Alvah her first sacrifice

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Michael James Watson
"No, its too late to hide from me."
The trump closes.
Vek says, "These people have some seriously twisted heads. That's coming from a Chaosian..."
Looking around he says ,"That trump must really have sent us to the suburbs."
Alvah looks around and the location the trump sent her is a large collection of buildings with thatched roofs. There are a lot of people around involved in corn. Shucking, cleaning, mashing. There are wagons full around. Nearby buildings are squat and round and seem to be corn storage.
Off in the distance are rolling hills with strong rivers in the gullies, covered with growing corn. along the rivers edges ae vegetable gardens and miles of them.
The smell of cornbread being made is heavy in the air.
The people are in various styles of simple dress but most are topless and barefoot.
At the same time Vek and Alvah see a group of men and woman. about 20, coming toward them in a hurry. They carry platters with cornbread, skewered meat, carrots, sweet roasted and coated jalapenos. Some carry large clay pots of liquid with glasses.
They stop 20 ' from the two, kneel and put their heads down, offering the platters.. At nearby buildings that the people came from, other people ae gathering. Alvah notice beyond the building a group of children being hurriedly moved as fa away from the trump site as possible.

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing Zictalas she scoffs..
"Yeah right."
might not be smart but that is the ever-present rebel in her.
Enjoying the sights she smiles for a moment taking in the smell the atmosphere.
Until she sees the people come towards her. Thoughts first go to attack but seeing the platters quickly she sighs. When they kneel before them Alvah looks with an awkward and slightly sad and pained look to Vek.
"Ofcourse noone else trumps around. And i look like my mother."
Alvah breaths a few deep breaths to let go of her awkwardness.
She then goes to the people kneeling she smiles a genuine warm smile. She holds her hands visible along side her body.
"Hello, this all is not necessary. You should not give us food from your village. Altho it does look wonderful. And please get up, don't kneel."
She looks at one of them in the front and gets an idea.
"Oh you could do one thing for me. Hopefully answer a question. I heard here around should be a Jagri on his own, by the name of Tlatlayeni. Is he still around?"

Michael James Watson
They look around confused..The main man stands uncertainly. "Great Mistress.. This is Ushinio, and his wife Arlai. The are old, sickly, but devout. The land is ripe but we work hard to provide for all. Take these two, who are willing to serve you. They are ready to go to Mictlan. Please, be merciful and take our offerings rather then the young that we need to provide food for all the realms." He looks as if he expects to be chosen as well, hoping the gods that come at the point of Arrival don't demand a greater harvesting.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just looks confused now.
"I... i'm not taking anyone. "
She then kneels near the platters takes some food and smiles.
"This is perfectly fine. Thank you. I will not take the young neither the elderly."
She looks to Vek for advice or something because she can bullshit her way through alot but this is just to much for her.
"Do you know of a Jagri residing outside the village?"

Michael James Watson
The man looks scared, "Ah... Forgive our ignorance, but who are you to come as the gods yet not sacrifice to Tonacat"
Vek steps up, "She is Avaxala, daughter of Xozla and Cihalas, beloved in the faith of Xōchipilli, and aspirant of the dance. I am her traveling companion Vexakali, beloved in the faith of Xōchipilli and an aspirant of music and painting. She is new come to her birthrights and now travels as the gods. We will need lodgings. Bring these wonderful gifts to those lodgings. This evening at sundown, we shall make gentle sacrifice. Bring us a dozen ripe tomatoes. Bring the sick, and the infirm. She will dance for their health, and I shall game for your luck! "
He smiles at Alvah mischievously.
"And send word to the Jagri in this land, their leader, top cat, that we wish to speak to them, and will heal their sick as well."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah wanting to speak raises her hand then hearing Vek speak she looks at him, when she is fully turned she gives him the... 'Are you serious' look.
She then figures to go with what Vek said and stands next to him. Looking up she whispers
"We can't stay here long, They probably know we are here."
She looks to the people. a slight worry comes to her, what if her mother did get word of what happened.. or worse what if Zictalas decided to keep his word....
A deep inhale and then sigh and she tries to look somewhat serious and semi important.

Michael James Watson
Vek says in thari. "THis is Chico's realm. If Zictlas wants to come here to pick a fight he has to violate her lands. Also, we need to stay in one place for awhile if word is going to reach the Jagri. We have about 12 hours till the rites of Cihalas. Have to spend it somewhere. If you decide to attend after seeing the rites performed by Zentalas and her priests."

