Alvah hears Benedict's plans

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Michael James Watson
He looks over to the bartender of the empty cafe, as he stands, suddenly alert.
"Admiral! Ah,, sorry, service is closed in 5 at the moment. The active Admiral's Lounge is number 7."
Ben nods, "Thats ok, Carl. Just replicate us a ploughamns platter for two, get us a pitcher of stout and a pitcher of something good and yellow. Set the droid to bring the same every hour on the hour. I am taking a vacation for about 24 hours and i plan to spend it here. Post that Lounge 5 is open for No Ranks and that i will be here to chat. Post that in about an hour. Then you can take the day off on my OK. Visit the pleasure dome if you like."
"Will do, sir. Though...If the lounge is open for No Ranks I'll probably stay. Out of uniform. I'll set for droid service then."
Ben laughs, "Your time is your time. But get the first plater out then give me an hour of privacy." He winks at carl and motions his head at Alvah.

Amber Bronkhorst
Arriving at the lounge she quickly looks around getting her surroundings familiar. She is a bit jumpy after the back and forth to Azcala. Seeing Benedict order food and drink and casually talking to the bartender she loosens up a bit.
Though she stands where she arrived wondering what Benedict wants, and concidering if she should give him a respectful chance or not.

Michael James Watson
Benedict stands as Carl leaves and the food arrives. He pours half a glass of stout and half a glass of the yellow beer into glasses. He removes a flask and pours a shot from it in each. He then walks to look out the window.
"Computer. Benedict Wardrobe. Candle Casual number three. Transport and dress."
After the transporter changes his shirt he walks over and picks up the glass. "Shall we toast?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks half suspicious but decides to move over to Benedict and pick up a glass.
She looks appreciative to the shirt.
"Toast on what exactly?"

Michael James Watson
"To the future, and the Queen of Azcala"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks absolutly confused she puts down her glass.
Her face goes in a moment from confusion, to thoughtful, realization she looks wide eyed to Benedict.
"Wait. You don't mean? Are you absolutely fucking insane?"

Michael James Watson
"The difference between brilliance and madness is often time. Time we have, your majesty."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Benedict intently for a good while.
She then raises her glass
"To the future i toast whatever it brings. To the Queen of Azcala. If there would be a new one there yes. "

Michael James Watson
"Don't quibble with me. It may take a thousand years. You have time to indulge and grow wise. But you should know my goal. I may make many plays till then, including supporting Alcona for the throne or using his wife, the granddaughter of a just barely loyal client king, to toss the Tonacat faction out of power, but in the end, an Amberite needs to take Azcala and at this moment, that is you."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah scoffs
"I quibble as i damn well please, the least i should at least be able to do. Seeing my life and goals are planned before me. "
She turns and leans against the table.
"Yes i understand that having and Amberite on the throne in Azcala is better. With the right choice more stability will be brought forth which only betters everyone around."
She then turns her gaze to Benedict
"Don't care much how you play it. I can not stop you there. And hearing stories.... you tend to get you way."
She sighs thinking.
"Who all is informed of your goal? And how many, not loyal to Tonacat oppose?".

Michael James Watson
"Who is informed of my goal? Well, I just met Alcona 3 minutes ago so at this point 2 people are in on the plan. Niether of whom is Alcona. I'll tell Random. Thats as far as it will go for a long time. We know a great deal about the royalty of Azcala. Client Kings. Rebel Lines. Dead Lines. Tonocat applies strict rules of assentation to thrones and he plays them like cat's gut violin strings. He claims his rules apply to his line but as Alcona said, he also claims he is the land and if he dies the land dies. I spent thousands of years with Oberon and he never claimed that kind of godhead. "
He picks up the spice sausage and a hunk of cheese to nibble as he sits.
"I suspect that I will loudly and violently support and work for, fight for, Alcona's throne. I suspect that will be what i tell everyone on my general staff, officer staff, and soldier on the field-Fight for Good Alcona. But between you, me, and Random, its goign to be you someday. Who knows though, maybe Alcona will make a good king and many thousands of years will pass in peace, the azcalans cutting tomatoes on their alters instead of slaves. The Oracles might have lied. But I think Alcona will fall into practices of power once he is on the throne. The lure of the power of life force gained in sacrifice will be too great. He may be a good man, a friendly one, even a just one, but never forget the first act you saw him do was to tear the heart from his mother's chest."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah waits before sitting as she listens to Benedict. Concidering ot all what he says she nods.
"I am with you in that thought, he seemed to do it with such ease and almost if it was a playful punishment. "
She sits down
"But yes it may take long amd that is absolutely fine by me. There is still to much to learn for me and to be skillful in. "
She then grins
"But wise up? Do not get your hopes up on that one. I am who i am. "
She takes some meat and egg for Cicero letting him eat. Alvah self just plucks a bit at some bread.
"And i've heard of the oracle thing. That that is one of the reasons my forging wine was bloodwine. "
She raises an eyebrow looking up to Benedict.
"You know. If you came to me and told me would perhaps be better then just force it down my throat. I can be a reasonable person."
She then lets out a short chuckle.
"So the creation of an embassy here isn't a bad step either. It gives more ways for your plans.
As i heard you say the names of those with asylum, slowly but surely more Azcalan royalty be on our side then Tonacats. Even my mother..... Cihalas might be persuaded by Xozla given time. She is a strong sorceress and priestess Tonacat would not want to lose. "
Alvah looks a bit in the distance to the windows thinking.
"I'll admit had the wrong first impression of you."

