Alvah does a hot dance.

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Alvah is 18 and decided to go dancing in a different direction.[edit]

"You can't tell me what i can and can't do!"
I storm out the front door my helmet under my arm, bag around my shoulder.
My motorcycle is still on the driveway. Hopping on i slam the helmet on my head and drive off. Screeching my tires.
He can't tell me i can't dance. I want to do this. This is my job now. I earn my own money. Stupid rules.
And no i am not crying, these are tears from the wind. I am not crying.
A while i race through the city.
Dad put me on dancing himself why can't i choose my own type of dance. I like exotic dancing.
Turning the corner i drive to the club pacing myself a bit before i get in trouble with the police.
Oh sure dad sure. It is okey if people watch me perform ballet but not if i dance around a pole on stage.... such a hypocrite.
I am not whoring myself out. People come, i dance they watch i earn money.
There is no touching.
Billy and Chad make sure of that.
I inhale deeply as i near the club. Tonight i am going to dance and nobody stops me.
Outift check, make up on freaking point, dance moves hell yeah!
I go downstairs as the time ticks closer for my show. Waitibg behind the curtains i watch Michelle finish her dance. She is so graceful.
I hear my name being called and i prance on the stage. Maybe it is my anger and frustration against the situation but i am slaying it tonight.
Wrapping it up and moving back in an hour i have another show.
I just got my rum and coke when i hear the commotion in the sitting area. I hear screams of my colleagues and the voice of Billy telling people to get the fuck out.
The other dancers in the back hide away which i get that is smart.
But i am never smart when it comes to these things. I dance on the stage grab Lisa and guide her to the back.
In a quick glance i see a few men with guns against Billy Chad and the owner of the club
Yeah this is going badly.
I know they are trying to talk them down. But the leader of the gang is clearly nervous. He is not going to calm down.
The one on his right has a twitchy trigger finger. So he is going to shoot first. The rest is clealry so ampt up that the rest will flllow after the first shot.
People are smart enough to hide and leave.
I'll guide the rest out. Going to the back i disable the door alarm and let people leave silently and quickly.
Seeing a tank of gas i grin. Well guess my boss can claim some insurance.
I drag the gastank in the right position. Make sure a few curling irons are on. I turn open the tank and disable the valve.
Moving back to the front i yell in panic.
"Fire Fire!!!" The guns lowered or aimed at me. Perfect i jump away behind the curtains and make myself as small as possible.
Oh shit that fire spreads quicker then i thought. Move move move.
I run out due to the poor fire regulated standards of the climb it burns down like a cinder.
There we are in front of the club. Chad Billy and i with each a bottle in hand.
"Guess we have to find a new job now."
My motorcycle isn't hit by debris. So i just step on it. And in my dancers clothing go back home.
Oh dad is going to love that!