Alvah finds a note Me first, king Random

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Arriving in the Castle Amber the guards, alert at the worst of times, move to ready weapons at the arrival.
An Elite walks out, "Hello, M'Ladies. Can we be of service?" (I assume she brought Dwynwen)
Seeing she isn't bleeding, being chased through the trump by werewolves or mongols. he seems fairly relaxed.
"Can we send messages to anyone?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds her hand in greeting and smiles
"Goodday, oh we are fine thank you. No messages are needed. But thank you. Just going to where we need to go."
Alvah smiles friendly and nods to Dwy. "I have to go to my room for a bit. Do things. Alright?"
Michael James Watson
She nods, gripping the braid and stepping out of the view of the guards..
"I can't thank you enough. I've been a prisoner my whole life. With Haglata at his stair where... I raised his child.. Then here, for my own protection i'm told, by King Random"
She gently urges Alvah's hand to her braid, as if speaking holding them is a custom.
"Now, I have ridden a Modorcycle across a continent. Saw Base game. Ate amazing foods. Hard wonderful conversations with you.. and.. ah.. enjoyed being with2 different men.. that makes in my whole life.. It was such a wonderful trip. If you get in trouble.. blame me"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets her hand be guiided to Dwynwen her braid and grips it she nods.
"Dwynwen we are friends and this was a little thing i could do for you. You are very welcome and we will have fun again. Lets make it a thing you and i on a fun vacation now and then."
She winks to Dwy
"And if it is more men you are after don't worry we can add that to the fun."
She then waves her free hand
"I don't see why i would get in trouble. And if I do i'll own up to it. "
She winks to Dwynwen.
"But my friend i have to get some things done now. We will speak soon. "

Michael James Watson
She nods, smiling, looking for her course.
Turning she says, "men..Klingon's are a lot like Adask...."
She walk off nodding to guards,awaiting her watchers and her abandon Elites scolding.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks after her friend as she walks away and then raises Cicero to her shoulder. Looking at him she grins
"when she said two men i already had a suspicion, but good for her, you know, she deserves some fun and relaxation. "
After Dwy is out of sight Alvah starts moving herself towards her room she tries to look preoccupied so she won't be interrupted. Repeating her to do list to herself in thoughts.
Contact Ryba, or Fisk. tell him I'm in Amber.
Get ready to go to the club of Thin Whip.. hoping Uta is there.
Talk to Hagalta, but for that i probably need to take him out to have some food.
See if Vek is willing to help out. if i can find him.
And dodge as many questions about this as i can since i do not know what they know and should not or should know. and can't let them know i know.
It is a real knowhow.

Michael James Watson
Arriving at her door she finds a business card. Blank on one side, turning it she sees a unicorn and the words "Me First, King Random of Amber."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the card and groans. She looks around seeing if there is a servant who might tell her what is protocol to talk to the king.

Michael James Watson
After a few moments a maid walking by with an arm full of folded laundry says to present the card to the Herald on duty in the court hall. She smiles with an implied apology before walking on.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods thanks the maid. She conciders changing clothing but she figures that this would be fine, nothing wrong with the black leather pants she wore on the bike and the thight purple shirt under her awesome jacket if it works on a bike it works anywhwere.
Alvah moves herself to the court hall with the card in hand she looks for the Herald and shows the little card.

