Alvah goes on a morning run

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In the morning Alvah comes to the gate at Lower Ward. A dozen very serious people in full plate armor are stretching. Alvah see Darcy.
Darcy comes over. "Would you like a suit of armor for the run?
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles seeing a familiar face. Looking at the elite in theirnarmor she thinks for a bit and then nods.
"With the danger of making an utter fool of myself lets do the full workout. Will give me a better perspective of where i stand and how far to go."
Alvah is actually very excited for this. All the talking, the meetings the royalty made her now and then uncomfortable. But this. This she gets but now just with armor on.
Michael James Watson
Darcy takes her to a rack of standardized armor. She sees that while it is museum looking armor it seems to be designed for training rather then battle. Darcy helps her arm, over her running clothes. A gambison, a cuirass of chest armor with shoulders. No leg or elbow armor.
"Some of the elites like wearing leg and arm armor but this is your first run with us.. So you can arrange for your own suit later. Ah.. Here comes Prince Bleys."
A man in red plate comes up, swinging a large sword.. "Hello Darcy. Are we ready? And who is the tourist? You a new trooper? I don't recognize you. Not Elite for sure.. I'm Bleys."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tries a bit of streches and movements. See what her movement reach is.
She then smiles to Darcy.
"This will do for now thank you maybe later if i get better and can keep up with you all."
Alvah chuckles softly knowing full well the first runs can be torturous for her. Then hearing that princr Bleys arrives she looks up and stands still she holds herbhand up in a quick wave.
"Hi yes i am a tourist, joined the immersive Amber experience."
She shows a toothy grin.
"But no really i am Alvah, daughter of Delwin. Darcy here invited me to join in on the run. Since i love to run."
She nods slightly
"Pleasure to meet you."
Michael James Watson
"Daughter of DELWIN?!?"
He pulls a trump deck and sort through it.
He smiles, "Well look at that...Cards warm...I assume that means Delwin is around here someplace? I'll have to track him down.. So.. going to run with the dogs. Good.. Only a few of the blood take the time. This first time, don't show them up too much. It bums them out. So. Darcy, who is setting the path today?
Darcy says, "Its my turn. 3 Circuits ending at the top of the library where breakfast is waiting. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises her eyebrow at his reaction and then shrugs.
"Yes he should be still around at least for a few more days."
She then laughs " oh no i doubt i can keep up with them. First time running with armor on. But i guess if i join on the run i should at least do it proper."
Alvah stretches a bit more readying herself for the run.
Michael James Watson
The run starts at the Lower Ward, place 2. Goes to 3. Drops down a level to pass through building 4. Out 5 jumping a series of wagons filled with grain.
up the ramp at 6 to the beginign of a row of builidings at 7. Leaping up wall and drain pipe to flip up on the the series of building 7 roofs. up and down and leaping between buildings.
Down building 7 to the middle ward. In the middle ward they run around the flat areas several time building speed. bounding up to 12, to 13 and the upper ward
once in the upper ward Darcy leads a straight run back to the lower ward for distance running at speed and then back flatly to the upper ward and back a few times.
Time passes as the run goes on, and Alvah feels the burn after awhile. These people clearly do this a lot and are clearly having home field advantage.
then they get to building 7 and this time go to 9, 10, 11, often going between levels, gripping the window ledges and swinging up and around. Along the run Alvah has noticed spectators cheering as well as people going about their business.
Going up the side of 11 and run the roofs to 14, 15, 16, and 18 going over various obstacles, and crossing jumps..
the run takes just over an hour and ends at building 19, top of the library. Where servants wait and a table of biscuits and sausages and tea.
Alvah feel tierd, and it was certainly a stressful run but she isn't wasted. She notes they all seem in better shape then her but it is their profession.
Bleys pats Darcy on the shoulder, "Nice run Sir. I especially like the monkey climb up the Barracks. Tricky. Hey, Gustus! nice fall at the Mid Ward! " the elites seem to be good natured about it. Ribbing each other.
Darcy says, "Gustus, you have tomarrow's run! Keep us out of the ocean!"
Bleys comes over, "Well, Alvah, you did well. This was a little run though. These warriors, Men and women, are graduates of Rasak. So they have done the big run. Should you want a more strenuous run, let me know.. And tell Delwin to give me a call at his convenience. Need to chat with him briefly."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah beams she doesn't mind the praise.
"Thank you, Bleys. Yes it is clear they are very well trained and skilled. " at the news of a more strenuous run she smiles wide
"I would never mind a bigger run. But what is the big run? Sort of graduation kind of thing?"
Alvah nods " i am sure i'll see dad today. I will let him know."
Michael James Watson
Several of the elites look at her, say nothing, look to Bleys..
Bleys sips tea and says, "They can't say..So they want me to because they know Benedict won't be unfamiliar with being mad at me. At Rasak, the first day, each candidate is given a ring of compulsion. It makes them do whatever whatever the master of the ring does. Then he starts running.. In Rasak one does not need to eat. The world provides nourishment. No need to take in water, or food, no need to urinate. Your muscles are rebuilt as they are destroyed. Your bones break and heal at the same time. You run, day and night, over flat land and rough terrain, in rivers and waves and in forests and leaping over crevasses and through ruins of buildings and castles and towers. Climbing trees and jumping among them. In rain and sun and night and day. "
He takes another bite, then says, "And you do that, non-stop, for 3 years of 370 days, so that 1100 days. Then you get to rest."
