Alvah contacts Delwin and falls through

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Michael James Watson
Moments pass and a light probe comes to tap Alvah, identifies her, then the trump sluggishly opens. Behind is a reddish light, music, and what looks possibly ;ike a watery environment.
"Alvah...ah...our time rates are deeply out of sync. Give me a minute at your time and call me back. Damn... that won't work..crap.. Pull me through. " He does some magic that creates a shprere or red around him and extends his hand. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds out her hand ready to grab him and pull him through.
"Are you okey?"

Michael James Watson
The red glows fades away leaving a clean and snappy dressed Jurt in a black suit with no shoes.
"I'm ok, but i was in the middle of an orgy in a 600 to 1 world. A messy one.. Figured i better clean up before going anywherer"
Looking around he says, "Well, Damn.. Vance..Candle..ah, finally we meet, Admiral Celekat. Vulsar, 60 to 1... figures.. So... to what do I owe the surprising interruption of my spare time?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"alright then you could have said busy... "
She looks around
"we are not at Vulsa at the moment. We just finnished talking with Xozla. Have a question for Untara. But well don't have her trump and i got yours. "
She smiles.
"So to give you the short version.
Xozla would like to see Untara, he is going to bring Tekuani with him. The meeting will be in Vulsara. Can you help bring her there? or well ask if she is willing?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt looks around, "By the teats of the unicorn that's a lot to tell me at one time. Xozla....lovely.. I've been interested in meeting him for a long time. Untara has some huge opinions of him... I assume, Vance, you are giving him safe passage here?"
Vance says, "He is setting up an Embassy here."
"Really? Does Random know? If not, can I be there when you tell him? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods "Yeah it is alot, Xozla found me during my first real shadowwalk, freaked Bleys the fuck out and he called emergancy meeting. But Random wasn't to impressed by the nature of emergancy."
She thinks for a moment and continues
"So do you think you can bring Untara to here? Like i said Xozla will bring Tekuani for her. And i'm sure we can arrange enough Azcalan tequila for her to drink. "
Looking at Vance she shakes her head
"No Random doesn't know yet. This just got decided. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt looks at Vance, then Agrom. Seeing Celekat he walks over to her..
"oh look at you....All shimmering with power and contempt; Does this sterile place appeal to you or would you trade rage and passion for power? What is your name little fury?"
SHe steps back, looking at Vance then Jurt, "I am Admiral Celekat Saanal, Chief of Magical Services, Amber Star Fleet. "
Jurt looks to Vance, "So...She's yours? Lend her to me...I'll train her in Chaos magics before setting her free."
Vance says, "To business Jurt. Answer Alvah's question"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Jurt and kind of looks embarrassed for him.
"Jurt, the fuck you doing? Leave Admiral Saanal alone, she is her own person not owned by anyone. Can you try to behave?"
She looks at Vance and Agrom questioningly
then turns to Jurt again.
"Yes please answer my questions. can you get Untara here and willing enough to talk to Xozla?"
She then pauses a moment and thinks
"and i was thinking of asking you something else but that can wait. nothing important. "

Michael James Watson
"I can get her here.. Can't say if she will behave. She is not behaving now"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Well not behaving in what way? is she biting the heads off of people or is she just really out of it and intoxicated. will she be the creepy sister again like last time or worse?"

Michael James Watson
"Well, Gutsedvem has these pools that are filled with photosensitive, psychoactive, empathic, and aphrodisiac Jell-O. They have orgies for 4,40, or 400 people. We were in a 400 was slippery and pretty indiscreet. Not a look I want when meeting relatives. But the particular Gutsedvem we were in was pretty elaborate even for the realm and displaced by time. I'll go clean her up, dry her out, and let her come down and I'll trump ya."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks. She then slowly nods.
"Thank you, sounds.... well just thanks."
She looks up to Vance and shrugs
"Alright that is arranged then. Shall i try and contact dad? See if i can talk him off whatever he is doing now?

Michael James Watson
Vance nods, "Just to be sure, Jurt, Delwin wasn't there too by chance, was he?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head, she steps to the side of the room and focusses hard on the trump of her father.

