Alvah meets Nur again.

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Michael James Watson
"Candle to Vance. Primary transport for two."
The transporter delivers the pair to the giant room with the pattern. Near it, Vance is sitting in a collection of sofas with another man. WHen the transport is complete the two stand.
The man with Vance is a study in colors. Pale purples, pinks, grays. His colorful well trimmed goatee beard echos his colorful mullet. A Rearden metal circlet rings his head, with 3 tiny mithril pine trees embedded in his forhead. He looks at Alvah as she arrives.
"Alvah....How you have grown."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah realised she wanted to ask something to Candle just before the transport, but as they arrive she decides not to ask it. Turning seeing Vance and the other man she nods.
"Hey, well that means you must have seen me way long time ago. Since i haven't grown that much. "
She chuckles softly to herself realising she is so horrible at meeting new people
"I'm afraid i do not remember you, if we have met before. So hi nice to meet you. "
She looks to Vance with a questioning look.

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "This is Nur al Din El musifar, Ayia Kia, the Abaldiars. Once a High Lord of Chaos. Known as the Dufrieanalat. He is a family friend.
He walks over, "Indeed. Call me Nur. Delwin and I spent may a dark night and early dawn together. I danced you on air and fire, water and earth. Your disapproving father didn't like my summoning powers for you but some things needed them to do. We were quite the trio in our youth. Delwin, Fisk and I. Its a pleasure to meet you beyond the dreary proper little world Delwin locked you away in."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her eyes widen, she hten looks at Cicero and back to Nur
"Pleasure to meet you to, i heard about you. Was actually ,not very actively i might add, looking for you. "
She lets out a breath
"Family friend.... wait i told dad i was looking for you, due to Difuro and Cicero and... "
Alvah lets out a scoff
"well guess that is Delwin for you. Sad to say i haven't been able to talk to Fisk that much yet. I should take the time soon. But later. I did see him briefly through trump contac. Way younger. But still my superhero."
She waves her hand
"I'm ranting, happens, but yes pleasure to meet you, again. And i am very happy to be out of my golden cage so to say. It wasn't that dreary for me. I didn't know better so for me it was just home. And i did not have a bad life there."
Alvah looks to Vance
"Did you call, Nur? one of the list? "

Michael James Watson
Vance nods, "I thought to get Fisk and Delwin here too ..But they.."
Nur raises a hand, "Fear not fair friend. The quarrels of old friends are not your concern.. Fisk and Del and I have eons to return to being friends. Now we are estranged if not foes. I was happy to come see you and gaze upon this wonderful place, and see again a child grown to beautiful adulthood. You need to stick your hands in the battles of your father and his boon companions"
He walks over the Alvah, extending both hands to hold hers.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns hearing Vance.
Then looking up to Nur.
"So not on speaking terms at this point? And dad is off doing something anyway. Reason i am here."
Alvah actually smiles warm to Nur feeling a bit proud.
She holds her hands out. Cicero coiled around one of her arms.
"Figuring out what that battle precisely is. And my place in it."

Michael James Watson
He grips her hands, letting Cicero slither up his arm. He slides around a couple times then slides back to Alvah.
"Cicero is it? Nice.. a classical reference. The dufiro within is content. Cicero is the guiding intellect though in time he will grow wiser.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up with a questioning look.
"Why is there a dufiro in Cicero? You bound him at a later point right?"
She tilts her head and follows Cicero with her look, smiling endearingly.
"It is funny you are here. I actually earlier realized some things about home. Like the Dufiro, trying to figure out what is important and what not."

Michael James Watson
Nur nods, "Yess.. There is a problem...There is a cluster. a Group of Dufirosm, that have taken it on themselves to hunt down certain people they believe detrimental to our kind. That i disagree is irrelevant. The cluster crosses all races. They have their own Hierachs. Their own libraries. Write their own tomes. Control their own councils and race transitions. ITs complicated and messy. Sadly they feel Delwin, Fisk, and I are bad influences on the Dufirosim. He was unaware of the details and believed the dangers were of his dreary little world with its nearby spirts and creature worlds. They may be, but they are being influenced from beyond."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"Okey i see. Another group of Dufirosim. Well they were making a mess on dad his shadow. At least those i saw and send away."
Alvah then raises an eyebrow.
"But why Cicero was he not okey as just a snake? Dad didn't knew about it did he? He was surprised when i told him."
She keeps looking straight at him.
"Earlier you said, dad didn't like you summoning powers for me but that it was needed, for what exactly? "
Alvah has a determined look on her face. Though not angry, as if she lost a lot of frustration somewhere.
"I want answers.

