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Alvah is 18 and has some different type of cargo[edit]

So usually I don’t take these kind of jobs. But the money was so good and honestly it would not be bad to be in a good light with these people.
They are a culty kind of group not really bad stuff but they worship animals over people and they highly believe in that some of the animals are higher guardians or shit…
Well to be honest it sounds like a lot of bullshitting to me but after a litter of kittens got stolen I was asked to steal it back. Or well retrieve them. It si not stealing if it was already theirs.
Thinking about it I should perhaps really reconcider what I call my self.. I am not just a thief. I do great works for other people. For the right price. I am a helper… I’m a good person… and who am I kidding. I would work in a enforcer crew if I would have the right payment.
But I am not without morals I do see right and wrong. Just some things seem more important then others.
See I know the kittens are held in a warehouse. And I like breaking into warehouses. There is always something else going on. One day there might be an army of goons waiting on the other side. And another day there might be nothing but high tech security to disable.
I had a time there was an unexpected crew just playing cards as they were really convinced no one would find them. That was fun. Actually got the number of one of those guys. Still haven’t called. He was a cutey though.
Lets see what it is this time. Carefully I bring my mirror around the corner and look up and down. With the naked eye I see nothing. Since there is no one in sight I turn myself around the corner and sense magically. Ah yes there it is. Magic trails. A circle, protection it seems. Or something that would give a warning. Have to move around that one ofcourse.
I move diligently, I see where the others moved my guess is the thieves. So I try and follow in their footsteps.
It leads down some stairs. It is hard to move silently around on metal stairs but I have a great teacher and I have some magic at my side. It is a simple command to muffle the sounds around me a bit.
I manage to reach the bottom of the stairs without raising an alarm.
Now I jus tneed to find the kittens…
When moving through the basement in one of the side rooms I see a circle. Already prepared. Curiously I go and look what they are going to do. Seriously they left the components here. I could just…. But then they will know….. ah well at least they can’t do immediately what they plan to do.
I grab a few components which seem the most important. So that always means the organic binding component like bones and skulls. That means any other fluids that are there because usually they are very specific conditioned and when removed they have to get that all over again.
I carefully place them in my hard backpack. That way they are safe from damage while I’m doing my thing… my god. Doing my thing…
Should I have brought a catcarrier.
Ah well. When moving I hear the soft delicate and annoying sounds of cats… yups found the kittens.
Lockpicking the door is not hard. But my god I am not going to move them silently they are annoyingly loud for such little creatures.
I gather them up one by one and they won’t sit still. So with a blanket I improvise a bag and hold them in there. Jeesh their nails are like little sharp needles. Really need to get a tetanus shot after this.
I run faster up the stairs since I hear people behind me. The kittens are trying to escape at the same time. They are crawling over my neck arms shoulders. One tries to escape my arms so I grab them with my teeth.. blegh fur…
And shit nails in my face.
I’m sure I look like a bloody mess now. I get to my bike. Where I have a basket attached for the little fuckers. Dropping them in I start my bike seeing the people come out of the warehouse. With a soft muttering of a few words I shine a magical searchlight in their faces.
And then I take off.
I agreed to immediately drop them off so I move to the dropoff point.
The contacts I had in the group are already waiting smoking on a bench they are doing well blending in.
As they see me they stand up and move towards me.
They hand me a basket to put the kittens in. I sigh open the container on my bike and one by one I lift the little fuckers out.. and I don’t know why but they hate me. Every single one of them bite me , claw my hand open or try to lunge at my face.
Well good freaking riddance.
I hold out my now bloody hand and receive the remainder of payment. I snarl a bit
“no more animal retrieval they hate me.”
They look surprised as I say that.