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Alastor the Ghost[edit]

Forlorn look

Dull Eyes

Had a confused death

Hot -1 Cold +1 Volatile -1 Dark +2


Unresolved Trauma[edit]

Whenever you project the blame and trauma of your death onto your current situation, roll with Dark. On a 10 and up, give two people the blamed condition. On a 7-9, give up to two people the blamed condition, but for each, choose one:
You gain the delusional condition,
You can't speak during this scene,
You suffer 1-harm,
You start re-enacting the scene of your death.


Whenever you lash our physically at someone with the blamed condition, roll using Dark. Add 1 extra harm to whatever harm you deal.

Sex Move[edit]

When you have sex with someone, you both get to ask a question of one another's characters. This can be spoken by your character, or simply asked player-to-player. The other person must answer honestly and directly.


Amanda - 2

Brittany - 0

Vanessa - 1

Baron - 1


Alastor died in a hazing gone wrong; he was left dead in the woods by a pack of drunken jocks, who were then surprised when he turned back up in school the next day but assumed that the booze and the darkness made that fall he took look worse than it actually was.

Darkest Self[edit]

You become invisible. No one can see you, feel you, or hear your voice. You can still affect inanimate objects, but this is your only avenue of communication. You escape your Darkest Self when someone acknowledges your presence, and demonstrates how much they want you around.

Character in Dark Times At Aspen Hill