Albrecht Hanhauer

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A character in the The Sorrow of Bolrech Bog PBP WHFRP game.

Albrecht Hanhauer lived a privileged life as the only son of the most prosperous merchant in one of the larger towns in Middenland. His father's money kept him sheltered from the grim realities of the Old World and made education easily accessible. Albrecht learned much from his father in dealings with other people, and at the university learned to speak the languages of the world, the study of engineering, and many other subjects not readily available to the lower classes. Although not ill-spirited, this cushioned life has given Albrecht some sense of superiority to the common folk. In fact, he fancies himself part of the nobility and would love to make that official through deed and appointment.

After returning from schooling, Albrecht decided that it was time he set out on his own, to see the world and make his own place in it. He is confident in his ability to succeed with his extensive academic knowledge and high standing within his home town, but he is a bit naive about the world outside his rich surroundings. Since leaving to seek his own fortune and fame (he aspires to both), he has been somewhat shocked by how others live and how...dirty...everything seems to be. He has yet to encounter any of the true evils of the world, such as the forces of Chaos or the secret Skaven, and although stories are everywhere about the recent Storm of Chaos, he believes them to be exaggerated half-truths.

Albrecht found that he was able to make good money as a scribe, and in recent months he has traveled to where the work is with an eye always open toward any opportunity to further his fortune or his own standing. These travels are what have brought him to Talabecland.

Albrecht Hanhuer

Human Scribe

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: Pale Grey

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Height: 6'1

Weight: 155

Star Sign: Dragomas the Drake

Number of Siblings: 0

Birthplace: Middenland

Distinguishing Marks: Nose Ring

Starting / Scribe / Advance / Talents / Total

WS 32 / - / - / - / 32

BS 33 / - / - / - / 33

S 39 / - / - / - / 39

T 27 / - / - / - / 27

Ag 38 / - / 5 / - / 42

Int 31 / - / 5 / - / 36

WP 25 / - / - / 5 / 30

Fel 39 / - / 5 / - / 44

A 1 / - / - / - / 1

W 10 / - / - / - / 10

M 4 / - / - / - / 4

Mag 0 / - / - / - / 0

IP 0 / - / - / - / 0

FP 2 / - / - / - / 2

XP: 200 of 200 spent


  • Academic Knowledge (Genealogy/Heraldry)
  • Academic Knowledge (Engineering)
  • Gossip (+10%)
  • Common Knowledge (the Empire)
  • Speak Language (Reikspiel)
  • Speak Language (Guild Tongue)
  • Speak Language (Breton)
  • Speak Language (Classical)
  • Speak Language (Tilean)
  • Trade (Calligrapher)
  • Read/Write
  • Charm


  • Sturdy
  • Coolheaded
  • Schemer
  • Artistic


  • Knife
  • Pair of Candles
  • Wax
  • 5 Matches
  • Illuminated Book
  • Writing Kit
  • Elegant, good quality clothing
  • Sword (hand weapon)
  • Jewelry worth 6GC
  • Purse with 19GC

Where are you from? A prosperous town in Middenland, where he enjoyed privileged status due to his father's wealth and standing in the local merchant community.

What is your family like? His father is a kind man but a shrewd businessman. He encourages Albrecht in his pursuit to make his own way rather than continue the family business.

What is your social class? As a member of the Bourgeois, Albrecht has been somewhat sheltered from the ills of the world.

What did you do before you became an adventurer? Studied language, writing, and engineering at the university.

Why did you become an adventurer? To create his own financial empire and hopefully find his way into even higher social standings.

How religious are you? While he believes, he doesn't practice much at all. He feels some guilt about this and intends to be better about it, as soon as he has time.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies? Felix and Gunther from the university were his best friends, but he has left them behind along with his father. Likewise, his family rivalry with the Barr merchant family seems like a distant memory now.

What are your prized possessions? His illuminated tome is his pride and joy, having spent months copying and illustrating it. Who are you loyal to? His father certainly, and anyone he would consider a friend.

Who do you love/hate? He loves his father; his mother died when he was young and he only has vague memories of her. There's no one at this point that he has a burning hatred for.


  • Ambition - He wishes to amass his own fortune as did his father. This is not out of greed, but just as a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.
  • Romance - Albrecht dreams of joining the nobility and moving in the highest social circles, and he's convinced that this can come true if he can just meet the right people or do the right thing. Great wealth could also be a stepping stone to realizing this dream.