Alvah meets her half brother Vance

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Michael James Watson
She smiles, "Oh I am kept up with the state of affairs but to see the streets clean and colorful with my own eyes and now the eyes of others would be wonderful. Thank you for the offer. You must go soon. You have my blessing. Do not treat the other children of Oberon too hard. He was a difficult father since he had cares no monarch in shadow could ever know. I speak with Random and Vaille fairly often, through the crowns. Lovely woman, her. I was so worried about Random.. For such a sensitive boy he needed a strong queen..Be well, dear.."
As she finishes her tea, almost, she sees the world fade away.
Standing on a balcony, She sees over a vast clean high tech city from the top of the tallest buildings around. The top is huge and a pair of shuttle craft sit beyond.
At a collection of tables and chairs near the building edge she sees Delwin arguing with a taller man in a star Fleet uniform. The two are having a heated discussion using many hand gestures.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah inhales again deeply to keep her cool she then turns to the two arguing men.
with a harsher voice she says
"Dad.. grandma says you should leave Vance be."
She figures why not drop a bomb on him right away.
Looking to the other man she nods
"Hey i am Alvah. You must be Vance, if not then this is just a bit awkward."
Alvah turns back to her father again
"You were right, grandmother did call to me and talked to me. She told me that you should leave Vance alone. and she gave me a message for Vance."
Michael James Watson
Vance turns and smiles, He has a strong brow and a piercing gaze. He approaches..."Delwin was once again engaging in a foolish argument that neither of us will ever win. That he is in the wrong does not make it easier for him. " Del says, "You arrogant bastard, you know the argument is always going to come down to a matter of preference. You have yours, I have mine. We have tried both ways and I prefer my way.."
Vance says, "Well, If I am bastard that is your doing old man. " Putting his hand up, "Alvah...Its a pleasure to meet you. And not a surprise i haven't before. We were trying to decide how i was going to punish him for his failure.. but who knew after all these centuries that he would father a child? Typical Amberite fertility problems."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks between Vance and Delwin. she sighs.
"well those are going to be fun family dinners"
she says it laughing.
"But it is a pleasure meeting you to Vance, nice to know i have a brother. and no not surprising. apparently dad tried a different approach with me, keeping me hidden and in the dark. that he fathered another child, guess contraceptives are a mystery to the family. "
Alvah looks at Delwin
"And i won't get started with you now, cause i am truly pissed off at you, the thing you pulled back there."
She then smiles
"oh and by the way, grandmother said that she is very proud with you what you to create Vulsara. "
Alvah looks between both of them
"can i step aside for one moment to call Random? or is a war going to ignite then?"
Michael James Watson
They look at each other, Delwin says, "Call him.."
Looking to Vance,"F-86" Vance barks, "F-51 damnit and you know it!!!!!"
They walk off letting her have her privacy
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah checks her pockets for her trumps and in the meantime checking if she by accident grabbed something. (Due to the situation she probably had let you decide what she could have got a hold on.)
Looking through her trumps she finds Random.
Holding it in front of her she focusses on the image of the King of Amber
Michael James Watson
(tea spoon?)
A woman in a hair bun answer. "Hello, Im Carly, King Random's Trump Secretary. Just a moment, he is expecting your call."
Sailing, takes me away to where I alwa......
"Hello.. I see you got there safe. Excellent. Spatchi, Step across."
Spathci steps across with Cicero curled around her arm. The Trump closes immediately
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah happy she succeeded she then wants to say something but as it closes she shrugs.
"Mine then!"
Alvah smiles to Spatchi.
"Hey welcome, so my father and brother are fighting over there about something. And i am considering how much of a headache i can handle before i snap."
She grins
"It is a pleasure meeting you, and i guess you are happy to be out of the cell?"
