Alina Poison-Fang

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Core Stats[edit]

Level 2

Effort 4

Influence 3

XP 5

Dominion 10 (unspent 6)


Origin: Princess of the Amazons

Profession: Trained as a warrior and leader

Organization: Her divine powers cause the Amazons to regard her as the Chosen One

(one fact TBD)


Strength 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]

Dexterity 16 (+2) [Check: 5+]

Constitution 16 (+2) [Check: 5+]

Intelligence 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]

Wisdom 16 (+2) [Check: 5+]

Charisma 14 (+2) [Check: 7+]

Saving Throws[edit]

Evasion 12+

Hardiness 12+

Spirit 12+


HP 15

AC 1


+4 to hit (Ranged)

+3 to hit (Melee)

1d10+2 damage (Body of Burning Light)

1d8+2 damage (Bow)

1d8+1 damage (Spear)

Words and Gifts[edit]


Birth Blessing

Effort of the Word


Body of Burning Light

Purity of Brilliant Law


General's Escort

Pavis of Blood and Iron

Strategic Insight


Alina is one of several daughters of the queen of the Amazons of the Emerald Coast. As such, she trained as a warrior from a young age, excelling with sword and bow, as well as displaying potential as a commander. Even when still considered a youth, she slew many fearsome monsters... but nevertheless, the Amazons were encountering more and deadlier monsters, and several warriors had fallen to them. Therefore, Alina and a group of her companions undertook a dangerous mission for their Test of Womanhood - there had been a prophecy of a power awaiting the Amazons' chosen one in the city of Baroque, and Alina resolved to seek it out. Although not all of her companions survived the journey, Alina eventually found the city and the altar, where the god granted her the power.