Alvah gets in an accident

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"You already ruined the kitchen already once over this boy, are you sure this is wise. You can be so. Impulsive."

I know dad means well. But he always just says the wrong thing. He always sort of triggers me. But I am sure Russell wants to get back together, I believe him.

Knowing that whatever i say dad is not going to agree with anyway. So i just roll my eyes and walk off.

"I was not finished Alvah!"

Walking out of the front door i slam it shut. Letting the windows rattle.

With my helmet under my arm I drive off. There should be a party on the beach tonight. Russell invited me to see of we could get back together and at least talk things out.

I arrive at the beach park my bike and look around. I hear no music. I see no groups of people. Calmly I walk over to the spot where they usually make the fire and see no-one there.

Yeah I absolutely don't trust this. Something is very off. I walk cautiously back to my bike. And there they are. Russell and two of his goon friends. They are just big buff jocks but i wonder if their brains ever got fully developed.
Usually there is another friend with them.
Taking a step closer in realize that friend would be here somewhere.

A blow on the back of the head. Fuck that hurts!!! I spin around and see Piedro with a baseballbat grinning. I feel a tiny trickle along the back of my neck. And as the blood trickles down my anger rises. Just that furious hot feeling.

4 of them against me. They will go down.
I turn to grab the baseballbat and yank it out of his hands. Immediately using the momentum from yanking to turn it in a full swing.
I hit home and hear something crack within Piedro not waiting to check i turn tk the others. They now have themselves improvised weapons. Jumper cables, tire iron, crowbar.

The fight is short since they are with more they land a couple of hits on me. I know my shoulder is probably broken or has a tear. A concussion, maybe a couple of ribs are cracked.

The four are down. I left them there. They can find help themselves. With tears streaming. Or blood, or both.
I drive off. Maybe a bit to fast maybe a bit to wild but i have to get away...

"Call dad." I say in my helmet. I hear the phone making connection.
However that man can trigger me. I do know he is always there for me.

Tears not stopping. I hear dad pick up.
"Alvah are you alright?"

In between sniffs
"No I am not, you were right dad. That asshole was waiting for me with 3 of his friends. They tried to beat me up. I got all four of them down... dad they really tried seriously wound me."

"Alvah where are you I will pick you up. Stop driving. Wait for me. You sound hurt."

"It's okay I'm almost home. It is calm enough on the road. It's faster when i just drive home. It's not that bad."

I know dad tried to say something else but at that point a sharp pain in my shoulder probably the break shifting due to the road and I lose control over my bike.

I don't know if I said something, screamed or if dad said something. But when i felt body hit the floor it all went blissfully black.

The dreams were intense but I could swear I could hear dad sometimes.

When I woke up I was in my own room. Medical monitors next to me. An IV drip probably antibiotics, fluids some form of sustenance. Don't know how long I've been out.

I look to the side and see dad in a chair. I think he is sleeping. The moment i stir he almost jumps up.

"I am sorry. I should have listened to you."

Delwin nods sadly, "While its always pleasant to hear you say that, this time its not enough. Two of them were dead when I got there. The other two on the way out. I called in a favor that's going to be hell to repay and got the two dead ones resuscitated, and the other two stabilized. By then police had shown up and I had to glamour them to think I was just a beachcomber."

He stands, lighting a cigarette, something he almost never does, but the smoke is funny colors.. I must have head damage still.

"You've been in recovery for 24 hours. There is a warrant for your arrest out there. Jeffery is telling the police that you and some of your thug friends jumped them. The police don't believe him but that's the only story they have. I convinced them I didn't know where you were but that I would bring you in when you came home. There is going to be a legal issue. The legal stuff will settle itself out and I'm not concerned about them too much. I know what happened. They had no idea how well you've been trained to defend yourself and they have no concept how dangerous a sorcerer I am. Frankly they are lucky I didn't feed the four of them to the Old Ones. When we are all at the police station they will tell the truth. They won't be given a choice. "

It will be ok, but he looks different somehow..

"You are too much like your mother. You have no reason to be so angry but anger comes to hand easy for you. I can no longer train you without revealing too much. So you need training that people can accept when you do things like this. And you need discipline I apparently can't give you. You are an adult. When we talk to the police I am going to tell them that you will be joining the Marines. This will calm them down and ease the legal things. It will be a good way for you to learn some discipline. I've already talked to an associate, a marine corps general. You go in 4 days from now. So in the morning we talk to police. Do you understand me?"