"and that is the first of 3 compulsory periods of 3 years. The next Rhythmic training including 24/7 involvement in Weapon Katas, Tai Chi, Karate and similar forms, Dance, Sports activities; Football, Homegame, Rugby, and a few other activities. The last is Melee and warfare training. class room study and field drills. Metalworking. leather working. Horsemanship and cavalry drills. Artillery Drills. Medical Training.
Then there is the world of Addledross and the year of war and death crossing the continent. And each Elite has completed this 10 year course."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit embarrassed
"Oh i don't want people to get in trouble." She then listens to the explanation of the run from Bleys. If one would look at her face you could see a slight look of happiness as Alvah imagins it.
Softly she speaks. " that sounds. Well strenuous yes. But other then the ring of compulsion it sounds great to. To just be abld to run likd that not stopping." Alvah laughs a bit
"Longest i went for is about 2 days. Was in a bad shape after that though."
As Bleys continous Alvah looks a vit disappointed.
"Eh the rest sounds way to hard. And things you have to sit still for. "
She thinks "well dancing and martial arts are fun." She winks
"And that is why i eon't be keep up with the elites."
Michael James Watson
He smiles, and raises his hand, a tiny bit of glowing symbol appears in his hand, finger to thumb.
He mumbles. "By the blood of chaos...Maybe your talents tilt a different way.....Yes...Once you walk the pattern, we should talk sorcery.. Delwin must know you have a knack in that direction."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah seeing the symbols and magic uses other then by her father or on her homeshadow, she raises her hand tensed ready to defend if need be. Alvah doesn't cast anything she is kust standing ready.
"What did you do."
Alvah sounds a bit cautious she usually is when people swing around glowing symbols.
"And well if you talk about spells and such yes. But that is normal more on my homeshadow could perform magic." Alvah remembering the splitting headach of only so recent ago she rubs her neck.
"And due to magic using this all started to roll." Alvah waves her hand.
"But yeah we will see. I will always have a love for running."
Michael James Watson
Bleys says, "What i did was raise the Sign of the Pattern. Its a magical power one learns once one walks the Pattern. It allows you to see magical forces, store powerful sorcery spells. Its powers of magnitude greater then anything you have on your world. It allowed me to see that you just recently had a burst of psyche. Your inborn powers to control the forces of the universe reached a point where you were able to use it. There is a lot to it. You'll learn. Let me warn you of one thing. Your inborn power is very strong for your age. Many sorcerers will want to train you for a variety of reasons. Me included. Be very careful who trains you at the beginning. We all have different styles. Ask questions before you make an agreement. Amberites has agendas."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks Bleys up and down and then stops at his eyes. Tho she doesn't really look at him but stares beyond Bleys.
"Alright. " Alvah clicks her tongue
"That explains why some jumped to the welcome Alvah party. Dad could have warned me about it."
Her eyes focus on Bleys again.
"Well yes ofcourse everyone has their agenda which they want to strenghten with all they can grab. "
Alvah then grins
"And my training would partially depend on what my brother thinks about. Or that is my guess. Sinve he is appointed by king Random to train me."
She smiles genuinely
"But the warning is appreciated, thank you."
Michael James Watson
Bleys looks at the Elite standing around awkwardly. "Darcy. thanks. Elites. Dismissed."
He waits till they leave.
"Random 'appointed' Vance....Delwin could have warned you....First, Random doesn't have the right to make you accept anything. He can appoint Borlak your arms instructor but Borlak would tell him to suck yak. Delwin has a major drawback when it comes to his family. He is a good man. Good Men often can't make a hard choice. Delwin knows that to study Sorcery you will know pain. Great pain. The quicker you learn, the more pain you'll suffer. He will take a hundred years to teach you what i could teach you in months. What Aries will teach you in weeks. That Brand might teach you in a day. Delwin won't want to see you hurt."
"Vance, he is a good man too, but not so good that he didn't strangle a priest in his own church because the man needed killing. But he felt bad about it."
"I once had the ambition to rule Amber. I failed in trying to seize it. In the 80 years of Random's reign i realized what a close call it was. I don't want to be king now. I feel sorry for Random. He needs all the help we can give him. Even you. When you walk the pattern Random will wish you well but what he wants is to make you stay. But he know you are not much help yet. You must travel shadow, suffer pain, gain wisdom, and increase your power before you can be useful to Amber. Random can't order you to do anything unless you tell him he can. Once you travel shadow, consider any order given you advice. Even mine. Watch..I order you to go shower. Eat breakfast., Visit the armory and tell them Bleys Ordered you to get full running armor like the Elites use. See? If you chose to do all that its your choice, not my order. But you are not some Golden Circle special ops guy. He can't wear the half suit again. Tomorrow, if you want to run with us, its in full gear. You are an Amberite. Learn to embrace the pain. Now, I'm off to breakfast at my Theater. We are putting on 'The Diagan Lady's Dilema and we open in two weeks. See you tomorrow."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens silently to Bleys. His advice, his logic. She nods
"Got it. I think I understand." She smiles
"See you tomorrow, and i will let my father know you wish to speak with him. "
Hearing of the title of the play she does a half shrug "have a nice breakfast. "
Alvah herself then moves back to the armory to turn in the armor she used.