Michael James Watson
She sees court is in session. Not a fancy dress court but a working one. Random is on the low dais as people around him talk. among the hundreds of people are little group. every so often one of the groups moves up. They have a few moments then move off. Around the room are courtiers from nearly every golden circle world and many others, loitering even if they don't have business. Socializing. Tables and chairs around the edge of the room are stacked with papers, or with trays of food. Among them are people playing Chess, Go, or other games she is not familiar with. Among the various heralds helping with the day's business there are maids serving drinks and snacks.. The room has the feel of a daily occurrence.
While no one exactly stares she senses that at one point or another most people in the room at least take a look over at her. Seizing up the new person in the deck.
When she catches his eye he nods, makes the thieves' Kant motion Ryba taught her meaning wait a moment.
A couple minutes go by when a loud banging is followed by quickly spreading quiet, She sees a herald at her arm suddenly enough that she thinks magic must have been involved or she would have noticed.
He says, "m'Lady, I am Allen Dormin, the Crown Herald. I will be announcing you.. You hold no rank or title in Amber. Do you have a title of your homeland? Doctor, Mistress, Dalnir? Dame? I have your name in your realm as Alvah Chambers? Miss, Mrs, Maz, Malat? You official name in Amber is Alvah of Amber but your father Prince Delwin often uses Talgwir instead of Amber. My default, and suggestion is Alvah of Amber but i will use almost any name you choose.. and please, softly, pronounce your name exactly as you would have it announced. The court knows i am a mimic so speak clearly.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah breaths in deeply when she sees the many people in the court. She tries to slip off to a silent corner not wanting to get to noticed to much. Also for the protection of other their belongings. As she doesn't want to piss Random off right away.
But when she feels the eyes upon her she just closes her eyes breaths in and pretends it is all a big performance. A grand ballet.
She silently waits after Random signaled her although the idea of just turning around and coming back later is very very appealing to her. Especially after she hears the herald speak to her to be announced. Hearing all the options she just shrugs and whispers “Alvah of Amber”
Looking slightly awkward with the silence in the court and the guy next to her.

Michael James Watson
He whispers, "Good girl. If you had tried sneaking away at this moment it would have been to talk of the Golden Circle that the Daughter of Delwin had fled court. We will talk later, and many times over the years as your fortunes rise and fall.. Your elite just arrived and will escort you when your name is called."
A few moments go by and she hears, "Hearyee all. Prince Delwin of Amber, King of Talgwir comes before the King."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah does a half smile, hearing that she does a slight nod of understanding.
Waiting for the elite she then snaps her head around as she hears her fathers name being called. She looks at her father with a raised eyebrow.

Michael James Watson
Spatchi comes up, clean and fitted out in a tight doublet in green and white, a unicorn in white on her chest. A chainmail mantle on her shoulders and clamshell greaves on her calves over thin but sturdy boots. She wears a rapier on her side and a utilitarian looking knife on the other. She has not been shown it specifically but she notes the knife or its likeness on all the castle guards, all of whom are Elites, as well as every person who has served in the elities.
Spatchi looks you over..
"Vance said the bowie knife becomes a rapier..Will it to be so.. You need to be seen bearing a blade in court or as sure as Random exiles people who play client poker with him, you will find yourself a lady in waiting to a princess and forced into a life of needlepoint and flower arranging? Do you want that?"
Thats the Elite's Blade. Symbol of a graduate of Rasak-Called the Nasty Place.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Spatchi looking appreciative over her. Hearing about the knife she nods and focusses on the blade she got from her brother willing it to a rapier. One she could handle and had training in.
When done she nods to Spatchi
She softly speaks "thank you for the heads up. And no do not need that kind of 'action' in my life. And can i say you look nice. "
If there is room she softly adds
"So what is expected of me now?"

Michael James Watson
"Well, Did you bring a chicken for his table?"
Waiting a moment she says"not much. Courtsy or bow. A little chit chat..however...I only know your father by reputation. His term as spymaster for Amber was brief but draconian and an. Its studied at Rasak."
The young herald steps up to the king.
Spacious says "That's Duke Allen Dormin. Amber's chief herald for nearly 2000 years. Was an elite too. He look is like a teenager but he is ancient."
Delwin approaches the dias, leans in and speaks quietly, a hand over his mouth to deter lip readers.
Dormin bangs his staff.
"Alvah of Amber."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods as she listens to Spatchi. "Wait my fathers ways are studied? "
Seeing her father speak to the king Alvah looks slightly suspicious but remains as neutral in stance as she can manage, keeping thoughtfully her hands to herself.
Hearing her name being called she looks to Spatchi.
"Guess that is me.." alvah waits for being escorted as it was told to her by Duke Allen Dormin.

