Alvah Vek and Fiona walk the new pattern.

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Fi says inside the dwelling , "Unless Random says otherwise well go to Rasak. It's meant to be blown up. There is a desert continent that should do. Ben might even want some students to watch. At a distance of course. "

Vek walks in looking unamused.

Behind him is Mandor, then Random, then an angry looking Benedict. Lastly Julian and Relmopator

Alvah smiles at Fiona and nods. Wanting to say something back then seeing Vek and the rest enter unamused or angry Alvah jumps up. She doesn’t know why but a lot of angry powerful people in one room makes her anxious.

Random says,"OK. Some things are decided. First, we need to calm that thing down. 10 walks should do. Alvah you are first. Then Vek. Then."

Fi interrupts "then me."

Random nods, "After fi,Ben, bleys, Julian, and Relmopator. Then me, with the jewel. Lastly, Vek,with the jewel. Ben will be establishing a garrison here, elites. A small keep will be built around it with room for the garrison. Vek, welcome to the kingdom of Amber."

Vek says, “I need more the mead...”

Alvah looks at Vek as Random talks to check his reaction. Then hearing Vek wanting more mead she pours his glass full and hands it to him. "Alright sure, so why Vek seems less then amused i get." She looks apologetic to him and whispers "I'll make it up to you." She then stands straight again. "Why is Benedict looking more angry then usual? Is there something wrong?" She looks to Mandor and Vek wondering why the sudden tension.

Ben walks to Alvah. "Xolotl had forged a sigil on a broken pattern. Fiona tells me you were not forced, but walked this sigil voluntarily? Why were you spending time with him? Can you report on his military preparations, soldier?

Fi says,"I said she wasn't magically forced.she has no bindings on her. I have examined her Sign of the Pattern and whatever happened has delighted the pattern immensely. It would be a good week to make pattern blades "

Mandor says" of course it's happy. It's had a broken pattern repaired. Added to Amber's balance of power against the Logrus"

Ben raises a hand and even Mandor goes quiet. Ben says to Alvah, "I asked you questions."

Raising an eyebrow as Benedict talks to her she keeps standing. Then to show still her excisting defiance she starts gathering her trump cards she had been sifting through. When she has them she looks (way)up at Benedict again. With a polite smile on her face she speaks. "Soldier...right. Well no he did not force me he gave me more of an ultimatum or i walk that sigil and try to calm it. Or i would be forced to carry his child. Which he would then prepare to do the walk. Or he would keep me there, where I couldn't get out of untill one of the two earlier mentioned things would happen." She pulls up a shoulder in half a shrug. "I made a decision. " Then crossing her arms in front of her chest she continues. "Why i was there. I had intel something was there which i wanted to steal and since i felt particularly depressed and suicidal i decided to just go and see if i would survive it. And King Random had told me to kick the hornets nest regarding Azcala so.. that i did." She then nods to Fiona "Right while walking the pattern after being shown a bunch of things and nearly falling off due to the pain, visions and powers... at the last arch the pattern asked me, anywhere but Azcala... at that point i did not realize what it was asking of me. The pattern showed me this place among a few others and in a split second i had to decide where to go and went here." She nods and gestures to Mandor "What he says. Is that so wrong? And hey Xolotl his sigil pattern hybrid thing is now... at the least damaged i think. And now i start to realize one of the things the pattern showed me it might be best that a pattern even broken is gone from there."

Benedict stares at her expressionless. Looks to Fi, then Random, then back to Alvah. "Good Work."

Alvah completely caught of guard by the words from Benedict just stands there looking confused... She looks sideways to Vek and does the 'what do i do now' look. Wanting to go step back again she says quietly to Benedict "Thanks....." Sitting back she wants to take a drink and then quietly adds. "OH the pattern might have shown me that Azcalan's can walk the pattern as well. just... so you know... and since we are gathering them in Amber..."

Ben turns to Random, "As you say, the pattern needs to be calmed. Lord Vek, I apologize for the abruptness of this all but its a shadow of the Pattern and it must be protected. Officially its your charge to guard. I'll have a contingent of about 100 elites here. I will make sure they specialize in woodland skills. You'll have the choice of Elite Lieutenants to over see the garrison. I do have a couple in mind, one who recently informed the Elite Commander that she was released from her assignment. You should convince a few Amberites to take turns in the daily pattern guard. Lady Alvah should be in that group. The pattern has an affinity to her. Also, since this realm is blocked, you need to make a dozen or so Trumps to allow a few of us unfettered access. "

He looks to Random, "Beyond this, its seems well suited. The world defenses are solid. From here on its routine matters and Julian, Realmer, and I need to get back to hunting Ravers if you don't mind" Random nods, "Dismissed. Happy Hunting"

After Benedict speaks, having put Alvah out of his mind briefly. Everyone on the room stops and turns to look at Alvah after her last comment... Random says slowly, "Ah... what the frog stomping fucking hell do you mean by that?"