Michael James Watson
"If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. One of the universal constants. But yes.. as prisons go its a pretty calm one. Not like in the days before Doria i hear but just as it is. This is my first turn in the royal protective detail. I am guessing it will give me more travel and less oversight. So...I am not strictly speaking sure what I am supposed to do for you. So we can make it up as we go. By the nuts of the squirrel, this place feels clean.. Ive onlhy been to high tech worlds a few times. Other then weapons training at Rasak its outside my experience. How about yours?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Oh yes always learned that to. Take your consequences with pride. Just wonder what you have done though."
Alvah shrugs and holds her hand out to Cicero after she pockets her new found teaspoon
"I have no clue either we'll figure it out the way it suits us."
Alvah looks around and shakes her head.
Well i have been to Amber. And the shadow i am born.... so that is it. "
Alvah looks in the distance where her father and Vance should be.
"Lets go to them before they maim eachother or something "
Michael James Watson
"Well, Wendy, Wyndham Feldane, is the Chief of the City Police. He's one of the old Feldanes. He's been Commander of the Elites, Third Warlord, and a lot else. Once of the warriors that were there for the Unicron's Choice. So he pretty much thinks he and his are invincible.. A few of his guys were shaking down a company of cloth merchants from Diaga..Including smacking a few of them around. I took offence. I didn't kill anyone...But.. there were bruises." Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens and nods.
"And they locked you up for that? Ridiculous "
Alvah shake her head and looks Spatchi once over
"Or did more happen? Cause a few bruises and bruised egos sounds not really worth the 30 days. Though i understand you did the time as acceptance of consequences."
Alvah looks a bit in tje distance to where her father and brother are.
Michael James Watson
"Well, there were some broken bones, a few cracked skulls and a pair of testicles that required the hero be shipped off to Vulsar to be regrown. And it was the word of 20 of them against me and my running buddy. And my running buddy is well known by the Feldanes so it didn't help to be involved with him. Militarily or romantically. Lets just say the idea of my marrying into my buddy's family did not go over well with them"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens with a smile clearly forming more respect for Spatchi.
" ah yes ofcourse well that makes sense if they all go crying of great unjust things might be taken out of context... what are a few broken bones as punishment for being dicks. " Alvah shrugs.
"Oooh who is your running buddy?
if you want to share that info ofcourse."
Michael James Watson
"Well, his name is Rede, he's an elite as well. and Wendy, Wyndham Feldane, the Chief of Civilian Police , is his uncle. And William Feldane, the Commander of the First Legion, First Corp; Elites, the Royal Body Guard is, ah..his father..."
Amber Bronkhorst
"Right right. I think i get it. Well sounds they got what they deserved."
Alvah waves towards where her father and brother are probably still arguing.
"Lets go see if those two kept eachother alive. Don't know what the hell my father was thinking with his actions but it feels like a powderkeg ready to explode."
Alvah takes a few steps towards where they walked
Michael James Watson
As they walk over Vance is saying, "I know, I know! But the Mig-15 had a better climb rate, stall rate, gun capacity and required a lot less training then the f-84.. The last time I had to trump you out when it stalled in the roll over.. Messy!"
Delwin says, "The Mig didn't require less training, they could make more so they didn't give them more training! They were coffins with jets! ah....Hello...You are Alvah's elite? "
She nods, "Yes your highness, Sancha Do Helech."
Vance says, "Spatchi? Right? How's Rede doing? "
She bows, "Fine Your majesty. I am sure he would send his regards to you and Lord Vander."
Vance says, "Alvah..Delwin says you were raised in an Urth world.. So the technology here will be advanced but not necessarily magical. Lets get you to quarters. Shall we say 3 hours till dinner? Admiral's mess. Use the intercom and i'll have you transported. Dad, you coming with me or do you feel you have to protect her here in Vulsara?"
He looks to Alvah, "Your choice..I figure you can be wroth with me in private at dinner. Sir Sancha, you'll find the officer's mess easy to find. I assume you will be in quarters with your charge?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks back and forth between Vance and Delwin. A frown on her face.
She then nods
"Yes i am from an earth urth whatever kind of world. "
Alvah her gaze goes to Delwin.