Michael James Watson
"YEs, his tenure as spymaster was epic and unexpected. from the 10th to 20th years of Random's reign. Caine went into shadow for an extended time to tend to the spynet while Delwin managed things here.. There were some very interesting....ah, yes.,. thats us."
Spatchi assumes a position behind her, so all know her role as Protective Elite.
She sees Delwin up front in fine Amber formal wear, doublet in blue with yellow stripes, an ermine coat. It is entirely unlike him she thinks. He holds a mithril old fashioned key suspended from a gold chain around his neck.
Suddenly she sees him presenting himself like a Prince of Amber, strong and powerful as she had never seen before. He was always respected, even deferred to as an expert in things.. And rich of course, but this is something else, This is a fairy tale king.
"Dread Monarch, my Brother, I introduce my daughter, Alvah of Amber by blood. Princess of Talgwir by right of birth. Baroness of Tandolin."
Random rises, inclines his head. "Well met, your highness, welcome to Amber, and to the House Bariman:
From the side she sees Arloxedra in fine court wear in blue navy blue and pale blue. a roman blade at his side.
In a side place in chairs on a lower dias is a woman with dark hair and a pale face. Her eyes radiate power and a sense of malice.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah inhales deeply and then takes steady steps towards king Random seeing her father in a whole new way now she gives him a slight smile be it a microexpression but he would probably see.
Standing where she should she bows as she has seen others do in her own graceful way. Making sure her rapier isn't in the way.
"Thank you, your majesty. For the kind welcome." She rises and with a calculated look she looks at the people within her sight keeping ofcourse her mainattention to the king.
She waits for the king to hopefully dismiss her cause she already decided this is not something she does for pleasure.

Michael James Watson
Random leans back in the throne, smiling.
"Its always pleasant to great my kin. I have spoken at length, recently, concerning you. I confirm you a Lady of Amber, with the rights and duties implied. Consult with the heralds for unique arms and to register your colors. Don't let he Heralds scare you. They work for me."
Delwin steps in, "As your majesty knows my daughter will be attending Fantalin and I request she be enrolled with the group we discussed. "
Random nods, "Yes, I agree. Lady Alvah, come to dinner with me tonight. The queen will be present, as will a few of the people who will constitute the Royal Class this term attending the University of Thelusia and Fantalin. I am sure we will have fascinating dinner conversations.. You may bring a guest, though your Elite will be there on duty. Sir Sancha, its a pleasure to see you as well. You do the service proud. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah has to clearly contain her sarcasm or sassy reply she swallows at the feeling of a theatre show being performed.
Alvah bows her head respectfully.
"Thank you, your majesty i gladly accept said duties and rights. "
Seeing her father step up and make a statement about her education and role a slight scowl appears on her face towards her father.
The returning her attention to the king she again smiles playing right along.
"Thank you for the invitation, i gratefully accept. And yes i am sure we will have such wonderful conversations."
At the end her attention span and concern for theatrics kind of leave her voice and a sarcastic hint flows through though she tries to keep the smile up.
Finally breathing a bit more freely as the attention is turned to Spatchi.

