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Michael James Watson
"YOu are welcome to stay as long as you like. Oh... you asked earlier, Candle."
He walks over and Vance says, "This is Candle Hyle, my number two around here. He is wearing what we call Candle Casual attire.. He asked and got permission to wear anything he likes unless on specific duty or the circumstance requires. Candle, Show her to Quarters. Cel and I need to make some calls."
Candle says, "This way. Private quarters at this level will keep you out of the general rush of the rest of the place."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and smiles at Vance.
"Thank you. But if it concerns the situation around me please keep me informed.. don't pull a Delwin."
She says while winking to Vance.
She looks to Spatchi. "Do you want to return to Amber or stay here? I leave that to you."
She then follows Candle
"Nice to meet you Candle Hyle, and love the shirt."

Michael James Watson
Spatchi snickers.."I'll stay."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Awesome! "
She turns back to Candle.
"It's okey right? Spatchi and i are used to live together. So we can share quarters."

Michael James Watson
Candle leads the way to guest quarters. Quietly. Getting to them he sets one for Alvah and one for Spatchi.
"If you like the walls between these can be breached for convience. Otherwaise, make yourselves at home. You'll get the hang of the place quickly. It was once a Voss City ship and so the place has starship like décor. If you need anything else, the com is active and I am just around the corner."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Thank you, Candle."
She smiles to Spatchi.
"No walls need to be breached, we are next door of eachother. Right? At least a bit of privacy."
Alvah smiles to Candle and looks in the quarters.
"Looks good. Lots of room. Thank you again. "
Moving into her quarters she does a tombe coupe jete (ballet jump and turn)
Turning she asks.
"Please tell me the shower works normally right? No instruction manual is needed? I think after all this i need a shower."
She looks at her clothing
"hmm perhaps shower with clothing on.. i brough like nothing with me"

Michael James Watson
Candle lets Spatchi enter her quarters before walking to the shower, "Well, there are several settings. There is a sonic shower. 'He steps in, turnos it on. Air and vibrations shimmer around him. "This will clean you and your clothes at the same time. A lot of the fleet come in as dirty as they got and let the sonic shower clean them and the clothes, then have the replicator remove and fold the clothes. Then they use the wet shower. For recreation rally, but you can come in to the wet shower as well, and you can tell it to remove clothes, clean and fold them. too.
The shower drenches him with water as he lets it clean his colorful shirt. "You don't have anything electronic on you, do you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles looking at him explaining the shower.
She does not hide she enjoys the view.
Shaking her head to snap out of it she then says quick
"Look I wanted to say, i didn't mean to bring you in a bad position here. Or in trouble."
She checks her pockets
"Uh no i have nothing electronic on me. Why? "

Michael James Watson
"Computer. Set permission to bypass security. Priority Transport from this shower to the shower in in quarters A34. On transport, Activate wet shower, remove attire, clean, fold, stack on the small table."
He tells the computer to stop shower. "Anytime you want to visit, come to the shower, tell the computer to transport you to A34."
"Computer. Transport." He fades away

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands just flabbergasted for a moment, she looks at Cicero and lets him on the ground.
"DId he just? Did he just do that?"
Alvah shakes her head but a grin is on her face.
"So with the chance he is a real prick."
Alvah steps in the shower and repeats what Candle said
"Computer, transport."
"if he fucks me over with this."

Michael James Watson
Candle is sitting at a a table, with a frothy mug of beer. As Alvah arrives he looks up surprised.
"Your clothes are clean and dried over there. I really didn't expect you so soon. Tonight maybe. You didn't get much of a shower i think though...Something on your mind?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah walks up to him she then holds up her hand that she wants to speak looks down at herself rolls her eyes and walks to her clothing.
"Yes something on my mind, clearly you see no issues here. but i do!"
She starts to dress herself.
"So one night, we had not even met, just dance drink and fuck... and now we see eachother here. "
Alvah sighs in frustration
"should we not lay down some groundrules? you are my brothers friend. is that not a bit weird? And i am a hot mess at the moment and have the feeling that i am more trouble then i am worth."
With just her shirt on she starts pacing
"And no complains here that one night was... gah freaking hot and nice. And i was more then curious about you afterwards."
She then turns to him
"Don't you see issues? like.... really... so what we just see eachother now and then and say hi to eachother in the hallways?"

