Alvah and Jurt dealing with Difuro

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Amber Bronkhorst
After bringing Hagalta back to his cell. Alvah moves from the dungeons to the stairs checkimg noone sees her she inhales deel straightens herself and exhales.
Lookinf at Cicero she smiles
"Hopefully Jurt listened and he is still there, then we can find out more about you my friend. "
With a straight face and strong posture she teleports herself back to the sea view gardens.
Hoping Caine put that gun and mean look away. Not wanting to be shot on sight.

Michael James Watson
She sees Caine having coffee as someone comes and sits with him. They seem friendly.
Jurt is smoking a Ural cig and flirting with a nearby male diner who does not seemed amused or interested.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles slightlu just relieved that part is done. Although she did not expect it to blow up in the end like that.
She moves to Jurt and smiles
"Thank you for waiting, this is something that will bite me in the ass later but for now all is good. "
She let Cicero slight on the table again. And she stares at him. Talking to Jurt without looking up
"So you can help me figure out about the dufiro in Cicero right?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt nods..."I am familiar with the species. Have had them several times. The race has a lot of variety and power levels, even among the same races , but in general they trade their powers for powers. I'll give you an example." "I have a conjured magical item at the club. Its was a barrel originally. Like Margot's in a lot of ways. I add barrels to the horde function of the creation by placing a barrel next to the prime barrel. Then the new barrels have the general powers of the original. In this case the item I conjured and created was meant for partially empty glasses to be cleared from tables and poured in to it. Then the liquid is cleaned of personal additions, trash, poisons, impurities, and variations depending on source and quality. The Gathering Barrels are where people put the remnants of their drinks, including the tankards, and then the stuff fills, magically, the Drinking Barrels. "
"The end result is a generally drinkable product I give away free. People can just dip their cups in to the Drinking barrels. Its considered a fairly low class thing to do but the resulting drink is strong, clean, pure of poisons and people's bloodily fluids. I empty a dozen barrels a night. People know to drop their empties, mug and all, into the gathering trough that feeds the liquid into the Gathering Barrel. The taste varies depending on what's been put in; wine, beer, juices, water, distilled spirits, fruit and vegetables. It isn't usually very good but its strong and drinkable. I spike it with grain alcohol nightly just to make sure its potent. Anything can be dumped in but I have let it be know with extreme certainty, that putting some stuff in them isn't done. Meat, tobacco products, drugs, potions, dead bodies. I have had to make examples and I assure you, when I make an example; people remember.. " "The reason I mention it is that after i had the system working, I summoned an Avasa of Knowledge. There are 4 levels of the Dufio; Elemental, Spirits, Avasa Dufiro, and Masoja Dufiro. They start as Elementals and as they gain power they go to the next levels. Each Level has many different races each with sets of specific powers. Its complicated,. Complicated like doing your taxes underwater, receiving gunfire, and being attacked by sharks, while using a pencil. Suffice to say that they move around in the races of each level gaining posers before stepping up to the next level. "
"The Avasa of Knowledge and I worked out our bargain, and he was bound to the Main Gathering Barrel. Now every drink that is remanded to the Gathering Barrel has some element of the people's magical signature. The Avasa can read that and gather information from the life experience of the people making donations. He shares that information with me. Not everything, just little things. Sometime useful sometimes not. Now most the Royals and Nobles would rather die then dip from the Dipping Barrels, but many people are not so proud. Many can't afford the silver wing for a glass of Bayle's Red, nor even the copperwing for a glass of Bayle's Yellow. "
"And one never knows? Sometimes i get good gossip. The Clemens family, Harbor masters, take a health cut in bribes for prime ship slips. Bakers of the Rue Fanasal take a pinch of raw bread dough to taste it before baking, which is why many of their artisan bread has a ding on one end. Gala Fiena charges less for blowjobs then usual because she likes it and doesn't like taking it regularly, so she is famous in the South Industrial for lunch time suck and runs. Malai Sans, a 9 year old in North Riding has a YoYo that once belonged to Benedict. Ok, none of that is earthshaking but one never knows what knowledge will be useful. The Avasa is extremely happy about its binding and we have renewed it several times."
"Other examples are that i have a tankard with a Spirit of Cleanliness in it. My drinks are never dirty or poisoned. I also have a knife with a Masoja of Combat in it.."
"So, my guess is that someone bound an Avasa of Guard into your friend there, since it already had a general affection and sense of protection to you. Beyond that, i'd have to summon a Masoja of Knowledge to get the answers to. You could go to the Dufirosm at the Fane of Zilla and deal through an open broker, or you can let me summon the one i know. The one I know is a new Masoja. Knowledge was the first race he chose so he is very new to it and is eager to deal. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens intently. Happy to keep her mind busy with something else.
"I see, well before summoning anything. What do they want from the deal. What are offerings or prices they prefer?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt shrugs, "They are not always picky. My friend is young for Knowladge so its still laying in a base. Mind you, the Dufiro are a very honest race. They hold to a deal to the last dot. The more you want to know from him the more he will want from you. So.. Their is a dufiro in your pet dragon. We want to know what race it is? We want to know who put it there? We want to know what the bargain was? We want to know what powers it has, uses, and transfers? Each of those questions would require a different payment. Name of the race: simple, non-invasive, doesn't tell you a lot. Offer it something.. offer to perform a ballet number. It will gain knowledge of it from you. I'm guessing it will like that. Who put it there? Thats tricky. It requires it to name someone and that might have repercussions. It might want something good. Terms of the deal. Very tricky. Need something good too. How the deal functions? That will require something substantial. Now not all of these have to be state secrets. But as they say; Knowledge is Power"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks about it then nods. She looks around.
"Alrigbt i think we can go ask your friend the new Dufiro. But should we do that here? Already have a feeling Caine might shoot me if i do something unexpected."
Alvah smiles slightly
"Or won't people notice to much?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt laughs a loud laugh that makes other think you just said something extremely unsavory and kinky and right up Jurt's alley.
He whispers, "I was joking about summoning it here. I don't just yell out his name.. There is a ritual. Not a huge one. but a ritual. Not much bigger then the table here. But if i started workng those forces here we would hve Fiona here in seconds, followed by Bleys, and Random and Flora and Arlo and who the hell else know who and we would be sitting in the Family wing of the dungeons in Random's old cell before you could say But its just a little elemental creature from the Black Zone.....Hell, Fiona doesn't even live in Amber anymore really and she would be the first one here! I wouldn't even do it in the City. No, we'll go someplace a bit aways... Diaga Raks.. That will do. Close enough to be a real place and far enough away to not look like we are opening the gates of hell over a midnight snack"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah ducks her head in as he laughs and glares.
"Dangit, a no would have been sufficient. But sure somewhere else. "
Alvah sighs deel burries her face between her pulled up knees and with one hand she finds her beer and starts emptyjng it in one go. She then fills the tankard up again.
This is being a pain. More question rose up by now and she has the feeling it won't stop. Drinking a good amount before speaking
"Speaking of alot of the sorcery types here. If you could pick a teacher who would you pick? And don't come with Delwin cause that is not true. "
Alvah then rests her chin on her knees and looks at Cicero.
"We are going to figure you out my friend."