Michael James Watson
"You want Answers? How clever of you. First of all Cicero.. Yes he was a fine snake. But an Amberite need sturdy companions. The Guard Dufiro makes it hard to kill. Nearly impossible to control. Impossible to spy through. Able to contact help in dire need, that being me. It does not control him. It is dormant intellectually. Just lending enough selfawareness to him to know how to use the additional powers."
"As for why i installed it. Can't one be protective to one's niece? Even if not a blood niece. You have some very dangerous relative Alvah and having someone like me able to come and fight relatives from either side might be helpful."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods accepting the answers
"Alright, thank you. So talking about the other side of my relatives. You know the ones with a heart fetish. What can you tell me about that situation? What has dad told you and what did you figure out? "
She looks passed Nur to Vance
"Have you brought him up to speed?"
She looks back up Nur
"I just need as much info as i can get to decide what my position in all this is. Or if that to is already decided... i just need to know so i don't do anything stupid. "
She looks back to Candle remembering his words earlier that she didn't have to go to battle alone.
"I like some more control over my own life. It is clear that if it was up to dad he would have kept me there. Or as long as he could away from any Azcalan influence. I now know why he pushed in certain ways. But like you said i am an adult and the shit that is falling on my path is shit i have to shovel. Perhaps not purely on my own. But i rather do it with the right tools then with my bare hands."
Alvah inhales deeply. The lets out a sigh.
"But one more question about that night when you bound the Dufiro to Cicero.... something had happened. I have no clue what as i was halucinating and at that moment i surely thought i was going to die. I remember sort of calling Fisk. What do you know kf that night?"

Michael James Watson
Nur strokes his beard, "And Fisk called me. I am something of an expert in exotic poisons. Purely recreationally of course. I came. Fisk, Del, and I still have the power to enter each other's private worlds. ITs something of a pact we have. I determined the problem and applied a remedy. After that night your father became increasingly paranoid. But as they say, even the paranoid have enemies. Soon after that i installed the guard in Cicero. Just in case"
"As for Azcala, i know a great deal about the place. I was shocked Del had gone so far as to live there and have children. There are many wonderful places there and he picked one of the best. Found himself a native girl. Azcala is known for its beautiful women." He waves to Alvah, "He chose too well though. One of the most beautiful and one of the craziest. When the time came, Fisk and I helped him escape. Azcalans are possessive to say the least. Batshit crazy for the most part. And as evil as abyssal demons at the worst. But im not an expert. There are Azcalans that do trade with many Dufiro. I intend to investigate now that i have some idea what is happening since you flew the coup. There are a great many confederations among the Dufiro and many of them are in conflict with each other. Del is going to have to tighten his strap and talk to me now. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods listening,
" alright that clears that up, i just knew you did it and when. The dufiro i dealt with didn't know more. And of that night i only really remember parts of the hallucinations and that i called Fisk. Never found out who poisoned me."
She looks to Cicero
"But dad becomming paranoid is not strange.. and dad getting over something and talk to people."
Alvah laughs
"Don't know if he will, and honestly don't know when he comes back. He said to me that i shouldn't go looking, well until Tonacat rides to war, but i recently got the assessment that doesn't happen quickly."
She looks at Candle, "right?"
Looking back
"But really don't know and he woild be out of reach. At least to me. "
Alvah chuckles
"But that is not hard to do. So after you investigate will you share the information? And if there is anything you need to know, i agreed to help Vance and Celakat, since i am the first willing sacrificed Azcalan to not bite their fingers off,. So i will be here. But i'm sure you will quickly know more then me."
She grins
"So what are the three of you fighting about?"

Michael James Watson
"What were were fighting over? The Virtue of Murder. It was a long time ago. I will share what i find out. I should say you were not really poisoned. You stole something. For a woman. What was it?'

Amber Bronkhorst
"The virtue of murder... alright not touching that."
Alvah then nods
"Yes, uh i should look at my records at home what it was. Was a bit of a weird night. I remeber that woman was a bitch but she paid for the trip i needed to make. She never cam to the drop off."