Michael James Watson
"So then tell the computer do do something else. You aren't locked out.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head
"Do what? How is that going to help here?"
She shakes her head
"Just... never mind. I shouldn't have come here. "
She puts the rest of her clothing on then turns to Candle.
"Shouldn't have go off like that. I'm just frustrated that i have no control over my life at this point, and figured this was something i could. "
Alvah chuckles, smiles to Candle and then turns to walk to the door.

Michael James Watson
"SO have a sandwich., stay awhile. Let me help you sort out your plans here"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stops in her walk to the door, inhales and lets out a deep sigh.
She then turns, looks Candle over. Walking towards him she stands before him, her arms crossed over eachother, her face serious.
"Alright, but first a question, that time at Thin Whip's, was that a one time thing? I just need a clear answer from you."

Michael James Watson
"I didn't go looking for you if thats what you mean. You should know though, what happens at Thin Whip's rarely stays there. People want to brag about the edge they walked. So they may not tell their mothers but they tell their girlfriends. They may not tell their fathers but they tell the guys at work. Its worse with the nobles and royals. Who did what is juicy gossip. Now, i didn't say anything, but Whip's is hardly blocked from scryers. Once we met, and things started, i had a sense i should know you. Later i realized who you were I was a bit worried. Vance is pretty open minded and new to having a sister, but i am sure he will be annoyed. Still, none of his business. "
He gets up and brings back a bottle of a light brown liqueur and pours two glasses.
"When you arrived here I decided if you chose to stay, I'll see what you had in mind. So if WHips was just fun, fine. Let that stand. Now that you are here. You can make other choices. You have my access code. I'll just say this. Here, at Vulsara, i have no wife, girlfriend, bondmate or furniture girl. You decide what the future is.",

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to him, when he gets up she moves away and sits down in another chair. Her face clearly more relaxed and even a small smile.
"Thank you, just, thank you for being honest and open with me. Don't get me wrong i love my brother, and i kinda like my crazy ass sister from the other side of the family. But i notice that people treat me with... such care. as if i'm made of glass. There is though talk sure. But all are so careful as if i'll explode. It bugs the shit out of me. "
She nods
"Well i'll be honest i was that night at Thin Whip's because i was highly frustrated. I came there to dance, that is usually how i unwind. Dance, run. I wanted to play a game. And you kind of reacted nicely to it. I won't lie.
After i woke up and you had left. I really wanted to find you. And yes i heard you were one of my brothers friends really quickly. Nothing stays quiet there. Jeesh. "
Alvahz looks down at the glass and then to Candle.
"Happy to hear i won't be a homewrecker. I would actually like to continue to see you. "
She laughs
"Vance will learn to deal with it. "

Michael James Watson
"Vance has his own family troubles. On one side he just brought a Hendrake hellmaid and a newborn baby out of the Abyss when he seized the Pattern there and moved it here. Vek handled the delivery while the pattern cruised through portals. On the other hand he has a princess of the Klingon Empire, an admiral no less, as a companion, and they already had a son, Agrom. Neither of the two of them are technically married and neither is pleased about the situation. His sister and his best friend dating is low on the danger scale for him"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"ooooww then i see no issue at all. He brings enough shit to himself. "
She picks up the glass and holds it up
"Then lets just see where dating gets us."
Alvah takes a drink and looks Candle over in silence regarding him.
"So... how long have you actually been here, like with Star Fleet. Under the rule of my brother?
Figured i should at least get to know you better. After earlier you kind of heard already alot about me... or well that part of me."

Michael James Watson
"He and I attended the academy together. That was on the first Star Fleet world. He wasn't a high and mighty prince then. Just a tough, dangerous, young man. We didn't know he had 400 or so years of adventuring before joining Star Fleet. Call it 3250 in Amber. We served on a variety of ships together. Our careers mirrored each other. We both achieved Admiral ranks, served on the federation council. The difference was that i was aging and he was fresh as a spring chicken. He disappeared for a few decades. On my deathbed he came found me and asked if i wanted to be young again. I never had much family so I said yes, thinking him an illusion before death. The next thing i was waking up in a rejuvenation chamber. We traveled together then. Came back to Start Fleet. Found Celakat in that one. the three of us traveled together from shadow to shadow for a thousand and a half years in Amber time. We fought the Black Road War from the deck of a Corellian battle cruiser against some chaosian death blimp creatures and their armies. Years later I was his second in command on a ship and Benedict walked onto our bridge. The rest is Amber history" .

