Aging in Amber

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None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm - Henry David Thoreau

Enthusiasm is the glow of youth. In no place better then Amber is this true.

Amber is a center place and the effects of time are different from realm to realm of shadow and the interplay is to hard to easily codify.

But general principles and examples exist.

Amber is a place where immortality can be gained by remaining active and interested n the things in life.

The legendary story of Salvador and Elspie Kesht is a striking example of the effects of enthusiasm on those of Amber.

from the Tourist guide to the Court of Amber

Salvador Kesht-Head of House Kesht

A leader on the Banker's Council of Amber. He heads the House Kesht with his wife Elizabeth, called Elspie, one of Amber's major trading houses. Board-Bank of Amber. As Economic Deputy Steward he oversees Amber's financial affairs. At Patternfall he was balding and showing his age, well over 800. He commanded an Archer's Regiment comprised of members of his merchant staff. Not a known warrior, He surprised many people with his steady resolve at Patternfall. He stood the charge of a regiment of Hellcats, calmly shooting them down, securing the left flank. For this action he earned Benedict's surprised respect and an even more shocking Knighthood on the field.

Their story is something of a favorite in court. Since aging seems to be a function of will for mortals in Amber, as the zest for life rises the person grows younger, as it dwindles they age. This leads people to find a physical and emotional age they like and stick with it a long time. The average lifespan for mortals in Amber who never gain sufficient zest in life is still around 400 years. Yet, there are numerous cases amongst the rich and poor alike of people living a thousand, two thousand, three thousand years and more. Thus Salvador and Elspie. Before Patternfall these two well-respected people were on the declining side of 800 and seemed near death. Then Salvador went to Patternfall, prepared and willing to face the foe and accept death. When he returned to Amber he took his shocked wife by storm. Taking her dancing, carousing, and becoming involved in the Amber Military Aide Society, a group that aids veterans of Amber's Military. Soon both started loosing their gray hair, they started walking faster, making love longer, and they grew young again. Now they both look little over 20 years old and their exuberance and their love story makes the ladies of court, and the romantic of heart, swoon.

Elspie Kesht

Elizabeth is short, slight, beautiful, with very long, brown hair and very pale blue eye. Reputedly very intelligent, but also very shy, Elizabeth is timid and bookish, and nearly the same age as Salvador. When reading (which is often) wears reading glasses. Do not let her demeanor fool you. She may be shy, but she is the cutthroat that directs their families business. Rumor has it that cutthroat might not be a mere euphemism. Her sudden youth and gaiety, so out of character for most of her long life, is as much a surprise to her as it is to all of Amber. Deputy Director-Amber Military Aide Society, despite her husband's zealous support of the AMAS he as many other duties. Thus the actual day to day running of the society falls to Elspie. This powerful position means many a veteran owes his livelihood and even his daily bread to her efforts.

More Examples:

This illustrates the syndrome though it effects many other people. Dame Margot is admittedly a creature of shadow yet her age is extraordinary, easily 6000 years or more.

The case of Bill Roth elaborates the effect of shadowdwellers brought to amber. A friend of Corwin's on Earth, and known to Merlin as well, William Roth was a lawyer in his retirement, approaching 70 years of age, when circumstances forced Merlin to bring him to Amber. Having done work for several of the elders he became an active member of Random's court. In time he went from and out of shape retired lawyer to a young cavalier and legal counsel to King Random. By the 70th year of Random's reign Roth looked like an Olympic swimmer and had gained great knowledge of Amber Law. There were even rumors that he had acquired a Mal at Riess imprint.