Michael James Watson
Nur laughs, "Look at your records at home? The Beatles? The Juicy Fruits? Eddie and the Mechanics? You aspire to be a world class thief and you have to look it up in your records? Please. Im giving you insight into a race of creatures that almost killed you. What did you touch that this woman sent you to steal. I want answers!! AND A bourbon, neat, Vance, there, be a dear."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah puts her hands on her hips and tries to look a bit taller while looking scowling up to Nur
"Oh please alot happened in the meantime, and i am a great thief! "
Alvah thinks and then shrugs
"I just stole some info. That is it, i don't know the info. Was part of the extra payment, no peeking. Guess the jobgiver was afraid i'd sell it on before she could."
Alvah closes her eyes letting her fingers remember.
"It was a simple job, in and out."
She looks at Nur.
"So yeah info. "

Michael James Watson
Vance brings a burbon. "Its been a long time Nur. I forgot what an ass you can be."
NUr takes the glass, "I missed you too. So Alvah. Info.. Off a computer? smoke signals? file folder? Computer Disk? Beat it out of a sailor?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits on the armrest of a chair and holds up her finger to shush Nur as she holds her eyes closed. She moves her body slightly not in full movements but her muscles tense and relax as she remembers the way she did her routine tk steal at that job. Remembering the song she jsed the steps for.
While her eyes closed and she oy moves her fingers she talks soft
"In a standard wallsafe with blastprotection. Two usb sticks a folder A4 sized about a hundred to hundredtwenty pages thick. "
She opens her eyes stretching her neck.
"Lost them during the hallucination trip. Or i suspect since i didn't have it with me when i woke up. "

Michael James Watson
he frowns,"A Masoja Dufiro of Death, bound or residing in data sticks or a file folder. Clever. If they were cloaked from greater perception I doubt it would have occurred to even me to check. Clever. It took binding a Masoja of Life to your for nearly a year till you recovered. Someone set a clever trap. I wonder who the target was? Her or you? Your amber and as a man blood was buried gas deep as Del and I could bury it. Must have been her. Ill have to look in on it."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks surprised,
"Why don't i remember that? Well good you got to me then. Doubt it would be for me. Since i still lived in the protective bubble dad had created for me."
She looks thoughtful to Nur.
"And why don't i remember you. I remember small snippets from when i was small in Azcala. But i don't remember you. "
Alvah just blatantly stares at Nur seeing if she can jog a memory.

Michael James Watson
"You will. In fact, yell....AGAIN!!!

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks utterly confused
"What? Again? What again? You don't make any sense."

Michael James Watson
He laughs,"just yell the word. You won't maka the boats on the lake go tippy tippy tippy.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks very suspicious to Nur, after a quick glance to Vance and Candle she returns her suspicious look to Nur.
"Alright.... AGAIN!!!"
Still leaning against the armrest of the chair she shrugs feeling really silly.

Michael James Watson
Suddenly she feels tossed into air, gusts of wind turning her in place scattering her hair, soft grassy loan smelling rich with life like new loam grass as she goes higher. She feels warmth from tongues of fire gently tossing her higher into waves like surf to throw her high in the air spinning and spinning, to float lightly to the ground.
She remembers thousands of time as the elemental forces praised and cherished her. And the colors pink and pale purple in her memory of an image laughing.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah with a childish wide grin on her face as she remembers the feeling she spins to Nur
"That was you!"
Alvah genuinely non sarcasticly laughs.
"How could i forget that. You did that alot with me. And it never got boring."
Alvah then looks a bit distant.
"Sad how you can so easily forget the good and fun things. I am sure that i have forgotten great moments with Fisk as well. Or fun moments with dad."
Alvah waves her hand about
"But okey, thank you, that was actually fun. "
Wanting to continue a though clearly hits her and she looks pensive for a moment.
"Wait... something just occured to me. Might be absolutly nothing. Celakat said that the dads personal shadow was pretty protected against magical influences right? and Nur, you just said that you and Fisk specifcally had the ability to go eachothers personal shadows. Then how did other people with certain power came in unnoticed by dad? How would that work? Wouldn't he have sensed it somehow? Like Vance sensed that i arrived in Vulsara?"