"We didn't have this advanced tech no. But i watched enough scifi in my spare time. and sure 3 hours sounds good. "
Alvah shakes her head
"Well yeah i am still pissed off at you with what you pulled back in Amber. So depends you want me to bite your head off now or in a bit cause i am NOT done with you. "
As Alvah feels her anger rise again her hands clench into fists shaking.
She then inhales deeply and shakes her head.
"And still it doesn't matter what i say. You are not going to tell everything anyway."
Turning clearly away from Delwin she nods to Vance
"Yes please, quarters sounds good gives me time to collect myself."
Alvah tries to keep a professional look and posture about her.
Michael James Watson
He gives her a room number and says to follow the computer directions. It is clearly a Star Trek world with many of the familiar elements but the colors are Amber and the notations are clearly Amber.
Michael James Watson
She says, "Rede served as Lord Vander's Elite. While with him they attended Star Fleet academy together. Rede was an artillery specialist in the Legions so when Vander remained with Star Fleet he requested reassignment. They remain friends but Rede is more a sword man then a phaser man. I would like to look around though. Enjoy dinner"
A few hours later a call is registered. Offering transport to Admiral's Quarters
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah probably found out how to freshen up a bit. And she spent most of her time sitting thinking and playing witj Cicero.
Hearing the call she has a moment doubt and looks at her trump deck, she could just skip the drama and run off.
But then she answers the call to be transported, Vance deserves a fair chance we can't help who our father is.
Michael James Watson
When she arrives she is in a large room and sees an elegant dinner set up with servants, and technological devices.
As she steps in a few steps she looks up to a clear sky.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just stares in amazement to the sky. Sure she had seen it on tv but this was so mu h more impressive.
Letting Cicero slither along her arm and shoulder she lets him "sniff" about.
When she finally pulls her eyes away from the sight she looks for a familiar face, her father or brother.
Michael James Watson
Vance walked up while she was looking. "I had the shipped designed with having a nice view. That's Vulsara. about 100 times the size of most Urath worlds. Thousands of satellites, a number of space stations, and the sky barely looks cluttered. If you are interested, there is always room at the Academy. Father likes jets. I eventually found starships.. But each their own path. The card for Vulsar Base send you to my trauma facilities. Turns out Amberites like killing with swords but healing in kolto tanks and regeneration beds. Come, lets eat.. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles seeing her brother.
"This is all so amazing."
She then laughs about the academy bit.
"If it anything like.the series i've watched i wouldn't manage to go through that. Already having serious trouble with accepting the mandatory university Fantalin time."
She follows Vance
"Yes eating sounds good. "
Alvah looks around and keeps her hands thightly held in front of her. She does not want to give a bad first impression to her brother.
She then softly asks
"So you think we might have more siblings?"
Michael James Watson
"Depends what you mean. Brothers and sisters, i don't think so. I knew i had a sister but the time ratios are rough. Vulsar is 60 to 1 in Amber. Your world i am betting is in the 8 to 1 range. Same as Talgwir. The magic gets tricky but i saw you in an oracle years ago. Now i know who you are.. "
EDIT: Vance pulls another card,
"I have a son. His name is Agrom. He is a star fleet captain. I asked him to be here and he will get her as soon as possible. He takes his duty seriously. He captains one of the Amber Class Shadowshaving ships.. Its going through upgrade tials right now.
End Edit.
"We have direct full cousins, i mean Delwin and Sand are Harla's, and Oberons. So we have full direct cousins. Nadine, who is a little TOOO happy. an Houk is a Houka and a littel too belligerent. Beyond them is the rest of the House Bariman.."
He shows a card, "Nadine, daughter of Sand."
a second card, "Houk, son of Adrian and Sand.
'I think Houk is belligerent because people keep making teddy bear jokes, He's just under 4' tall. Formidable intellect though, Served as Mandalay's ambassador to Amber. "
He leads over to the table, the chef brings course after course as she, Delwin and Vance talk
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tries to keep her tone friendly or at least neutral enough and not go directly on the attack against their father.
She listens with great interest to Vance, though sometimes she can't help but give a slight angry glance at Delwin.