Michael James Watson
jurt leans back, ponders a moment..
"That really depends what you want out of your magic? Arlo focuses on research magic. Fiona knows mental manipulation magic. Aries Colbresi understands High order Inscriptions as well as anyone alive. Oberon is mostly dead these days and Dworkin isn't taking students. Vek does some pretty impressive music magic and culinary magic. Though for Culinary magic you want my brother Mandor. Cymnea does divination. Relmopator is a skilled necromancer. Jeremey Fairhand as good a Low Order practiconer as you will find. My brother Despil is a nearly unparalleled prestidigitator, though why he bothers i never understood since he is excellent at Sorcery. BLeys is fairly good at a wide variety of magics as well as a fine Trump artist. "
"But you asked who I would pick.. I can't go back to Chaos so I can't pick Lord Suhey. So, i would pick Prince Brand. He mastered a wide variety of disciplines and nearly destroyed all of the shadowlands in his devotion to gaining power. That he lost is beside the point. In the end, he survived."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at him while drinking.
"Alright good to know. Like to have multiple views on it.
Another question, you are helping me of which i am grateful. But can't help but wonder. What will the pricetag be?
I think i should know before continuing with you."
Alvah smiles a bit
"Hope it doesn't offend you but i believe in life all comes with a pricetag. And don't mind paying, but don't want to be stranded with the wrong currency. "
She then holds up her head a bit
"And i would still want to talk to Untara if she is willing. With you near that makes it easier."