Michael James Watson
"And that is why he is distrustful of Fisk and I. He thinks one of us imported the troubles into his world. He thinks I did. Fisk doesn't have the resources I do. I think a Dufiro is working through native agents. His world is fraught with villains seeking power. I think one of them has breached his security. Our abilities to isolate ourselves isn't perfect. "
Candle says, "Black Council?"
But nods, "I wouldn't be surprised."
He comes close, speaking softly. "Your father blocked your memories in the hope that you would not seek me out. Follow me into danger. You have magnificent psychic armamentarium and you are clever enough to use it. That elemental trick? I did it often, summoning a bonded quartet of elementals. Somehow you bound them to yourself. A good trick for a 5 year old. He believes my summoning left holes other exploited. He may be right. Azcala has powerful sorcerers. If I left holes others used I want to seal them. But Del won't take my calls. Nor Fisk's."
Vance says,"That's why I called him. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding to Vance she smiles
"ofcourse, so you do trust Nur. "
She looks at him a long while as he stands closer. Alvah is a creature of gut feeling so she just takes the time to listen to it. She then nods shortly and while she speaks a toothy grin appears
"Danger never scared me, it is exhilarating."
Turning to Candle she nods
"Would not be weird no, i know dad was neck deep in the magical political stuff there. and ofcourse he kept me miles away from it. I don't even know what his positiion within the white council would have been. "
Thinking of how to phrase it she is silent a moment then says
"A personal shadow, cannot be hammered shut i understand, since i am still fairly new with all this mutliversy-shadow-whammy... a question, if you would seek a certain shadow. like a type of shadow i lived. what would the chances be that you would end up on dad his personal shadow? or would you somehow be directed elsewhere to favor a general shadow instead of one bound to someone like dad."

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "Trust is such a complicated term among Amberites. I don't Trust him. But i know him. "
Nur says, "And I am not an Amberite. I am Yorkian, only because of Tolknor's manipulations of time and progeny. Conf and I never accepted the Amber bloodline title. Technically we are of the blood of a Shade Amber, as are all Yorkians. Hazarda is an Amberite of that Amber he ruled and sold to Tolknor for his escape from the devastation of Koob. Lets not go making accusations, young Vance."
Vance smiles at Nur, "Yes sir, Old Tree. To answer your question, ALvah, the barest novice shadowwalker can find a shadow and make it theirs by their presence and their psychic desire. The stronger their psychic armamentarium the more secure it is. They can then impose their will on the shadow to effect conditions, time, and that shadow becomes even more guarded. But the defenses of the world are not perfect. The way i describe it to students is that if you are looking to get into say, Delwin's personal shadow, you might know everything there is about it and shadowwalk very close to it, but getting into it is like picking up a specific tiny marble out of a barrel of tiny marbles in olive oi and acidl. You have to be careful and pinch it very tightly as you enter or it will slip out of your grasp"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles,
"Alright not trusting then, knowing. "
She looks to Candle for a moment, then turning her gaze to Nur again she continues,
"So what is your plan then? Seeing if you left holes?
And no guarantees that i can still do that what i did when i was five years old. I apparently forgot alot. And i already suspected that he had shielded some things away. Just like my memories of Azcala. Because there are some. I do remember little things. But then again i was very young. "
Hearing Vance his explanation she laughs
"Wow, that freaking bastard... i knew something was fishy!"
She starts pacing and nods
"I so want to kick his ass now."

Michael James Watson
Nur looks at Vance, "Bastard, You know that Fortundus is the Old Tree, Venki the Old Song, Beor the Old Saw, Conf is the Old Fart, and I am the Old Cuss. Mix those up at your peril. Now, Alvah, the elemental trick; I did that enough that you figured out how to bind the elementals yourself. That is something you can do as long as those elementals remained bound to you. And i can tell you that those are 4 baby elementals and they were joyously happy to be bound to making you fly. They were delighted just now to be called upon after so many years. That power is yours as long as you don't send them away. With a little instruction, you could learn to ask them to do other things. They grow through use of their powers. But they are baby dufiro. If you use them, advocate for their advance, use them as they advance, those 4 baby elementals you bound to yourself might one day be Masoja Dufiro themselves. "
"I bound a Guard Masoja to Cicero to protect him, you, and frankly, to protect your elementals as well"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance and Nur and grins...
"Ergo you are all old, got it. Won't mix that up."
Then she continues on a more serious tone.
"If the baby elementals are happy to work with me then i would love to work with them. Seems that we are meant to be together."
Alvah laughs
"That sounded dramatic. Must be from dads side. But if you can help me further Nur, then sure though one thing. I would like to stay here or close to here."
She then clicks her tongue
"So about the chance somebody stumbling upon a personal shadow is slim then. And what if someone was looking for a shadow to do a start over like a mind blanking. Could it still then be a coincidence? That they use dads shadow for that?"

