Alvah and Candle go study

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Michael James Watson
After a time. Or a few times, Candle smokes a clove mint cig and asks, " want to learn some stuff? Well, there are a million places to do that but I'll suggest one. Up here in the royal quarters there is a excellent library. It has a half dozen shelves of excellent and rare books in Plastec covers. It has reading terminals and desk space. Lounge areas with various reading mediums.
" It has several Imprint Learning bays. The Imprint Learning is probably a good place to start, especially for languages. Languages are one of the most common imprinted topic. If you have never used them its quite a shock.
Sit in the pod and a minute later you speak fluent Andorian. Now if you leave the pod and don't use the language it will fade in about a year but the more you use it the more ingrained the language becomes. Advanced math, Star Ship operations. Fiction novels.. Novels are especially useful for Amberites. You've heard Bleys' comment about Fiction Novels i bet.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide.
"You serious, i can use that? That sounds fantastic! Despite my apparent wild side. I love reading. Well at a point i just didn't have friends at the place where i grew up. So i spend my time reading and drinking... besides my work ofcourse."
After a bit
"So on what subjects is there information? Also non native to Vulsara? "
Looking at Candle she smiles.
"But starting with languages might be smart, would actually not mind learning Andorian. Seeing i'm dating one."
Trying to snatch his cig away for herself.
"And i don't think i've had a conversation with Bleys about fiction novels. Arlo actually showed me novels telling about the shadow i came from."

Michael James Watson
He let her take his cig and does a slieght of hand produce for another. "Bleys explained to a Cousin when they first started filtering in to Amber that the reason the Library of Amber has millions of Fiction Novels is that they are not Fiction Novels; They are Travel Guides. You read one a few times to get the details of the world sufficiently set in your brain then you can shadow walk to them or use the pattern to transport to one. The same here. Vance has collected zillions of novels by the function of shadow manipulation. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Sitting back she smokes for a moment.
Then she jumps up.
"So where is it? There is no time like the present.. right? Would love to see the books, the novels all.those worlds." Alvah laughs
"Almost feel like Belle in beauty and the beast."
She turns partially back to Candle.
"Though first have to go by my quarters inwant to make sure Cicero is okey. New place and all. Have to make sure he stays warm. Thiugh somehow i think he can do more then he lets on."
Alvah stands for a moment thinking.
"Do you know more about Difuro by any chance?"

Michael James Watson
'When we first started developing Shadowshaving at warp we would take a few thousand versions of the same book, each from slightly different shadows and Sleep Learn them. Imprint Learning-Sleep Learning. THen as we tried pushing the starships across shadow barriers we had a strong idea what tiny changes to make. A good thing to remember as a shadowwalker is that the faster you shadowwalk the quicker you must make shadow shifts so the smaller details you can change. If you are walking you can add a mountain, summon a city, fill the sky with clouds and tornados. If you are running is add a hill, summon a town, add clouds. If you are hellriding on horse you add a rise, summon a hamlet, add A cloud. Then a car, then a jet, eventually a starship where you have to make thousands of changes in moments or loose your way. Or you can set your location in mind and powerthrough dealing with the unexpected things you didn't control. I walked a high order imprint at Talgwir soon after Vance took me from my first world. It was risky. But i gained the power to shadow walk. Eventually Vance and I worked on faster and faster shadow shifting, or as we call it Shadow Shaving. So.. the fiction novels, imprint learned, gave us road maps to where we wanted to go, and what to change when to get there."
"Bring Cicero along. Dufiro. I've dealt with them some, but We generall don't go deeper toward Chaos then Cynasure. Vek is your guy for that. Or, if you want less of a tint of Chaos, Fortunadus. Hes a Tosian, and a leader in CHAD, but he knows the Dufiro well. Or Relmopator for a closer family connection. However, there are books here about them. Just not summoning books."

Amber Bronkhorst
"That is insane! And so impressive. Now i did a shadowwalk myself to a certain place i can not even fathom how much willpower and concentration goes into shadowshaving. Jeesh, insanely cool. Yeah i fully understand the importance thne of knowing where to go."
She then nods
"Yeah Cicero and i are a package deal since i found him we are most of the time together."
She turns to Candle and looks at him straight.
"Oh there is a Difuro bound in Cicero so no need for summoning. Jurt already sought the help of another one that is gathering info for us. I know who put the Difuro in Cicero and around when... just don't know the name yet. That is being found out still."
Alvah takes a pull from her cig and thinks.
"Hmm i wonder how that all fits together. Well we can always ask people for help right? Plenty to ask as i hear you say."
She then takes his hand...
"Lets go!"