Michael James Watson
As she steps away to escape the court She finds herself face to face with Maylon Hendrake. The press of the crowd not bad and people tend to move away from Maylon anyway. Her eyes glow a neon black. A snake curls up her arm looking from her elbow to eye Cicero with a snakish malice.
"Lady Alvah, I am Duchess Maylon Hendrake, Ambassador to Amber from the Courts of Chaos. The Courts congratulate you in your recognition in Court. Personally, I great you as my cousin. As such, should you wish to see the land that born the blood that flows in both our veins, the invitation is cordially extended. My card is in the deck."
Arlo walks into the circle that the court attenders gave Maylon and Alvah. "Formalities concluded, May?"
She scowls at Arlo, "Not quiet bookworm. As seems you manner, of lack of manners, you intrude when only my part has been given. "
Turning to Alvah, "I hope you will feel free to sit my table if you see me at Sea View.. Don't let these people, "she waves her hand somewhat dismissively, "Cloud your own perceptions. What say you, Lady Alvah?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah was plotting her steps as she is spoken to she keeps her manners and bows respectfully her head.
"Pleasure to meet you, Duchess. And thank you for the congratulations. But i surely do not know of what you speak. But perhaps we can indeed talk together at a point enjoying a beverage at the sea view gardens. "
An eyebrow raises as the Duchess speaks so dismissively of those people whom are her family.
"Always willing to talk when we see eachother again, Dutchess. But if you would please excuse me. I have to gather a more fitting attire for dinner."
Respectfully she bows her head again.

Michael James Watson
She inclines her head and walks regally away, people adjusting themselves, apparently unaware of it, to leave a wide path for Maylon
Arlo, not having recieved a good bye from Maylon says, "They had Sepil her for 60 years and he served Chaos well, Then they send her to replace him. I hear you had a little adventure?"
As they talk he leads her out and clear of the court, the conversation's intense appearance making people look away as they pass.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks for a moment after the Duchess as she leaves wondering if she did it right or wrong. but that moment is really only brief. Seeing Arlo she inclines her head
"Oh yes i had a lot of fun. being away with my brother. Learned a great deal. While i was there."
Alvah keeps her smile up. trying to focus on the good times they had and not the reason why Dwy and she fled to the other shadow.
She follows Arlo happy to be out of the court.

Michael James Watson
At the edge she hears a pounding staff that draws attention.
"Hearyee! Come to the Court of Amber, Lady Skadi Dasheldottier of Mandalay! Escorted by the Bonewarrior Lord Vek Hendrake. Come hither and speak true to the king"
Arlo turns and looks. "Yes.. Skadi of Mandalay.. and Vek escorting her, very interesting..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns and nods
"ah so there is Lord Vek, kind of needed to ask him something. But if he is busy it can ofcourse wait. "
Alvah looks at Arlo
"so uhm what was that all about with the Duchess? i think i danced around the invitation enough to no have pinned me down. But jeesh. "

Michael James Watson
"She is a monster in fine attire.. Not exactly unusal at either end of Shadow, but here she delights in causing petty conflicts.. She has done good service to Amber before so she is officially welcome. Early in Random's riegn she was the Ambassador then too. She gifted random with the Heirs and Spares papers that listed all 47 of Oberon's children and many of your cousins. It was that which inspired his Call to the Kin. She was caught cheating at cards with Random and was ejected, Ambassador or not. She was just recently reinstated, replacing Despil Sawall"

Amber Bronkhorst
"i see well whatever she has to say i'm sure to take it with a shipload of salt. She did come on a bit dramatic with the whole blood thing.
But I can make usually my own opinion.
So what did my dad mean with enroll in a certain group? do you know about that, since you seem to know alot."
Alvah grins at Arlo.
"and guess i have to get something more formal for dinner. At least something better then biker leathers."
Alvah laughs a bit awkwardly... "ugh formal shit"

Michael James Watson
"Biker leathers might be a nice change of pace but they would not be a new thing. Martin went through a phase, so did Vance and Doria..and me..Random's reign has been a creative one. Little shocks us"
"As for the group..yes.. I suspected it. You, Dwynwen, Sadashi, and a coule of young nobles will go to Fantalin as a group. Lodgings, advisors, etc."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs "ah yes ofcourse. well i wasn't trying to shock anyone really, was really just stating tha ti think it is nice if i get something better to wear. "
She then lets out a sigh of relief "oooh yes ofcourse. i was afraid dad was again going to force me in some ways that i would rather have discussed first. After we both walked the pattern and went to Vance we haven't talked again. and i kind of wonder how he and i are now. " Alvah rubs the back of her neck
"cause well i did kind of ran away but yeah you must have heard that. "