Michael James Watson
Nur looks at Vance. "Mind Blanking? hmm...It would have to be a very specific circumstance. I've done it a few times and my experience the world picked is never accidental. But its dangerous if you have foes to place yourself at such exposed danger. There are other ways to get the same experience. The person seeks a type of shadow, finds a nearby shadow with a person whose life he would like to live in, finds a nearby shadow where the person does in their youth, takes their place. But, that isn't the only way. Another is to just shift to the form one wants to have in adult hood, gears the shapeshift to make them younger, blank the mind, then have the assistant place them in an orphanage. So, no. The world chosen wouldn't be a coincidence or an accident."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah scoffs.
"Figured as much, well I learned that someone did go to dad his shadow. DId that mind blanking thing. For wahtever reason, i know some do it for study some out of boredom i shouldn't judge yadahyadah still think it is a dick move. "
She scrapes her throat
"uhm yeah sorry abuot that. His name is Merrill, I knew him as Merrill Hendriks, he and i were aobut the same age... or so i thought. We had a relationship for a year.. and then he disappeared. Nowhere to be found, no records, no sightings, nothing. As if he went up in smoke."
She inhales.
"So fast forward to the day i came back from Rasak. i had lunch with dad, talked a bit. Then i was shanghaied into a formal dinner for a knighting of a crown prince. Who is that crown prince, Merrill of Acadia. Oh Sir Merrill of Acadia..... and apparently the same person as the Merrill i knew.."
Alvah thinks and then nods
"So yeah... that happened.... he is now serving on the ship of Gerard, and i left the dinner party after that. Dad was surprised to."

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "I can't say what this Merril's motives were, but there is certainly more to the story then you seem to know"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"I am absolutly certain there will be more to the story then i know, i have not gone after it so far. Didn't care to, but i figured for now to see if we can create a more complete picture to tell what i know. Because honestly i do not know what is important information and what not. And since you are my brother and i dare to trust you"
She gestures to Nur
"He had a hand in raising me and knows more about me then i do. "
She then gestures to Candle but hesitates a moment
"And well Candle is completly up to speed, knows alot about Azcala, knows about where i come from. And an extra strong experienced mind can't hurt."
She flashes a brief smile when she looks at Candle
"So what do you think of this whole? With the shadow of my father, you have read up on it. Or well the type of world. And you know of my story so to say. "

Michael James Watson
Candle turns his head in a characteristic shrug. "I imagine he is on the White Council if not in charge of it. All the magic I read is impressive, but its all low order magic; powerful magic of shadow. Any skilled practiconer of high order magic would dust these people. One of Delwin's caliber, well, There would be few contenders against him. However, he would keep his powers cloaked in what was known on that world"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"The day that i... well woke up so to say. He was working a ritual with Fiona. She was there when i barged in. They worked with probably people from that shadow that were in the white council. "
Alvah nods slowly
"So, now i am lost in what the priorities are. Should we wait for dad to return which can take who knows how long.
Should i still stay in well hiding is a big word but, here where i know i am safe from my heart cutting fetishists of a family."
She looks to those present.
"I must be honest this is all a bit overwhelming and when i feel out of control i usually just run away... "
Alvah grins to Vance
"This time i'm telling beforehand.. improvement right?"

Michael James Watson
Nur says, "There is a lot to be said for losing yourself in shadow. Find a nice slow time shadow, one to 30. Spend a hundred years there. When you come out, all this mess right now will be ancient history"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles
"That is something one can do. But i do not want this to be ancient history.
I want to take control, at least on parts of my own life. I am not some weird villain who wants to control the world... mhuhahaha. "
Alvah sighs deep to get her run away urge down
"Nur, if i follow you into danger, then what is next?
You just said you wanted to look into some things as well?
I still have certain things to learn on my list. Is it possible that i continue that here? And as things become clearer we form a future plan? "
Alvah looks to Vance and a moment to Candle. To assure they are okey with it.

Michael James Watson
Nur says, "There is a lot to be said for being a weird villain too. It was a phase for me. The problem is when you when the universe, where do you keep it? My term as High Lord of Chaos taught me that. Luckily my Chaos was a shade of yours."
Vance says, "Its a question sometimes what things need to be done immediately and what things can wait a century. Relative time makes that even more uncertain. At Vulsar we are 60 to 1 in Amber. Azcala varies greatly so we have no idea what amount of time he is spending there. This is a good place to do research from. Lets take a month and sort of the details. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods relieved bit hearing she is here at least a month.
Looking at Nur she raises an eyebrow
"So weird villaon phase... well i'll wait with mine... now i am no threath to anyone. If i am going villain i want to at least put up a fight. "
Alvah nods overexpressing as if she thinks.
Turning to Vance she smiles
" a month sounds good. Gives me also the time to continue learning. Put things in priorityfor myself. Relax maybe somewhere in between. And a safe base tonwork from. Thank you."
She looks to Candle then to Vance
"Candle showed me the library that place is just awesome."

