Ah Toy

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Ah Toy

Ah Toy is the owner and madam of Toys a large house of pleasure, bordello, and gambling hall in Nouveau Lyon, Beaumonde. Ah Toy is a powerful woman who has many friends in the upper reaches of Beaumondish society. She was once the Director of the Jing Jing Bei, a post-war security group that maintained law and order by kidnapping youths from troublesome towns, and eventually selling those into the sex trade. Before that, she was a Colonel in the Alliance Army the commandant of Dàshān 大山 (Trans: Great Mountain) a notorious POW camp run by the Alliance in the war, believed to be on Di Yu in the Georgia System. Few survived Dàshān to tell the tale, but reports of horrendous atrocities there were widespread. Legends of the Devil of Dàshān still haunt the 'Verse.