Amber Bronkhorst
She answers in Thari
"Very true, we might hold out here at least for a bit. And yes i still want to go to the rites with my mother. I just need her to not have lied."
She looks straight ahead again, waiting for the people to show them the way.
"And how are you thinking to heal the sick here, i have no clue how to do that with dancing. Just looking good has helped noone so far."

Michael James Watson
HE shows the green mandalay stone, making it glow slightly as the people lead them to fine, considering the place, lodgings.
"This to start. Then we are near chaos..I can conjure healing potions from Ang Ri. Its a good place to get that kind of stuff. Watch me locate then you can conjure too. A few dozen Full Heal potions out to do. We'll have to see if they work. We pour them into a suitable quantity of tequila, the Ang RI potions mix well. Then you dance and I play music. If they don't get better, they at least will get drunk. I know a low order healing spell. Not terribly effective against gaping wounds but its good on cuts and bruises. We chant some of the things we have heard, at the tomatoe rite we saw, and the stuff we heard at Zictla.. besides, most priests are charlatans. WE can be charlatans easily. You have to lead the rite though, daughter of Cihalas and Xozla"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks again as curiously and confused at the stone he shows she looks up at him
"no clue what that is."
Listening to the rest of the plan she nods
"Sounds good, At least we can make a show of it right. And given enough alcohol a show is easier bought. But i'll watch you locating it could be usefull to have acces to such a thing. "
She then sighs
"Yeah i think i can copy what mom did at the tomato rite thingy. Give it a bit of extra reverence and flair and people should buy it. "
SHe looks worried at Vek
"Do you think my mother knows by now? Do you think Zictalas contacted her already? Although big chance now is that at the rite tomorrow Zictalas might be there as well. Well either way i'm expecting a call from mom anytime now.. and if it doesn't happen then all things might be less dire then i think."

Michael James Watson
"I'm not sure that Zictalas and Cihalas talk much. We thought that is who she went to when she left suddenly. instead she brought a goddess of corn. Bye the way, this cornbread is amazing..." He eats another square.
He takes some of the juice, sighs.."ahhhh... i could get useed to the food here. Iced sweetened corn milk....I had never heard of it till coming here..."
In time outside people are gathering. the courtyard is filled. A path leads through the crowd.
In a few hours a elder comes with a basket of fine tomatoes, "I hope these will serve , Avalxala? They are our ripest grown for food and for sacrifice."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah actually to nervous to eat and she doesn't eat much anyway. She does taste a bite and she does drink just not much.
"yes the food is amzing here. The funny thing is... i've grown up in a California Earth place. and i've always always went to the more mexican style food. My exotic dance outfits... heavily inspired like the style here."
She grins at Vek
"Geuss it is always been in my blood. "
Then after a moment of silence she holds up her hands
"i do not know where mom is, and thinking about it not hearing anything from her till tomorrow is even scarier then hearing from her. "
Watching the elders approach she accepts the baskets of tomatoes showing gratitude with a warm smile.
"these will do perfectly. Thank you."
She looks at Vek if he is almost ready to do the little act they had planned.

Michael James Watson
Vek nods, shifts his garb a bit to look similar in cut to what he saw at Cihalas's place.
He nods to the man, "They look lovely. I hope they will be on the menu for tonight's feast!"
HE leads the two up to a small hill by the villiage. Getting a look over the area calling it a villiage is wrong. She sees dwellings in the rises and shallows for miles and miles. And a sense of the ocean breeze in the west

Amber Bronkhorst
With a bright look she watches over the land amazed. The simplicity and vastness, the beauty.
Alvah had not changed her clothing because she can't but she had already put on something pretty for going out in the city so this would do. At least it is an outfit she can dance in.
She watches the position of the sun to guess how much time they have left.

Michael James Watson
She sees it is moments. And nearby is a finely made alter, short, with vines around the base of the riverr stone alter. A flat piece of marble shows signs of many years of use.
Vek stays behind her as the old man with the basket stands next to the alter.