Michael James Watson
"Candle, your intellect deals with Imprinted Learning differently. Be sure to explain the differences between bouts of coitus"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance she then shrugs
"Eh, so that is something we don't have to keep a secret."
She looks at Candle, checking his reaction that Vance knows.
Alvah then holds up her hand as she does when remembering stuff.
"Oh Vance. I just remembered we started talking about something bit you never reached the point of answering the question. Sometimes so much information sidetracks.
You talked about the First Brood when i asked about the blood in my forging wine and what Benedict knows about this whole. You told me his vision but not why the blood."
She thinks for a moment
"Or did i miss something?"

Michael James Watson
Nur stands, walks to Vance.
"Benedict is giving her blood wine? Really? And you didn't mention it to me?"
Vance looks sheepish.
"Its because of Azcala."
Nur walks back to Alvah. Quickly puts his hand on her head and she feels as if its glued to her head.
"Damn....she has an azcalan imprint..."
Vance says,"Deeply suppressed. Possibly while she was yet unborn. She was prepared as a high order sacrifice."
Nur yells, "THEY TOOK HEARTS FROM HER?!?!?! YOU DIDNT TELL ME THAT IN THE FIRST 30 SECONDS I WAS HERE?!?!! Delwin and Fisk didn't tell me? "
Vance says," They were afraid how you would react."
Nur scowls," Were they? Tell them this; - I've gone home to summon every Dufiro of war and death and conflict who will answer my call. I will take them with me when I go talk to Cihalas. Alvah, it was wonderful to see you again. Lets chat soon. Take care of those elementals."
He turns and steps In to shadow.
Agrom says, " well, that went well"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks on her turn now sheepishly to Vance.
"You didn't tell him about the hearts? why dad is there? VANCE!!! slightly important info no? It is the whole damn reason i have to be in fucking hiding. "
She then chuckles to herself.. about her misplaced pun
She then quickly switches to her angry mode again.
"So uhm, Nur is going to fuck up dad his plans right? Does he at least know that dad is overthere? Please tell me he knows. "
She t hen looks around "and what elementals?"
Alvah then tilts her head
"hey wait dad said to Bleys and Random i do not have an Azcalan imprint that he would have noticed... but i do have one? What does that hold for consequences in this all with the hearts and such?"

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "You don't have a functioning imprint. You have gone through the sigil while you were a part of Cihalas. It's not the same. Nur is...undependable. I told him things early and would have told him the rest.

Amber Bronkhorst
She nods.
"I see, well good then right. that it is just a sort of copy from my mothers."
she smiles at Agrom
"Yeah that went.... well. hey at least i got to meet Nur. And reconnect with the elementals."
She laughs
"wouldn't it be hilarious if i would also find the animal companion i had in Azcala. " ALvah shakes her head.
"But i guess we will hear from Nur eventually right. After he did his summoning a death-squat and possible killing my mother... "
Alvah shurgs
"Not that i am particular close to her anyway."
Turning to Vance again she has a amused grin
"but again still no answer to the freaking blood wine. it is because of Azcala, what part of it? "

Michael James Watson
vance says,"The blood is part of the ritual power. The squiggle isn't inherently evil or blood thirsty. But Tonacat developed a form of sorcery using the squiggle. Like trump, sorcery, conjuration. Blood Ritual. You've been sanctified to use the power. The longer you go without testing blood..the more unhinged you become. Less able to focus. You don't need it daily, but the more recently you've had it the better your focus will be. As one of the 16 able to channel the blood ritual power, the blood keeps you stable. We learned that from Untara who has been off blood for centuries. And you saw what she's like. Kinda

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her jaw drops to the floor if that was possible.
"and when was i going to hear that news? That, that is something i have in my dietary need? or were you all now just going to secretly slip that in my drink hoping i don't ask questions?"
She turns to Candle
"did you know this?" She looks at him with an intense look then not waiting for answer she turns to Agrom
"You, did you know? "
She stands up and walks to Vance
"and what else should i know? what are people going to do more to keep me 'stable' hm? When are the alarms going to blare? When is Benedict going to compulse me? "
Stepping a bit away she turns away from the men and inhales deeply without turning she asks in a very cold harsh tone
"what else don't i know about myself? and apparantly is public knowledge?"

