Aleksander Berg of Tirem

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Placeholder character sheet while I work on my write up

Aleksander Berg, Human (Solomani), Age:34

Homeworld: Tirem

Stats: 687A65

Skills: Admin 1, Broker 1, Deception 2, Diplomat 1, Drive 0, Electronics 0, Engineer (J-Drive) 1, Language 1 (Aslan), Mechanic 0, Persuade 2, Pilot (Small Craft) 1, Profession 0, Steward 0, Streetwise 1, Vacc Suit 1, Astrogation 1

Career: Free Traderx3 (-) Scout (-)


1st Term –Merchant 4: time spent dealing with suppliers and spacers

2nd Term – Merchant 8: embroiled in legal trouble

3rd Term – Merchant Mishap 1: Severely Injured

4th Term – Scout Mishap 4: inadvertently cause a conflct between the Imperium and a minor world or race


Scant Regard, Far Trader

TL10 Cloth Armour

Snub Pistol

Wealth: CR29,350

Contacts: Bridin, Sayaka, Igilim, 1 Rival


Born poor, to working class parent’s in a low class hab, Aleks had limited prospects growing up. The good jobs went to those with connections, reputation, and education. He had none of those, so rather then end up in a dead end corporate posting he signed on as a shiphand on the free trading ship Horizon Dreamer. The trader’s lifestyle agreed with him, and free of the stifling confines of Tirem and it’s generations of feuding and rivalry he found friends and comradeship in the wandering community of traders, belters, rogues and treasure seekers. During this time he met Bridin, and became firm friends bonding over a shared homeworld and the spacer life. Aleks’ new found freedom came with temptations, and his rebellious streak led him into legal troubles , although nothing ever stuck. Although increasingly aware of the risks of his lifestyle, he did not manage to avoid an ‘accident’ one night portside that left him with lasting injuries. His captain, fearing that he’d bring further trouble, made it clear he was off his ship, and blacklisted with most trading crews in the sector. Aleks was unemployed, but he had already earned a sizeable sum from several years of successful trading, and the title to a rather decrepit star ship. Without a crew or the money to overhaul it yet, Aleks left in storage and decided to spend some time outside the hustle of the trade routes.

After joining the Scout service, Aleks was part of a routine survey mission to a frontier world. Unfortunately a diplomatic mis-step led to the native government declaring war and joining the ongoing Frontier conflict against the Third Imperium. Aleks and several members of the survey team were unable to escape the planet and were held captive until word reached the Imperial Fleet, and a strike force commanded by Sayaka deployed a team including Igliim in a daring rescue mission.

After returning to more peaceful space, Aleks was summarily ejected from the Scout Service but returned home to find the Scant Regard had received a full refit and upgrade. The yard could provide a legitimate work order, but there was no clue who had actually requested it, or what they would ask in payment. Whatever they wanted, it was clear they needed a ship for it, and a ship needed a crew.