Alvah gets flirted with

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So it has been a few years since i am back home from service and don't believe what they say. I quit! I did not get fired. Doesn't matter anyway the dishonorable discharge is still a thing.
When i got back i started picking up my old job anyway so that part in my record is not that important.
So jobs come and go. But today today i decided to not work or pick up a job. Today i am going out. Some me time. Some well deserved Alvah time.
I just had my nails done. My face bought the cutest dress i could find and fit.
And some might find it horrible but i do go eat out alone. I love it. Just me my thoughts my humor and less people to annoy me.
I decided for a small bistro somewhere in a more quiet part of town and a quieter street.
The food is great, the wine excellent. So important to enjoy moments.
The only annoying thing is a couple of people a few tables over. They are with 5 of them clearly two couples and an fifth wheel. They kept looking my way and talking clearly about me while.they thought i wasn't looking.
Oh bitches please i am aware of my surroundings. Else i would have been dead long ago.
So after dinner i pay tip the waiter compliment the chef have a little chit chat and move on to a nice danceclub i know.
Not to big and just the right amount of crowded.
I smile seeing Kevin at the door i think he is not only the bouncer i think he lives there.
"Hey Kevin, how are things?"
Kevin replies with his
"Hmm girl. Looking good."
I do a twirl and a curtsy before him. His face cracks in a smile and he lets me in.
Just enjoying my time drinking, dancing and watching. I then see one of the two couples with fifth or well now third wheel come in.
Decide to not give them further attention and enjoy my own time.
The guy then moves closer to my seat with an extra drink in his hands.
He sits down and pushes the drink towards me.
"Seen you sitting there and you seem a bit lonely so figure to join you."
I don't know why but something ticked me off. I slowly turn with probably a manicing smile on my face.
"Oh my dear saviour, saving me from the pleasure i was having of just being on my own damn self. Cause i am not just being able to have fun without a sandbag filled with false self importance and chauvinistic shit at my side. "
I stop only to give him my famous bitch stare down and i continue.
"You know following me from a restaurant to a club can already be concidered stalking givinge the right to just fucking hurt you and yell rape. But don't worry i won't because i am very well capable of fuxking your night up all on my own. Without a big sttong man at my side. How in the hell did you think i would enjoy a questionable drink from a questionable guy who assumes that i am lonely because not in the presense of his glorious self..."
So i stand up and move away... i would look back to see if i made him cry... but that would hurt the message i am sending across.
Outside i grab a cab and go home.
"Had a good night?"
The cab driver asks with little interest. I grin from ear to ear.
"Yeah i killed my own sexlife and mad men cry"
The cab driver just nods with a "good good."
On the way home i realise... i am damaged... why did i do that? I could have at least had a fun night with the guy.but noooo i don't trust people. And after Merrill it is hard. I actually had no relations after him. My god i am a sad and sorry excuse for a woman. Already bitter cynical and sarcastic. Great...