Michael James Watson
There is a sense of heat and a taste of iron.
Moments pass. Alvah feels Vane set his hand to her shoulder and a powerful pool of psyche slips around hers and throughout her and she feels she can direct it all and use it. Letting wave of psyche come through the trump feels enlarged somehow.
SHe comes upon a fiery tower, looking down to a sand colored city. People walk and mill and go about their business. The tower is clearly high and large. As the image resolves. Delwin Is holding a woman down to the ground with his knees, a silver case in his hand.
THe woman thrashes and nearly unhorses him. Delwin punches her hard in the face, silencing her.
He looks up into the view of the trump, raising a symbol that looks jagged and active and full of energy. It also is full of spells looking somehow eager to attack.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Dad!!!!" Alvah reaches out far with her hand trusting Vance behind her that he won't let go. She tries to grab Delwin his arm or something solid to hold on to.

Michael James Watson
He grabs her hand and starts to stand pulling hard. The woman below him grabs and pulls hard and the unbalanced Delwin falls back. Momentum brings Alvah forward. Vance had been stepping the the gap and the move pulls him as well. Vance and Alvah fall on Delwin and the woman.
The trump closes.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah rolls to the side and sits in a crouched position, keeping yourself a small target as you figure out the surrounsingd.
She sees dad, Vance. she checks what weapons she has with her her NP dagger at least. She check Cicero if he got hurt jn the fall.
"Dad, Vance? You okey?"

Michael James Watson
Vance stays clear of the pile, stepping aside, looking up, then down at the woman. He draws a phaser and fires, stunning her.
"Well, my tech works.. Where the fuck are we Del?!"
"Zictla. There is a body over there. Alvah, get him quick. Vance, Can we Trump out of here? The woman is possessed and I need her. Zentalas is around here someplace and we've traded spells. My rack is empty.. It never occurred to me a phaser might work here." Vance hands him the phaser, drawing another, and producing a card. Alvah sees it. Blank white. It Shimmers immediately.
"ZICTLA? Well fuck a duck lets not stay!!!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands and looks to where Delwin points she nods and goes to the other body. Depending how big the guy is she tries to drag him with a her arms around his shoulders. Letting the surge of adrenaline, that came from this sudden cahnge of events, help with dragging.
She looks back
"Zictla? What the hell was your plan dad?"
Looking to Vance
"Can we get back?"

Michael James Watson
He yells, "I was improvising!!! "
A woman in feather turns the corner. She casts Cardiac arrest on Delwin who coughs, and shouts. Cluthing his chest and laughing. He raises the phaser and fires. She falls back stunned
Vance opens the trump gate. As Alvah starts to raises the body he mumbles, "i'm ok, Wizard. Just let me up." Standing he watches the woman in feathers fall stunned. Looking around he sees two strangers and the wizard who rescued him.
He leaps over and with an incredibly quick move sticks his hand in her chest and stands bearing her beating heart in his hand. It bursts into flames as he staggers toward the trump and Vance.
Del yells, "Get us the hell out of here!!!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just looks surprised at the whole situation, going so fast.
The woman in feathers, the man getting up himself.
Seeing what the man does with the heart of the woman she stares.
Snapping out of it she steps to her father and puts an arm around him pushing him towards the trump gate.
"Seriously what did you always tell me about improvising? " she huffs.

Michael James Watson
"Only in moderation"
Delwin steps through the trump, grabbing the stunned woman. The man with the flaming heart steps near Alvah smiling and steps through.
Vance looks at the woman in feathers, and says to Alvah, "Im going to regret not killing her.. I just no it. Through the trump. It only has moments.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sees the rest through and next to Vance she looks back tk the feathered woman as well.
She nods
"Yep, probably."
She then steps through as well. Looking immediately back for Vance to come through

Michael James Watson
Del leaps through the trump and grabs the silver case he left behind. Turning and leaping he bears Vance through the trump to the pattern room.
He laughs loudly..."Well, im having a heart attack, but other then that, great timing, Alvah!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks her father over and steps towards him.
"Yeah so maybe you need to lay down then. Dad, you know would suck if you die on us now..."
She lays a hand on Delwin his arm.
She genuinely looks concerned.
"Lets marvel in my timing abilities later. Vance do we have something here to help dad?"

