Alvah fights in school

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About 8 years old and already getting in trouble[edit]

"Oh my gaaawwdd you are such a freak. No wonder you have no friends. "
The other children chime in again
"Freak freak freak!!!"
They only do that cause Eliza is popular. And she can have sleepovers every weekend.
Maybe i should just walk away. Go outside skip lunch. Dad seems always so worried and disappointed when i get angry.
Picking up my tray i want to put it in the cleaning rack, but my attention was somewhere else. Petra hooked her foot in mine and i fall flat on the ground. My favorite shirt covered in tomatosauce.
The laughing is so loud. I hate it here.
I hate these people. I hate being different.
I'll first go to the bathroom to clean up before going outside. I'll wait there till class starts.
It seems like ages before the bell rang but first class after lunch is calling so moving back inside.
The teacher is talking down the hallway with another teacher. So door is still locked the others are laughing again.
I feel they are up to something you can just feel that tension in the air.
But what?
There it is Will is grabbing me by my arms to hold me back and Suzie is comming closer with.... are those scissors?
Will might be one of the bigger kids in my class but he is still no match for me. With the right twist and moving of my weight i free my arms.
Throwing my elbow upwards against his face. Suzie is fast she is already near me with the scissors. I reach out. She cuts my arm but i have her ponytails. So i am in control now.
I throw her own the floor.
Always when i get angry it happens that my vision gets weird. Darker but sharper. Less colors but so focused.
I jump up ready to pounce Suzie bjt i feel two strong arms around my waist pulling me against them.
I kick and scream. Flail my arms about. It is Jobe the janitor. He holds me thight so i won't escape he carries me away a bit to calm me down.
I am in trouble again.
It takes ages, dad is in the principals office talking about what happened. I have to wait here. I can't even say what happened.
No Will and Suzie were the ones crying. Well i have a deep cut in my arm.
The talk is done. The tone in there was serious, but dad sounded angry. Not screaming angry just angry.
I keep my head down as he comes out. He holds his hand down to me to grab.
"Come Alvah, we are going home."
Careful i grab his hand and slide of the chair.
"Are you mad at me dad?"
I try not to sound scared or sad. But it is hard. Emotions are hard.
"No, Alvah, i am not mad at you nor disappointed."
He squeezes my hand a bit. He sounds so worried.
"I am sorry dad. Didn't mean to fight."
Dad stops and looks down.
"Maybe we should find something else to do with that energy of yours."
I pull my hand loose and shake my head.
"No! I don't want to stop dancing i like dancing. Dancing is enough i'll dance more, don't take me off dancing!"
Dad looks confused but a slight smile appears
"I never said taking you off dancing, you are going to follow extra classes. I think a martial arts would give you more discipline."
A sigh of relief. I grab his jand again. And happily walk along dad.
"Thank you dad."