Michael James Watson
"Wise up? You want me to 'WISE UP'? That's precious.. You are who you are now; an Amberite less then 100 years old. Young enough to not yet grasp how tiring immortality can be. I am tempted to strand you in a fast time shadow for a thousand years just to get your perspective to understand that kind of time. Kill Tonacat, Zictalas, Zentalas, Alcoza, and maybe Alcona will be God-Emperor of Azcala. After that kill his children, his father in law and their whole line, Xozla, Cihalas, Aztilios, Untara, the unborn child Untara bears, and maybe you could legitimately come to the throne. Baring that, they may be some conquest on the platter. Someday."
"As for Oracles; I don't trust them but i must respect that some have great connections to the possible. Zictalas tried to kill Desri so that one royal with a deathmark on him that i don't need to deal with. "
"Blood wine...yes... You didn't like it much. I admit i am not a fan. The Klingons swear by it. But i put a splash in your forging wine because i wanted to see how much of a taste you had for it.. The Azcalans drink a blood tequila. Part of religious ritual. Also part of the priestly power gained through the taking of life force. I needed to know that if you are already sanctified, are you already anointed as a priest. You are not. Count that a blessing. If you were i might have had to think about the wisdom of letting you survive Rasak."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs,
"I didn't mean you wise up. Meant that i won't... "
She shrugs
"Sure i can't speak for the far future. Maybe i'll hit my head and start to think straight. Things might happen. "
She laughs
"Sure you can do that, send me away, but you won't cause i have the feeling you like to keep certain level of control, especially with parts you have plans for or are needed for plans. Stuffing me away for so long... that is just going to bring to many uncertain factors concerning me."
Alvah raises her eyebrow.
"Those are alot of people and powerful people that have to go first. But why continue after that. Untara is not bad. She is not agreeing with the whole thing in Azcala just like Xozla.
She then blinks
"Wait Untara is pregnant?. "
Silent a moment she continues.
"But yes i had the luck that dad took me away from my mother as quick as he did. There are only ,as is the idea, a dozen hearts of me around... well minus one. Candle has the one Xozla had. "
She lets Cicero slither over her hand and between her fingers smilings as she does.
" the tequila i love but that is because i was nursed with it apparently. The imprint i have is but a mere echo of that of Cihalas. So not that much prepared into team Azcala.
Happy that you didn't let me die on Rasak then. "

Michael James Watson
"I was uncertain about you. I sometimes send people i am uncertain about to Rasak. It puts a compulsion ring on them i can use if i need to. That's handy. People like Shaz Far, Vek, Relmopator, Jurt, Doria, Desri. Its a proving ground. Proves they have the training to survive, proves i don't need to kill them then. "
"The blood issue is important. Mind you, im not squeamish. There are many dark rituals that i have played a part in, many wars, many atrocities. My soul is as black as they come. But my loyalty to Amber out does them. And i have learned to not wear the veneer of the butcher fresh from the slaughter pens into court. Mostly i grew out of them."
"Xozla is a problem. I like him. We met, fought, against each other and beside each other, for a time. THis was when Azcala was sealed off and i was unsure of his lineage. I might like seeing him on the throne. But Cihalas, your mother, would make a bad queen. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah leans back and nods
"Yeah that compulsion ring... not to pleased but... whatever, it is what it is... "
Alvah looks thoughtful down a sad look flashes before her.
"Actually i've given it thought earlier and it is not a bad things. So much is still unknown fo the power of the diamond hearts. The influence, the influence of the psyche pool the royals have... i've agreed with Vance that i will work with them to study this further if they want. Since i want to know as well.
And knowing that someone can just stop me in my tracks, would i go the Azcalan type of bonkers is kind of reassuring."
After a short pause.
"Look i don't know what lingers in me, what Cihalas prepared me for but i am willing to find out. Though i will not be a guinneapig or be stuffed away like my dad did fully protected, even that didn't work. He actually wanted me in Talgwir but Vance told me i can stay here for now and train. Would be as safe as in Talgwir. "
Alvah laughs
"Even if she would be convinced to drop loyalty to Tonacat Cihalas would indeed be a horrible queen."
She shrugs
"So Benedict to get things straight. Same agreement with you as with Vance. I am willing to work with you. But when it comes to direct involvement of me i want to know. I am no guineapig and i have my own things i still need to do."
She looks Benedict in the eyes.
"Can we agree on that? I think getting things straight and clear right away will only make plans easier."