Michael James Watson
After collecting Cicero he takes her to the library. It is extremely high tech, very star fleet. He shows her the printed stacks, introduces her to the staff. The staff think its funny that someone of Candle's rank is showing her the ropes but they let him.
He shows her the sleep chairs. "They are gray when available. When you sit a blue light surrounds you and a Heads up Display. Set the book, or topic to learn, and dil it in. When active a pod has a violet glow and the person fades to sleep. Keep Cicero with you. Animals can learn stuff too. Especially languages. Shall i dial in Andorian for you as a first topic?"


Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits down and looks amazed..
"This is fantastic, "
She holds Cicero close and nods
"Yes please, would love to learn Andorian. So what do i do when done? Click my heels?"

Michael James Watson
"It is usually set for Topic Completion or a time limit. Learning Andorian will be about 4 hours. They the pod wakes you itself. Take a seat."
He taps some buttons. A display appears before he showing Topic-Andorian Language-Vulsar Standard.
He sets it and she fades to sleep..

Amber Bronkhorst
(Assuming she wakes up after 4 hours of sleepy study)
Alvah opens her eyes, checks of Cicero is okey. She then looks around if Candle decided to stay or not.

Michael James Watson
Candle is in another learning pod. It goes gray as soon as she looks. He looks over, taps a few buttons.
He walks over and asks in Andorian, "Now you should speak well enough.. As we use the language the language will shift from the short term implanted memory to long term permanent memory. If you left the pod and didn't use the language it would fade like any learned language or skill fades with disused. Not everything is like riding a bicycle"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks amazed and laughs.
"yes, i can actually understand you, so weird. Love it! So, how much could a mind take of this type of learning? just out of curiousity?"
She stands up out of the pod
"and if it fades with time that means i just have to practice regularly. "
She smiles wide to Candle.
"Can i just come here to learn? or do i have to get permission?"

Michael James Watson
"If a door does not open for you, you don't have permission. Those will almost always be personal quarters. There are few doors your rank won't let you pass. "
"As for how much you can learn, " He shows you the tome he just sleep learened. 'Dresdenverse' "There are 3000 books in this volume. I just implanted them all. Most are variations of 50 main volumes showing stylistic and thematic differances and a variety of differant endings. Plus there are another 3000 technical manuals, game books, encyclopedias, histories, and governmental records."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks surprised at the book,
"that is just here? wow that is something. Well guess you now know something more about me or well where i come from, sort of. Which you ofcourse already knew. but that was my golden cage dad kept me protected."
She smiles and plays with Cicero, around her arm and hand.
"So you know what is strange now i think of it actually, in the dresden shadow i am from, the moment i kind of learned of everything there was a major Difuro problem which really bugged my dad, now i understand it way more, i guess it should never have happened and it meant that someone or something from not that shadow was messing around with the place. "
Alvah leans back and looks at Candle more intense.
"wait... how did Merrill get there with his mind blanking thing if dad kept it so protected. Heh you know now i start to realize more what is going on i see that some things don't add up or are connected. "
She then waves her hand in front of her
"but i guess that is something i should just sum up with Vance there to. Speaking of Vance, heard of him or Celakat yet if they done with calling people? whatever then meant."

Michael James Watson
"I am sure by now they are done. We had most of an evening and 4 hours each. You language course would have included much of my world's basic history. You know something of my people here, if not exactly my birthworld. My birthworld is thousands and thousands of years advance now. 10,000 years advanced i think, if not far more. Wonder what it looks like now....As for your dufiro problem, much to determine. You want to go ask Vance?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks surprised, "such a weird realization knowing so much time has passed. But yeah i think it is there i'm sure it will come up when needed. " She thinks for a moment then nods . " i think it has to do with what dad was planning or protecting me from. It might be a puzzlepiece to this all. So in the spirit of figuring this out and eventually being able to get out by myself. " she smiles to Candle. "And that way i only have to tell what i know about the Difuro only once," she looks at Cicero and boops his nose "Right my friend?"

Michael James Watson
He nods, "Then lets transport. To Vance?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Sounds like a plan." she looks around
"where to? if he isn't to busy ofcourse. "