Then she wanders calmly to her room to indeed get a shower can't go stinking of sweat through the day.
Michael James Watson
At her apartment many of the furniture pieces she purchased are sitting in front of her apartment. A staff member sitting on one comes to attention.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and holds up a hand in greeting.
"Goodmorning! Guess i should open the door. " alvah moves to unlock the door and opens it fully she then makes sure Cicero is out of the way so he can't get hurt.
Moving to the furniture she grabs the first thing near the door moving it in.
(Some things she certainly got for her room are; place for Cicero so some form of terrarium including stuff in the terrarium.
A nice looking storage box that she can hide away for her less legally aquired things.
In the mainroom she will keep things pretty open so she can train (dance martial arts) without moving stuff.
Michael James Watson
Amber Bronkhorst As things are moving in and out Dwynwen peeks in. "Good to see you moving in...I've a small gift to welcome you Amber. Its from home. I've one in my tower. I took a cutting.". She shows a plant like a spider plant. Pale green leaves about a foot in diameter.
" Its called a Door Spider plant. It grasps to any surface. Usually in a corner near a door. It glows slightly in the dark. Not enough to read by but enough to cast light on a door at night. indoors or out. At home there are whole gardens of them..Adask have poor night vision. They are omnivorous. Catch flies, fleas, bugs.... I hope it's not too forward of me?*
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles brightly to Dwynwen.
"Oh thank you i love it! I was actually thinking about having some plants in my room."
She then takes Dwynwens hand
"Come in! How are you today?
I am actually very haply to see you. Still wanted to talk about something."
Alvah leads Dwynwen to a corner where there is now a couch and a side table where she puts the plant for now.
Michael James Watson
Dwynwen fiddles with the plant as she puts it down..
"I saw you ran with the morning Elites? Its the talk of the castle. It looks so strenuous...Painful."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah realizing she still has to shower smiles wide.
"Oh yes i did! It was wonderful it was a challenge and tomorrow i will join in again. I love these kind of runs. It gives such energy, such a thrill. Such freedom."
Alvah laughs and winks to Dwynwen
"But i babble. And well if that is the talk of the castle i guess little happens around here."
Alvah sits next to Dwynwen
"So uhm i talked to Arloxedra yesterday. He explained some things. And also the braids. "
Alvah fiddles with the braid in her hair.
"Was it an accident?"
Michael James Watson
She puts her head down mumbling, "oh by the phoenix ... I was afraid of that...Undo it. I was just so happy to be out of Amber....This sort of a prison for me.. A nice one.. and im not in a cell. but.. Because of Hagalta, and the Odaraxta, the Kalota and Shaxtra clan battles, and with Julian's and Caine abandoning Amber for Adagalasck and Nina and Emilie..and Hagalta joining Azcala...and Azcala being at war with Amber...and with Drixtra....they don't want me to leave.. they may be right but its all so .....I was so happy to be away and talking with someone new and nice.. take the braid out... I apologize..Its a silly Adask custom anyway.,... not very Amberish...."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets Dwynwen talk for a bit she keeps a warm smile on her face.
When Dwynwen is finnished she lays a hand on Dwynwens her hand.
"Or, and hear me out, i braid your hair. I think we can both use a friend here. And i really like spending time with you. I think it would be nice to know that there is someone here for you. Knowing we are here for eachother. " Alvah flicks the braid
"And i think it is a very nice custom. So what do you say? You think we can be and stay friends?"
Michael James Watson
She smiles, leans back... "I'd like that.. I've two such braids. My daughter's, and a companion of my youth who has gone on. But i also have a twined pair.. that signifies bonding, that of the father of my daughter. .. I want to untwine the pair. I want that but its magically bound.. and only the man that put it there can unbind it. So far.. I have not asked Realmer, or Fiona, or Bleys if they could unravel the magic.. Maybe you can help me with that?" Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Then we do that. And yes ofcourse i will help you unravel it.
If you cannot be bound by that then it needs to go. Though i am not sure if i am capable of doing that. But i will try. "
Alvah then thinks "what do we need? And what do we do first? "
Michael James Watson
"I have tried sorcery.. Various spells. I have the pattern imprint and can raise the sigil It down't un magic it. I have the imprint of the Spiral of the four winds, the sigil of Adagalasck, and i have advanced understanding of it. but it doesn't help. I cut it off daily but it grows back by nightfall. Hagalta is in the dungeons but in the year i have been here i have not dared see him. The king said i may but Fiona says its dangerous. I suppose we talk to a greater sorcerer then I"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks and then nods
"Alright a greater sorcerer then you, i have met Bleys, we can ask my father, maybe Arloxedra. Fiona. "
Alvah bites her lip and then shrugs
"I can talk to Hagalta for you. Advantage is i know to little about most things that usually works disarming."