Amber Bronkhorst
Remembering that her mother did the cutting at exact the time of the breaking of the dawn she guesses that the same would be with the setting of the sun.
With a smile she takes a good looking tomato from the basket.
A knife she has so that would not be an issue.
Holding the tomato she watches the sun basking in the evening warmth she loves the warm touch of the sun. When it starts to set Alvah lays the fruit on the altar and cuts it in half like she had her mother seen doing. She then raises both halves in the air.
She doesn't fully know what to focus on, but in her heart and mind she really prays or hopes that it will do good for the land, the people the sick and the hungry.
"May this scarifice bless the lands, the people. The crops grow healthy and strong and noone will go hungry."
She places the halves on the altar while she talks.
She slices it into wedges. Feeling like a darn kitchen princess. If her father would see her now.

Michael James Watson
She feels a rush starting at her toes, up her legs, loins, and chest, up and to her fingers.. It feels like warm power. Her psyche tingles and she feels as if she could push it further..
Reaching automatically for the second tomatoes, and repeating it automatically, the rush comes again, making her feel more potent psychical.
He hands reaches and grasps the third as she gets control of herself.. She feels empowered..
Seeing Vek, she notices a sigil of the logrus glowing in his hand. Looking closer she sees the logrus and the pattern glowing around his heart fire stacked against each other. She sees around him the spel;ls he has hung on each frame. Sees the green and yellow Mandalay stones he owns.. On his belt glows a blade with markings of the logrus. on the other side his Rasak knife. She sees a green stone on his belt connected to a suit of clothes he changes. IN a pocket are 5 sets of 6 iron rods the size of pencils. She senses a firearm on the back of his belt, always covered but glowing in her sight as magical.
She sees the Alter is magical, the residual effect of thousands of years of gentle sacrifice and many less, but clear a part, of bloody sacrifices.
The old man with the basket wears a medallion of some aztec god, the icon unfamiliar to her.

Amber Bronkhorst
Ecstatic Alvah works her way through some tomatoes.
The power, the rush. Never she actually felt this in power or in control. She will sacrifice the third tomato as she had already grabbed it.
Would be rude not to.
She tries to focus her energy and power to the land the people as her mother had told. Warm the cold, heal the sick. It is an immense feeling she clearly loves but it has to do some good.
Fertile lands. That is what she hopes for, wants for these people. Fertile lands with bountyful harvests.
After the third tomato she steps back from the altar and holds still for a moment except for her raised hands. She then kneels to the ground touching it and letting her fingers curl in the grass.
"A blessing to the land."
She turns to Vek and the old man.
Curious about the medallion she walks up to him and without asking she looks at it.
Then speaking in a firm but gentle tone.
"A feast would be in order. And as promised will we see to the sick."

Michael James Watson
She feels the power on the third sacrifice, but focusing on it she feels it not connected to the land. ITs connected to her blood, and as she looks around she feels a yellow glow far away, shadows and realms away far above though not in space but at greater distance.. a single thing, a construct, that her sacrifice empowered leaving her a fraction of the sacrifice.
But the fraction was stronger each sacrifice, if only a penny's worth. Only a copper coin's worth. and it feels like it is fading already and will be gone in an hour..
If the symbolic sacrifice gave her so much, and empowered the yellow stone so much, what must a human sacrifice give of its power?

Amber Bronkhorst
Feeling the connection with that something she stares off into that direction. Focusing on the feeling it gives. The way it looks. Even if she only sees the glow.
Her hand moves with thr knife changing the grip from cutting up food to stabbing.
She switches between the grips several times as she looks.
Is she actually concidering it... could she do it although it is only one life. What is one life against the blessing of so many. And this much power.
Not knowing how long she stoof there she tries to pull herself free from her contemplations. She looks up at Vek with new eyes sk to say.
Some form of enlightment has reached her.
"Are you ready?" She asks Vek.
"We should prepare for the feast."

Michael James Watson
He nods, "Lets get back to the place they gave us. We can conjur there. You have a yellow glow from the sacrifice, i can see it in my logrus vision."
Turning to the man "Bring the feast in one hour. Make sure sacrificial tomatoes are on our plates. Bring the sick and the injured."
Back in the room he asks, as he raises the logrus.
"Did you feel anything? I saw a glow around you and energy, a small amount, leaving the realm"

Amber Bronkhorst
When back she turns to Vek and with a gleeful lool she speaks.
"Feel anything? YES not just anything but power. Strength so much power... and this was only symbolic.... the yellow glow it is a construct very far away. I could see it. Sense it. "
Alvah twirls from happyness.
"This... is such a good feeling. It was such a rush. I could see you the logrus, pattern. Those tellow and green stones. Where yiu have your outfits the fire arm you arry... the spells you have hung on frames. "
She smiles wide, overjoyed
"I could see it all... "

