Alvah and the Mouse

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One would say that I would never have to work. My father is loaded and I will never really need any extra. I know if I ask him as his only child that I can stay living there.
He is barely home as it is. I do wonder how my father does earn his money. I know very little of his business other then that he is a wizard, a sorcerer. And a good one at that. He taught me some things as well.
But since I can barely sit still and I do have a small issue my father asked a tutor he knew to help me out and train me. And now I am Alvah collector of items that needs change of custody.
In short I am a thief for hire. I am still working a nice title for my job. Though my teacher also said that keeping things clear and simple is also a good way to go.
Keeping things clear and simple. I am not good at that.
The building I have a job tonight is coming in my view. I am excited, but I also know this is going to be a pain.
I like to plan my time. My plans are like a dance. All the steps are timed and planned. But this job. This was going to be a race against the clock.
It makes it more challenging sure. And it will test my skills, but I don’t like to improvise to much.
I park my motorcycle a block away. It is far enough to not be linked quickly to the crime and close enough I can make a run to it. If… if my plan works out.
It is said that the best in the field never get caught. This is not true. Sometimes it is part of the plan and that is the same with this guy, the Mouse. What a name. Mouse.
Anyway. He is a thief that has been in the game for a longer time, and he is good. He is linked to many great heists, but never was it proven. One day he slipped up. Or well that is what is said. He slipped up and got caught. On a very small crime. He barely did any real time. I think five years.
The crimes he was linked to though continued. So the suspicion moved away. And now he is off on good behaviour.
According to my client though he is not just a thief. He is worse. During a heist he maimed my clients daughter to create a distraction.
And the talk in the scene is the Mouse is planning to rob the vault empty here.
I will make him slip up.
Arriving at the top of another building close by I have my package already planted there earlier. Can’t carry to much with me. Via hook and line I move to the building I have to stop a robbery. So weird.
The first steps are easy enough I know where he is going and I just have to wait till I can pin him to the crime. I wait silently in a place I had created. A desk cupboard which is empty and I can fit in. Guess that is my luck of never having to much of grow spurt.
Downside my tutor still comments and makes jokes about me being shorter.
An hour goes by and I have been meditating keeping my mind focused on the job to come. Repeating the steps in my mind. Say nothing keep your mouth shut. He doesn’t need to know who you are.
It is over an hour, did I hear something? I should not move out to quickly. Trust in your senses and don’t come out to soon.
There. The little red dot I had set up a sensor it went off. He should be busy with the vault door now.
I know the type I know the make. I know a good thief would get that open in 46 minutes I give him 50 so that he will be in as well.
half an hour further and the sounds stopped. Shit what happened. He should not be in yet.
Damn. Did I make a sound? Did I fuck up? Oh shit shit shit. Okey breath softly controlled try and look out.
with a small mirror I look, there he is. And at that moment my heart stops. He is looking right at me. Or well the mirror, is that ass waving at me? I groan and step out of the cupboard. Stretching a bit to loosen up my muscles.
“How?” is the only thing I decided to ask. Short and simple
The man grins, one of those disgusting grins. That give an oily taste in the mouth and makes you want to shower.
“I am that good.”
a moment of silence. And the only sound I produce is
“hmm” as I shrug my shoulders and step towards him.
Guess I have to just incapacitate him then and pin him that way. He did not have to stay alive, the client preferred it but it did not have to.
I don’t know if I was overconfident or if he was that fast. But from one moment to the other he produced a gun in his hand and shoots me in my shoulder.
Shock comes over me surprise, pain and then anger. Okey he is going down.
I just take a leap and tense my muscles. I know I can take an old man like that. I have years of youth to my advantage, I have had intense constant martial arts training, pain is a nuisance nothing more.
The fighting doesn’t take long. He made the wrong choices now and then. Really wrong choices. He tried to focus on my wounded shoulder. But when he pressed his thumb in it I managed to go for his kidneys and liver. Solar plexus groin.
yeah call it dirty fighting but I had to win and make him pay and he is not going to have kids anymore anyway.
I managed to wrestle him down and secure him for now.
Quickly I press a bandage against my shoulder and in reaction to pain I just give the Mouse another kick. Well whoops.
I have to move fast now. All the steps went out the window and this dance has become a uncontrolled rave.
The safe was nearly open so I only had to do the last steps. Which wasn’t that hard really. I place his tools in a logical position with care. A thief is respectful to their tools.
I then drag the Mouse towards the safe. Hmm he is bloody beaten up. Noone is going to believe he did this alone now.
I prop the Mouse against a table I grab a few screwdrivers with sharp heads. He is starting to waken up.
“You know we can share the loot” yes his voice sounds still that disgusting.
“I can teach you so much more.”
I only roll my eyes and keep working on setting up the scene. I trace down my blood and throws some chemicals over them making sure it is undetectable from who that blood is. His blood I don’t care really. He will bleed more. And if I plan it right he will bleed out before the cops find him.
After I have set up the scene enough I take two burner phones out of their packages. I make the one dial the other. Pocketing one of the phones I place the other near the Mouse.
Without a word I stab his hands to his legs with two screwdrivers. The blood gushes enough that I think I have hit an artery.
I tie one of his arms to the table leg.
“you knew one day it would end” I say in a soft tone, I had a period I looked up to the man. But knowing what he did and now seeing him in real life. Ugh. Never meet your idols they say. It is true. I smash the phone when I step out. He shouldn’t be able to make a call out.
I move to the window where I had planned my escape. Everything is still there.
everything is cleaned up and done. The reign of the Mouse is over.
I move quickly and precise knowing exactly where to go and before I know it I am back at my motorcycle.
I drive around a bit a longer route I try to dial the phone that is near the Mouse to make it register and then drop it somewhere on the street. The cops might think he had a partner that betrayed him.
Home. Finally. But there is light on, so chance is that or my father is home, maybe Ryba is still there. Nigel should be sleeping by now.
I park my motorcycle, climb up towards my balcony door drop the clothing change into running gear and I leave again.
I need to clear my head. This was fucked up I’ll look at my shoulder later.