Michael James Watson
"If a man speaks of his honor, make him pay cash.-Whats my price? Don't disregard that i find it hilarious you ask. The fact that you asked will drive your father up the wall, possibly literally. It will make all the frumps in this castle worried that you are going down a wrong path. And.. If you give me the chance, i will lead you down a wrong path. They can be fun. I have staked my place in Amber so I am unlikely to sell you for parts. Ok. You have popped up in a variety of oracles. Besides having popped up in the King Random's Deck by coming to Amber, You have recently popped up in the Bursain Deck, the Pirate Deck, and from what Hagalta just said I am now damn sure you will pop up in the Azcala Deck. Those mean you are agoing to be a power and I like powers owing me favors or being well disposed to me. Lastly, i think you mean to make trouble for Azcala, and that is good news for my wife who when she decideds to leave protective custody, intends to make the royals of Azcala howl. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"Hagalta might be lying."
Alvah says in a more neutral tone.
She then turns her slight scowl in a grin
"Oh that just made this more fun knowing my farher hates this."
She gestures between the two of them.
"And he always believes i am going down the wrong path or can't make decision of my own. He didn't even trust me to let me know where i am from."
Alvah looks up to a waiter and pushes the pitcher now empty of beer to them.
"More please"
Laying her head on her knees again she nods.
"Well yeah the last part you are right i think. I tend to make trouble there that is why my brother told me to find your wife and talk. She can do the making people howl i just want info."
Her hand goes to Cicero softly petting him.
"But okey just wanted to know. So uhm when can we do the dufiro asking ritual thingy?"

Michael James Watson
He says, "One last thing on Sorcery. I wouldn't rule out Vance as an instructor. I don't like his methods but he has always played me fairly. We spent time adventuring together when he was new to Amber and i was new to not trying to murder my brother Merlin. He was fair and honest with me. He beat the hell out of me to keep me from doing something even I would have regretted. He is my third card in my trump deck and he always answers. And the great charming monster jumped into the abyss and dragged a shadow of the pattern out with all the damned of the abyss howling on his heels. Thats tough in anyone's book."
"Now, i think Diega Raks. Its a wayment just up the jeweled Road near Diaga. Big place, lots of rooms. bungalows. Amber keeps a compound of bungalows there we shouldn't have any trouble using. its in the deck"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up and smiles
"Yeah Vance is cool, i have an awesome brother. Really happy i could spend time with him. "
Alvah grabs her deck and shifts through it to find the place he was talking about. Layjng it near the top she nods
"So when? Or should we do it asap? Cause somewhere i got the feeling i might need to answer some questions in the morning about Hagalta being out and about. "

Michael James Watson
"now is good. I can conjure all the supplies.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up and smiles wide.
"Then lets go. " she holds out her hand to Cicero letting him slither up her arm and she stands up. She looks at Jurt.
"Your trump or mine?"

Michael James Watson
He waves for you to open the trump.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grabs the trump of the location she had placed near the top she makes sure she is in noone their way and focusses on the image on the trump. Trying to open a way.

Michael James Watson
The image opens on a large Log cabin with snow on the top. The ground is paved with bricks up to the wide jeweled road. East lay a huge field where several wagon trains pulled by oxen and mules are being loaded by forklift from pallets in flat bed 18 wheelers . A line of horses looking like they have been on long journeys are being tended by grooms but near by a collection of motorcycles are being gassed up from what looks curiously like a Texaco sign. Jurt steps through first letting you follow and close the trump
Michael James Watson
The lanterns outside flicker like firelight nut looking closer they are flickering electric lights.
Thats a resteraunt, the North Woods Inn, near my home town in LA county. THe snow is fake..

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah steps through after Jurt and closes the trump. She then turns to Jurt.
"Alright what way now? Where can we do this thing in relative peace"

Michael James Watson
Entering the lobby it flows out to the woody dining area. A huge hearth has meat rotating and cut of by chefs with long knives.
At the counter Jurt withdraws a medallion of jade with a white unicorn in it. The clerk nods and asks how can they be of service?
Jurt says, "Well, The lady and I need one of King Random's Bungalows out back. Don't bother the compound folks. We only need it for a few hours. Send over a couple bottles of the good champagne, ice, 3 glasses. and a couple pitchers of coffee and a pitcher of olive oil..."
The clerk looks between the two and nods, "Number 23, sir. Your order will be delivered immediately."
"Thanks, good sir. Oh, if you have a doctor on call, make sure he has an adrenalin shot and a detox kit ready. If some snotty noble from Diaga comes looking for me, I would appreciate your telling them we left for Chaos"
He takes the key and heads out the door and into the region of mixed buildings and open spaces behind the massive restaurant.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah calmly walks after Jurt.
Then hearing the order she raises an eyebrow but remains still.
When near the bungalow Alvah walks next to him
"So champagne coffee and olive oil? Are those components?"