Alvah smiles "maybe he is willing to let it go."
Michael James Watson
"Not Fiona.. She's plenty wroth at me as it is now. I never spoke of it the Arloxedra because...its embarrassing... I have only met Bleys occasionally. maybe your Father could make sense of it. You could look..Its a third grown back..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods, "turn around i will look for you, then we can decide who to ask."
Alvah sits closer to Dwynwen and with carefull fingers feels through her hair looking for the twined one.
Michael James Watson
Amber Bronkhorst She fines a pair of thick braids in back, underneath the topical hair. Its 3 inches long and as she feels how tight it is it seems to grow slowly. Looking at it hard, with her new awareness she can sense the magical nature as a small hum, like a buzz in her fingers though the hair itself does not more. She is unclear what causes it and only knowladagble in the arts from her world enough to know its magic.
"I don't know where Bleys is, but Arlo is usually in the Library.. He's such a tragic figure, isn't he?"
When she comments on Arlo Alvah feels a slight electric shock in the braid. Like it was reacting to her regard for arlo in anger.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah starts to identify the strands of the braid trying if she can pull them apart.
"Oh yeah Arlo is probably in the library he practically lives there doesn't he? So what can you tell me about him, you know him longer. "
Alvah tries to let Dwynwen talk more about Arlo seeing if the crush she has on him will disrupt the magic that inbues the braid.
The electric shock could mean the spell is defending it self. or ofcourse offensive as it might be made to punish if she had a crush.
Alvah suspects the first one that the love of someone else could endanger the magic on the braid.
Alvah tries to feel the stream of magic and with that pull the strands of magic. as she pulls carefully the strands of hair. trying to detangle it.
Michael James Watson
"He was born in some terrible world or cruel knights. A place Eric went to fight. He was unplanned. So Eric took him to a world called Camelot where he became a warrior knight! But he also found books. He told me that he liked reading more then fighting. Reading led to magic.. "
The electrical annoyance is clear.
"Eric snuck him into the library off and on for centuries. He walked the pattern when Brand was a child. He said Brand saw Eric sneaking him into the pattern room and something happened. Its why when Brand was captured and brought to Amber Arlo was made his jailer."
"He and Elayne are supposed to have been the first two people to walk the repaired primal pattern. Arlo said the pattern was 'Wild', which i think means it was more powerful. It is also said he was the one who figured out how to use the Jewel of Judgment and taught it to Eric. You know, Eric's ghost is supposed to hang out in his tomb up on Kolvir!"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens now and then making a sound and in the meantime focussing on the braid pulling the strands trying to keep them detangled.
"so you called him dreamy yesterday when you were at my fathers house. what is so dreamy about him? i must admit he seems a nice man. Very intelligent. But what do you feel?"
Michael James Watson
"Well, hes so strong, and mysterious, and tortured.. and.. well.. such a fine last man...was father.... so i suppose the court jester Drooppa mma'pants would be dreamy to me."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs softly
"Well don't know the court jester but a man with a good sense of humor isn't bad either. " Alvah continues to work on the braid. (is she having the feeling it is doing something)
She leans in a bit closer
"Don't forget you deserve happiness to. Maybe we can ask Arloxedra to just hang out. although i wonder if he ever leaves the library. Oh or you bring a picknick basket to the library for him. "
Michael James Watson
Coming down into the library there is a fair amount of people around. Reading is a common hobby for Amberites and the library is open to everyone, staff, servants, nobles, diplomats, and royals. Tables with stacked books and scholars at work. Calligraphers and copyists at work. The Library staff is herded by the Chief Librarian Ciprian Vitalijus.
After looking in his usual spot and not finding him the two locate Arl in the East Fireplace Nook. This area is unusally cold, in the 30s, with a always lit fireplace. Arlo sits with a collection of books and maps in a language Alvah doesn't recognize. His ashtray and cigarette sit on a stack of books. Cat is nowhere around.
He looks up, nods, Stands and stretches..
"Ladies. TO what do I owe the pleasure?.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds her hand up in greeting.
"Hey, we were hoping you could help us with a small thing. "
Alvah nods at Dwynwen and continues
"The custom of the braids which you explained to me yesterday. Well we are trying to get rid of one. And i tried but i do not make a difference. We were hoping you can help remove it. "
Michael James Watson
He sets his cig down. "Get rid of the one in your hair? I looked into it a bit."
Dwyn says, "No. one of mine. a pair twined.. Hagalta's.. i shear it frequently and it grows back."
Arlo looks over the braid, extending his sense into it. Reaching over he gently brings Alvah's fingers up to it and she suddenly sees through Arlo's powers. She is shocked to see such complex symbolism. She know magic on her world works through focused will and something about Arlo's is far beyond anything she ever saw or heard of at home.
There is a reddish glow around the working as Arlo plays with it. Alvah sees the Sigil of the pattern in his working though its invisible to anyone else. He examines it quietly for several moments.
He stands, walks off a bit.. Pulling a trump he talks silently through it, probably mentally for a few minutes.
