Alvah's movie night

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10 year old Alvah is having a movie night with some friends.[edit]

"Oh yeah of course, my dad isn't home we can have movie night at my place! "

Of course dad is not always home but he has the tendency to show up suddenly.
But he left earlier today usually he doesn't come back so fast.
The girls and I have been planning this for a bit now. I met them via my martial arts classes.
The boys always go to the arcade or go race their bikes or go to a movie. They never invite us, stupid boys.

I had already prepared for the girls to come over, made a path through the hedge and have a rope ready to climb to my room.
If Nigel finds out I am sure dad will learn of it too.

"So we all see each other at the corner. Bring snacks and such. "

Later that night we are all there. I lead them through the garden until we are under the balcony of my room. I hold out the rope and we help each other go up. On the balcony I open my door and we silently move in.
I hear the exclamations of the girls that I live in such a house.
I then turn around "so we all brought something do I need to get something from the kitchen? "

Lara holds out a back with corn kernels
"You have to pop these. I couldn't get popcorn ready in time. "
I sigh "fine salty or sweet? "
The decision became caramel with a short explanation of sugar in a pan above heat.

"Yeah yeah I'll make it. Just pick out some movies."

Quietly I move to the kitchen grabbing a few pans, butter sugar.

This shouldn't be that hard I thought.
Starting the popcorn I suddenly realize. Lid! Else the popcorn will fly everywhere. The haply popping sounds start.

Now for caramel. A pan sugar. How much should I use. Ah well fill it up and we will see .
So I am not known for my patience. Dad says I might still learn it as I am young but I am 11 I won't learn that anymore don't have the time before you know I am an adult and stuff.

A strange bitter smell enters my nose and looking in the sugar pan it still looks like sugar. Maybe I should not have used half the bag.
The popcorn is done I think it stopped popping. How long did you have to wait after that?
Just a bit longer I think.

That smell is really persistent. It really comes from the sugar pan.
Maybe add some water.

With a pitcher in one hand and a glove and the lid in the other I pour in the water.
Oh something is happening now.

Within a blink of an eye there is black sticky stinky stuff everywhere.
How did I not get burned.
Calmly I turn of the heat. Grab a note and pen from the fridge.

"Will clean up tomorrow tried to make popcorn. Oops"

I just grab a few bags of crisps and such from the pantry then. Who cooks for movie night anyway.