weapon Rating. The reverse is true with defense: no Armor Rating when using Fight, but +1 Armor Rating when using Ride.
Rider Races the Wind Use Ride instead of Athletics to determine how many zones you may freely move per turn. When on horseback, you get to move 2 zones more than you normally would based on your Ride/Athletics skill and your Jianghu rank.

Extra: Oyomaa the Unbroken - Storied Black and Red Stallion[edit]

Aspects: Can smell Trouble and Treachery

Khan of Horses. Horse of Khans


+4 Speed
+3 Physique
+2 Fight
+1 Athletics


Stallion Shatters Stone (Hind Kick) +3 Weapon Rating, but rider cannot make an Attack action that turn (though they can take other actions)


[1] [2] [3] [4]

Note(s) Fate Points: Must be borrowed from its Rider.

Wargear & Equipment[edit]

Imperial Paiza




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