Michael James Watson
Arlo nods, "I have heard that. Delwin and I spoke. I may have misspoke. If i did, then its between Delwin and I. He arranged the Fantalin group. Random approved it. Dwynwen will be safe in Fantalin. Xorax and people would never attack her where they may have to face Aries Colbresi. The nobles in question are young, 20s, which for an Amberite is very young. One is Rhian Motius, of the House Motius. They are cloth merchants. They have a number of places in the golden circle worlds that produce fine fabrics. Another is Karlam Klatch, a royal of the Kingdom of Diaga. The last is Sala Markosi. He is a Dreanan but thankfully a blue. Sadashi is the daughters of Julian and Nina. She was sent to Amber to stay away the coming war. If Random can swing it, the group might include Tesara, a daughter of Mirelle. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Arlo with a raised eyebrow
"wow ship of the young ones to school huh."
Alvah laughs but it is a slight bitter laugh
"eeeh well i promised and i do always keep my promises. For a promise is a prison, and one should not make themselves another's jailer. Heard that from a romulan.. it makes sense."
Looking up at Arlo "thank you for saving me back there. is it okey if i just go up to my room? and when is dinner usually? and is that tonight cause i had shit to do." Alvah already kind of moves away. Cause standing still is not her best skill.

Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "Its tonight. I'll be there.. But its late. 10ish.. do what you need. its 2 hours before noon. Wars in shadow with be waged and won in that time."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide
"great thank you! " Alvah then moves as silently as she can to her room. in a silent alcove she stops. makes sure her pockets are empty of things she might have taken from tables and such. Hoping people will consider it misplaced. Even though they are all in the same space.
Before she enters her room she checks if there is a note again. if not she enters. to get ready for her big move around town.

Michael James Watson
No note. The room is untouched from her last time here as per her directions.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets Cicero slither for a bit. she figures the more she can arrange now the better. Cause she has the feeling that school thing might start soon.
After she puts on new clothing which still consists of a pair of leather pants and a blouse and ofcourse her jacket which she makes more fitting for the occasion.
She then writes a small note for Lord Vek,
"Lord Vek,
We have only met briefly in the library with Arloxedra and Dwynwen.
I was wondering if we could have a talk soon, it came to my attention you are looking for something as am i and they might be in teh same spot.
Kind regards,
SHe asks a staffmember if they could please deliver that to Lord Vek but don't make it look urgent cause it is not.
Alvah then stands on her balcony let Cicero slither in her jacket again and plots a route down. She is planning on doing this daily now. figuring a way in and out of her room without having to encounter people. and it is a good physical trianing.
Before she goes, she finds the trump of Ryba. or Fisk... she just needs to let him know.

Michael James Watson
Attempting the trump she feels something sluggish, compared to the few other trumps she has used. Her psyche feels like its being scratched but not ripped. The feel implies the contact is sourcing the call. A tickling feels like it might be gauging an attack. Then it stops completely.
A young man with bright white hair smiles over the Trump. He looks like Ryba but 60 years at least younger.
"Alvah! And in Amber and using trumps no less. You've walked the pattern!? Well, your in the tall grass now t'surein....What has Delwin done now?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide and bright seeing Ryba.
"Ryba, or well Fisk right?
Yes walked it. Well not that tall i seem to still oversee it.
Dad, well..."
Alvah her face goes from anger to sad to contemplating then bCk to a smile.
"He is here i think still playing court downstairs. But dad told me a bit more. About my mother and such.....oooh i have met Vance. So uhm where are you? And how are you? And wow you look young. Why not this young as my teacher." She grins
"Would have listened better." She says with a wink

