Alvah expelled, arrested and mad.

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Alvah is 12 and gets in trouble in primary school[edit]

"Miss Chambers, to the principals office, miss Chambers to the principals office."
All eyes are on me again ugh I hate it. The teacher looks at me with a scowl and gestures to the door.
Well at least I get to skip geography. So boring.
Grabbing my bag I quietly leave the classroom. I hear snickers from some classmates and glare at them.
But they are not impressed and only laugh harder. I will not let that get to me.
The hallway is nice and quiet I consider walking by my locker to drop my bag off but decide to just go straight to the principal. Don't want her pissed off again. She can be so mean.
As I enter the principals office I notice more people and a certain tension in the air. Shit the police. I consider leaving looking around for a way out.
Mrs. Devons says I should sit down till I am called in.
Two policemen look at me. One is a bully. I can see it in his face the way he looks the constant scowl on his face. Disgusted with the world and only he can better it.
It is actually a form of cynicism.
Yeah I recently stole a book from my school shrink. I wonder does dad know they have me talking with one. So far he did not have to sign anything. But then again he is a lot away recently. He says there are some big troubles abroad that he needs to help sorting. I don't mind usually he comes back with wild stories and presents.
I hear my name being called in an irritated and inpatient tone. Guess this is not the first time she calls me in.
Considering leaving the scowl-faced policeman grabs me by the arm and drags me in.
I just stare at him hissing between my teeth
"Let me go, or I'll bite your hand off"
The policeman laughs and pushes me in the office.
A box with things stand on the desk of the principal she looks at me with disgust. I look about and see my father not here so I cross my arms over each other. They can't do shit without my father present.
Miss Chambers, you are expelled from school and charges are pressed against you in multiple counts of theft. Since your father is not reachable at the moment you will be taken in custody by the police. They will sort things further out.
I can only stand there and stare at the woman. Does she know that the mole on her face has hairs coming out of it. She can easily have that fixed.
Shaking my mesmerized stare
"Hm what oh sure. But I will wait at home for my father. According to the law you can not easily take me in without his knowledge. He is out of country at the moment."
Scowl face cop leans down hovering his face over me. Probably trying to be intimidating. He dares open his mouth
"Oh what is that, you think you got the smarts. By the looks of you, you come from a weak incestuous family." He gestures to my face, I so want to bite his fingers off
"See ma'am those eyes. That happens to dogs and cats when there is to much inbreeding. It is not strange that she is a young criminal she probably doesn't know better. You see her father and mother are probably also brother and sister..... "
I know he continues, I hear some babbling in the back off my head, but I see red. That is it no one talks shit about my parents.
I jump up, grab scowl face by his upper arm and swing my legs up. Coiling them around his neck I keep a constant pressure swinging my bag from my shoulder I hit the other cop in the face with it.
Scowl face tries to pull me off of him so I start pushing my fingers in his eyes. Hooking my fingers in his eye sockets.
The principal starts screaming a high pitched annoying scream. Scowl face starts banging himself against the wall causing me to lose my grip slightly. When I feel there is to much freedom I let go and let myself drop on the floor and roll through. Towards the door. If I am lucky I can make a run for it.
Finish the roll and.... fuuuuuuu my whole body contracts spazzing on the ground.
A kick in my ribs and I cough. Turning I see scowl face grab the taser from his colleague and press again.
Trying to speak but it all kind of fades to black.
Bright light above me. I feel I lay in a bed. A cheap mattress with those plastic covers.
Wondering what a sound is, I realize that it is me groaning.
Supporting my head with my hand I stand up and look around. There is a steel door with bars in front of the window. And a small window on the opposite side also barred.
Great I am in prison.
I stand up test my legs then I notice my right arm is cuffed to the frame of my bed.
I let out a scream of frustration.
No one... I was in the room alone for quite some time. Eventually I hear keys jingle and fiddle in the lock. A broader man enters in a light blue outfit. Well that is a weird guard uniform.
No Alvah, you ass think he is an orderly. You are not in prison. Fuck they found a way around.
Mandatory out of house placement due to mental breakdown. I will be here till dad is home.
Shit shit "SHIT" I exclaim. The orderly raises an eyebrow and nods.
"Ah good you are awake and realize where you are. I am here to go over the rules with you. Behave and show you can work with us then you get more freedom. Due to your high aggressive nature you are confined in your room and will only receive individual therapy."
He keeps on talking even if I try to interrupt.
"Yes it is mandatory and if you are sick we will give you a bucket.
I will remove the cuffs as the police want them back but know we have our own restraining methods. Medication is none negotiable you take them and perhaps in a week you may have some air outside."
He moves closer to remove the cuffs. Things go through my head to just break his nose and run. But perhaps if I want to get out faster I have to sit and wait till dad is here. I let him remove the cuffs and sit up straight.
He hands me a cup with pills and a cup of water. Folding his arms over each other hr nods. "Won't leave till you take them."
Reluctantly I swallow the pills chase it with the water and show my tongue. The orderly nods.
"Good get changed" I look at him
"Alright leave."
The orderly points to a stack of white clothing and slippers.
"Change now. I need to see what you smuggle with."
I don't know maybe I do belong here but something in my head just snapped. Before I knew it, I was watching myself hanging from the mans neck biting his ear. I did taste the metallic taste of blood and I feel his raised pulse as my fingers grab his neck tighter and tighter.
I also feel a certain serenity. Hm that is weird must be the meds.
So I am strangling this man with such tranquility. Such poetry.
I hear to late then alarm is blaring and when looking up there are near 10 people in the room. Dragging me off the orderly. Kicking and screaming they jab me with a needle. And slowly I feel my anger fade. And my vision fades and hmmm sleepy.
Waking up in isolation. I try and wipe the now crusty drool from my face but my arms still won't cooperate. I make a daring attempt to sit up but I flop on the ground with the least bit of grace. Fuck it I'll be here.
Don't know how much time passed. Not that it matters when you are so drugged up time is fast and slow at the same time. The door opens. Two orderlies grab me each by an arm and drag me with them ooooh that is why I can't move my arms. I now notice they restrained me.
Somehow I start laughing apparently my drugged up me has humor.
Alvah mad.jpg
I am dragged in a room sat upon a chair and from the other room two people enter one is frantically trying to convince the other of keeping me here.
The other is Ryba!
I am saved.
He looks at me then turns to the orderly "why is she still restrained? And what drugs have you given her? " the orderly looks at the other man who hesitantly nods
"Remove her restraints if you please. And sir she has had some anti-psychotics, antidepressants and a heavy tranquilizer since a lower dose didn't work on her."
The orderly carefully removes my restraints and steps back right away. Keeping a sharp eye on me.
Hah what does he think I am going to do I am high as a kite.... oh kite flying that sounds like fun.
Noooo focus.
I can't follow the conversation but at a point I see Ryba signal me over. I stumble towards him and give him a hug
"You are my bestest friend. You are my superman!"
Now and then I blink out must be the meds. One moment I am next to Ryba, then I'm in a car. In a soft bed. Is that Ryba to who is he talking?
Yeah night night.