Akodo Hak

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Name: Akodo Hakketek 'Hak'
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance and Demeanour: A tall, lean, rather softspoken individual, with rather shaggy and unkempt hair and a pair of remarkably well-made eyeglasses. He is visibly of Yobanjin descent.


Air: 3
Fire: 3
Water: 2
Earth: 1
Void: 1

Derived Stats[edit]

Endurance: 8
Composure: 6
Focus: 6
Vigilance: 3


Command: 1
Government: 2
Martial Arts (Melee): 1
Martial Arts (Ranged): 1
Skulduggery: 3
Survival: 1
Games: 1
Tactics: 1

Social Standing[edit]

Honor: 40
Glory: 44
Status: 35


Distinction: Keen Hearing.
Passion: Curiosity.
Adversity: Shadowlands Taint (Void)
Anxiety: Softhearted
Adversity: Gaijin Name/Appearance


Whispers of Court (Shuji)
Skulk (Ninjutsu)
Hawk's Precision (Kata)
Victory Before Honor (School Ability)