Alvah loses her friends.

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Finally I am allowed to go to school again.
The lessons were hard and I know what Ryba said was true. Leave no papertrial. I know that now. I already knew that but I really know that now.
Never have I been nervous of going back to school. Going back to martial arts practice, going back to ballet. But now, I actually am nervous, but what do I care what they think of me.
A deep breath and step in. I open the door to the dojo so far no reactions. Some looked up who entered, no one so far said hello but that doesn’t mean anything.
Walking to the changingrooms straight line no eye contact.
In the changingroom it is just as normal. Little chit chat about school, boys, and music.
I am not ignored and no bad reactions which is good.
I even get a “good you are back”.
The training starts. And then the underlying remarks start. I am called crazy. Dangerous. Nobody wants to spar with me. When someone is paired with me they fight harder and dirtier then according to rules.
Let it go Alvah, let it slide don’t get into trouble again.
A black eye and bloody nose further the lessons are done. I wait till most are gone and I shower and change clothing.
Outside some of the other girls are still talking they wave me over.
“We are planning another movie night again. So how are you this Friday?”
I smile considering I still have friends left after this.
“yeah I’m good for Friday, where is it?” they all smile so sweetly now and I know what is coming next.
“yeah we figured your place, Alvah. That is fine right? Your place is waaaay bigger. “
I sigh and shake my head. “sorry can’t do, my dad doesn’t want me inviting any friends over anymore, something with the kitchen finally being finished again. And can’t sneak you all in again, I won’t be allowed out then at all anymore.“
They suddenly all look less happy and friendly.
“oh well never mind then. Girls lets go to the movies then. Byeeeee crazy.”
Seeing them leave I feel a stabbing feeling and something in my head snaps.
See you in practice, bitches.
The next training, I left something in my locker. Went back to the dressing room. I know what soap and shampoo they use.
When the training is done I wait out a bit longer again help clean up. The sensei understands. The screams are audible far in the dojo and probably on the street as well.
The sensei goes in to look, and a bit later a couple of bald girls with blue blotted skin exit the dressing room. They scream at me, shouting profanities. I only laugh and hold up my shoulders continuing to cleaning up.
Sweet sweet revenge. I don’t need friends. They are now my prey.