Michael James Watson
"I could see the trail. tiny, but going into you and going north. I could shadowwalk to follow that trail. Its a construct, not the Sigil."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah still on her 'high' she looks at Vek
"It will fade to quickly you probably can't reach it in time.
But yes i've felt it the construct. Most of the power goes there. A little stays."
She then gestures outside.
"And we have people to help and entertain. "

Michael James Watson
Vek agrees and raises his sigil to begin conjuring. He knows a hospital in Ang Ri and shows where it is. He starts collecting healing potions.
When he brings one batch through he removes the stopper on one,. He cuts his hand, making a wound n the back. He knocks back the potion. In moments the small wound heals..
"Good. These work. It made sense. Ang Ri is not far from here, as the shadow dragon flies. The realms have similar dynamics.. These are called 3 Dose bottles. They will heal small wounds, broken limbs, bruises. They are euphoric so it will give them a buzz and make them see bright colors. Lots of bright colors around here already. Only one a person; they don't double up. However, they do stop bleeding wounds first the the extent they can. These silver vials are Cure Simple Diseases. It wont cure major illness but it will effect colds, coughs, mumps, and nearly all venereal diseases. Don't give them to pregnant women. Give them the gold vials. IF someone has a sickness these don't effect then its the best we can do unless we take them someplace more technical. Though, these people look pretty healthy and we were in the center of their city. Anyone with critical injuries were already transported to a more technological place.. These people arn't living in a stone age. They are clearly in an early technological age. From an earth point of view, mid 1800s. You are the goddess here, you hand them out, ill hand them to you"

Amber Bronkhorst
Watvhing Vek conjure she takes note where it is and how to reach it.
Hearing yhe explanation she nods
"Got it. Yeah goddess such a weird thought.
We have to make a plan to get back to moms place. I think i still have tk call her. Or do you have another trump of the rooms we were staying?"

Michael James Watson
"I usually don't make duplicated till I have more then a sketch. Rather then calling Cihalas, what about calling Aztilios?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks and nods
"Moght not be a bad choice so far he doesn't seem like a horrible person. His motivations are clear and reasoning. He plays with rebelious thoughts unless he is near mother. She influences him, but he knows and he knows he will always return since he likes the power, and the authority he has over others. Being able to call armies and such."
She shrugs.
"So yeah after the whole feast i'll contact Aztilios. And if all else fails only then i'll call mom who might not be happy as well when finding out about the kids and Coatl."
She then looks at Vek slightly worried.
"And we have tk think what to do with Zictalas his threat. That he wants a dosen live slaves fit for sacrifice or else he'll send.... Cipactlix after you."

Michael James Watson
"The Cipactlix are a lizard man race. I've dealt with one of them in Nu Yark. Kibar punched one at a bar and it cowardly summoned his assassin buddies. Kibar and I dealt with them. Still, they are skilled killers, hunters, and Assassins. they are arrogant and hold a grudge. The one I dealt with had 8 friends. One Zictalas sends might lead a legion."
He leads out to set up by the alter, greeting patients, and mentally suggesting to Alvah what drug to use. Vek also opens his logrus, to the amazement of the crowd and summons a ton of aspirin. He summons little chaos toys for the kids that he passes out while she is healing the sick.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Okey then i get the threat better and we need to make sure Zictalas is not going to put his words to actions."
She looks up at Vek with that playful grin of hers
"Would hate to see you hurt.. or.. miss you."
With a confidence she steps up to the altar where people are gathered. Listening to Vek his suggestions she acts on it. Also offering some reassuring words to the people.
She lets her dufiro come out as well let them play with the kods as they played with her. With clear instructions to be gentle.
Alvah wonders if joy and laughter might give power as well. When offering her dance she wants to see how that translates to the altar and power gathering.

Michael James Watson
The dances, and Vek's music do not generate power. But it does spread joy. The crowds grow as word speeds . Vek step inside and summons more meds as needed.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah does enjoy herself dancing and asks her elementals to join in with the dancing.
Bringing joy is as powerful as anything else really. Giving people a lighter heart.
Alvah looks around if the Jagri have also accepted the invitation.
When the music and dancing is done. Alvah will pay attention to the children play with them, dance with them. She might not be a great singer.
But she will make music and sing with them. Letting them teach her some songs as well.
Might be a nice change. A less bloody god amongst their mids even if only for an evening.