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "Sand will call as soon as she checks her deck. I am not sure i can spend time around Nadine."
Vance laughs, "Oh she's just a softy! "
Delwin says, "Sand had Nadine soon after meeting Adrian.. Adrian had many of the elements to create Mandalay already and whoever was Nadine's father was somehow involved.. She can be...cloyingly sweet. "
Vance nods, "Ya. Bees don't sting her. She radiates joy. Peace.. Her father was something powerfully peace oriented.. Adrian has no queen but Sand is one of the ones that are close.. Mandalay is something of a hedonistic place. Nature oriented. Peaceful. Deathly boring in places. Not the Dramaturge of course. That place is great"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah continues to listen to her father and brother.
Alvah just plays with her food a bit. Things mauling over in her head.
After a bit Alvah reacts
"Nadine sounds like something special." A slight smile appears.
Alvah then continues to look down hoping conversation will pick up again. Now and then slipping some food to Cicero.
Michael James Watson
IN time she senses that Delwin and Vance may have had years to come to grips with each other. Possibly a very long time. They seem pretty chatty. But, maybe its covering is things.
Vance says, "We all are something. We've just had time to decide what. You must have a million questions.. Ask. Right Dad?" Delwin scowls but nods.
Delwin, "How are the replicators here on brownies?"
Vance turns his head questioningly
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up.
"Yes i have many questions. But you won't answer them anyway."
Alvah keeps staring down at her plate.
"Because if you know you were not good at being a parent like you told me earlier in the week. Then why have me? "
She taps with her utensil on her fingers in a rythm.
"Why did you not just let me go earlier. Why don't you trust me. "Alvah then looks up her eyes going between sadness and anger
"Why don't you tell about my mother. Why have you kept me believing back in shadow i was barely able to do a cantrip."
Her voice rises a bit.
"Just why dad? Why? "
Michael James Watson
Vance looks at Delwin seriously, "Yes, tell her. I saw it in the oracles. Trust isn't it? Show some"
Delwin, "It isn't that i don't trust you. I don't trust the rest of them. Adrian is sweet as honey but he has an agenda and will not hesitate to lure you into it. Random has at least two wars brewing.. One of which is likely to be horrid. Chaos has an agenda. Chaos is pushing a client kingdom to make war. Azcala is a High Order construct. Called a Squiggle. Created by the Jewel of Judgment. I don't know when. You know on our world the history of the aztecs? Bloody human sacrifice.. Do you remember it?".
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly
"Yes and the pattern already showed me of Azcala and their blood sacrifices the ripping out of hearts."
She folds her hands on the table keeping her new teaspoon between her fingers fidgeting with it.
"Please continue"
Michael James Watson
"I investigated Azcala. Its a place of great passions.. Great beauty. It has 9 realms. While the horrors of the ruling classes and the priesthoods dominate it there are places that are wonderful. Scholarly. Powerful. One of the realms is called Umillan-Zlapa. Its a scholarly place. a rich place with wonderful foods.. And wonderful people. Their lord, their god figure is Quetzal. He is of the Azcalan ruling family but does not support the king, Emperor Tonacat. You want the truth, here it is. I met a woman there and lived with her for some time. You were born there. She was not who she told me she was. She turned us both over to the priesthood for sacrifice. I fought. We barely escaped.
Azcala has an agenda and i saw it. They mean to claim the Red Sword, the Rock Guard, and use it to raise Azcala to a true pattern. Then they intend to destroy Amber. Now that may take thousands of years, but you are part of their agenda. Your Amber blood."
Vance leans back, frowning, "Does Random know? "
Delwin shakes his head.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah falls silent. She didn't say much to begin with but hearin her origins she inhales deeply looks at Delwin, then to Vance.
Her eyes turn colder which is with her light coloured eye very cold. And her other very dark.
"So what I understand they wish to have a sword a guard. Is it known where those are?"
She continues in a matter of factly tone.
"They need me to raise azcala to a true pattern and i am sure i won't survive that ordeal.
