Alvah helps out in the kitchen

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Michael James Watson
Entering Margot's kitchen she sees something busier then usual. Flora is speaking with Dart and they are looking over paper that looks like seating charts.
Flora looks up, "OH thank the Unicorn!!!! Alvah I was a woman short! Dinner is at 6, you will be expected.. I will tell Random you are here.. Margot we are going to need a great deal more of the curry chicken and a bigger sweet table.. The Acadians and their damn sweet tooth."
Margot says, "Its forbidden fruit dear, you know how the Acadian's eat at home.. porridge and ham 3 meals a day.. Oh Alvah... its so fine to see you. And so timely! Unless you are being chassed by hellhounds I hope you can spare a couple hours and make a few huge batches of your brownies? I've sent a tingle to Cicero. He;s down in the gardens again.. He is growing fat on pigeon eggs.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah standing with the dishes in hand concider to just drop everything and turn to leave.
She is visible thinking it over.
She does like Margot, and Flora also kinda. Alvah lets out a deep deep sigh.
Putting down the dishes she nods.
"Sure what is the dresscode? So i won't stand out."
She smiles to Dame Margot.
"Ofcourse, i came to get Cicero, but if he is fine in the garden i can ofcourse help out. "
Alvah rolls her sleeves up washes her hands and goes to the appointed kitchen station.
"So what is the occasion of this stress in the kitchen?"

Michael James Watson
Flora says, "The dress code is mildly formal.. not high court. The Acadians almost never come to court but they are making a special trip for Random to knight one of their young royals. "
Margot help[s collect supplies for her cooking station, while seemingly never missing a beat elsewhere. "The Kingdom of Acadia is a small kingdom with a fiercely loyal population. It is an Island group just west of Jaj. So west of the continent of Amber. They are a Golden Circle Kingdom in the top 10 signatories, despite being small. Quiet, friendly but not very flashy. But their diet is very limited. They try to import almost nothing despite it being a major port. So, they crave sweets when they come here."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Got it so simple dark dress. But good for them going out and about. Didn't know that was a thing though that King Random would knight someone from another kingdom... is that a common thing which happens?"
Alvah works hard while talking focusing on the recipe Margot taught her. She steps lightly in the kitchen using her danceskills to not step in anyone their way. Now and then Alvah adds a twirl making her baking in a little dance. Easier to remember for Alvah.l when it is a dance.
"Well if they crave sweets i'll make batches of brownies worthy for a best friend having been dumped by their soulmate via text message."

Michael James Watson
Margot says, "Oh yes. Random knights many people from across the multiverse, especially Golden Circle Kingdoms. As a matter of fact, Benedict knighted you a few moments ago I a assume. Just returned from Rasak, makes you a Knight of the Elites. Its considered a high honor by Golden Circle nobility to be knighted into an Amber Order of knighthood. Prestige is important in ralms like Acadia and Diaga. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah moves along her station baking mixing measuring, baking. By now it would like a choreography.
"Really now.... i did not know this. Well the more you know."
She then smiles to Margot.
"Prestige is overrated. But that is my opinion. Won't tell the Acadians that."

Michael James Watson
Dart brings a plater over, "I entirely agree, Alvah. PRestige is overrated. But it depends on one's view what is prestigous. and in some golden cirlce kingdoms Perstige, influence, connections. titlles, lands, manoprs, are like currancy. Acadia and Dieaga in particular."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles to Dart
"Eh well whatever works for others. Makes it ofcourse easier to deal with when one knows what is important to them."
Alvah fills the platter layering the brownies in a pleasing for the eye way.
"So anything i should not say... or such customs i should know of? Don't want to kick against shins today. "
Alvah licks a bit of batter and nods.
"I had that planned for tomorrow. " she grins at Flora.
"I suck at small talk just so you know."

Michael James Watson
Flora says, "Well, an essay on the value of Prestige might be a risky topic over canapes." She chuckles..