Michael James Watson
"Computer. 12 oz. Vance private reserve Rum for father."
A glass appears by Delwin's hand.
Vance looks at the man with the flaming heart as staff arrive to lay the woman on a sofa. "WHo are you and tell me why i shouldn't have you put in irons?"
He opens his hand and a red diamond heart falls out, "I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Mother is rarely surprised. What weapon is it the wizard used? "
Turning to Delwin, "And you, sir. What name does our savior carry? "
He nods, "Delwin., The master of the hall here is my Son Vance. This is my daughter Alvah. That over there is my grandson Agrom. The woman is Celekat Saanal."
He says, "Quite a family gathering.." HE walks to the woman. "She breathes Will she awake?"
Vance says "Yes. ANd who are you?"
"Your family rescued me without knowing me?"
Delwin walks over, "I was after the case. 30 heart stones. Some are my daughter's. When I saw the restraints you both were in, i realized who you were.. As i told my daughter, i was improvising. I thought you might appreciate freedom from Azcala."
He looks around, "This isn't Azcala? We are outside Azcala? "
Vance says, "This is Vulsara, a client kingdom of Amber."
"Amber..Yes.. I am Alcona, son of Zictalas and Zentalas. This is my bond mate; Atotoztli. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up to her father and the case in his hand
"You found them all?"
Looking back at the man who just dropped the diamond heart she looks cautiously as well to the woman on the sofa.
She looks if she finds Candle to see if he still has the other heart diamond of her.
She stays quiet around the people not knowing what to think and still gathering herself after dropping in to Zictla.

Michael James Watson
Delwin say "I may only have gotten one. No idea how many are in there."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"How can we find out? "
Looking at Alcona and Atotoztli she raises an eyebrow.
"Even if they were in chains there when you found them. Can we let them just be here? The standards of right and wrong differ greatly ofcourse. And not to sound absolutely a partypooper and like a wellthinking person. Do we know what kind of consequences like retaliation we can expect?"
Looking to Vance she clicks her tongue.
"Should we warn Nur?"

Michael James Watson
Vance agrees."Agrom, takes our guests to quarters. Alvah, you call Random, ill call Nur"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Sure, i assume you invite him to come over?

Michael James Watson
Vance says , "No. not unless he insists. If he doesn't show up he has a level of deniability. " He walks off, swirling his hands in a chaotic manner as he walks to a far space to make his call.
Delwin keeps a hand on the case, looking to the two guests. "I recognized them from religious art mostly.. I never met either. Alcona is a known rebel. One of the ring leaders of the Rebellion vilified by the priesthood. She isn't a rebel exactly but they were bound together. I couldn't just leave her behind.. He put up a hell of a fight once i had him free. We couldn't have escaped without him. Zentalas put some kind of possesion spell on her. Celakat, if I remember rightly, you are the sorceress in Vance's employ. Can you see to her situation?"
Cel nods and moves over to the woman on the sofa and the man kneeling next to her. they talk softly"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance as he walks off and frowns at his hand movements.
She then grabs her deck and start going through it until she finds Random his image.
Looking up to her father she nods .
"I understand. Well perhaps they can help out or at least not cause trouble for us. I'll go inform Random. "
Alvah walks off a bit so she can calmly talk and not in the middle of a room. Focusing kn the image of King Random

Michael James Watson
The man stands suddenly, walking over to Alvah and Delwin. "My gratitude for our deliverance. If our presence here is an issue, put us anywhere on the Jeweled Road and we will manage. But..Did i hear right? You are Delwin of Amber? And you are Alvah, the Daughter of Delwin..and Cihalas?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns as the man suddenly stands she nods
"Well don't think it would be much of an issue. If we do not want you near certain conversations then there are quarters where you and your... partner? Can stay."
Looking a bit more suspicious she nods slowly.
"Yes i am Alvah, daughter of Delwin and Cihalas, anything the matter with that? "

Michael James Watson
"Not at all, Cousin...While you are not public knowledge among the populace of Azcala your existence is known among the principals. Cihalas is known to be wroth at your theft. To be rescued by you and Delwin shall be exciting news among the Outsiders of Azcala. Its a grand pleasure to meet you."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit weirded out with that news she thne looks at her father and grins
"See, my career choices are not that weird. You thief."
Turning back to Alcona she nods
"Well pleasure to meet you to. Not to sure yet where i stand with the whole family ties on your side of the family, but it is nice to meet a friendlier face."
She thinks for a moment feels just awkward and confused so decides she walks off.
"I'll be right back making a call. " as she keeps walking off she calls back to her father
"Don't steal more babies in the meantime!"
At a quieter spot she holds the trump of Random in front of her