Michael James Watson
"If i had not looked the age i was i'd have broken your heart and probably your cherry. It was safer this way. Vance? The Space Cowboy.. I know his reputation. From the word on the street he is too righteous for my taste. Of course i don't need to taste him. He is as capable of bloodthirstiness as any over us. At least i admit it. When you see Del tell him i'll be at Thin Whip's for the next few days then i have business in Diaga"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Ah well you are probably right."
Hearing Thin Whips Alvah grins.
" oh how about that. That was going to be my next stop. "
Alvah then quickly scowls
"Oh i don't know when i'll see dad. And you must have his trump. Tell him yourself. "
Alvah huffs a bresth out

Michael James Watson
"I don't own a set of trumps. Random and I aren't that close. What do you mmean, you're next stop?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"You don't oh... "
She then smiles wide.
"Oh i got a job to do and have to gather some intel before striking ofcourse. "
Alvah smiles
"That hasn't changed. But someone should be there that would have more info for me."

Michael James Watson
"At Thin Whips? What can you learn there?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit suspicious.
"Someone could be there. Look i... "
Alvah then stops realizing Fisk and her father are close.
"Just someone. Nothing to worry about. But it is at least great to see you again! Been a crazy bunch of days and a friendly face is then always welcome."
Alvah then smiles
"If i see dad i'll let him know where you are. And will be. "

Michael James Watson
He frowns, a look she is familiar with.
"You always got in the most trouble when you tried doing things without planning. I suppose its a good thing you are planning..Be careful there. Thin Whip is not to be trusted. And that's coming from me. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs with a defiant look.
"Well enough seem to have their plans made out about me so guess it is time to make my own. "
She then has a slight look of regret on her face.
" it is just. You and dad are close and dad won't approve. It is clear he still tries to pull all the strings in my life, even after such lies and hiding important stuff."
Alvah gains that defiant look on her face that he might know.
"And i won't be there for him but someone else. "
Alvah then looks up
"Do you need a trumpdeck i can see if i can get one here? "

Michael James Watson
"I'd take one as long as I don't have to thank Random or Arlo."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins.
"I am sure i can get one out of the library, most are busy now with court still. I left early a woman kind of freaked me out. Let me see if i can steal one. Or borrow. Whatever and i'll get back to you. "

Michael James Watson
Fisk says, "Do the simple thing. Ask for a spare. I hear most have a deck or three. Play smart. I am out of those circles.. I can't bail you out of the principal's office in Amber"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Alright will do. And i will see you at Thin Whips then. "
Alvah then has a wry smile on her face.
"Ryba, i already know that i will end up in prison here eventually. The way people talk they expect me to fuck up, sooo better have fun while it lasts."
The last she says with a wide grin.
"Will see or contact you soon. "

Michael James Watson
He says, "I am not known as Ryba here. Lets call a stone a stone. I am Fisk ,Son of Osric."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Yeah you are right. Old habits die hard. For me you are also still my superhero."
Alvah laughs
"So i will see if i can get you a deck. And see you at Thin Whips. Or i'll contact you. "
She holds up her hand in goodbye and closes contact.
Alvah then looks at Cicero.
"Alright my friend. Lets limit our trust circle to us two for now. So extra trump deck.
Go to thin whip's see if i can find the woman Vance talked about. And how bad can it be if my own brother sends me there. He was the one all full of warning an caution about on which side i am.
So we have that. Next step after talking there i have to ask permission to take Hagalta out and talk to him. Don't know if i can manage that today but we'll see. I have the feeling i shouldn't skip the dinner invitation. "
Alvah nods and snuggles her nose against Cicero.
With a sadder look she then says.
"I feel so pressured from all sides. First i thought this was great, fun and all the power. Now i just have the feeling that all my decisions are going to be watched over with a magnifying glass. If not by my father the by ling Random or anyone close to him. Also this thing with chaos has me slightly worried. Why want to manipulate me what is the gain that this Maylon would have. "
Alvah waves her hand.
"First stel first, right. Just like a dance. Even this pulling strings is a dance. "

Michael James Watson
As much as she longs to see Thin Ship's place, she thinks it may have to wait till after dinner. So Maybe resting till dinner is smart.