Michael James Watson
"Coffee and oil are

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises her eyebrows and then shrugs
"alright. Well whenever word of this gets to my father i am sure he is going to be tearing down walls or explode, at least something or someone is going to get hurt..."
After a bit
"would love to see that. Even if that makes me a horrible person... I know it is childish but if only he had told me the truth or you know something more then what he did, i wouldn't have to try and find it myself."

Michael James Watson
Jurt leads to a small building among others of the same style as the restaurant. Opening the door he steps into a 4 bedroom bungalow with a small kitchen.
"No offence meant, but your angst toward Delwin I find hard to relate to. My brother and I were born of a politically motivated loveless marriage where she traded her young body for his old powers of Chaos. Despil and I were coldly created experiments in eugenics in a line of Amberites created by magically sustaining a dead princess of Hendrake's eggs and her killer's sperm. My mother threw herself at a prince of Amber then returned to Chaos were she had herself manipulated to create a fertilized egg, that she grew to bear Brother Merlin, who she hoped to use to conquer Amber and rule it from behind him. My grandmother is Vance's queen. And we all were a part of Maylon and (spellingt) experiments in child birth. I was watching sentient sacrifices by the time I was 4. I was taught poison and dance as a toddler"
"Whatever your issue with Delwin are, My experiences make me unprepared to see them as cruel"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks.
"Alright perspective changed.
It wasn't so much as angst. It is all getting used to.
From being free to do what you want where i couldn't see the prison bars to being able to do what i want but under constant watvh. It is just getting used to.
Just like the parentage part and such."
She looks Jurt over
"But if we compare. I can't complain. The only things i had to learn were things i did and still do enjoy. And i don't see my father as cruel. Highly protective to secretive and controlling, yes. Cruel no not at all."
She stretches and looks around the bungalow.
"Not bad place. So what else do you need?"

Michael James Watson
"Blood of course"
He clears a table and set a pair of chairs across from each other. He sits and raises his sign softly. Reaching in his hand he summons a few items; blackboard chalk sticks, bread, a slice of raw meat.
He pricks his finger and pinches the chalk to powder mixing blood to make the circle.
Extending the hand with chalk,"a little blood please"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits down looks at the items appearing on the table, watching curiously at what he is doing and how he works his sorcery.
"Blood ofcourse" she repeats
She hesitates for a moment with the blood but figures if he added his it could do little harm. She pricks her finger on a knife and let a few drops appear and add them to the chalk.

Michael James Watson
He pinches the chalk to draw inner symbols. Puts bread dipped in oil in a quadrant, meat in oil in another.
Removing a flask he, looks to the side board and has you bring tqo of the glasses over. He fills two glasses, one for her and the other himself. Then dribbles some wine in another.
"Now we wait. This wine is the Dipping Wine i told you of. I like it since it has different tastes from day to day...Its a bit of Chaos. A thing about the dufiro... They are very picky about their names. They have Calling Names, Summoning Names, Conjuring Names, Binding Names, and True Names. “
“obviously you can do many things with them. He made up his calling name and it has no part of his True Name. I'll use his calling name. Its like making a phone call with call waiting. He can ignore the call.”
“A Summoning Name has a tiny part of his True Name and lets me send a strong request for an audience he has to hear, but can fight to answer if he is powerful enough-Using it is considered slightly rude if you know the calling name.
“The Conjuring Name has a chunk of his True Name and demands he show up, and he has to fight it while i repeat it to force his presence. It starts the negotiations off negatively usually.
“Binding Names have a lot of their True Name which means I know enough of his true name to call him and force him to do what i want-inhabit an item, perform a task, -They hate that it works that way but it pays to give them a profit so that when freed they don't go home tattling to the others about you.
“Their True Name means i can make them my slave indefinably.
“I have done some binding in need. I often conjure. I usually summon. I Call first. These beings want to make deals. They want to trade for powers. Its their nature. But they are picky how its done. Like I said, picky. Oh, they also have talking names which have no power over them but is friendly in conversation. This one i'll call is a young Knowledge and eager for every morsel. He was born an Air Elemental and thats what his Summoning Tome starts with. Became a Cleanliness Spirit first, then moved on to Air Spirit naturally, then a Growth Spirit, and a Paper Spirit. He got in some trouble and served time as a Rot Spirit before moving to the Blending Spirit. He was then allowed to advance to the Avasa of Cleanliness. He just a few years ago in Amber moved up to Knowledge Avasa. I allowed him several hours regarding my Sigil of the Logrus. Tht was a big deal for him, gave him bragging rights a young Knowledge might not have. So...he likes me. “
The symbol complete he says, “Traxie...Traxie. Traxie.. Ill give you a peek just for showing up....”