He turns back, puts away the cards and comes to sit with the two women. In his hands is a red jewel that fairly hums with power.
He says,”Alright...I've spoken to Random and gotten permission to use the Jewel here and to also cause Hagalta a huge amount of pain. The problem is that, Dwynwen, its going to hurt you as badly. I can't stop that. Now, if you can convince Hagalta to upbraid it then its done painlessly.”
“How much pain?”
“A lot.. like burning it off your head with a branding iron. So. Bad. But....there is another way but it might be worse. You know what happened to Hagalta in the Abyss. Same thing that happened to Deirdre. Yes?”
She nods..”Its true? There are two of him?”
“Its more complicated the duplication or division. A lot more. I have not seen the Deirdre in Mandalay or the one in Avalon. Nor have I seen the other Hagalta. But I have seen the one in the dungeons..The other Hagalta should be able to unbraid them as well. From what I hear he is in something of a penance fit in the Fane of Zilla...Alvah, I can't recommend you go there until after you walk the pattern. Its on the edge of the Abyss and is the very definition of a freak show. And, …..I am willing to go. Its been awhile since I was that far. And while I will try to keep you safe, and we will bring a few elites, yours, Dwy, mine, and another, I can't make any promises. Except maybe that if you die, I will have died first."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah doesn't understand all that is talked about but she gets the context.
She holds Dwynwen her hand
"I leave that up to you, i will help where i can. But if it is smart that i have walked the pattern befors going to chaos means that it will take at least a few days. "
Alvah smiles warmly at Dwynwen "either way i'll help you. "
Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "So will I. In the meantime, speaking to Hagalta might be the first step. I had better be there for that. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"That would be a good first step then. If we do it together we stand stronger, right."
Alvah squeezes Dwynwen her hand.
"Are you alright?"
Michael James Watson
She nods, "Can we go now? Before i lose my nerve?"
Arlo nods, slipping the heavy chain of the jewel around his neck and the stone inside his button down shirt. He walks to a bookshelf and reaches behind to pull out a sword and scabbard., He buckles on the belt. Drawing the blade he lets the red center run glowing before slipping it into the scabbard.
He withdraws another blade, long and thin, silvery steel. When he slips the blade and scabbard on the other side if his belt he appears to Alvah to be Delwin. Dwynwen gasps..."Father!?!"
Arlo says, "Ignore my appearance. My nature is disguised. You each saw someone of importance to you. For different reasons. DO not call me by name unless Hagalta names me."
He withdraws a trump and opens it, looking the ladies he says, "Saves us a lot of walking down stairs..."
Stepping through the three arrive above the silver line and take steps down into the basement. walking in it appears Hagalta and Brand are talking. The stop and look at Arlo. Arlo raises a hand and Brand disappears with a surprised look on his face.
Hagalta puts his hands to the bars.
Dwynwen pulls her hands up from under her light cloak, aims a firearm at him and fires. Fast musical metal sounds ratchet through. Hagalta moves to defend but the nails from the clockwork nail pistol fall harmlessly to the ground at the cell barrier.
Arlo looks to her, "Got that out of your system Lady Dwynwen? Hagalta says, "I didn't think you would go to all the trouble to bring the Jewel here, your majesty, just to let her shoot me. To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from the King of Amber. Though, i do appreciate bringing my consort. I don't suppose this is a conjugal visit and she brought a friend to join in as well?""
Arlo Sword.jpg
Arlo says, "No, we have a little magical issue. Dwynwen has magical braids of you and they keep regrowing. Remember when I said you could earn benefits for helping us from time to time? This is one of those times. Unbraid the braids and I'll move you up to medium security. Might even let you go eat at the Gardens sometimes."
He laughs, "DO you remember what i said to your offer?"
"I do and that is still Vialle's call. Notice she isn't here. Now, unbraid the braid or not?"
Hagalta says, "Who is that then? She looks a bit brittle for my bed but I'll be gentle the first time. "
Arlo says, "Her name is hers to give" He looks to Alvah.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit impressed at first with the theatrical turn of events. Where did she get the gun.
But Alvah stayed near Dwynwen and after she had taken her shot she lays her hand on her arm. Not to stop her or something just to let Dwynwen know she is still there.
Hearing the exchange between Hagalta and apparently the king at the end Alvah conciders to giver her nsme or not.
But being polite probably would help the situation more.
"I am Alvah, and not here for you. I am here to support my friend. " she smilrd to Dwynwen.
Michael James Watson
"Friend? Well, any friend of hers... Are you the reason she wants to disown her daughter? Remove that braid and her daughter won't inherit from me."
Arlo says, "You don't have much of a stake, man. Julian has your Wind and Stair. Relmapator has your Clan, Xorit is Bannerlord of the Odaraxtra and there is a copy of you at the Fane of Zilla everyone thinnks i s the real one. I could kill you now and no one would care, boyo. Hell, Realmer, Dwynwen and Drix would still have a father. You are a backup spare copy, now unbraid the hair and I'll give you a dinner pass to the Sea View Gardens."
Dwynwen leans over to Alvah and whispers, "See what i mean? dreamy..."
