Alvah's pregnancy scare

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Pacing in the room Alvah holds her phone to her ear. When at the side of her room with the door she listens and looks in the hallway... would be so typical if dad would come home now...

Finally the other side of the phonecall picks up. A lazily voice answers. "Hey whatup sweets why you calling so early. "

Alvah exhales relief but also the tension away.

"Alright hun, i have to tell you something. I am late on my period... and i've been feeling sick... i am going to run to the store get a test but i wanted to let you know..... hun... hello?"

The tone of an ended phonecall sounds. Alvah stares in disbelief to the phone. She tosses it across the room. Quickly rushing out the door she goes to the store. Standing in front of the shelves she stares at the options. A lovely lady stands suddenly next to Alvah. "Can i help you?"

Startled Alvah nearly jumps and barks at the woman. "No, i know what i need." She grabs a few and goes to the counter, pays and storms out of the store.

Back home she silently enters. Sounds comes from her fathers study which means he must be home.

As silent as she can she sneaks into her room. Laying out the tests on the bed she reads the instructions....

"Okey i do two now and in the morning two and then i must be sure... and he better call me back... i'll rip his spine out.."

Alvah had not noticed her father standing behind her in the doorway.

"Rip whose spine out dear? Somebody hurt you?"

Alvah nearly jumps out of her skin. Turns and with one swoop of her leg she pulls all the tests to a pile and sits on them as she sits as casually as she can on the bed.

"Oh no my boyfriend hang up on me but he must have a good explanation...if not... well spinal extraction might occur."

Delwin frowns it is obvious Alvah is hiding something. "Alright dinner will be ready in half an hour. "

Alvah nods and looks annoyed. "Sure be there in a bit... now get out of my room.... please."

Delwin turns and leaves the doorway. After a few minutes Alvah takes a few tests and goes to the bathroom.

The tests come out negative but it is a grueling long wait. Only 2 minutes but it seems ages.

At dinner Alvah sits absent-minded. She pokes her food with her fork moves it around but doesn't eat.

Only after a bit Alvah notices that her father had been looking at her. Without looking whats on her fork she just takes a bite.

Ugh cold not surprising she had been sitting at poking at it for quite some time.

With a huff Alvah stands up "Sorry guess i am not hungry, not feeling well. Going to my room."

Delwin nods, clearly looking worried. As Alvah does have a track record of not getting sick. The only times that happened it was nothing natural.

With her face burried in pillow she listens to music.

Getting pregnant now would ruin so many things. Her dancing career, her thieving career. How would her father react?

The last question is answered a few hours later. A knock on the door of Alvah's room. Not wanting to get up and it only possibly being 3 people in the house she calls from between her pillows covering her head. "Door is open. Come in!"

Footsteps approach her bed. Silent footsteps. For the man he is her father can walk really light. But by that she does recognize it is her father.

Alvah doesn't uncover her face. She feels him sitting on the edge of her bed. Laying something next to her.

He says nothing. And the silence is more grueling then the lingering question in the air. Alvah looks up from her pillows and turns to sit half way up.

Delwin doesn't look angry, or upset, or dissapointed. Damn his neutral face. Alvah sighs as she sees he holds two used pregnancy tests.

"Look dad, they're negative and i'm sure it's just a stomach bug. Or stress or... are you mad?"

Delwin shakes his head "No, not mad, worried. We had this talk right? And i know you are sexually active you do not have to hide that. But please do be careful. I'm sure it's nothing now."

Alvah looking slightly embarrassed down to her hands.

"What if i am pregnant... could i then keep the baby?"

Delwin frowns "I would not tell you what to do. I would suggest to think hard an long about it." Pointing to the broken cellphone on the desk. "And realizing you might have to do it on your own. Thinks will change, more then you can think of now."

Nodding slowly she looks at her phone. "You raised me alone... i came out fine... enough. And yeah i've been reading up on all options. And if i keep the baby what i need to do and get."

Delwin gets up kissing the top of her head and turns to leave.

"You'll manage, but i'm sure it's a false alarm"

With that he leaves Alvah's room. Alvah turns and falls asleep. With babies on her mind.

The next morning feeling rested and alot better she takes the other 2 pregnancy tests. Both negative. A sigh of relief, though also a slight feeling of dissapointment. But she is young time enough. And if she will get pregnant it's with a better man.

Coming out of her room alot more cheerful she sits at the breakfast table. Delwin looking up from some papers, Alvah just shakes her head lightly and Delwin nods. Turning back to his papers. Alvah digs in on her plate starving. They have breakfast in silence as usual.