Alvah feels butterflies

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I am not the best at gambling, i am not the best at cards. But i am a masterful cheater. My slight problem is actually very useful here. As long as i can control it. But that is why Ryba send me here.
I quietly move along the tables, and you know i don't always dress up but dang do i look good and feel pretty.
And i am being noticed.
But that is part of the exercise.
I didn't notice at first that i stopped but i did. I am just staring at a man who looks so damn handsome and seems so charismatic.
I break my stare and try hide my blushing.
Quickly moving along the tables. I have an objective and i better get it done.
A bit later i stand near a table talking bullshit to some greasy selfinflated ass. Batting my eyelashes, which are damn heavy by the way. Who thought fake lashes are a thing.
All the while i feel my hand glide in his jacket pocket.
Hah found it , now a sly smile a sway of the hip a swish of the hair and walk away.
Wait is mister handsome looking at me. How long. Would he know. Have to get out his sight.
With the grace of a ballerina that my father wished i was. I move along the tables try and get out of sight of those beautiful eyes.
By now it is becomming a game. He knows i am up to something. I move take what i need and he follows. I am at the last table now. When my fingers get in touch with what i need i quickly move away. I want to look at mister handsome but i can't find him. Ah perhaps he got tired of it.
As quickly and unnoticeable as i can i move to the emergency exit.
I freeze there he is. Leaning against the wall with a arrogant smile on his face.
I lift up my chin and walk past him.
"Well done, i won't rat you out. But i just had to stop you and ask who you are. "
With one shoulder i shrug "i am but a whisper. You won't see me again."
I walk on look back and can't help but smile. Damnit Alvah stop it you are flirting on the job. Move your well dressed ass out of the door.
Quickly i step on a motorcycle and race off. I did not use my own for this job.
In the rearview mirror i see that freaking handsome, drown in your eyes, sweet voiced man.
Ugh focus Alvah do the drop off and go home.
A week later another job. I'm infiltrated as a waitress. Damn i should tip these people more when i go out. The bullshit i already had to deal with and i am only on half my shift.
I get called over as someone new is seated at a table in my zone. Without looking at the customer i fold the menu grab the utensils and lay everything on the table in front of them.
"Well hello again."
I look up surprised and i think people might have thought i had a stroke or something but i kept staring.
Brushing the hair behind my eat i scrape my throat.
"Oh yes hello, welcome at Dannies, i am Alice and i'll be your waitress today. Do you want something to drink?"
Stop staring Alvah for the love of anything important. Stop staring.
I break my gaze and stare at my notepad to take his order. Keeping my head down i nod and walk off.
"I'll bring it right over."
That day was hard. It was so difficult to focus. I did manage though and also something else. I got a businesscard from his pocket. Had to know his name. Well i got two businesscards. You usually carry more of yourself and one of another. Just to make sure that is his.
Merrill Hendriks. Sounds european. Okey next time i'll talk to him.
Not even a week this time i encountered him again. And i can say that the job just took a little bit longer. But some tension had to be released.
It became again a game. We barely talked. Just traded glances he was usually where i was at jobs. Not all just once a week or so.
And at a point we stopped meeting at a job.
Without knowing alot about eachother we just had a click.
A year. We were together a year. Well together is a big word we saw eachother once or twice a week. Had fun and had freaking good sex and usually i left first.
I am sure dad would be all protective about this. Do a backgroundcheck and such.
I just want to have fun and enjoy the butterflies.
After a year. He did not show up. He was nowhere to be found. Even his name was nowhere on file or registered.
He is gone. And i hate myself for letting someone get so close.
Now where is that icecream!