Do they need more? "
She then chuckles
"See it is smart that you tell me. Now i know i have to be extra careful when going there to recover a banner for Xorit and Realmer to gain full rule over their clans. "
Alvah looks at Delwin
"Do they know i am still alive? And are the going to search for me at a point?"
Alvah looks to Vance
"Are you surprised he didn't tell. It is not that others might be able to help.
That mutual interests can exist next to personal agendas.
Because if Random would know maybe they can then prepare... eventho it might take a lifetime before it happens. "
She then taps with her teaspoon on the knuckles of her fingers and has a defiant grin
"Oh and the question from dad about the brownies was his attempt to or lighting the mood, make a joke, or perhaps attempt to embarras me in front of you."
She smiles in her sarcastic smile to Delwin.
Michael James Watson
Delwin stands and paces.
Vance says,"Random is prepared. Many years ago he forced Bleys, Benedict, and myself to walk up an augery called the Oracle of Night. Its in the friggin' deck...To his credit, he did it as well. We knew you were coming. Not by name nor lineage, but by vision. Father knew if I saw you, even as a child, that it would put me in movement. As it did the moment your card appeared in the deck. "
Delwin comes and puts a hand on Alvah's shoulder. "I told you I don't trust them. He is one of them. " pointing at Vance. "The ones I don't trust. I can't trust him not to put you in harms way. I trust you. I trust that you will want to put yourself in danger. "
Vance looks aside and mentally cause a picture to appear in a holographic form.
He points and says," There is a lot to explain. Amber, Avalon, and Mandalay are full high order construct with sway over zillions of shadows. Zillions and zillions more exist. Balance exists between them. But there are smaller high order constructs, some with a single shadow, some with billions. These small ones are called Squiggles. For complicated esoteric reasons these squiggles are like pieces of a full work. Like a first draft drawing is a part of a potentially finished work. Of the small ones are realms like Pocai, Trasidy, Atlantis. The largest of these small ones are Adagalasck, Regor, and Azcala. "
Delwin steps up and says,"Among the squiggles is one called Bursain. But for esoteric reasons much of the power of its squiggle is contained in a glaudius, a small short sword. A number of years ago the ruler of Burden died. Was assassinated. Murdered. Rulership of a squiggle with thousands of shadows goes to whoever holds that blade. Its called the Roksagara, (so?) the Rock Guard. The holder of the blade can do many different things depending on what its wielder chooses"
Ance goes on, Ieaning in to Alvah. " Whoever finds the blade could claim it and claim Bursain. that would he wonderful. But.....the owner could also deny ruling Bursain, and instead use the sword in a ritual that could raise a tiny squiggle to a major one. Or turn a major one into a full pattern. That is what Tonacat would do. Boil away Bursain, kill zillions of people. Make Azcala a full pattern. From there, he wants to humiliate Amber. I want the blade to stop that."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens her eyes widen as she hears the two talk of the worlds, patterns, squiggles and all that.
Alvah then jumps up stepping away from the two.
"Okey... okey, wait.
Questions. One, is only my blood usefull due to the mix of Azcalan and Amber or would any Amberite do? Two if you knew and Random knew, won't they know that is me of the vision from the oracle, as Vance now knows by seeing me? Three. Why would Azcala or well Tonacat want humiliate Amber? To destroy so many lifes and worlds. Who pissed in his cornflakes? "
Alvah frowns shaking her head
"How can you know for sure? Dad, Vance? That this is going to happen or that this is all true.
And if you both agree that this shouldn't happen then what is the problem?"
Alvah turns fully to Delwin.
"That they may put me in harms way? Hell apparently me merely existing is putting me in harms way! I am sure if Tonacat wants to do this so badly, and does need me. He will try and find me."
Michael James Watson
Vance says, "Its days like this I wish I hadn't stopped sniffing glue...."
Delwin responds, "I'm sure the replicator can make you some.."