Alvah strangely enough used to being looked at but not so at a sudden in a room of her elders.. she gets a slight color. Then a slight cough and a drink of the mead she takes out her trump cards again... "Well earlier i asked. if we had other Azcalan family. Right.. one that looks like some of the elders." She starts laying the cards donw that she had found. Eric, Gerard, Random, Oberon (Because she might think it is him) Then she lays down the cards she found in the Azcalan deck. "When walking the pattern it showed me... alot " She says with a deep sigh and a slight twitch trying to keep the visions in line in her head. "One of the visions was a man who looks like Gerard, Eric and King Random. " She pushes the cards to the middle of the table. "Have resemblance with. The one i found in the trump deck that has those features." She pushes Oberon his card to the others. "That man, presuming it was Oberon, was arguing very heavily with another man a younger man." She pushes Tonacat his card from her Azcalan deck at the same line as Oberon his card. "There was another woman there, but i don't recognize her. She is not in the Azcalan deck. And if she is of the family there are only very few not in the deck. i suspect that he " She points to Oberon "Might be very closely related to." And she points to Tonacat... THen a slight shrugs she grabs her trumps again. "but could be wrong. it is just the feeling i got.. Though it could very well be possible and that could be a very logical reason for the intense hatred."

Random says, "Carly, contact Arlo. I want eyes on Aztilios, Acoza, and Untara immediately. I want them in the library now. If Xozla refused to go with Vance and is still in the castle i want him in the library too. " He looks at Fi and Ben, "Well? what do you think? "

Fi says, "It would explain a lot. Tonacat and Oberon had a feud long before the kingdom was created. Not a lot of that time is documented. "

Random looks to Ben," Well? You were there? "

Ben shrugs, "Whatever caused Azcala to be sealed off was between Tonacat and Oberon. But...Finndo was king the year after and was for a century. I don't know where Oberon was but there was evidence he was dead. When the Crisis of Restala happened we crowned Finndo. It never occurred to me that Tonacat and Oberon might have had a family feud. it makes the war with Azcala dynastic, not just vengeful"

Alvah leans back listening to the others talk. Random giving orders and Benedict recalling older days. She looks at Vek leaning in she whispers "See, just supports your no coffee theory... " Vek nods in agreement. When they are done talking Alvah holds up a finger as if in a classroom "So if you guys want to test it out.. i would suggest toss Aztilios on the pattern and see what happens.. but that is just my personal opinion." She then stands and stretches "Soo am i still needed for anything other then walking the pattern here?"

Random says, "Id appreciate it if once you walk the pattern you don't pop off the gustevedem and steal a Woven Logrus and bring it to Kashra but other then that, no, lets all adjourn to the pattern walking portion of the day."

Mandor leans over and says, "If you manage to steal a woven logrus I know a guy who would pay big coin for one."

As everyone wanders out to look at the Pattern in the Fields.

Random says, "Lady Alvah, you first, and if you don't mind, transport back over here. You should watch everyone walk it and see if you notice anything along the Azcalan side of things."

Alvah can't help but laugh hearing Random she shrugs "well honestly it does sound like a challenge but maybe for my next depression or suicidal tendencies." Then when they move she whispers to Mandor. "I think i first need to know a bit more Logrus then but when i do steal one, and survive I'll let you know."

Mandor nods,”We'll talk.”

When outside Alvah lets out her elemental friends she looks at them. "You have been through this already ones, you are welcome to come with me but maybe it is also safer to stay here. And i promise you four after this I'll have time to play and dance with you. We'll try out a new trick Fiona showed right?" She doesn't care for the moment that others are waiting, she needed to make sure her friends are okay. She greets and waves to people having gathered mostly Relmapator since she knows him. Julian she doesn't. While she turns she stretches, dropping off excess stuff she doesn't need and will only hinder her. She then steps to the beginning of the pattern. Inhaling deep again. Whispering to herself. "it is just like a dance. "

With that she stands up straight as if the beginning of a ballet variation. She then steps on the pattern and starts to move, in her graceful and controlled manner. She now knows to not rush keep the same pace as long as she can till it becomes harder. Knowing this specific pattern she feels comfortable enough to work more on instinct instead of straining her eyes on the path.

