Alvah and the brownies

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Alvah is 17, heartbroken and craves brownies[edit]

Don't know the time i entered the front door of my fathers ridiculous huge mansion. But all i know it was bloody late.
As a routine i first go to my room. In the false bottom of my closet are some boxes, in those boxes random shit. Most things i do not know where i got it from.
After emptying my pockets and bag and bra i stare at the police issue handcuffs and police baton.
When was police involved.
Tired as hell and slightly drunk i stumble to the kitchen.
Leaning against the counter, groaning. Why is this house so big.
Dragging my feet my hands find the freezer. There better be icecream.
After opening every drawer and door de icecream still eludes me. So annoying.
I need my chocolate!
No clue did i say that out loud?
Silence the house is fast asleep. And dad won't be home anyway.
Brownies are chocolate i'll make my own damn brownies. If Russell really thinks i should stay alone i will damn well care for myself.
Searching on my phone i find a recipe and the ingredients we have laying around.
Freaking Russell, "you are to sarcastic "
"You are to independent. " "My friends don't like you" "you are not relationship material"
Well screw you Russell.
Oh right, now i remember. There was police involved, i hit Russel square in the face and tossed him against a car. I really thought it was his car.
I stole from the police? Damn i have to solve that before dad finds out.
I stare at the mixing bowl. Is everything in there? I am sure there is. Who cares this can't go wrong.
Drinking inlook at the baking tray.
Alcohol and chocolate work together. I think as i pour some in the mix.
Why does baking take so long. Although i don't mind sitting against the warm oven door.
Startled i look up footsteps. Not much later i see Nigel, the head butler of the household, stick his head around the corner.
"M'lady, are you in need of anything?"
Fighting against the emotions welling up i shake my head.
"Making brownies." I say pointing with the bottle behind me to the oven. "I am good."
Nigel says nothing. But it js clear he is not moving. With a huge effort i stand up. And the oven dings.
"M'lady shall i....?"
I know it is rude but i interupted him.
"No! I am a strong independent woman that needs no help or man. Or or.... well i do need this and my chocolate "
with a new bottle in hand i open the oven door
The brownies look weird. And it seems to still bubble. Must be okey. I followed the recipe, right.
I drop the baking tray on the counter.
Now i do not know if it was the baking tray hitting the counter or that it would happen anyway.
Brownie batter everywhere.
My father likes pristine neat and expensive looking things.
The kitchen looks like it is covered in shit now.
I am covered in batter. Nigel moves away but soo returns with cleaning supplies.
"Lets clean"
I groan stand up and grab a bucket and rag.
"Tomorrow i will steal all his keys. "
"Very well m'lady, can i have one request. Please don't ever cook again. "