Arlo says, "Oh, and to top it off, Satura is here. In Medical. Realmer rescued her, and I gave her asylem. So close and you'll never see her. So, we going to do a deal or should i have Margot switch your diet to vegan? She makes a mean egg white omlete with tofu and fake liver"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Dwynwen and gives an agreeing nod.
She turns back to Hagalta raises an eyebrow with a slight sideway look she says
"I am no reason for her to decide. The only reason i am here is to support my friend in her wishes. "
She tries to keep a strong and sure posture next to Dwynwen.
Michael James Watson
"Support? So, a friend? Is that a Adask braid i see? A good friend? What are you willing to trade for my help?"
Arlo looks to Alvah, intrigued, "Yes, what?"
Hagalta says, "How about you be my new jailer? Get that arrogant ratfuch Arlo off my back. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah steps half a step forward
She smiles slightly.
"If allowed, sure I can do that. But i will promise you that if you do not do this for Dwynwen, i will make your stay just a tad more annoying. " she looks at Arlo/king Random
"You got nice things on the table as an offer, and with the king his approval i will be your jailer then. Will that then be enough to remove the braid. "
Michael James Watson
Arlo coughs, "No, I like Arlo being the jailer. He has no mercy and would hapily send anyone in the cells to the depths of hades..But he is such a nice guy..She is new here and doesn't know what being your jailer means. Besides, she hasn't walked the pattern yet. Try again.
Hagalta thinks, "Alright. Promise, your blood promise, that you will convince Drixtra to come see me. Not try and fail, try till you get her here. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Well you have your answer there. " hearing of the blood promise she sighs
"I have not a full grasp of what that entails. But we can ask her to be there when you have your meal in the gardens. And really ask nicely."
Alvah tilts her head a bit to the side.
"And i wouldn't try and push to much. Eventually all offers go away again. And truly if you keep refusing i may not be your jailor but i can be really annoying."
Michael James Watson
"I live across from Brand. I had my heart ripped out repeatedly by various Royalty of Azcala. I was thrown in to the Abyss and crawled my way out. I was betrayed by son, wife, and 2 daughters. You think you can annoy me? Do your worse."
Be sits on his bed.
"How every, it occurs to me that Brand tried to destroy the known universe. My only crimes in Amber was stealing a pattern imprint. My crimes elsewhere are for King Julian. Make that one meal a day in the Garden with you as my jailer at that time, access to a lawyer-Roth, to see my case, and try to have some of my family dine with me on occasion. And we have a deal?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Ah yes i can understand i am nothing of a threat. "
She looks at Arloxedra/kind Random.
"I have little to offer to the table. And i will not decide about the meal outside. Your Majesty"
Alvah does a slight shrug.
"I am willing to help. What does it mean to be his jailor for at least a meal? In that case i can perhaps help think of a suitable solution."
Michael James Watson
Alro nods, "4 meals a week, and a jailer to be present. I'll give Alvah first right of refusal on jailer duty because i think her youth could use the kind of honing you could give her. Enemies can be educational. Besides, you stole a pattern imprint, to be sure. But you also brought an army against Amber, right down the Jeweled Road. If Fortunadus and King Arin with their CHAD forces hadn't mauled your forces they might have endangered Amber itself."
Hagalta says, "My nephew Dalt brought troops against Amber 3 times i hear. He's now on the security council. "
Arlo laughs, "Yes and he had Julian explain his bad behavior with extreme prejudice at the Gates of Dawn. Their faces took months shadow to heal. Are you offering to have say, Gerard explain your bad behavior?"
"No sir. But.....perhaps i'm willing to have lovely young Alvah and a series of equally charming dinner guests explain it to me over dinners for a decade or so. I may have lost attacking Amber but i am not without skill. You lost Julian haven't you? And Caine? You could use a out of work war god. The other me at Zilla can make his own way in the world. I'll cast my lot with Amber. How does that sound young Alvah?
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands still next to Dwynwen keeping an eye on how she is doing. She doesn't want her new found friend to go through hell.
Alvah then turns to king Random "your majesty, one of the previous agreements, with the prisoner is, that if he is found himself useful sentence may be reduced or perks may be bestowed, yes?"
She then turns to Hagalta again
"Why not during said meals, information can be played towards the jailor, whom in their turn can discuss this with, the prisoner. As a new pair of eyes on the situation as mere advice. "
Alvah looks at king Random again.
"This way if proven useful and on the right side so to say, sentence can be reduced perhaps, with your agreement ofcourse, your majesty. "
She then looks Hagalta over again with her resting bitch face.
"but ofcourse if the prisoner already knows something that might occur, it would be prudent of him to talk. Show a sign of trust, makes the negotiations for further perks easier. "
She then nods slightly to king Random
"Just a mere suggestion, your majesty."
Michael James Watson
Arlo smiles inside, "Well, it would need to be clear that the prisoner is a prisoner....So.. When he dines he does it in irons. Clamped to the table. Alvah, there is a custom in the Sea View Gardens. If you want to approach the table you catch the eye of a diner, make a small hand gesture. Then the diner can invite them over or deny them. Its considered very rude to refuse the denial. Its just isn't done. Well, not to me, the most royal, august, wise, and domineering King Random!"
