Alvah is a ninja!

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For context purposes she won't be older then about 6 or so

I am sneaky, I am silent… like a ninja… like a.. a… mouse.
Dad is having a meeting, again.. so boring he promised me to take me out today but first he had to talk to people. Dad is an important man he has a lot of meetings for work.

But today I am a ninja I will sneak up on dad and scare him! I have planned my route if I climb up the bookcases I can crawl between the space of the ceiling and the bookcase then I have to slip over the door and to the other side. Then he won’t see me cross the doorway. Then if I hang in the ceiling lamp I can jump down on him when he walks under it. Brilliant!
Waiting on the bookcase takes forever. And it is very very dusty here. I should tell Nigel. This is no working space for a ninja like me.

Laying there i should hear something from his office. I hear sounds and his voice.. weird. Maybe special sound protection something. I should have that in my room when he plays his music again.
Don’t know how long I’ve waited could be I have dozed off as well but I suddenly hear no more sounds from his office. Looking around the corner I see that he is gone.
Oh darn it… I must have fallen asleep. Okey mission objective changed. Hunt for the father figure.

From the bookcase I then balance on the open door letting it swing a bit to the other side I manage to crawl over to the display cases. I know they are sturdy enough to hold me.

I now hear where dad is he is talking to Nigel and I hear them say my name. They are talking about me!

From the displaycases I can slip down behind the couches. There I wait and listen.

They are talking about my week planning. Ugh so boring. Sounds like a lot of classes again.
A ninja doesn’t have to follow classes.
They stop talking and dad walks off… I wiggle my butt ready to pounce. There it is dad his left shoe… and then his right…
With a leap I wrap my arms and legs around dad is leg sinking my teeth in his calf.

With a muffled voice
“Got you!!!!” Then letting go I want to run off. But dad is fast for a dad… scooping me up he holds me
“Now I got you… come little predator we are already late.”
I push myself off with a menacing roar and run off to my room to hide.