Michael James Watson

Alvah steps on the pattern and feels an immediate sense of joy from it. Fire and joy. It seems to want her to walk and it feels easy. Far easier then the first pattern she walked. As it goes through it shows no visions save the realm it is on. Small hamlets deep in the forest. A small lake surrounded by huts. Almost like native American Indians, or high mountain mountain men. Going down further there are larger cities but all at a tech level predating the American civil war. steam engines and some electric cable trolley car systems in the cities lower to the waters edge. It shows sailing ships that travel around the horns, sandbars with islands to a deep water harbor. It shows where it is planning to raise the land of the sand bars to make the islands hills on a harbor break water, It shows the massive cliff 12,000 feet high and 2000 miles long. Swooping down to the place it rests; 100 meters from the great drop off. As Alvah walks she feels the flacking off of residual Sigil inscriptions as the pattern gleefully cleans herself, using its walker. A sense of gratitude fills her as she steps to the black dot at the center.

Amber Bronkhorst

Finishing the walk she is surprised the ease it went with. Within the same grace she had walked it so far she could maintain it. She bends twisting through her knees and lays a hand near the line (not on it!) She mutters softly "You are welcome." Alvah had no clue if the pattern could hear her liek that but she felt like doing it after feeling such gratitude coming from it. Then rising to her feet again SHe wills herself over to the outside and probably the group that had gathered watching her walk, or dance the pattern. SHe looks at Random Fiona and Vek. Smiling. "WEnt well it seems grateful and as i could sense the residual bits of sigil were getting cleaned. Don't know yet if is all gone. "

Michael James Watson

Random looks at Vek. "Your house. If it needs more cleaning its your turn." Vek scowls and says, "I should tell you I have been in fealty for 20 minutes and I already question your decisions." He chuckles, "Ya? Welcome to the family." Vek steps up and sets his foot to the pattern. His walking is slower then Alvahs, but the fire doesn't seem to delay him. After a bit he steps to the center and teleports over. He shrugs, "Hard in points but easier then any i have walked. Friendly."

Amber Bronkhorst

Letting out a chuckle while she hears Vek talk to Random she wisely stays quiet. While Vek walks Alvah will check on the pattern with her Azcalan sigil as Random had asked her to do. See if there is still more left of the Azcalan sigil previously imprinted on it. At the same time she lets her elementals play around her.

Michael James Watson

When she raises the Azcalan sign during Veks walk it seems itchy at first. When he gets half through there is a feeling like being submerged in soapy water and her sigil drops.

Amber Bronkhorst

Alvah hisses out a string of swearwords and tries to focus on her Azcalan sigil again to pull it up. But she already has a guess what just might have happened. She looks at Fiona and Mandor, since they have been working with her and the Azcalan imprint.

Michael James Watson

Raising the Sigil she feels like she is being bathed by a car wash's waving spinning whippers, frothing with watery foam.. Vek finishes the walk and transports beside Alvah. "It felt... hot. spicy. But no unwilling. Im thinking the spizy is something still connected to Azcala." Looks to Alvah. While Vek was walking Random was on the Trump and Bleys and Arlo step through. Random speaks quietly to them as Fi walks near the start of the pattern eagerly Bleys walks up, raises his sign and drops it. "no fucking way, Random. I am perfectly happy with my current imprint and I don't need this one messing up my magic."

Amber Bronkhorst

With her sigil up now seeing it is clean of her hung spells she mutters some swear words. "fucking great, just great. " Walking over to Random with her elementals in tow. LOoking a bit annoyed. "Well the pattern doesn't, logicall of course, like my Azcalan sigil just wiped it of my spells and it is tough to keep it up. So shall we just agree that the pattern is very much capable of expelling any Azcalan remnants. " She then nods to Vek. "YEs that is the taste, sense and smell of Azcala. Sometimes sweeter due to the cinnamon. Sometimes more spicy. WEll you know the food Vek. " SHe says with a slight smile. Seeing Arlo and Bleys she nods to them. "Ey, welcome to the new pattern party. "

Daniel Eric Van Campen Sr.

Though Realmer has remained silent and stoic since enter the wooden home to meet with Alvah and hear her story, once they exit the building and approach the Pattern, Realmer looks more excited and then his look becomes more focused as he stares at the Wild Pattern before them all. Realmer brings up the Sigil of the Pattern and uses it as a Lens and studies the Pattern with it. He uses it to examine Alvah as she approaches then walks the Pattern. He watches with great interest and notes any changes in the Pattern or Alvah during her walk. When Vek takes his turn, Realmer again watches and notes changes in either or both. Whom ever happens to be standing next to him is most likely getting a commentary of what he is observing through the Pattern Lens as each person walks the Pattern.