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens with great interest to the explanation of the dufiro. She ndos slowly in the meantime she holds Cicero close to her letting him snuggle in her hands to stay warm.
She smiles
“I will follow your lead in this, but politeness is important got it. Will the dufiro tell his talking name? And should I not use my own name?”
Alvah then falls silent as the symbol is complete and Jurt calls upon the dufiro.
She watches intently and waits.

Michael James Watson
"You have heard me use it but asking its permission would be good. Its always good to start polite."
" Yes, Wolfie, polite trader is a wise trader" The creature is child like about 8" tall.
"Next time, Wolfie, make a big symbol! Very big!!! You always make me so small...."
Jurt says, "I will. A whole field. Traxie, this is Whisper. She is a friend of mine. She has some questions. I've offered a field for the next summoning, will you bargain with her?"
He turns and looks, "Oooooo...An Amberite..and not a Chaosian one......Yes..Hello Whisper, call me Traxie. Trade for trade. " He picks up the bread and nibbles while listening.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and nods politly to Traxie.
"Hello Traxie pleasure to meet you. "
Alvah then holds her hands up with Cicero in them.
"This is Cicero, or well that is how i call him. We found out there is a guard difuro bonded with him or inhabiting him. I would want to know who bonded the difuro to this snake? Can you tell me that, for trade ofcourse."

Michael James Watson
"Binder? Big thing. Name the dufiro, big thing. Race-small thing. Do small thing, see if you keep faith", -
He twirls his stick.."Twig.. my height. Thick as my body. From Amber, any tree. Straightish.. Ash, cherry. Redwood. Maple..Elm. Tell you type in your friend. Let him sit with me so ai may touch him while you get wood. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
She then looks at Jurt
"Can i trump you to get back? My conjuration is not so strong i can grab that from here."

Michael James Watson
"Of Course.. Not from the Castle. He can pass through plants. The Tombs is a card in the deck. High up Kolvir, lots of trees planted there.. Hack off a branch. No one should complain. I'll trump you and keep it opemn while you garden"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Jurt and stands up.
She lets Cicero slither next to Traxie.
She then grabs the trump that Jurt mentions.
Nodding once she focuses on the trump and steps through.

Michael James Watson
Arriving in the Tombs, at night. Its a collection of mausoleums with names on them. Its clear the area is well maintained but its fairly bleak a landscape, over loking the sea. The trail going through the tombs leads to the 3 steps up to Tirna No'gath.
She arrives at the bottom of the path. Nearest is Corwin's Tomb. Up a bit further is Eric's. On up among the scattered crypts there are a few people sitting or standing near various ones. Alcoves. But as the card says, only Eric is dead here.
Each of the tombs of the dead has trees. The question is whose tomb will she raid?

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around to orientate herself a bit she then moves to the one closest by. So Corwin his tomb not wanting to harm Eric his tomb that seems so disrespectful.
She just takes out a knife and starts sawing a good branch off fiting the description Traxie gave.

Michael James Watson
Taking the branch Jurt says across the open trump, "That looks perfect. Come ahead"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah focuses on the trump contact with Jurt and comes back. With branch in hand.
"Here you go Traxie a branch from Amber."

Michael James Watson
Traxie looks it over, moving it about. "It is good wood. Will give it to an earth spirit to carve for me. You have a Guard in the snake. But it has in its life path Rage, Spirits of Air, Cleanliness, and Defense. It is blending well. Strengthening the heartfire of him that holds him."
Jurt frowns, "Guard and Rage? Thats an odd path"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles to Traxie "Thank you ."
Then turning to Jurt.
"Why is it an odd path? And should I still ask for who?"

Michael James Watson
Trexie says, "Name of Guard or name of binder?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks for a moment then nods
"Name of binder please. I know that is a big thing so i will trade something bigger. But i do not know what is bigger for you. I am sure you know all the dances already that you are not interested in that, or all the card tricks and sleight of hand tricks. So what would you want to know, Traxie?"

Michael James Watson
Traxie looks to Jurt, then Alvah. "Wine, Oil, and Bread. Red Wine from the cellars of the King of Amber. Several bottles at least. Bayles or Tazilwere. Oil, olive oil from the Cellars of the King of Amber. Several bottles.
Tazilwere oil. Bread. Rye or wheat from the Rue Fanasal". Fish. From the Harbor of Amber."
Jurt laughs, "You want groceries? "
Traxie scowls at Jurt,"I know the name..Should i ask for the testicle of the king for it? When i set my table in the Renaat and my guests see my table has bread and fish, wine and oil from Amber itself, I will be asked to many gatherings. I will seek Masoja one day. My table must be fine."
Jurt nods, "Yes, yes.. I see.. Soo... groceries.." Looks to Whisper. "Well?'

