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Alexandra has heard the call of Karameter. The lands of Minatos are fertile again, and now men and women will go there, conflict will arise, and the evil in the hearts of men will lead to suffering. In the Goddess' name, Alexandra will stop what she can of it, and put down those monsters that remain - the curse of Karameter is lifted, and they no longer have leave to disturb humans. And so she has taken up her fathers sword and shield, and traveled from Halkuon to follow the wishes of her Goddess.


Fiery eyes, styled hair, worn holy symbol, fit body.

  • Strength 15 (+1)
  • Dexterity 9 (+0)
  • Constitution 11 (+0)
  • Intelligence 8 (-1)
  • Charisma 16 (+2)
  • Wisdom 12 (+1)

HP: 21
Damage: d10

Race: Human - When you pray for guidance, even for a moment, and ask, “What here is evil?” the GM will tell you, honestly.
Alignment: Good - Endanger yourself to protect someone weaker than you.

Abilities and Equipment[edit]

Lay on Hands
I am the Law

3x Dungeon Rations
Scale Armour (2-armour) (-1 from damage)
A Carved Wooden Talisman
Long sword (close, +1 damage)
Shield (+1 armour)
Fire kit


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Current XP: Need infos