Alvah her first real shadowwalk

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Michael James Watson
"Shadow walk to Vulsara.....ok.....Tell me.... What do you know about Vulsara? What will you add and subtract to find it? The realm has a pattern so its sort of like getting in a getting on a motorcycle, driving down town, looking for a very tall building. But what do you do on street level? What landmarks? What color is the sky? is the water salty, drinkable? sweet? the flavor of tomato and clam juice? How do you construct a mindset to get you to a particular place?

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Bleys, she then closes her eyes and thinks for a while.
"yes it has its own pattern, taken by Vance from the Abyss, they say it is tainted though. "
She tilt sher head and keeps thinking
"Iw ouldn't know what the food taste like, i know it is clean, high trees, very green for such technology. A big spaceship rests where the pattern is. Now funtioning as HQ.
The sky is blue and very clear. "
Alvah opens her eyes, and shrugs
"that is all i know so far from it, have been there but i was brought there by the pattern. "

Michael James Watson
Bleys nods, "Ok... You want a nice smooth slow shadow walk. Think in terms of distance and details. If the place in mind is wildly different from where you start you need distance and probably a lot of details. If the place you want to go has only a few differences you you may need just a few meters and to effect a few changes. "
"So, you know Vulsara has a pattern, but you have not seen it. A good start. You raise the sigil and as you walk you look through it. Along the way you will see flickers of constructs of many kinds and in time you will learn to distinguish them but now with the sigil raised you look for a similar structure. Of course walking the whole way with the sigil up would be very tiring so all you need to do is raise it occasionally."
"I will tell you something about Vulsar you would probably figure out if you thought about it since you saw the shows on your home world. Vulsar was in an Earth/Urath/Eirth world. The Federation Vance and Benedict devoured was started on Earth. Now in Vance's personal Vulsar, he was a starship captain, and an Admiral JG. We Amberites might deed the shadow to him but in that shadow he was living a normal life, not the God Emperor of Vulsar. That happened when He and Ben decided Amber needed a unified galaxy Star Fleet with agreeable Klingons and cooperative borgs. So....."

Amber Bronkhorst
"So that means that the basis of the shadow is still an earth world. Even if it is more advanced. If you look at the star trek series star trek enterprise is not much different then from the earth time i came from except no magic there and we never got visited by vulcans. "
Alvah draws a bit absent-minded in some dirt or dust.
"So Vulsar would need more high tech taller buildings. A pattern which can be searched for with the sigil. Adding one and one... and one and one more. Eventually you would get the Vulsara Vance is in. Is that also something to focus on? Who the ruler is?"

Michael James Watson
"So.. and earth world with all its physics and gravity and clouds and animal life all essentially the same. That means you know that much about Vulsar too. Now you want one where peoples and nations and planets gained star travel. It isn't just the planet you want in a long trip, its all the details of the whole shadow. Yes, and earth world.."
"One thing.. Yes, Just because you were not visited by Vulcans doesn't mean they were not there. And what makes you think there was no magic there? Vance has whamy jammy tough big boy magic. If you add to your walk no magic because you never saw them use magic in the TV series you might reach a different Vulsar base. Have you ever heard of a group of people called Fair Witnesses?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Fair witnesses, no not heard of."
Alvah looks up from her tracing and nods
"Right Vulsar of Vance has magic he uses it. His crew uses it. "
Alvah then chuckles
"If Vulcans would have come to.the shadow i'm from the white council would have had them dissappearing... nothing out of the ordinary should happen.... to control the non magic folks... "
Alvah waves a hand dismissive
"But that is a different shadow. One of my fathers"

Michael James Watson
"Fair Witness are specially trained observers. Experts in psychology. Observational Theory. They are used to relate exactly what was said in front of them. Just exactly what they see. To not assume, imply, expand or speculate.
Random has someone trained as a fair witness around him all the time; Galvar. The person in the long white robe in Court that no one speaks to is one in their professional attire. A lot of us take the classes at Fantalin. It helps in shadow walking to think like a Fair Winters. Assume nothing. State the obvious; there is a tree, green on the top on this side. Not- there is a green tree. There is an oak tree, green branches on this side with a brown bear at the base. Not a brown bear sleeping at the base unless you want the brown bear at the base to be sleeping. Be clear. Use good details. Assume nothing."
"Your White Council is a political force. Not a mystical one except in its trappings. Your White Council makes sure magical occurrences don't disrupt the status quo of the world. That one planet. If Vulcans arrived on the planet would the White Council have jurisdiction to make them go away? That seems a bit rude to do too such polite visitors."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds up her finger.
"Ey not my white council.. never been part of them. Fuckers."
Concidering the instructions from Bleys about the details she nods.
"Yes i see. Details without any form of interpretation. Just what is. I believe i understand what you are saying. Multiple methods but together one can reach where you want to go. As long as you have a clear imagine in mind what the details of said place are. "
Alvah getting a bit restless she smiles
"Think is should be going soon to try it then."