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens in amazement to the story.
Silent after he finished she gives it a few moments to sink in.
"Wow. Just some history you got there. "
Alvah thinks for a while.
"So don't you find it weird. I am..... way younger. Not travelled or experienced. Would that hinder you? In the dating i mean? "
She holds up a finger
" okey broader question. What would, put you off, from the dating i mean. What are pet peeves for example? After all this time you must have some."

Michael James Watson
"Well, disloyalty..In truth i have served Vance thousands of years longer then i have served Amber. Also.. i prefer mostly 4 limbed creatures, not ones with lots of limbs.. and tentacles! oh.. tentacles gross me out.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles a warm genuine smile.
"Loyalty i get, and it is a beautiful thing."
Hearing of the tentacles she nods and softly laughs.
"Got it, wasn't planning on spouting extra limbs but i'll make sure now.. no tentacles yup! Oh but snakes are fine right?"
She chuckles.
"So, you have no partner in the romantic sense. Is that why you go to Thin Whip's? Isn't there someone around here you fancy?"

Michael James Watson
"Snakes are fine just not in bed. "
He sips the brown liquid, a thick rich hazelnut tasting alcohol.
"As for what I fancy...Its complicated. My rank makes it difficult to socialize. My past as a companion of Vance's. Everyone on Vulsar knows that they always served Amber but there are many Ambers and many shadows and they know I came from one similar, but not this one. Andorians prefer a rough and tumble partner and that limits who we frequent. Andorians don't tend to look for partners outside our race. Not that we can't, it just works that way. But i have so many years away from Andoria, and have taken so many shapes, i am not so bound by that. The Andorians here consider me something of an icon, as well as an outsider. There are Klingons who have similar tastes but...i don't favor Klingons. All due respect to Vance who does, i just don't. Then there is the fact that over time i have grown stronger, more rugged, to where i compare with Amberites well. I am stronger then some, have greater endurance. And that scares what Andorian women I do attract. To compensate for my endurance for a time...i enjoyed multiple partners of an evening. But in time, i tired of that. "
"Many years ago i went with Vance to Thin Whips.. and i discovered that natives of Amber can take the roughness of my...attentions.. They tend to be stronger, have more endurance. Those are things i have had improved greatly beyond my own species and the normal population of Amber had that. Many of the Golden Circle as well are physically on par with what i became over time. So I go there from time to time. Vance has me meet the military staff there and i take a few days personal time afterwards.".

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head
"Yeah Cicero has his own spot. Don't worry he won't join us."
She winks.
Listening to his explanation she first nods understanding, smiles softly, then a grin appears on her face. With a soft purr in her voice she says
"Oh i didn't mind that at all. Actually you have me thinking of training more. I couldn't keep up with you." She laughs
"But its a good way of getting needs fullfilled. Happy we met there though."
Alvah looks at the drink takes another slow sip from it and thinks while keeping her eyes on Candle.
"If i annoy you with the questions just let me know. But if you don't mind... another one.
Do you have children? Like from other relationships and such? Just something i would like to know before hand."
Alvah winks.

Michael James Watson
"Andorians don't generally breed outside their race. Peculiar biochemical reasons. Its not the same in some shadows but in the swath of Vulsar it is. There are some genetically engineered crossbreeds that are the result of experimentation but no natural crossbreeds. I had two sons in my first life. But they perished before Vance brought me away."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah takes another sip and nods
"I'm sorry about you sons. "
She sits up a bit more straight
"But it is good to know. "
Smiling she says
"So, we can say we are dating seeing where things go. What do we do towards the outside? Just keep it to ourselves and if they find out. So be it? Actively hide it from the outside? Which i can understand seeing you do hold a high rank here. Or something in that area?"
She tilts her glass drinking the last that was in there.
"I think seeing we are here and all where you live, it is your call."