Michael James Watson
"We can agree that I will do what I think is best for Amber. You may not always like that but in the end I am willing to pay for being wrong. You mention Talgwir. It has a shade of the Pattern. A close one, 99.9. It has protections that are formidable even to us. Oberon once sent Fiona to bring Sand to Amber and she sat in Talgwir just flipping Fiona off. Oberon went to fetch her and when he saw the pattern he decided he didn't need Sand enough to argue with the pattern there. Delwin won't let anyone study it and Sand isn't a sorcerer enough to tell us anything we didn't know. Delwin can be a self-righteous prig sometimes but if one is going to stand anywhere, on their principals isn't a bad rock to die on"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Very well, we can agree on that, as long as you tell me. Even if I don't agree. I can't work with people if i don't know what is going on and then i usually make the stupid decisions. Just so you know even if i make a mistake, I will admit to it but i will never ever apologize for decisions made or actions done, if they were wrong i'll full well accept the consequences"
Alvah shrugs
"I might still go there at a point. Dad really wants me to and like you said there is plenty of time. I will return in the near future to Azcala to get 2 things one of them is waiting for me and since of a bit ago probably knows i am still alive and able to get to it. As for training. I want to ask if it is alright if i invite Arlo over to study. After that i can see if it is still needed for me to stay at a more protected place"

Michael James Watson
"You should. Somehow Delwin found a pattern that only his relatives by Harla can walk. Thats he and his children Vance and you. Sand and her children Nadine and Houk. Though as I understand it Delwin refused to let Houk walk it. Houk and Nadine have no children but Vance has two. Agrom and the baby. You should walk it. Though...As much as i Like Candle, and Andorian amberite? " He shrugs.
"As for telling you..things. Its reasonable to want to be informed. I will inform you if I think it is best. An informed operative is a better one then one acting without knowing the endgame. "
"As for Prince Arloxedra...He is on the Drum Room Council. He can know anything. Damn Madwand would probably figure out everything anyway."

Amber Bronkhorst
"In time. I'll see step by step what is smart or well... that means thinking. I'll see what feels right. For now i'm here to continue learning. According to Arlo i had an ample psychic armamentarium and he said i should keep studying so it doesn't manifest in dangerous or wild ways. So sorcery, conjuration stuff. Maybe it helps if i walk the pattern in Talgwir to. The pattern here was.... hot to walk."
Alvah then raises an eyebrow.
"Are you insinuating that i should not have a relationship with Candle? What I understand is that Andorian amberites is probably not going to happen even if we wanted to.. something with racial compatibility."
Alvah laughs
"Sure you can tell me what you think is best, but me knowing myself.... tell me be as honest and usually i will go along. Since i already agreed to work with you on this, i will accept that for this goal you know more and have ofcourse way more experience. I tend to go with the educated decisions."
After taking a drink she grins.
"Last time i worked under a commanding officer i broke his jaw after he decided not to tell everything, okey and a few noses of people around.. got dishonorable discharged and as i remember Fisk and dad had to do a bit of work getting police of my back but... yeah... i just don't always react smart when i find out i've been lied to."
She looks at Benedict
"Not that i am implying i would break your jaw or nose. Small chance in that."

Michael James Watson
"The last underling who struck me I promoted and gave more responsibilities. Just so you know."

Amber Bronkhorst
"He got my team killed with his doings... so even if he did, i would not have accepted it. He did sue me though. "
Alvah laughs.
"But that was back there. My short career with the marines. And thank you for the heads up. Really make sure i want to strike you if i try then."