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks for a moment then asks
"so does it have to be from the cellars itself or of the same quality of what the king has in his cellars? I do think i can create a nice basket for you with that which you ask. So several bottles wine, several bottles olive oil, breads and fish. And you will give me the name of the binder?"
Alvah looks at Jurt and shrugs
"well i can at least try and gather that. "

Michael James Watson
"From the Cellars. Not his suppliers. Masoja could tell. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks closer at Traxie and nods
"very well then Traxie you got a deal, from the cellars. And let me guess i have to gather the things now? "
She looks at Jurt
"we can do the same trick again, you keep contact with me while i go gather the requested items. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt nods,"WHere are you going to jump? "

Amber Bronkhorst
"i thik the safest bet is directly to Amber, or the sea view gardens. Problem with the courtyard there are always elites there who seem somewhat jumpy, sea view gardens is a bit longer way to the kitchen but should not take that long. I guess it is still pretty late there so should be still quiet enough."
She then looks to Jurt
"or would Dame Margot have her own trump? if so i can directly contact her and ask her pretty please."

Michael James Watson
"She isn't in the deck which means she isn't Amber blood. So, mother of an Amberite but not in the deck

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"alright then i go to the sea view gardens, move to the kitchen from there and see if i can gather all that Traxie is requesting. And if we can keep in contact then at least when i need to excuse myself i can quickly come over to you. "
She looks at Jurt
"sounds like a plan?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt does.
Opening the Trump you arrive little after the trip to the tombs. The night shift is cleaning as much a serving.
Heading down to the kitchens Alvah finds Margot in her corner, resting, but reading what looks like romance novel.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah inhales deeply and then moves into the kitchen she has weight her options and she feels it is best to be as honest with Dame Margot.
She does not move silent just enough sound that Dame Margot could hear Alvah coming. She holds upher hand with a friendly smile "good evening. could i ask for something?"

Michael James Watson
she looks up, smiles, "Some brownies? I have some cherry pineapple ones just out of the oven"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and shakes her head
"well no , but thank you. I need some bottles of Bayles or Tazilwere red wine, Tazilwere olive oil, bread, fish. "
Alvah looks a bit uncomfortable asking for so much but she keeps a friendly smile on
"I am holding a picnic and it is helping me finnally getting some answers my dad isn't giving me. So i was hoping you could help me out with that, Dame Margot."

Michael James Watson
SHe smiles, "Ok. have fun." She sits again, points to the pantry doors before picking up her reading.
Going in to the pantry and sorting out the items she sees the richness of the larder.
Trumping Jurt he pulls her through.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah when back presents the assortment to Traxie.
"Well i got what you asked for. Do you have what i asked for?"
She looks at Jurt and shrugs. "Guess honesty sort of works, who knew."

Michael James Watson
Jurt, "If all else fail, tell the truth. Its usually easier tot remember. Well, Traxie?"
He smiles, looking at the bottles, picking them up though they are about his size.
"The Dufrieanalat placed the Dufiro of Guard in it."
Jurt says, "No shit? Really? Why the hell would he do that?"
Trexie says, "Thats a very big question. I would have to go ask him and he would want to barter.. So..."
Jurt says, "You are absolutely sure the Dufrieanalat placed a dufiro in her pet snake? "
"Oh, biter of wolves, if i was caught in a lie in a bargin i might as well go to Cynasure and read tarot cards and tea leaves.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks slightly confused to Jurt
"Who and the what now? Who is that? "
She then truns to Traxie
"Oh no we do not want you to get in trouble"
She looks at Jurt again
"Does this mean anything?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt stands and motions Alvah to follow him outside.
Jurt says, "Ok, who the hell are you?"
Jurt raises his hand, "OK, daughter of Delwin, I know. And I think probably a daughter of someone in Azcala..But why would Nur al Din, the Dufrieanalat, put a guard dufiro in your pet? And one with rage issues?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah follows Jurt outside hearing hom she shrugs.
"Does it look like i have a clue what is going on? Yeah daughter of Delwin my mom was some sort of Azcalan priestess but more i don't know! "
Alvah clearly shaking from getting more and more frustrated
She looks ready to yell but then she hangs her shoulders and head in a softer tone she speaks
"I just don't know. And dad won't tell, " alvah looks around
"Maybe i should just go."