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Got it no essays about the uselessness of prestige, and its pretentiousness."
She winks to Flora.
"I'll just be still and sit straight. How about that."

Michael James Watson
Flora leans against a table and eats a cream puff," Caine would say 'Prestige is a tool like any other. Sometimes to use a needlle, sometimes you use a hammer.' Bu then Caine is an ass. I kicked him in the yarbles once so hard he went into shadow to have some harlot coax them loose."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs out loud.
"Daaaammnn nice kicking!"
She then shrugs
"But really he does have a point. It is a tool. Just like any other wish or dream people have. Just like a market. Supply and demand. Someone needs prestige for some reason or another and if you can easily give it and with that get what you need. It is a tool. "
Alvah turns and looks at Flora.
"Just like money. Some people die, kill, maim for it. But is it not more then a tool. Money is not as useful and important as others. "
Alvah then grins.
"So uhh did his balls ever drop? Could be a reason why he talks so little."

Michael James Watson
Margot says, "Canie talks so little because he only says whats needed. He doesn't spend a lot of time chatting, like some people"
Flora sticks her tounge out and returns to work.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles softly and shakes her head. Moving back to her work in the kitchen.
humming a soft tune. she then speaks up again after a bit
"oh by the by, Shoudl i talk to you if want to request some food and drink related things for a prisoner?" She looks to Dame Margot.
"It kind of all happened a bit chaotic a week ago but i told a prisoner i was going to see what i could do for information given. "

Michael James Watson
Flora and Margot look at each other, and something seems to pass mentally between them. Margot gives a slightly subservient nod which makes Alvah realize that for all of her ancient service, for her rank as a duchess, for how friendly and teasingly comfortable they are with each other, she still answers to this much younger princess.
Margot says, "When you see him next ask what he wants in his drink barrel. I'll oblige it up here. Ah..See those wood boxes the the lines? take him one of those. it has 3 dinner plates, four small plates, a salad bowl, a fruit bowl and a desert bowl. Tell him that he may use each once per day. He is off his restricted diet."
Flora says ,"Arlo arranged for Brand to have a private table at Sea View. Its in a place against the castle wall far from water, guarded on 3 sides by battlements, and the front open and high enough that dinners may look on him with whatever emotions they desire. He also may not leave the restricted zone. Hagalta has the privilege to dine there at your convenience."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up at the boxes and nods she smiles to Dame Margot
"thank you and i will ask him what he wants in his barrel."
She then nods to Flora
"yes i can take him there at my convenience if he has information to share or anything. So far he has been cooperative and shared alot of information. I wanted to show him that working along does pay up. "
Alvah smiles again
"supply and demand." Holding up both hands like a scale.
"Do not know when i am going down there agian, but next time i'll take one of the boxes with me and ask for his wine order. "
She nods slowly while turning back to her work
"Thank you, "

Michael James Watson
Margot says, "Thats alright, if you are ok with his diet change i'll have the box sent down with Brand's cake tonight.'

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods relieved she does not have to see Hagalta right away again
"thank you, Yes i am fine with it. "
She then raises an eyebrow
"Brand gets cake?"

Michael James Watson
Flora shrugs her shoulders, "Ask Arlo..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"i will but later, because if i would ask now, then he would not stop talking, and i would not be much help here in hte kitchen. Which would be a shame. "
Alvah then focuses on her work again, making sure the batter and brownies are just right.

Michael James Watson
In time Margot takes one and nibbles.. "Excellent.. Thank you so much for letting us dragoon you after everything..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"oh not a problem, i don't mind helping out. and honestly other then gonig to dance tonight i had nothing else really plannend. But i guess i can do that tomorrow night as well. So tonight i'll be available for that missing spot.." she looks at Flora
"right? so what time should i be where?"

Michael James Watson
Margot says, "Get here by dusk. In the family chambers."

Amber Bronkhorst
ALvah nods
"Very well i'll be here on time. then now i am going to see if i can find Cicero. been to long. " She walks out of the kitchen holding up her hand in a wave.
"see you tonight at dusk."