Alvah deals with her frustrations...

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Michael James Watson
Deep in the industrial area of southern reaches of the city of Amber, in an area no longer fashionable lies a series of warehouses that no longer hold cargo.
The first thing is the quiet and the smell. No babies crying in an upstairs window. No dogs barking. Not foot police tapping his baton on the walls. Then the smell of horses. A tannery nearby, a slaughterhouse. The smells are strong.
The building has no open windows and no light above the door.
It has no sign. It is Thin Whip's Place.
Arlo says in french, “Once the place was a movable affair. Hidden from nearly everyone. You had to know someone in low places to know how to find the place. It had been operating for almost 10 years before more then a dozen people in the castle knew it was here. Even me. Though I didn't get out as much then as I do now. I blame Vance and Doria for that. Now Jurt has burned his bridges in Chaos and has made deals with Random. So he owns these block fair and square. The fix is in with the cops too and that pisses of Wyndham Feldane a lot. “
Coming to the door she sees the bouncer, at the door. He starts to ask for the door charge then recognizes Arlo and backs away quickly, leaving the door open. “No trouble ,mate. Go on in”
IN side the place is the same as it was the last time she was here. Its like she never left. The same people seem to be dancing or drinking. The crowd swallows them up.
Moments later a woman in black leather just under 7 feet and 400 pounds walks by. Alvah sees a hand gesture that Arlo follows. Around a corner of boxes is a nook thats been used for many things and smells it.
Arlo says, “Why the cry sign, Bertha?”
Bertha says, “I'm glad you are here. The boss is upstairs. Something's wrong with him. He won't let anyone in the room. Told me to run the place for a few weeks. Its not like he's off in shadow. Do you know whats wrong with him, Hook? “
Arlo nods, ”We do. Bertha, this is Whisper. She isn't guild yet but probably will be. “
Bertha nods, “I remember...”

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah follows ofcourse. Inhaling as she enters. Where the last she got giddy and excited she is more aware now watching over the dance floor a slight toothy grin appears. Going prowling now would be nice.
Alvah keeps following Arlo though first things first, and hearing that Jurt is not doing well she actually feels a sense of worry.
Being introduced she nods in greeting to Bertha.

Michael James Watson
Bertha says something to Arlo in a language she doesn't know that sounds like glass being broken on rats. Arlo nods, answers.
Leading up stairs to the third floor Alvah sees the massive second floor with its card tables, billiards, knife and axe throwing. There is a smell of the sex trade coming from one side where small rooms and small nooks are busy with it.
The third floor is more warehouse. barrels by the hundreds, crates and open boxes. large men walk the place moving things as needed. A creature looking all too demonic walks up and speaks the glass and rats language at Arlo angrily, waving its clawed red hands. Arlo nods and speaks a language that sounds greatly of breaking rocks and the creature stills immediately.
"No call for that, mate. I didn't mean anything by it. "It says.
Arlo says, "Good. This is Whisper. She may be around. And no, she isn't food. Not today anyway."
Arlo walks to a wall, stops."A word of warning..The language Bertha and I were speaking, and the one i was speaking to that creature, are abyssally languages. I'll teach them to you if you like but never try to work them out aloud on your own. They are inherently magical languages. There are a lot of magical languages that far out. The 7 dufiro languages are like that too. learn them before trying to speak them."
Pressing the wall a secret door opens to a long corridor. Two doors open as the two walk the hall. Opening into the inner sanctum of Thin WHip's is a Bricked in room far larger then it should be. Tables, chairs, cases filled with books and objects of bizzarre origins.
It would be guessed the place had been ransacked but the dust implies its always like this.
In a corner is a large sea of pillows and on it lay a woman in stained or tie dyed red and orange silk gowns, and a devilishly red and horned creature. They seem asleep.
The creature raises its head, nods, stands and shifts into Jurt, looking hungover and beat up. He throws on a spotted black gown and walks to plop in a chair at what must be a dinning room table.. He picks up a bottle and drinks it hard.
"Have a seat..Help yourself, theres bottles around., Uta's asleep for awhile yet. What brings you here, Whisper? Haven't we seen enough of each other lately? Not that i mind.. just a surprise to see you here so soon."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods when Arlo speak of the languages.
"I might be interested in learning yes. "
Going in the inner sanctum she curiously looks at the changing Jurt and her eyes then travel to the woman.
So that would be her half sister.
Pulling her eyes away from Untara she then looks at Jurt frowning slightly.
With a cold harsh voice she answers
"Wasn't planning on seeing you, that was his idea." She points to Arlo with her thumb
"Just wanted to dance get drunk and who knows."
Alvah looks through the bottles seeing if she finds something that peeks her interest hopefully the Azcalan tequilla last time that helped her feel better.
"Looking healthy there..." her eyes travel over Jurt.

