Alvah hunts the hunters

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Alvah is about 16 here and a talented ballerina[edit]

Okey the turn up is pretty big. I know this is a known artist and he has some succes generally.
But now i just feel a bit awkward.
What happened is, i am in a ballet dance group. We have been asked by the artist to pose for his new work.
So now is the artshowing and ofcourse we are invited. He did ask to come in ballet gear and since he compensates us why not.
Other then a bit awkward to be stared at like this while not on stage and being intently watched along with the art. It is oke, just one evening. Smile and prance.
So we are 2 hours in and dang my feet hurt. I walk around looking at the other girls how they are doing.
Where is Lara. I ask around but noone has seen her.
I know i am not the oldest in the group but i do feel responsible for them. I know i can defend them.
Lara girl where are you.
Asking around i hear that she has been talking with a slick looking guy. And he was really flirting with her according to the bartender.
Asking one of the waiters i hear that Lara went to the back with the guy.
Soft i mutter "Oh sweety why."
I sneak out the back. And pitterpat my way through the hallway.
Shit voices. I stand still listen control my breathing.
I hear them talking two men.
They are saying that dancers are so needy. Easy pickings, picking out the cute ones.
I don't see or hear Lara and my heart races.
The voices fade. One goes to the outside and the other moves back to an entrance to the main gallery.
And Lara is nowhere. Okey i have to fix this without causing a scene. Or ruining my clothes.
I sneak to the outside which is surprisingly easy on my ballet flats. No i am not wearing my pointes today that would kill me. I chuckle in myself seeing an thief on pointes.... yeah... no. Sensible shoes.... always. The clothing fine. But don't skimp on footwear while thieving.
Outside i see one of the two men talking with two others. They are smoking and leaning against the van. Laughing and clearly standing guard.
I need to separate them. I move back to the main gallery before they would miss me.
The guy that probably talked to Lara is talking to Michelle now and she is blushing..... how dare he...
Moving as graceful as a hunting swan i get closer to Michelle.
"Hey do you need something to drink? I am doing a round."
Trying my best not to deathglare the guy.
I think Michelle said no she shakes her head and a giggle like sounds come out. I look between the two. Right. Moving away.
It is the guy. And he is using some sort of charm.
Okey magic users or at least one.
Those at the van must go first.
My guess is that Lara is there.
Alright time to make a plan.
To the kitchen. I ask for a couple drinks.
With those in hand i go back to the van
I mutter a few small words swirl the drinks a bit. It is not strong but it would cause a bit of a bellyache.
Putting on a sweet smile i walk in view of the men.
"Hi there i was asked to bring these outside to you. He said that you might be thirsty. "
I do the full works. Noticing my hips tilting my head a bit scrunching my nose and smiling.
The guys eat it up, grab the drinks and ssk if i want to stay a bit with them.
I nod and watch them. Drink their glasses empty. It should not take long. It was simple magic, a small word, a small intention.
One of the guys looks uneasy and rubs his stomach.
He excuses himself and walks off to the bushes. The other one goes to the front to grab something and the last one is mine.
Now the great thing about swaying balletclothing is, layers and ribbons. I loosen one of the ribbons. Wrap it around one hand and then the other. Before he looks at me i jump on his back.
Keeping the pressure on his throat i watch him struggle. My legs wrapped around him to support me.
It doesn't take long till he is passed out. With the ribbon around his neck i drag him off.
To the bushes somewhere. I hear his friend groaning there. Hah weak stomach.
As silent as a murder wasp i jump the second guy. Giving him the same treatment. I don't bother dragging the second guy he can stay there.
The third is already looking for his friends.
I intentionally make a small sounds. He moves this way.
Only a "what the..." and i wrapped thenribbon around his neck to. He is more of a fighter and beating my sides and legs.
Asshole. That hurts. But the ribbon doesn't break it is quality fabric. And number three goes down to.
I check my clothing in the streetlights and i am so happy no stains or anything.
Yeah I rock!
I open the van and find Lara tied up and gagged in the back. Releasing her i hug her tell her to be quiet for now and move back to where people are. In the hallway i see Michelle with the guy.
I feel Lara her arm tighten around mine the spell clearly has no hold on her.
I tell Michelle to ckme with us but she doesn't listen the guy looks spooked because i have Lara.
He looked spooked till my foot hit his nose.
A few carefully placed hits and the guy is down.
I sense the spell fading. He clearly has an item and doesn't do magic himself. Else it would have lingered longer.
Sensing his body i find the ring. Rip it off his finger. Nod to the girls and we go back. I'll call someone to help clean up.
But the show must go on. We are professional dancers afterall.