Michael James Watson
"Make the blade true or i'll fix ya good. Now, if we have gotten past the mandatory chest thumping lets get down to business. I assume you are in Vulsar on family business. It won't hurt my feelings if you bring Delwin closer to the family. Oberon divided his family into broods. I support the 5 brood theory. The Monster-First Brood. The Ancients-Second Brood. The Elders of Amber-Third Brood. The Lost Elders-Fourth Brood. The Unknowns-Fifth Brood. The Ancients end with Eric, and in my mind include the first two cousins; Dashel-son of Oscric, and Banidoc-my son by Margot. The Elders start with Eric and end with Random They include all those Oberon intended in Amber, to act as archetypes for all shadow. The Lost Elders are the children he had he kept away from Amber of his own reasons. Of the Elders of Amber are a few who disobeyed Oberon's desires; Evelyn, Hamilton, Delwin, Sand, Giovanni and Mirelle. I would like to see all these returned to Amber. Some have. Mirelle is in the psych ward of the dungeons of Amber. Hamilton is on good terms with the military of Amber, serves at Rasak, but does not come to court. He serves Adrian in Mandalay, is a lord there. Sand serves Mandalay as well and is rabidly anti-amber. Giovanni is currently in Adagalask and is something of a persistent shadow-body guard to a young Amberite named Tesara-daughter of Mirelle. Tesara serves Relmopater. By the way, and don't tell this to Realmer, I don't trust Realmer worth a tinker's cuss. But he is strong, cagey, and currently in service to Julian."
"So as time goes on keep an eye out for Evelyn and Hamilton, befriend them if possible. When you speak with Sand, see if you can soften her view on Amber. As for Delwin, he serves Amber, somewhat reluctantly. Convince him his future is with Amber. "
He pours another black and tan.
" Of the Lost Brood and the Unknowns- Be careful of Hanvir, Kundjiq, and Hanvir, as well number of the cousins too numerous to deal with before people flood in for No Ranks with Benedict. As for other Unkowns-Phillipe is an ass and in Mandalay and thats just as well. I doubt you will ever meet Eve and Eva, their shadow is time warped so be careful in their realms. As for Pierre.. a tortured soul.. I wish i could get him to Amber but he resists. The Line of Vincent is not involved with Amber and the Line of Verna is a whole different mess. Thats the way things are for the most part. Any questions?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"I will keep an eye on. I actually am trying to get dad more involved he wanted to get away, but so far as i keep busy and in harms way he stays. He is still very protective over me. Think out of feeling of guilt for who my mother is, what she has done to me and the risk i daily take. Cause as long as my mother and Tonacat still have my hearts or one of them they can in a way manipulate when close. They can at least find me. I was prepared for the whole, Azcala no longer being a squiggle thing."
Alvah leans back.
"If i get closer to Realmer would that help the situation? I might have something soon which he needs. And he knows of Dufiro which has my interest to. For that thing i have to go back to Azcala though."
She picks up Cicero and lets him slither on her shoulder.
"When i meet others i'll try and promote Amber. But no promises on succes. My own feelings are not always certain either."
"As for family visit. Yes also. And to see Candle which worked out well. And as Delwin before storming off to Azcala told me to go to Talgwir Vance offered i can stay here. Just as safe. But no, no questions and with meeting new people i usually go by my own intuition, but i will take your advice to heart."

Michael James Watson
"Dufiro....There are a number of enclaves of such creatures; beings of power, trading power for power.. Dangerous to depend on them. Finndo is another one to speak with if you want advice on such creatures. I've fought Dufiro of War many times. Tough, but not unkillable. I can't speak specifically on the Dufiro but its been the downfall of many people across shadow to bind them as servants, defenders, protections, only to have them abandon them in battle. I do not think much of such entities. "
Looking up, a number of people start filtering in to the cafe, taking seats at tables as far from Ben as possible, yet watching he and Alvah. Waiters come and start circulating..
Carl comes over and nods, "Word is out that you are here and the No Ranks sign is lit. Captain Shalloti is first. Once he comes over.."
Ben nods, "I know, i know..And Shalloti will want to talk about the new line of Vulsar produced tall ships.. " Looking to Alvah. Shalloti is a seaman from a shadow of sailors..Did a term at Star Fleet, thinking it a naval service. Now he wants industrial replicators to produce a new class of sailing vessels for the Amber wooden ship fleet... oh well. Send him over Carl..."