Alvah goes mad, again.

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The job was simple enough what i had to do. Go in, get the info, get out.
Now I am waiting in a bar, waiting for the contact to pay the rest and get the info.
The payment is not bad even got the trip overseas paid.
I don't like this woman she is so.. so. Bitchy, know it all, i just imagine her as a piranha or a shark... or I don't know. But she has a good reputation amongst my colleagues so figured why not take the job. I really needed to get out a bit. Dad was home again and kind of checking up on a lot of things. He can
be a bit. Overbearing. But that is okey he is my father and I don’t really mind as long as I can take a break now and then.
Dang how long has it been now. That woman is late. Guess i am stood up. Been an hour. No notice. We are done.
I try to stand up but damn I get dizzy. I hold myself stable against the chair. Trying to sense what is going on.
Oh shit I need to get to safety. As I mentally check my body I realize I have been drugged.
Checking with my hand along the table the chair I feel nothing.
No time. I have to go.
Whatever is used this stuff works fast.
I stumble towards the door.
A man stops me, my god his words are slurred, I don't understand. Or am i just so out of it.
He tries the grab my keys i hit him one the nose. His blood changes into roses. The most beautiful wonderful smelling roses.
Can’t help but stare at a moment.
Another man grabs me.. he is no man. It is a demon. Horns wings tail the whole 9 yards. Yeah I am out of there, Grabbing a chair I swing it at the demon his head.
As I sit on my bike I realize this can’t be real, I must be tripping balls. Why is there a cheetah running next to me. It is glaring at me.
Keep your focus Alvah keep you freaking focus.
The sweat is running off my back. Suddenly a sense of dread is filling me. I step on my brakes and jump of my bike. I tear of my jacket and shirt and pants. I can’t find Cicero. Where I he? Did I take him with me? Is he still at home. I don’t know.
Someone is coming near me.
I see it now they are all possessed I see it in their eyes. This was a set up I knew it.
I cut my hand and draw a circle on the ground empowering it, no one can get near me now.
Slowly I sink on the ground wrapping my arms around my legs. This is bad I need to focus.
I can’t focus. Have to get out of here.
Need someone, need someone.
People are surrounding the circle banging against it they all look like horrific creatures. Gah my mind is fucked up, how can I come up with this.
Can’t focus enough to get myself home to cleanse myself.
With shivering hands I grab my phone, dad is probably not reachable. Ryba… please pick up please pick up.
Yes… contact… “Ryba… I need a superman.”