Michael James Watson
Alcona picks up the fresh DC diamond heart and starts fidgeting with it.
Almost immediately Random's tdump secretary answers and patches you through to Random.
"Alvah....I'm almost afraid to ask... Ben!!! "
Benedict appears behind Random, hand on his shoulder. "Ok...give me the cliff notes first, then we can sort out the details. I know this much. About 3 minutes ago Arlo, Fiona, Hagalta, and Brand all started screaming. I am in the library now with Fiona and Arlo. Bleys is in the dungeons with the jailbirds. Your turn"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks first a bit bored as she contacts Random then hearing about the screaming she realizes more things happened.
Looking at Benedict she nods
"Alright, after our encounter with Xozla, Delwin walked off to Azcala, we just got him back with a silver box with diamond hearts. That might be it. We freed a rebel of Tonacat his family."
Alvah thinks
"Oh and Vance made a deal for an embassy on Vulsara with Xozla... he will be coming to Vulsara tontalk so no longer on the way to Amber."
She conciders for a moment then shrugs.
"That must be it. Any questions?"

Michael James Watson
"Ben, handle this. Kill anyone you think needs killing. Maybe not Vance and this mess probably isn't Alvah's fault, but anyone else...ok?"
Ben nods, steps around and Random and through the Trump.
Alcona looks up p and goes visibly pale. "The War God of Amber..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks at Random she then staggers back seeing Benedict walking through. She steps in front of Benedict. Eventho she might be small she can stand tall with attitude.
"Or not kill everyone! We don't know what happened. Vance is coming back in a bit. Lets not point fingers."

Michael James Watson
Ben looks over Alcona, who stands. Alvah sees he brings himself to attention. He must be familar with dealing with mighty beings.
"Alcona, son of Zictalas and Zentalas. Grandson of Tonacat. Am I correct in this; With Mixcoatl, Questzetcoatl, and Xoxol all removed from the royal line Azcala, that makes you fourth in line to the Azcalan throne? Are you here seeking asylum? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah seeing no immediate danger she moves away from Benedict and goes to stand near her father she whispers to him.
"Apparently a couple in Amber have started screaming 3 minutes ago. Like the hearts are being manipulated."
She then watches the scene unfold with Alcona and Benedict. Though she is ready to jump in action.

Michael James Watson
Del says," I'm not sure what thats about exactly. I have an idea and it's not manipulating the hearts. It might be connected to their connection tob the jewel of judgment. "
Alcona says,"when I awoke this morning, in terrible searing pain as usual, I had no thought of Amber. But if your wizards are willing to risk rescuing me. I am willing to request asylum. Gladly, Lord of War. To clarify though, my being fourth in line is questionable. Tonocat tells zictala that Xoxol is second. He tells Xoxol that Zictalas is second. He tells all Azcala that if he dies the stars and suns and lands and rains and peoples and nations will die in fire. I have an older brother, Alcoza, so bring fourth in line is irrelevant. I'd still like asylum. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods then in a whisper
"watch them pin it on us. If Random sends him " a barely noticable nod to Benedict
"With saying kill anyone that needs killing.. i tend to get a bit cautious. And wouldn't Random know if it was the jewel of judgement?"
Alvah then looks the way that Vance had gone to hoping he returns soon with Nur. Then her eyes move to Candle smiling softly.
She looks at her father again.
"Have the feeling i should go soon. Don't you think? "

Michael James Watson
Benedict says, "No, you should not go soon. Lord Alcona, I grant you and your charge with asylum in Vulsara. If you wish to visit further speak to King Vance or Lady Alvah. Later today i will be bringing some people to speak with you. I am sure King Vance, or Admiral Candle can se you well lodged. Welcome to Amber."
"Admiral Candle, see to our guests. Lady Alvah, come with me"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah scowls. and mutters "freaking bat hearing"
She then waits patiently she moves silently to Candle.
She looks at him questioningly with a little sign asking where it is.
She lets the formalities play out hearing her name she looks up quickly and then turns to Candle again. Seeing if he understood her.
She then turns to Benedict and nods and moves towards him.

Michael James Watson
He puts his on her shoulder and she feels her will clamped hard. "Computer. Transport for two, Lounge 5. Clearance Benedict.