Michael James Watson
Candle says, "You have a lovely singing voice?"
Vance says, "A lot of this is speculation. We only have Untara's word on it and she isn't a sorceress. She also isn't a reliable source. Delwin didn't study the magic of Azcala while he was there. He was more interested in cultural elements and lived in a realm that didn't practice blood sacrifice but practiced symbolic sacrifice or rarely animal sacrifice. The opinions are split. Fiona and I disagree with Brand and Celekat. Benedict may agree with Brand, which I am sure makes his teeth itch. However, Fiona and I are willing to agree that it is possible. We need a full Azcalan sorcerer to be sure. I think Delwin's goal might be to grab a sorcerer rather then commit murder"
Agrom says, "I like blood wine....."
Vance goes on, "There are mages who work for CHAD that we are going to talk to about this at some point. Fortunadus is one and since he also knows a lot about Dufiro would be a good advisor. Jeremy Fairhand is their best mage but he might be too eager to practice the art. Digan is the other."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs again and turns she chuckles to Candle.
"You don't know that you never heard me sing. "
She looks at Vance she has a defeated look on her face.
"I am just so tired of this, it feels like when i understand one part or come to grips with it something else happens. And now i can't even just go out and about because my.... murderous psychotic family can track me. How am i going to keep ahead of that? dad kept me locked away in shadow and from learning any abilities.. "
She bite her lip hard to keep tears away
"Vance i just don't know what to do anymore, one side just says fuck it i'm going to meet them head on, and if i die from that so fucking be it but then at least this headache is over. On the other side... "
She looks at Candle and smiles slightly
"On the other hand there are also things worth while. But i jsut get so freaking angry when i learn something new that i should have known. And it is talked about as if the most comon thing around. "
Alvah just sits down now in a chair and pulls up her legs
"So from one cage to anohter... this one is just more advanced... "
She looks at Vance..
"Well not going to stop you, talk with who you want... like i said i agreed to be the willing Azcalan test subject... " She lays her head down on her knees
"Test subject... sacrifical lamb... eh.... "

Michael James Watson
Agrom growls, "Digan...Ive met few people i wanted to gut more."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles looking at Agrom
"not friends... or such good friends you want to hug him, with a suit made out of knifes and jump up and down... "

Michael James Watson
"I was thinking a clean bat'lath cut. A suit of knives sounds like a lot of sewing."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods "true... as i hear you he is not worth the effort... "
She then nods solemly "then just a bat'lath cut would be fine right? or just don't see him... he is not the only option. Unless you want to gut someone just for the hell of it i would say lay down the tarp and invite him over."
Alvah then adds to Vance,
"So how bad would this Jeremy Fairhand be? And if he is a risk isn't it then just better to ask if Fortunadus can help? "
She looks at her knees slightly depressed
"I'll be... here.... or like in quarters... or maybe in that chair. Who knows."
She hugs Cicero a bit closer.

Michael James Watson
Candle puts a hand on her shoulder, "I'm not earthshaker of a sorcerer, just a humble shadowshaver. But I think the important thing to remember is a great deal of this is conjecture. We don't know how the Blood Ritual works or what the blood wine means. We don't know where Delwin has gone or why. We don't know what Delwin and Fiona were doing on your world. We don't know if Untara's craziness is blood starvation or just her upbringing. We don't know what Tonacat can do with the hearts. We can only guess at this point and a lot of the guesses are scary. "
Celekat says, "as for Jeremey Fairhand...He is the god of dark magic in the Tosa worlds and Fiona hates him. She isn't the only one. Fortunadus is currently in Adagalask with Realmer and Julian but he is worth a trump call at some point."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nuzzles her cheek against Candle his hand she sighs
"That is just even worse. That it all is so unknown. I feel like a freaking guineapig. And i know i am not but i didn't chooce for this. I didn't do something that this is my consequence to carry this is just because i got born. " She looks sad
Then looking up to Celakat she shrugs.
"Whatever works really. I am stuck in this situation anyway. And surely till we or well you all figured it out."