Michael James Watson

Arlo nods all around. Looks at the pattern clinically. "Interesting.. So where am I in the line, Random? " Random says, "You can have Bleys spot after Fi." Fi looks to random who nods. Fiona steps on the pattern and its obvious from the start that it is hard for her. The sparks are high. Suddenly she screams as fires engulphed her. Vek casts a push spell off his snap rack that pushes Fiona off the pattern and half way to the cliff. Fiona is screaming in agony as the crowd sees her legs are burned off.

Amber Bronkhorst

Watching Fiona walk it but then seeing the fires Alvah her eyes grow wide. Before she can act Vek already pushed her off. "shit, oh shit..." She looks around who does what. And since she is not someone who can heal Alvah stays back not to be in the way. She walks to the pattern to sense what might have gone wrong here. She looks around who else might have been watching. Seeing Realmer she nods to him. "Seen anything?"

Michael James Watson

Ben and Julian rush to Fiona, quickly applying tourniquets. Julian, yells, "Open a Vulsar Trump!" Mandor is at her side, she being his wife after all, and he has chaos spells wrapping around her. Levitating her. "Transport to Vulsar, Please" Julian pulls his deck and opens the trump on top. Mandor steps through. Random frowns., looks at Arlo, "Well, you're next."

Daniel Eric Van Campen Sr.

What did Realmer observe through the Pattern Lens that was different when Fiona walked the Wild Pattern?

Michael James Watson

It seemed the pattern was not happy with Fiona from the moment she stepped on it. It shed the spells on her logrus frame first, then her pattern spells, then her Mal at Riess removing the Mal at Reiss imprint as well, though that last is common for pattern walkers with the mal at reis. It cleared frames on her items and her frames for Alamond, Regor, and Pocai. It then started removing her legs an inch at a time, painfully, holding her in place as it did.

Daniel Eric Van Campen Sr.

"Arlo! Hold a moment!" Realmer explains what he just saw and felt through his Pattern Lens.

Michael James Watson

Arlo says, "Well it was pretty pissed off at her. " Nods in agreement with Realmer, having watched it through his lens. "Lets try something else" Laying down next to the pattern, putting a hand over it, he communes. Whispering softly. After a few moments he stands Arlo extends his hand to Random who frowns and shakes his head. Arlo sighs and the Jewel of Judgment is in his hand. "If you want this thing to trust us, it needs to know we trust it. Any objections? Random? Ben? Realmer? Alvah? Fiona? oh.. my bad" Julian says, "I never much liked you, Arloxedra."

Amber Bronkhorst

Alvah nods hearing what Realmer says as she is crouched near the pattern still sensing. Seeing Arlo lay down she titls her head and gives him space. Her elementals playing around her feet. "So? Is it picky? Or just untrusting of anything other then itself? Which i can understand seeing that Xolotl basically raped this pattern by forcing the Azcalan sigil over it. It cleaned my azcalan sigil as well. "

Michael James Watson

Arlo says to Alvah. "Its a child. A child with unlimited power under certain circumstances. I can't be sure but Fiona was too demanding of it from the start. It thought she was someone called the Woman in Feathers"

Daniel Eric Van Campen Sr.

"I agree with Arlo. As much as Vek and this Realm are now a part of Amber, so is this Pattern."

Michael James Watson

Random scowls, "Well, hopefully it will just be your legs. Go ahead"

Amber Bronkhorst

A scoff "Woman in feathers. Well apparently the pattern thought Fiona was my mom.. interesting. Not weird if she was demanding. Xolotl told me Cihalas was there when he made imprinted the sigil on the broken pattern. " She looks at Arlo with a raised brow. "Well you sure you want to try? It will still probably clean all your sigils of spells. " She looks at Random. "Maybe we shouldn't force it to much if it is a child and i can somewhat get where it is comming from. We should do this more gradually then force this down its proverbial throat. It will just fight back harder." She holds her hand near the pattern.

Michael James Watson

Arlo stands, jewel in hand, "Alvah has a point. Its had a long day. It in many ways just was born. It went from a broken pattern to being twisted into a non-functioning sigil of azcala, to now a full shadow of the pattern. Vek, may i get lodgings here someplace? " looking around, sizing the place up, "Or rather a place to put my pavilion up? Over by those trees perhaps. I have a dozen pavilions if any of the rest of you are staying." Vek nods, "Sure. Over there is fine.. The locals will want to say hello. Ben, who is this LT of Elites you want as my chief guard?" Ben says, "Spatchi. She just left Alvah's service. I can have her here in hours." Vek says, "Unless you expect attack, this is a 30 to 1 world. Get her here in a week should do"