Dwynwen barely holds in a laugh, delivering a chuckle, leanign against Alvah.
Hagalta, stands and walks to the bars, spits in his palm and extends it to Arlo. Alro defers to Alvah.
"Its Lady Alvah's deal, make it with her. I'll have the proclamation issued. "
Arlo steps back, clearly answers a Trump, "Oh yes... IT is certainly I, Lord Vek.. No.. Yes. give me a moment. Alvah, Dwynwen, royal business of the most important summons me. Find me in my chambers and tell me if Hagalta would like to have the blue plate special upstairs for a change."
Arlo quickly exits up the stairs, starting to run after he is out of Hagalta's view.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah bites her tongue not to laugh at the remark of Arlo as the great wonderful king Random.
She nods slowly then looks at Hagalta. After she gives Dwynwen a squeeze and a wink she steps forwards to him. Clicks her tongue and spits in her hand, placing it against Hagalta's.
"then it is a deal, release her bond with you."
She nods to Dwynwen. and lets his hand go.
She turns seeing king Random leave raising her eyebrows a bit.
Alvah turns back to Hagalta "so after you have released the bond with Dwynwen, we can discuss the first meal you will be having."
Michael James Watson
"Why don't we schedule the unbraiding at the Gardens. It will be a spectacle and as Amberites learn about the Adask they will get to see the ritual.. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Dwynwen
"what do you feel comfortable with? Because i can understand if you do not feel the need for such a spectacle and you want to be done with it."
She looks back at Hagalta.
"It is her call, you already get plenty as a payment."
Michael James Watson
"He is correct that it makes Our bonding done, and our daughter illegitimate. But i have found that such legitimacy may not be as important in Amber as it is in Adagalasck. My brother Xorax would have inheted Wind and Stair if Hagalta died. SOunds like my brother Relmapator has alread inherited the Clan, and endorsed Xorit as Bannerlord." Hagalta says, "Dwynwen, If I am to be useful in Amber let me start it now. Realmer may have the Clan Kalota, and Xorit the Bannerlord of The Odaraxta."
Looking to Alvah, "THe Odaraxta is a Banner that the clam Kalota belongs to. There are other Adask Banners in the realm. Dwy, Xorit can claim to be bannerlord all he wishes, and even try killing the Shaxtra, but...he can't display the Banner of the Odaraxta because he doesn't have it. It is on display in a temple hall in Azcala. Someone will have to steal it from there to give it to Xorit if he ever hopes to serve King Julian and unify the Adask clans. Can you steal it pretty flower?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Hagalta then to Dwynwen,
She nods " Well Dwynwen has spoken she doesn't care about it to be done in public so you do it here and now. "
Then listening to his explanation of the governing ways of their people she shrugs
"that is a matter later to be discussed and of course with the parties involved if need be. For now first proof that you are good for your word, then we will continue step by step with your payment. If the matter indeed comes up of who needs what banner and where to get it from it will first be discussed what is wisest for Amber."
Alvah is trying to keep a strong posture and stance. Part of it she has no clue what is going on but referring to later discussing usually works.
She then again looks at Dwynwen. "Are you ready?" she keeps a sideways look to Hagalta.
Michael James Watson
she nods, "Yes, let it be done, Father, husband..I'll take your whip no more..Take that to Uxtrasa..If she will let you."
Random enters and Hagalta smiles, till he see the pale, frail woman behind him. Thin, haunted, pale adask skin, long uncombed white hair. A collection of thin braid on one side of her head, and a long twined braided one under her hair in back brought forward.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks happy for Dwynwen. Hoping she will feel now the freedom. She asks Dwynwen
"is that it?"
Hearing someone enter Alvah turns around and looks at king Random again, but now she is really wondering if this is king Random or Arlo. The thin frail woman behind him she probably won't recognize.
"Back already king Random?"
Alvah takes a step back giving room to the king and the lady
Michael James Watson
she nods, "Yes, let it be done, Father, husband..I'll take your whip no more..Take that to Uxtrasa..If she will let you."
Random enters and Hagalta smiles, till he see the pale, frail woman behind him. Thin, haunted, pale adask skin, long uncombed white hair. A collection of thin braid on one side of her head, and a long twined braided one under her hair in back brought forward.
"I hear we have a deal then. Since you are unbraiding hair today, i have another one for you. "
Hagalta steps back, furiously angry. "NO! That was not the deal!!!! I'll release Dwyn if she can't uphold her faith but not her! I won't! She is mine!"
Dwynwen goes to her embracing her in unbridled glee. whispering.."mother?.......oh mother!!'re in Amber!!!" The woman stokes her daughter's hairwhispering softly in her ear.
A third man enters. Thin, but strong, black hair and a pirate's hat and a green seaman's coat. He carries a rifle of a design Alvah has never seen.
Random says, "As head of the House Bariman, and by the laws of of Amber, i grant a full divorces to Satura Dworkindóttir and Dwynwen Hagaltadóttir There is no deal without undoing both braids. You will undo them, and then get Sea View garden dinners on a regular basis, or....we can do it the other way. "
"WHat? Killing me won't do any good. THere are two of me and they are bonded to both of us!!"