Michael James Watson
Jurt inhales, puts a hand on your shoulder. "Ok, I didn't mean to bark but there is a point when mysteries get serious. I don't mean to alarm you but its rare I am surprised. I don't like thinking I'm being played. This was all fairly easy and a nice distraction from the weirdness of my life back at the club but now I am involved and I think we both need to know whats going on."
He sits on a planter and urges her to sit too.
"The Dufrieanalat is a powerful member of the Dufirosm. A Masoja of Life, but he started as a human adventurer in the Tosa realms.. He is incredibly important to the Dufiro, having saved their entire race sometime in the distant past. At the time he was granted a power from each race and was given a choice of what race of Maoja to become. He chose to be made a Masoja of Life. Since then most Dufiro at some point in their lives give some power to him. Its incredibly shocking that he would come this far East just to put a Guardian in your snake. Its mindboggling.. and very interesting.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits next to him. Pulling her legs up, knees against her chest, wrapping her arms around she then lays her chin on her knees making herself as small as she feels
"Look you can step away at all times. I am very happy with your help. But don't feel obligated towards me."
Alvah sighs and looks ahead
"I don't know what is going on. Usually i can bring all my problems back to a dance. Just a step at a time follow the steps and you'll get through. This feels like a rave on drugs. It seems if i get to grips with one thing the other pops up. "
Alvah laughs
"I don't even know if my dad knows about the dufiro. "

Michael James Watson
"If you feel like its a rave on drugs then you need the greatest drugged raver out there and so you have him. I'm a puzzler. I was terrible at the vendetta business. My experience with Lightwalker was when he was chief of the secret police not when he was a sorcerer. So I only know that part of him by reputation. He is an Eastsider like everyone else here in Amber. Oberon withheld magical instruction from his kids and when they went looking for it they found it in dangerous places. Bleys, Fiona, and Brand found Chaos. Arlo found Flux and Anchor. I don't know what Delwin found but it apparently led him to Azcala. I don't know you yet. But I will."
He looks back at the door, "So... its a dance.. So lets dance. We start slow, a little warmup. The music moves faster, we move faster. along the way you'll lead, other times i'll lead.. as new themes are addrd to the music we rise to them. We tourner when the need spins us. We glide when the music lets us. We plier to absorb force.. and at the end with the crescendo we match it, meet, it and conquer it. At the end, we take our bow.. "
"So lets take it slow.. We have elements that must come together but we don't know why? We need to learn the music and plan our moves. We need information. Inside we have a Knowledge Dufiro and i think we need to ask it more questions. So far we have asked it things it can discover under its own power. We need him to go find answers from tough questions. His requirements will go up. Let me ask the next question. We know what, we know who, but Why will be expensive. Let me ask When? That he should know already. Then you ask who she is and that may take him time. When he goes, we go to the source. Take me home to meet your dad."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks with sad eyes at first to Jurt. Then a soft smile appears.
"You seriously want to keep helping me. "
Alvah nods when Jurt talks about her father
"I don't know much about his time in Azcala he said he was there for the knowledge when he met a woman there. Later he learned she was a priestess and wanted to sacrifice me. That they were making children purely for the precedence of power. So one with Amber blood was extra yummy i guess. But that is all i know from that."
Alvah lifts her head a bit hearing Jurt talk about dance.
She then nods.
"Okey, you ask when. I ask who she is. I don't know where dad is though if he returned to shadow or not. But we can contact him sure. "
"And because i felt like going crazy drugged raving for a moment i went to you club. And to give Fisk something." Alvah bangs her hand against her head
"Ah well i can give that later."

Michael James Watson
Jurt says," I have a second question to ask but i need to think about it before asking. And I'll pay for it. One more warning. Fisk, he and I do business. I fence goods he sells, almost exclusively. He thinks I am the largest fence in Amber. As member of the Gray Guild I fence a lot of stuff. But Random knows about what i buy and Fisk doesn't know that. Be careful around him. He can shadowwalk anywhere to to find mountians of gold and silver but he has no more need for money then any amberite. So why steal? "
He enters the room and Trixie is running his hands lovingly over the stick. Smiling, "Are you sending me away or asking me more?"
Jurt ,"more. When was the Dufiro bound to the snake?"
Trixie smiles, "You asking or is whisper asking? You? Alright. You have an iron knife with a combat Dufiro bound to it. I want its name. Summoning at least."
"Its bound now. But it won't always. Do you know the answer?"
"I know enough if you are asking the question. "
Jurt says, "Axtatat, Masoja of Combat with Masoja of Strength, Avasa of Shifter, Speed, and Cleanliness. Spirits of Speed, Growth, Blending, and Defense"
Trixie smiles, "Excellent. Let me know when you release him and i'll deal. So.. The Snake was bound when she needed a Superhero and called the Weasel to get one."
Jurt frowns, "I see.. Riddles.. Does that mean anything to you, Whisper?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the answer and blinks.
"That... yeah that is not even that long ago 10 years or so from my perception. I was drugged after a job."
She looks at Jurt and grins
"Some people just need to steal."
She continues
"I had stolen the intel but the one paying didn't show up. When i left i noticed something was up i was going full hallucinating mad. I drew a circle on the street somewhere and called for Ryba cause he has been my superman before."
Alvah surprised shakes her head and then does a sudden crazy laugh.
"Oh and next i'll learn that my high school boyfriend was involved to.... or hmmm handsome wouldn't mind seeing him again."
Alvah looks up and blushes.
"Alright yes it means something i would say. I think Traxie refers to that moment."

