Alvah and Delwin go drinking.

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Coming to an intersection in the border of the City of Amber nad North Riding Delwin stops, looks at a large building that seems a block long on both sides, probably 6 stories tall. Unusally high for the city. It has a blue and yellow banner with a white lightning bolt Delwin looks around, notes the color scheme for the area is somewhat blue and yellow.. and its a common color for people going about their business..
"I have not walked the streets in Amber for decades.. It was never a common thing for Sand or I. THis area was differant last time...Blue and Yellow.. Tosian.. That makes that building the Palace Commons.. a tavern connected the the Tosa world's city of Wall. The Palace Commons is the head quarters of CHAD, a mercenary company Random hired to provide security to parts o the jeweled road. I'm a bit thirsty. Care for a drink?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the building then turns to her father with a wide grin
"Yes, absolutly yes, that is a good plan after today. I think we deserve that. "
She hooks her arm in her fathers and smiles
"well see my introduction as a good reason to get reacquainted with everything around. "
Alvah is starting to feel more at ease around everything new. Curious what there is around and she is impressed that people here are no push-overs.
Michael James Watson
Walking in it looks like something from a fantasy novel. A gigantic tavern with three levels, rooms upstairs but clearly open areas too. Several bars around the room. table and booths and benches and chairs.
The people look some how dangerous. While the city is well organized and most people carry knives, and swords are not uncommon. Here though everyone seems armed to the teeth. Swords, axes, great weapons, spears. The walls are covered with weapons, trophies, stuffed animal heads. fetishes, mugs, plates, ropes and many other things.
There is music someplace. and several open hearths though Amber is not that cold outside. The room smells of beer and smoke and a cold breeze.
The near bar is crowded but Delwin pushes in for two. Men on either side make room.
The bartender, a big man with a long beard in braids, and a large throwing ax on his side nods to Delwin,
Del says, "Pitcher of wine, two mugs. Whatever that meat plate is, the bread and cheese."
He says, "War Plate, Amberite. Its a Tosian War Plate. Two loafs of hard rye, two blocks of cheese, white and yellow, smoked ham, two pickles, cup of olives. You want the Amber red wine? Its drinkable. But you look like you sling some silver.. Get the Tosian North Red. Imported from home. two gold for the plate, two silver for the wine, or a gold for the Tosian.
Del says, "If its not impolite, we'll have two pitchers of the Tosian Red and toast your homeland with it."
he laughs, as he gathers the pitchers and a wench gets the food. "An Amberite toasting Tosa? ak, such a thing...Happy to see any time"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tries to not look impressed with the way she hears her father arrange the food and drink and arrange a spot at the bar.
She stays silent next to her father and just takes in the people, the place the smell.
She whispers to him "this is almost like in a movie."
Feeling probably a bit out of place. But she is enjoying herself none the less.
She then turns to her father after taking a good glance around
"so how are you now? did your worries settle a bit?"
Michael James Watson
He speaks in french, "The worries are always there.. Being in Amber just reminds me how dangerous they can be. I'm afraid i've not trained you well enough. Now, i can't hide why I wanted to keep you from coming here."
A short man in a big hat pushes his way between Del and the big man to his right. The big man turns looking angry and starts to growl something rude to the little man, then stops. When he sees its a small man in a fox tan doublet, he and his companion take their drinks and walk off.
"The man says, Sorry to push in, Amberite, but sometimes the bar is too full. There is a table over under the blue rail if you would be kind enough to join me and my companion there. Just company, i won't disturb your war plate with your.....daughter i guess?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods trying to look reassuring she answers in French as well
"dad, please, i will manage to survive and it is clear i am not alone, and it is not that we won't see each other again at all. Apparently it is mandatory to get trained anyway and for that Vance is appointed. I am sure he will protect me if needed right?"
Alvah raises an eyebrow at the man pushing himself next to her father. She then turns her attention away from him.
Looks at her father and speaks softly in french again "Who is this? and why?"
Michael James Watson
Delwin shrugs, "I don't know."
The foxmate says, in French, "If it please you, I am Fortunadus Enright. CHAD Second Guildmaster, Prince Delwin. I am just recently granted the accord of Knight in Amber so if a humble knight is not to forward to invite a Prince to a table It would please me if you would join myself and the Master of the House Lop at our less crowded table"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs "up to you, dad." Alvah leans a bit out to see if she can spot the table under the blue rail. Wondering who the other person then would be.
Alvah then realises her manners which she somewhere has and turns to Fortunadus again
"and you got it right i am his daughter. Alvah, pleasure."
Alvah looks at her father to make the call to say yes or no as she is hopelessly unware of protocol and politeness here.
Michael James Watson
Delwin nods, "I have been away a long time but the name of Fortunadus is known well in the court. Lead the way sir Knight.. Though if i remember the security briefing from Prince Benedict you hold the rank of Duke in the Kingdom of Tosa and in York?"
he talks and walks, " I have that pleasure. And lady Alvah, it is a pleasure. I will boast of it often in time to come. "
Coming to the table a man of good height but plain features, slightly crosseyed, stands and bows as Delwin approaches. Fort says, "Prince Delwin, allow me to inroduce Master Lop, Guildmaster of CHAD, and Master of the Palace Commons."
Del says, "Greetings. Does the Guildmaster always come out to customers?"
Lop says, "I like to keep a table by the door reserved. All the best bar fights start here. Word came that you had entered.. I do like to greet the Royalty of the realm."
They intend to exchange pleasantries but have no ulterior motive other then meeting Delwin and Alvah. Fort pops up a lot and i wanted them to know him..
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah decides to leave her remarks for herself this time she can't kick every person in the shin to see how they react.
Alvah is polite let her father do most of the talking. when asked a question she will answer. but in her standard short and vague answers.
She does realise that this might be now a part of it all to. But she is sure she'll get the hang of it