Random nods, "Then I'll go to Zilla and deal with him. Caine, go ahead:
The man step up and fires the weapon with a musical clicking sounds like Dwynwen's small pistol. Four click and four 2"nails rivet into Hgalta's leg. Making him howl and back to the back of the cell. Suddenly fearful, the caged animal.
Caine says, "Gosh, my aim must be off. Let me check the weapon and give you a few moments to reconsider. He pretends to be examing the weapon
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles seeing a reunion like this gives her the warm fuzzy feelings.
Then seeing a pirate enter the room she has to do a double take and remember that she is not at home anymore and this might actually be genuine fashion around these parts.
Seeing the rifle Alvah figures she might be smart by just giving the pirate with hte gun the room. She steps back and watches the whole ordeal take place.
She keeps a sharp eye on Dwynwen and her mother making sure they are okey.
Michael James Watson
the cell door slides open. Hagalta steps up, favoring his undamaged leg.
"Dwynwen.. Come here.. "
She looks, then to her mother, and steps up to Hagalta, Satura close behind.
"Remember this. You betrayed custom at the point of a rifle. " He reaches into her hair and fiddles with the shorn braid, freeing the binds.
He reaches, in to Satura's and slides his fingers separating the twined braids. Leaving two separate braids, he unbraids on of the two. Leaving one in place.
Looking at Caine, "Executioner. Continue. I am finished. I shall take my repose... Fix my feet." He steps back and lays on the bed facing the wall.
Caine looks to Random. Random makes a tiny gesture and Caine heads back up the stairs. Stopping at the bottom, looking to Alvah, examining her..."Welcome to Amber" Then up he goes.
Random says, "Dwynwen, Alvah. You are his jailers. You may open his cell. You may teleport him, and yourselves, to Sea View Gardens, Pirate's Watch, Margot's Kitchen, the Library, and Traxtin's Plunge. And from those place back to this cell. He can not leave the castle grounds without my permission and then only in your company. Do you accept? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah watches from step away following the pirate with her eyes.
"Thank you, uhm Caine."
Turning back to Random she nods
"Yes king Random, thank you for allowing a deal with him. "
Alvah then looks at Dwynwen, "happy?"
Michael James Watson
"Mother, this is Alvah Delwindóttir. Alvah, this is Satura Dworkindóttir"
"A pleasure..Dwy, im so weak...I must rest."
Random turns to the other ell and Brand reappears, looking surprised, but with a large plate of food.
Random says, "Ill transport us upstairs. "
Dwy says "Not yet... for Alvah and I. We'll take the stairs. We can transport ourselves to the Library now, yes?"
After they leave Dwy and Alvah start up the stairs. After walkign up, far from the bottom but not to the platform above Dwy stops under a torch.
she sweeps her hair aside on the lefts, by the other two single braids. She parts out a thin bundle of hair. She looks to Alvah, and reaches her hand, bringing it to the lose hair.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah does a polite nod to the mother of Dwynwen
"lovely to meet you."
Alvah smiles to Dwynwen
"Thanks to you also your mother is freed."
Waiting for the rest to depard Alvah follows Dwynwen when stopping under a torch and seeing what she does Alvah let Dwynwen guide her hand
"What do i have to do? any special braid?"
Michael James Watson
she smiles, "No, its not a bond braid. Many adask have special styles but thats their choice..i suggest a simple three-strand braid. We did just meet. I feel i forced it and i don't know what moved me to do it.. but.. its a start." Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"very well"
She just starts to braid the hair. trying to do it as neatly as she can.
"you didn't force anything. Things happen as they happen. We were just meant to meet eachother. and we were meant to form a friendship. " She speaks softly as she braids she then looks at Dwynwen
"Don't worry i'm not going sappy soft on you or anything i am actually just really happy i met you and with that a friend." As she ties the braid of she then looks at Dwynwen and laughs "this is only day two that i am here and have i just agreed to be your father his jailor? My father is going to like that."
Alvah looks up "so want to go up the stairs or want to try that teleporting thing?"
Michael James Watson
SHe smiles a genuine smile of delight. "Oh yes! If we have a new power lets use it.. Now what did he says? Sea View Gardens, Pirate's Watch, Margot's Kitchen, the Library, and Traxtin's Plunge. Which one? We know Sea View Gardens. And the Library. And Margot's Kitchen...Soo..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks for a moment
"see and that is why we were good friends right away, thinking alike. So the Traxtins plunge sounds a bit well plungey so Pirate's watch? Sounds exciting enough."
Alvah looks a bit questioning to Dwynwen.
"Is it though? since pirates are a thing here apparently."
Michael James Watson
"I don't know.. I have been here about a year but...I didn't get out much. They kept me close to Vialle mostly, to protect me from...well....Hagalta.... So Pirates watch! Ready? Go!"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Hm i understand well that is a worry less now isn't it?
Pirates watch it is."
Alvah tries to focus on the name as she does not know the place. Hopefully that it works like that.