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Alexandra Dejana ((last name to be decided))

Alexandra born somewhere in one of the countries of the golden circle. Her family is one of stature probably wealthy merchants or of a nobility line.

Alexandra was born in some controversy as her mother was pregnant without husband. These things tend to happen but in this case it seemed a bit odd as her husband had barely died a year before Alexandra her birth. There were stories going around of who the father might be but nothing definitive and these stories were kept away from Alexandra.

Was it due to the stress or due to shame or just bad luck no one fully knows Alexandra her mother did not survive childbirth and the care for Alexandra went to her aunt and uncle.
Her uncle one who takes pride in his military career found a proper education in military style important for Alexandra, to create chances for her future. Her aunt a lovely woman with a sharp mind taught Alexandra the importance of etiquette, of polite and gracious conversation and behaviour. It was clear from early on that her aunt and uncle had a plan for Alexandra and a backup plan. Marry up in the nobility line or work herself towards becoming an elite within the ranks of Amber.

Both uncle and aunt were very adamant of getting her to become an elite. They probably knew something but Alexandra not the curious type or the type to question her superiors she accepted what was planned for her.

She learned to dance for formal parties, she learned to sew, embroider. She learned to handle several weapons to survive outside and to run.
She learned to paint and draw, she learned to shoot a bow with deadly precision.
Her instrument of choice became the violin and often she sang along from shanties to classical pieces from shadow.

It was soon clear that marrying was not going to happen soon, but Alexandra was very content with trying to get higher up in the ranks of the Amber military. She was driven, she could follow orders, though not blindly. The news that she was picked to join the elites was very joyous news for her and her family. Such honor.

((so far a little idea I had for her background. Vague enough I think for you to fill in blanks. But a basic idea of her upbringing personality and some skills. Do not know how long she had been an elite before being assigned to the upcoming mission so left that open.))