Michael James Watson
"I have no idea what your White Council is on your world or Delwin's. But i know Delwin. Now that you are a big bad Rasak grad I don't mind telling you Delwin may be a decent man but he is a whiney Amberite. Don't get me wrong; I like him. I was born after he and Sand had come to Amber, tussled with the Elders and left with their aging Queen. Aging in Amber is a product of Enthusiasm. Its usually thought to only work to make one grow young but it also works to make one age fast if their enthusiasm flees them. It certainly did for Queen Harla. I assume that Whatever Council of senior mages exists' in your world Delwin is arse deep in them and they probably dance to his tune. Its his shadow after all. "
"Anyway, yes. As you start the details are everything. Lose track of things and who knows what you'll find. About 16 years after patternfall Gerard got ragingly drunk in shadow and tried shadow walking back rather then trumping one of us. He got most the right details but lost track of a couple important ones. The main one being Height. Its not common knowledge but it was he who discovered the Agoliths. A Shade realm of Amber with nearly identical histories even up to the Black Road War, Oberon dyeing, and Random becoming king. But the fuckers were half our size. So the Royal Family of Agolia came in state to Amber. Hilarity ensued. For once it wasn't a drunk me that brought chaos to Amber. Gerard was mortified. Hell, Arlo is still a member of the Non-Partisian Anti-Agolith League. So.. Keep your mind on the details."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs maybe a bit to hard.
"Oh Bleys that my dad has a kind of tantrum dramatic side i know. I was there in the pattern room when he tried tk stop me and had a fit. "
She waves her hand anx tries tk stop laughing.
"Doesn't mean i don't love him... he is my dad and tries to do the right thing. But yeah. " she suddenly fas still with laughter as the whole ordeal why he is overprotective comes to mind.
She inhales deeply and lets out a sigh.
After a second she puts up a smile again.
"Oh yes! I heard of Agolith... not how they came to be discovered. So funny!!! And such a cautionary tale.. don't shadowwalk and drink. Or be Gerard to whom pint sized people are the same as regular... that man is a giant!"

Michael James Watson
He laughs and says, "apparently their Arlo and our Arlo came to sword point. He has no sense of humor about them. As for my Agolith twin, He and I travel together sometimes. They are an interesting people. Their strength may be half the full sized versions, but their endurance equals ours. Their understanding of warfare and their ability to manipulate magic are the same. Wyndham Feldane, the pompus fart picked a fight with their Julian. Got his ass handed to him on a platter. A half sized Julian was still stronger then a full sized Wyndham."
"Back to Vulsar. So you have an earth world with a blue sky and full sized people. You want an advanced civilization with a fully active galactic federation. Then comes the tricky part. You want the relationship of time to be 60 days in Amber to 1 in Vulsar.. Dealing with time is dangerous but we Amberites have to keep it in mind. You will come to get a feel for it but may I suggest you let me handle that? I'll walk with you till you are on the right path and the right time relation. I'm not saying you couldn't get it just that its dangerous. You can link in and see how I do it and in the future you can try it yoiurself( extreme time ratios are an Advanced Pattern power for me)'

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
'Alright if you are willing to join me and Spatchi i would leave the difficult stuff like time to you. Again thank you, and also for the sorcery lessons. "
She smiles
"So when do we go? I'm ready! Not drunk or otherwise intoxicated."
She winks and stands.

Michael James Watson
"What? And miss tonight's show? Never! Crosy, Stills, and Nash make a surprise appearance! Besides, i took the shrooms an hour ago so they peak around show time.. Lets go tomarrow around noon. We'll have a nice lunch and walk off from there."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Oh yeah ofcourse can't miss that. "
She nods
"Tomorrow then after lunch we go, i won't be bothering you further then. So you can enjoy the show and the shrooms.
I am getting some eggs for Cicero in the meantime. And tell Spatchi we'll be heading out tomorrow."

Michael James Watson
Bleys is wearing ripped black denimjeans. Engineer boots, a grateful dead t-shirt. On one hip is a bowie knife and the other a holstered pistol. Over it all a black well worn slightly armored trench coat

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah walks up and waves, Spatchi following with her and Cicero coiled around her upper arm she smiles wide.
"So we ready? I have been thinking about it how to go about it all morning after our talk Bleys. "
Alvah just starts walking figuring it would be easier to go slow until she got the hand of it.
She focuses first on the surroundings that have to change from a 70's to modern time and beyond.
Taller buildings. Slick effecient and clean as she saw them last time she was there.
The streets, better developed, straight, clean. leveled.
That is her focus first, moving to a place like they were but more developed, in a further technology level.
As she walks she focuses fully on the steps. Trusting in Spatchi and Bleys that if shit goes wrong they will notify her.

Michael James Watson
Bleys's new look as he emerges in the morning.. a More urban traveling look


Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins seeing Bleys his looks she nods approvingly
"Looking good. I would compliment you further but that would be awkward seeing you are my uncle."
She then returns to her focus on the road ahead. She figures walking along a real road would help her keep track of her movements and way.
When Alvah has the idea that her surroundings are changed properly to her idea towards where Vulsar would be. she starts to check for the first time with the sigil. Bringing it up in fornt of her.
Doing as Bleys had explained to her looking for the pattern through the sigil in shadows around her.
She tries to get as close as possible this way. She does not focus on the time difference as that was a detail that Bleys would take care of.
She does keep in mind the details of the shadow she wants to go to. How it looked the last time she was there.
Her brother Vance, nephew Agrom, Candle who is also there. She thinks with a grin.
A high tech space faring shadow, magic, pattern.
As she remembered her plans when breaking in with dance steps so does she try to remember Vulsara.
After a while shel ooks over her shoulder to check on Bleys and Spatchi, she asks Bleys
"how am i doing so far?"

Michael James Watson
"Color of the sky. smell of machine parts and cleaning products. humidity. temperature.. What are we walking on?