Alvah gets burned.

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Alvah is 18 years old and earning her own.[edit]

So in my line of work i sometimes get a job offer to steal something magical.
Now that is a tricky something. People who own magical items usually know what they have and are not really willing to part with it. Well noone likes to get robbed but wizards sorcerers and other supernatural inclined are a bit more uptight about it.
Just makes it all the more fun to steal it.
So this item resides in a mansion of a local wizard. Not affiliated with the white council as far as i know. If he was i would not have taken the job. Or asked way more in payment.
I have already done my research. I even got some small things ready to get past some protection spells that might be there. I am not a great magic user. My dad is way better, but i can do some small things. I can draw a circle, make myself less visible, keep a small amount of power controlled in hand.
According to the information i got, the current owner of the item is going to be away for a gala tonight. That would be the perfect moment to strike.
I have the layout of the mansion and i know where his magical vault should be.
Well time to go. I know dad is home or well in his library he said he had stuff to do so i won't bother him that i'm going out.
Getting in the mansion was easy enough. For that i need no tricks. Ryba trained me well in being silent and unseen.
Calmly and silent i walk to the room where the vault should be.
I can sende the flow of magic from here. With my fingers searching for the small ripples in the air of magic i map out the circles for myself.
Easy enough. The item i need is near the outside of one of the circles.
With a slight effort of will i push against the circle. Not breaking it just pushing it in a bit.
Almost i have it and then the circle snaps. Like one of those snal bracelets a part of it coils around my wrist.
Oh shit shit shit this is bad.
I feel the power doing something. I just don't know what it is. Quickly i grab the box i needed and make a run for it.
No need to be stealthy now.
Moving out of the mansion the magical snap bracelet starts to send out shooting jolts of pure white hoy pain. I scream. Can't contain myself.
Somehow i manage to get back to the wall of the mansion and the pain stops. Great now i have to redirect the power from the bracelet to do something else. I create a shadow around myself just to make it harder for others to see me.
I step on my motorcycle and dash off. Keeping my focus on my active spell.
Don't know how it happend but the box starts to humm with power. I can't drive and focus on that to.
Fuck i am so in over my head.
I step from my motorcycle and stumble to a deserted parkinggarage.
The pain is seeping through the bracelet since i try to tone down the box. What the hell is in there anyway.
Breaking the seal i open the box and see a Phoenix stone. And now it is out of containment it flares up with a great heat.
I can't even curse the pain i keep guiding away but the heat is getting excruciating. Smelling burned hair. Must be mine.
Stupid stupid. Why did i try. I suck at this. I am not as good as dad.
Dad.... trying to focus through the searing hot pain i use the power from the bracelet to send a message. Well more a scream of pain.
It feels like forever. Can barely breath. I hear footsteps. They are comming faster. More people. Multiple voices.