Michael James Watson
"I've looked worse and felt better."
She sees a large bottle of blue liquid, like the azcalan tequila. There seem to be a lot of empties around the sleeping area.
Jurt says, "Well, don't let me stop you. Go downstairs. Sometime tonight..this afternoon...this morning...some turning, i'll be down there. Hook here and I need to talk."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs and looks at Arlo. She steps back again towards the door.
"Sure, i won't be bothering you two then."
She nods to Arlo.
"See you around. I'll hear your explanation later."
She turns to walk downstairs again.

Michael James Watson

Jurt says to Arlo as she leaves, "I have explaining to do? Fuck sake's I don't have a tinkers nut of explaining owed to anyone after what Benedict did to me."
Arlo laughs, "Let me see your knife"
Jurt says with more then a hint of anger, "You know I blame you for this. Right? Frikkin' sarcat."
She hears the last as she heads down stairs, The creature of the barrels stalks her at a distance, licking his chops. Never before has Alvah seen eyes that so clearly consider her food.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just leaves the room leaving the two there. Or well three.
Feeling very uneasy with the hungry creature stalking her she moves quickly down the stairs.
Alvah conciders drinking but she wants to dance first.
She was in a foul mood. Which is a very rare occurrence normally she can shrug things off with a good run but this time it didn't work.
She feels bad about feeling bad. That a guy had apparently such an impact on her.
Moving to the dancefloor she first observes the mood, the people dancing and the music. Making a plan how she is going to move.
When she is focused on her approach she moves on the dancefloor. With swaying movements she chooses her spot. Using the available light.
With a pure focus on her direct surroundings and her movements she dances.
When people come closer she starts to play a game of pulling people closer, as close a kiss could happen, and rejecting them again, a cold shoulder a sudden twirl around showing her back. A haughty look over her shoulder before focusing on another.
It might be mean. She might be a big tease now but this is what she is enjoying.
Alvah being in full control of herself and those daring to come close to her. For once she is holding power.

Michael James Watson
She find her flirtatious dance goes over well. several people dance near herm, to he stylke to be pulled in to the game. a few steal kisses and she she turns on them there is laughter and merriment as if no one is offended. A dark haired man with scent of fish and the ocean. A young man in cut silk doublet and a half mask that looks like a helm Julian might wear to a fancy formal dress tournament, A young woman in green scaled silks with the scent of honey candles about her and shells woven into her green hair.
A blue skinned man in tight black leathers, two antennae from his head. She thinks him a dashing creature who after a pass pulls out of the flirt a second before she would have. She thinks he might be a friggin andorean from a star trek world. A chesty older woman in tight white curls smelling of gin and dancing way to fast for an elderly woman.
After a few passes she spins again and sees the Andorian at the edge of the dance floor, sitting at a barrell, a tall glass of a deep blue color. HE raises his glass in one hand, a second dangling empty beside it.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thoroughly enjoying herself and going up in the game more herself.
Seeing the unspoken invitation she dances a bit closer pulls one of the people dancing with her in for a kiss, doing this in front of the andorian his nose. She then pushes the person she kissed away and finishes her dance routine. With a bouncy step clearly more energized and feeling so much better she goes to the Andorian looking guy.
"So is that an invitation for a drink or did you just want to watch."
She says with a raised brow.

Michael James Watson
"I want to watch you drink. "
He pours a tall drink of what smells like a strong ice fruity drink even at a meter away
"Im guessing you have the constitution for Romulan Ale. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Ah whatever tickles your fancy. If you are buying i am drinking. "
She takes the glass and takes a drink.
Grinning she says
"No clue if i have the constitution but what a time to find out. So what can i call you? "

Michael James Watson
"I go by Shaver when i come here. And Im sure we can tickle out fancy someplace around here unless you want to dance still!. " He drinnks the powerful strong drink.
She drinks its in the same area as the whiskey of amber; a solid 80 proof.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and raises her glass again
"Whisper, and i don't dance and drink. So guess we are drinking then. "
She takes another drink from her glass looking at it she nods. Her eyes then go over Shaver slowly from top to bottom.
She then takes a step beside him as if walking away and turns.
"well come then. "

Michael James Watson
He takes the bottle and follows. Looking to see which path you take; the gaming tables or the trysting cubicles.


Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah moves with the same grace as she was dancing swaying from side to side,
She moves with him to one of the empty cubicles.
Standing still she turns and raises an eyebrow
"Or were you all talk? You can still flee."

Michael James Watson
"Flee? That's not what I came here for"
He takes her elbow and steps into the trysting cubicles, pulling her down with him.

Amber Bronkhorst
With the freedom of the anonymity they have here, Alvah will just go wild.
She will check if Andorians indeed bleed blue.
A high level of frustration anger and pain are finally released and this poor Andorian can hopefully keep up with her.

Michael James Watson
After an hour she realizes the Andorian is stronger then her and has greater endurance. He is also fairly acrobatic and not afraid of bites or scratches. Andorian women are as strong as the men so he is used to strong women. He growls and howls but caresses and pleasures. There is plenty of soft hold and hugs amongst the howls and growls.
After two hours she has time to pay attention to his tattoos in the dark. She feels that along his musculature are tattoos covering wires under his skin. The darkness doesn;t let her see color or details.

Amber Bronkhorst
At first where she would claim control she loses it at the end as she is beat by endurance.
Doesn't ruin the fun of course, she was here to forget and release and she can.
When noticing the tattoo's and wires under his skin she traces them with her fingers. Not being able to beat her curiosity. Especially after a couple of drinks.
Trailing them with her nails.

Michael James Watson
As he judges the comparisons of endurances he paces himself to prolong the tryst. Romulan ales is a great restorative.
He laughs, "Don't let the wires bother you. Borg technology doesn't work anywhere near Amber. Have to go out beyond Diega Raks before the stuff starts kicking in."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises an eyebrow
"borg... heh." She lets her fingers trail along the lines and then shrugs
"Who cares... " she leans in closer and whispers in his ear
"don't want to know who you are, you don't want to know who i am. don't ruin the fun."
She then bites a bit harder in his ear.

Michael James Watson
"Sounds good to me Whisper. But just to be clear, I'm Star Fleet, not some Borg invader from Cynasure or Chaos. As the Admiral says; We are the good Borg!"
He spins in and indulges.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at him and puts a finger over his mouth.
"shhhhh, don't need your rank don't need your SO. I am not going to write a report to them about job well done."
Alvah tries to push the idea of starfleet, which links to her brother, out of her head. Not the things you want to think about at that given time.

Michael James Watson
"I'll take a review on the Rat Wall. " he leaves off talking for a time.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah rolls her eyes at him and just jumps him, giving him other things to do then talk.
Spending the time together as long as it is fun.

Michael James Watson
After several hours both are spent and exhausted, despite the Romulan ale.
When she wakes the cubical is empty. She thinks may have slept a long time. There is a bagel and meat sanwich and several slices of questionable chese.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah groans looks up lays her head down again, inhales deeply and tries to sit up. She looks at the food and considers the dangers of eating but she is quite hungry.
So she just grabs the bagel, covers herself enough and just eats to get a bit of her wits about her.

Michael James Watson
There doesn't seem to be a time when music isn't playing. It seems like people come and go in shifts. She wanders the place, seeing food vendors in various corners as well as other vendors in something of an informal merchant area on the second floor, small boths with people sitting guarding ill gotten goods for sale. Though not a member of the gray guild she knows the handsigns and watches some of the trades going on.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah watches but won't show she is recognizing the signs, as she does not want to raise suspicions towards her.
Passing by people she just enjoys everyone their anonymity.
Getting curious by now about the gamblin tables she decides to move a floor up, she did pass them by when going down to dance.
She assumes Arlo and Jurt have forgotten about her anyway so better to make the best of it.
While moving there she does check if alot of pickpocketing is happening here or not.
She has some coin of herself but why spend your own

Michael James Watson
She notices a variety of dice games, card games and other gambling games she is not familair with.
She notices no pick pocketing but that may mean they are that good. She does note a rather vigorous security detail watching the games that inspire good behavior. It is clear a lot of the players are regulars. While her thievish skills are reasonable she isn't a specialist in card sharping.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah then decides to just watch and learn. Looking to the staircase she went up to to the third floor she conciders going back to see if Arlo is still there and if Jurt is doing any better.
But then remembering the hungry creature she decides not to go up.
Instead she looks for Bertha see if she is around.

Michael James Watson
WHen she looks up she sees Jurt sitting in the rafters. When he locks eyes with you he springs away in the raftings toward the stairs and up them.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks after him for a moment and hten moves to the stairs herself.
Muttering softly "curiouser and curiouser "
She climbs up the stairs hoping not to turn into snack food

Michael James Watson
((Hardly a snack. at least an early dinner))