Michael James Watson
Celekat says, "The goal is to take advantage of the things we can and get the most out of it ourselves without the universe falling to Azcala. "

Amber Bronkhorst
In a sad tone she answers still keeping her cheek on Candle his hand
"The universe won't fall to Azcala. They need me for that, and the rock guard. So... as long as i stay safe... so enough study time. Although unless they caught another one of the family to get a child of both blood. Prepared it and have it ready for slaughter but if they had they might have used it by now."

Michael James Watson
Vance says, sadly as well, "Alvah, they are trying to find anyway to accomplish their goals. They did have another of the blood, Hagalta, and they sacrificed him hundreds of time trying to make something different happen. Hagalta was sacrificed many times and used as a stud bull hundreds of times. He thinks he has children in Azcala now. All the royal are trying to find some way to immanentize the eschaton that will put them on top, and Tonacat, the one on top now, is working to make sure none of their plans work while his own does. Amber's destruction, beyond a person p[roblem for Tonocat, is just one of many outcomes as far as the Azcalan royal are concerned"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance and nods
"oh yes i heard that from Hagalta, he todl me. not that he was used as stud bull. But he got at a point a bit upset with what Jurt said, so the conversation stopped... Or well i decided it better that we would seize the talks at that moment and brought Hagalta back to prison."
She looks then up to the rest.
"but if there is so much in fighting within Azcala, then we have time don't we? or are we not sure? why aren't we trying to contact Delwin? Maybe he knows more now?"
She looks up at Candle.
"i hate to sit still... i can't sit still..."
Looking at the rest
"what can we do now? like not in the future not perhaps later
now... i can still see if Xozla is willing to talk.. i know he is not happy with Tonacat and he seemed willing to talk. "

Michael James Watson
Vance looks at Candle, then Celekat. "Well, We can trump Delwin and if you and Agrom and I all focus on the trump he will know its not just one person. As for Xozla...Yes.. I would very much like to talk to him. You've been here a day, Xozla couldn't have gotten as far as Diaga Raks...The trick is finding him.."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Xozla will want to go look for Untara in Amber, but he found me last time. I think he will still keep an eye on me. So what if i try and shadowwalk after him? or someone helps me who is better at Shadowtravelling to catch up to him. I don't know if i can in a way sense him as he ahs the active imprint.. but i know how it feels now he showed me the sigil.
Well show me. we had a standoff. It felt..... " she shivers " it felt good.. right."
She looks between the rest
"Is that an option to catch up to him? "

Michael James Watson
Vance nods," Its a good one.. "
Celekat, "Vance, i know how you feel about this.. but...Maybe she should walk the pattern and transport to where he is? He probably has one of her heart stones. He chose to walk...he means to be found. You and Alvah walk the patternl. She goes first.. you follow with a trump to this room ready. On arrival, Candle, Agrom and I step over."

Amber Bronkhorst
Michael James Watson
Alvah looks up surprised
"wait... i said something that might work? really?" she looks to Vance and Celakat then Candle. She grabs his arm and helps herself up from the chair.
"Then we do that! And i have my big brother, nephew, scary Romulan and boyfriend Andorian to keep me safe."
She smiles wide. and almost actively hops on her feet.
"can we Vance? Celakat says it is possible. i jus twant to do something useful"

Michael James Watson
Vance scowls at Celekat. "The pattern is still Wild. Will be for years."
Cel nods, "Yes, and it become Calm through use. So, use it. "
Agrom walks to the start of the slightly firey pattern. "Its only Alvah who hasn't walked it. I'm going. I'll wait at the center before transport for Alvah to get to me or to take her route shadow walking. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Vance.
She takes Candle his hand and squeezes it.
"see it is usefull for me to walk it, dear brother. i can help you."
She looks at Agrom and lets Candle his hand go giving him a last squeeze and wink
"i am going to follow Agrom. lets do something. We can't keep sitting around speculating. "

Michael James Watson
Vance is silent as Agrom starts the pattern. The lights are bright angry and sparkly. He nods to Alvah as she starts the pattern with Vance a step behind. As the experience compares to her other time walkign the pattern this one burns, is like walking in fire.. but its hard but doable and eventually she arrives in the center to find Agrom waiting.

Amber Bronkhorst
Following Agrom and knowing her brother got her back she walks confidently, a woman on mission.
Reaching the center she smiles and nods to Agrom, allowing herself a breath of air.
She then focuses on Xozla. The way she saw him when they met, The sigil he pulled up how that felt. His person. HIs name. Their family bond. She asks to be send there, to him.