Michael James Watson
The children are delighted by the elementals tossing them about. The parents look on in surprise. They participate in the singing enjoying the new songs. Vek does a rendition of Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown on drums which confuses the people but they seem to enjoy it.
The children keep yelling, "Again!!!!!" for more elemental dancing, liking the water and air the best.
After a couple hours Vek taps and points to a woman leaning against a building on the outskirts of the central courtyard. Looking to her, she has the usual azcalan long dark hair, and is dressed in simple native attie. But Alvah and Vek recognize Xilonen, the daughter of Chico, who did not speak at the time they all met.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up at the taps on her shoulder, she nods seeing Xilonen.
Telling the elementals to stay and play and also for Cicero to keep an eye on things she walks calmly over to Xilonen.
"Hello, hope you don't mind we are here."
She looks back at the area with the altar seeing Vek enjoying himself to. Then looking back she smiles
"And we kind of got ourselves busy."

Michael James Watson
Vek does a magic show for the kids, all of non-magic prestidigitation.
After Alvah speaks, She takes her hand, leans in and kisses her cheek.
She makes a hand motion imitating the elementals and a questioning look on her face. On one hand she counts off, on the other makes hand symbols that she interprets as air, water, fire, and stones. Indicates asking if she can see them.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins seeing Vek doing a magic show.
Then the kiss on her cheek she smiles warmly at Xilonen
"Thank you, happy you do not mind. And who knew Vek was so good with kids."
She chuckles and then looks at Xilonen her signing when she understands she nods
"Oh yes ofcourse. You want to go there or shall i call them here? It is what you find most comfortable. "
She looks back at the kids who are now mostly busy with the magic show anyway and calls her four elemental friends.
"These are my friends since i was a young age... When my dad had taken me away from here a friend of his showed me these durifo elementals, we played and bound ourselves to eachother. What they just did with tossing the children about. THat is usually the game we played when i was child."
She holds her hand out to Xilonen,
"Xilonen, these are Menos, Sindri, Mayaan, Choros. My friends this is Xilonen. "
She does in a way of semi formal introduction.

Michael James Watson
The elementals dance small on her hands as they hear their names. recognizing them...
Xilonen runs her hands through them and they laugh like puppies.
She makes a swirling motion. And a puddle appears, becoming a pool a couple meters across. A female form arises in it.
"I am Hushax. You may use my calling name. You have elementals born of the Dufrieanalat. I would have you know me as a friend, so he knows my worship. I give my life path as proof; Water elemental, Spirit of Water, cleanliness, growth, blending, and defense, Avasa of water, ice, cleanliness, growth, "she looks a little ashamed, "and rage, Masoja of Water, growth, and Guard. I am Xilonen's companion in the health of tender growths. You come of Cihalas, but you bring joy? Did Chalas know some creature of joy long enough to birth without horror and malice? The legends do not speak of this but they are often blind"
Vek looks up suddenly and conjurs rock candy to give the kids a distraction as he starts to walk over.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks surprised and then with respect to Hushax before her, inclining her head
"IT is a pleasure meeting you, thank you for recognizing my friends. THey are indeed from the Dufrieanalat, he is the one that was part of my youth in raising. When he was around, "
She adds the last with a small chuckle
"It is sad buy i forgot alot of my past as well that these four and i were bound. else i could have perhaps helped them long ago to grow. But we will make up for lost time. "
She smiles at her elemental friends and plays with them with her free hand.
Seeing Vek walk up she smiles and waves
"Hey, Xilonen doesn't mind that we are here. And apparantly it is a surprise that i'm not like my mother. "
She then turns back to Xilonen and Hushax and shrugs
"Though i some ways i am like her, the temper. the drinking. Just shorter and less strong."
A soft laugh escapes her which could be taken in a cynical way or a genuine way.
"My father a creature of joy might be overstating it. He is kind though, or was to me. But he is troubled in his own ways. He is not from here. THat might have helped to. And he raised me in a protective bubble you could say.
But it felt wrong to just be here and with the people who are religious we could turn it into something useful, healing and fun for all. "
Looking down she softly adds.
"And Cihalas might be malicious and has a temper. She is also a mother and her motivations so far around me are purely protective, she wants me strong enough to survive it here. She wants me around so i can learn. She seems genuine worried and upset of me being not trained enough. She might be malicious but i don't think all is bad with her."