Michael James Watson
Trexie looks, "Question then?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Traxie and nods
"Yes question, who is she?"
She nods to the snake.
"Do you know?"

Michael James Watson
"No.. I can see her face but not her name. I would have to seek her name."
Jurt asks Alvah-"Do you think Lightwalker knew her under a disguise? "
Trexie " I want a Trump from the King Random deck. Any trump. Place, person.. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs to Jurt
"Do not know if he did he kept it for himself. "
Alvah then looks through her deck and picks one out of there. Turning it to Traxie.
"You can have this one. It is my trump don't need to call myself."

Michael James Watson
Jurt puts his hand on the card, "But, you might give your own card to someone you want to call you. Also, you have no idea what he might do with the card. Mental battles can be fought over them and a person who loses a battle like that could take deep harm. Give him a place trump."
"In fact, offer the Trump to the Ancestors of Darkness. ITs the bottom of the Abyss and you, nor , have any reason to ever go there..And it will do him no good except as a decoration to impress his friends"
Trexie frowms."Spoiler...I should call you spoiller!!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Jurt and then nods
"Fine if you think that is better. "
Alvah shifts through the trumps and picks the location Jurt suggests she holds that one up to Traxie.
"Location trump it is yours for her name."
She then looks to Jurt
"well Traxie said he needed time do you still want to meet my father?"

Michael James Watson
"YEs, but i want to ask my second question first. Trexie..Hagalta was recently enslaved and sacrificed in Azcala, repeatedly, having his heart torn from his chest and then healed to be sacrificed again. Are you aware of this? yes..ok.. My question is Are there people of the bloodline of Amber there being used in this manner? If you find the answer, i will want to know who and where and I will ask those questions and pay for the answers. Lastly, just incase it comes up, a red diamond heart is created when powerful people are sacrificed in that manner, I want to know a great deal about that. How its done? How they are used? What powers do they have? I'll pay for those answers. If you bring me one, i'll will personally testify when your next transition occurs. Or I will make you rich. Understand i am not asking those questions now, but you will find me willing to deal if you find the answers to those questions."
Trexie bites his lips. "You ask me to risk much. If I risk much, i will want much. Will you pay to know where one is now? One outside Azcala?"
Jurt nods, "What do you want? "
"Call me to Amber, in your house of ill fame. Let me spend an evening there. If you arrange for a body for me to borrow for the might i will reward the host well"
Jurt laughs, "Agreed to the Call. I will find the boy. WHere? "
"Hagalta's son the necromancer has one Hagalta gave him personally."
Trexie disappears. All the materials in the circle are gone as well as the treasures traded him.
"Now how do we get to your world? Call Daddy for ride?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the exchange. The dealing about the red diamond hearts, that what Hagalta said to her goes through her mind. Alvah remains silent until Traxie has left she then exhales slowly and long.
"What did Hagalta mean back in the sea view gardens, with holding a diamond heart that you can experience the pain? Do you think he meant that i might have been sacrificed but healed again? He was very creepily looking at me."
In the meantime she flips through the deck to find the card of her father. She then looks at Jurt and grins
"If he even is willing to talk, i can ask him to bring us over. Don't think he is going to be a happy camper, and i am sure it will end up in a shouting match again. but lets try."
Alvah holds the trump of her father before her inhaling a deep breath before trying to reach out.

Michael James Watson
The trump contact feels somewhat over but opens, "I didn't expect to hear from you for hundreds of Amber years,"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah, maybe not looking at her best at the moment nods.
"Hey dad, don't be silly i might not be happy with all that had happend but you are still my father. And well i need to talk to you. Some things have come up about me, about my past. And someone is helping me figuring it out. Can we come to you to talk? Please."
Alvah keeps eyecontact with him showing hopefully in that way she is genuine.

Michael James Watson
"Of Course. Come through."