Michael James Watson
"I have a high rank in Star Fleet. I have an accolade or three in Amber. I am a Duke of Vulsara. But you outrank me. You are a member of the royal family of Amber and a Princess of Talgwir. But you have seen how lax Amberites can be about rank, theirs and others. As for seeing each other, i'll leave that to you. Vulsar is a big place. Lots of socializing room. I was wondering what you want to learn while you are here? Obviously you won't be attending the Academy, though if you chose to Vance would see to it. THere are thousands and thousands of other oppertunities."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"I meant more in regards to my brother."
She then shrugs
"I never really cared to much what others think of me. Was more concerned about your reputation.
And no i definitely won't be attending the academy, i know Vance can arrange it. But it is just so.... strict and... well people with authority... it just doesn't work well for me. "
Pausing she thinks then continues
"Well my plan was actually to go with Spatchi to a personal shadow. Start a cantina there, ask Arlo to come by to teach me conjuration further and some languages. But i guess i can do that here to. Just like shapeshifting."
Alvah stands and stretches a bit as she starts thinking about the whole Azcalan mess
"You see i know that things were looming over my head from the Azcala side. Heard parts here and there so figured it would be smart to get stronger learn as much as i can in a short time.
That is where i am now. Learning, training. Finding ruggedly handsome boyfriend. "
She grins
"Those kind of things. Just to make sure that when shit hits the fan with my other family, i can at least defend myself a bit."

Michael James Watson
"My reputation was forged in battle. On the ground, with blade and gun, in the stars with a single wing propeller driven plane to the flag ship of Star Fleet. I am one of the few with the mental surety, the strength, the endurance, and the shadowshifting ability to control a starship shadowshifting at warp. Associating with one of the royal family can only improve my reputation. Vance has informed Agrom, Vander, Celakat and myself about your situation, to the best of his knowledge. We are his inner circle. You might include Vek and Jurt in the next ring of that circle as well as Benedict, Random, and a number of others. A small group. I've been to Azcala. A lot of its sway. Scouting Borlak's army as well. I probably understand the magic of it all better then you do even though Magic is not my strong suit. When you go to war against Azcala, you will not go unarmed. And you need not go alone."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns to face Candle fully and smiles wide.
"A well if i only strengthen your reputation lets scream it off the rooftops."
Alvah takes a few steps to Candle standing next to him.
"I might ask Jurt with that also Untara crazy or not she did already try to help in her way. She showed me what those hearts can do to the one of whom they belong."
Alvah swallows thinking about it.
"Vek i just don't get a good read of what his deal is. But haven't seen him much. Benedict i would first want a good talking to and explanation because of the whole blood thing... sure manipulate me but be a man and tell me in my face. "
She continues
"I don't think i know Vander... and Random yeah. He knows more now dad recently told him more about his time in Azcala and the time with Cihalas."
She lays a hand on Candle his shoulder then with her fingers softly carressing his neck.
"Thank you, i guess i needed to hear that. " she smiles looking at him
"Needed that to feel less lost in this mess."

Michael James Watson
"Good. One thing.. Well two..Vek and Jurt. They are both Chaosians and as much as I like them, and Vance and even Random likes them, they both have ulterior motives. Jurt has mommy issues of mammoth degrees. Vek was tortured as a child and is seriously broken. Chaos treated him terribly and Vance believes Vek will do anything he can to hurt Chaos without nessesarily becoming a traitor to it. They both are no longer in fealty to Chaos. Jurt by raiding the Vaults of House Sawall, his father's house, with Relmopator. Vek it is believed is the enactor of one death curse, his own, and the recipient of another death curse, his brother's. Thier resources are vast, their motives convoluted."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly concidering Candle his words.
"Yes, well so far Jurt has helped me alot. Also with a still ongoing Difuro thing. I am sure he has issues and i am positive he has his own agenda." She steps before Candle
"But honestly don't they all? In Amber as well. It is bot that the elders have their plans, schemes personal goals.
One of the reasons i asked Bleys to train me in sorcery he was upfront about it. And i get his approach in magic. "
Alvah stands enjoying looking down on someone, physically,
"We can plan ahead with what we know, but we cannot account for all the actions of others, those will never be fully within our understanding and grasp. We can only prepare for the best, the worst and in between "
Alvah shrugs
"And i know i might be the weakest link in this. But sure as hell i won't go down without a fight."

Michael James Watson
He laughs, 'Fortunadus has a saying; If you are the weakest fighter in a fight, handle the healing and shoot them in the knees"
"In the mean time....shall we revisit the shower? See if we can get the hang of it?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Sounds smart, but boring. To each their own."
Alvah grins wide.
"Oh right shower, sounds like a great idea."
Grabbing Candle by the hands. And 'dragging' him with her (not that she is strong enough)
"But no transportations during the shower this time okey. If you keep running off i might get the wrong idea."