Michael James Watson
he nods, "Cihalas might be protective of her children. She does not barter with our kind. Was it your kind father that bound the snake with a guard and you with Life? I can not see their histories nor their life paths. But i can see you bore the Life through the Sigil of Order but not the Sigil of Azcala. Curious..
Vek walks up slowly, respectfully.
She looks to him, "You keep company with a Lord of Chaos. Curious and curious. "

Amber Bronkhorst
A shrugs she looks back at Cicero and smiles
"Well not all barter with Dufiro, a shame really now i have learned more. But no i can see how my mother would not barter. "
Looking at Vek with a smile and holds out her hand for rock candy
"brought some for us?"
She then continues
"No it was not my father, it was Dufirieanalat as well. Life to keep me alive when i was attacked by ,i think mistake, one of death. And at that same point to keep an eye on me and protect me he bound the Guard with my friend Cicero. "
Soft chuckle escapes her
"THe shadow i grew up in, might not have been such a protective bubble afterall."
Smiling up to Vek she nods
"Yes, we became friends. He helped me a great deal and is still helping me out. "

Michael James Watson
"The Dufirieanalat is a fine friend to have. I have met him in companies. I've never spoken to him. I would have him know my name and my service, not that i need him, just his regard. And you, Lord of Chaos, is you dufirosim a secret from your companion? I have little regard for Chaos; the land of death and madness. I see the life path of the one bound to you; combat, rage, warfare, binding and life. Life? Sometime I want to talk to your protector. Avasa of Blending, Conflict, and truth? Spirits of combat, blending, Rust and song. Elemental of Song? There are only a few hundred of those across all the realms and one is bound to you. Impressive; a tortured soul of a Masoja."
Vek says, "Ma'am, i consider it rude to expose my dufiro without my approval."
She swirls, " Feel free, but the laws of the Dufiro allow me. Hide not from me, lord of Chaos. Nor lead this being of light into your madness "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah calmly listens to the talk between Hushax and Vek she then raises an eyebrow.
"Though you might have little regard for a lord of Chaos, as changing Chaos is so different a Lord of Chaos can be. "
She looks with great respect and a slight admiration up to Vek. Maknig sure he doesn't see it ofcourse.
"He is actually one that saved me several times. Though has asked nothing in return. He is one that lets me choose my own path where my father for example has pushed me in the ways he wanted me to go. "
She says it all with a smile and calmly, Alvah is clearly not angry but she does step up to defend her friend.
"He is a different one then you might have seen or met, Hushax. Actually when it comes to knowledge for example he is one of the few willing to teach me that i ask instead of prescribing me what to learn. I'm sure you can appreciate that in someone. And perhaps look passed the links he has with Chaos. "
Alvah 'tickles' playfully her elementals letting them twirl around she laughs softly .
"i am a daughter of Cihalas yet i am not malicious. "
A soft chuckle escapes she then continues
"I am to speak to Dufirieanalat soon or when he has time for me. Had some other things to tell him. I can ofcourse tell him about you, if you wish so Hushax. Let me show we are not bad people."

Michael James Watson
Hushax bows, "I give you my calling name and my regard, Avaxala of Untola. As for your Lord of Chaos, they do little without an expectation of reward. He may seem to serve you, ride beside you. But one day he will take his payment. That you know. As for my comanion, she sends her love for the joy you brought the children in a multiverse where all life has the expectation of sudden unreasoning death. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Inclining her head she smiles
"Thank you, Hushax. "
She looks up at Vek again. A soft smile.
"If he would take his payment then i will notice that soon enough. "
She looks at Xilonen and smiles squeezing her hand
"Thank you for allowing us to bring some joy and love around."
She look on with a sadder look.
"Yes alot of death and bloodshed goes around in the multiverse. "
Letting go of Xilonen her hand she then prods Vek softly in the ribs.
"We should make our way back. Lets leave them be and enjoy the good feeling.
Then we can step back and go contact my brother. "
She bows her head to Hushax and Xilonen
"Thank you both."
Turning to Vek
"Lets go."

Michael James Watson
"Trump Aztilios then."