Vance laughs, "Ok, question two first. the Azcalans don't know what my vision was. But, they have powerful oracles of their own so I am guessing they will eventually know you have Azcalan blood. To the best of my knowledge you were not in Benedict or Bleys' visions. Maybe if you sat the Oracle...."
Delwin yells, 'SEE!!!!!??!??! Thats what I mean by not trusting him!!! He would put you in that seat just....."
Vance say something clearly crude in russian. "No I am not. I wouldn't want it for anyone. So stop that... "
They stare at each other darkly.
Delwin blinks first, turns to Alvah. "Who pissed in his cornflakes? Oberon. Tonacat holds a grudge"
Vance nods, sips his drink, "Oberon indeed. The details are fuzzy but Oberon did something ages ago, 400 years before the foundation of the Kingdom of Amber. The High Lord of Chaos sealed Azcala off from the rest of shadow. Made it insanely hard to get in and out without the High Lord's permission. Tonacat himself was sealed into a realm in the stuff of Chaos, on the Chaos side of the Abyss. Some of his children were sealed inside Azcala, some were out. They have their own family problems but one of their family problems is going to be you."
Delwin says, "Dearest, you just walked the pattern. Just hours ago... Only people with the blood of Dworkin, who created the pattern of Amber, can do what you just did. It is believed that only the blood of Tonacat can walk the Sigil of Azcala. As far as we know. So, you may be the only Amberite able to walk the Sigil of Acala."
Vance says, "That last is uncertain. Because its a squiggle and Tonacat didn't create it I think people other then his blood can assay it. We don't know everything."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance, raising an eyebrow.
"That is a healthy response."
She then nods
"Yes already heard about the oracle of night and that it gives each different visions that sit there. And that it is a freaking bad thing to do as it can give you the wrong ideas."
Alvah then snaps her head to Delwin.
"Alright dad, only time i am saying this. Nobody MAKES me do things i can choose and i will concider choices. If i am put in a position by a force greater then me, sure. But noone tells me to do things i am not agreeing with."
She trusts up her chin in a defiant look "even you, hense my youth. So stop it."
Alvah sighs and rubs the temples of her head.
"Ofcourse, just peachy i'll be a lamb to slaughter because of two generations ago. "
Alvah looks at Vance
"I don't sniff glue but i do run to clear my mind. Is it alright if i just run along the corridors? "
Michael James Watson
Vance says, "Tell her the bad part....."
Delwin scowls....A test of wills between father and son
"This is why i didn't want her out of my realm...."
Vance nods, "I know. She must."
Delwin pauses, raises a hand to stop your commenting, "In an Amberite's personal shadow, a place where they have invested their will power, many precautions and conditions can be created for defense. I di that in our realm. In my realm only a holder of the Pattern of Amber may use High Order magic. So if Tonacat or his minions came after you, they would be unable to use high order powers. And low order powers are easy to block if you know how. You are safe in our home world. "
Vance says, "Thats not what i meant and you know it, dread prince."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her frustration clearly grows.
"Then what is the bad part? Vance if dad doesn't tell me you better tell me. "
She stand fists clenched jaws thight and almost tears of frustration and anger show in her eyes.
Michael James Watson
Vance nods, "Yes, you can run anywhere you like. We train people here in much the same way the elites do. My son is runner as well. He would certainly be happy to meet you and run with you.
Delwin says, "The bad part....The Azcalans gain power, create artifacts, using the hearts and heart blood of their sacrifices. Extremely powerful artifacts. Like Amber has its traitors so does Azcala. One is Untara, daughter of Xozla & Cihalas. Xozla and Cihalas are brother and sister, children of Tonacat and Cihuacoa. Uta tells us that Tonacat has sacrificed his kin to create weapons. That he has forced his children to bear children to be raised for sacrifice; Prepared for it from birth. Made susceptible to Azcalan priestly magics in order to make their blood and their hearts supremely powerful weapons..."
He stands, and walks a bit aways, turning away in shame.
"At the time, i thought she was simply bathing you and singing while she did so...I didn't realize what she was doing till too late."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Vance as she just really needs to clear her head soon.
As Delwin starts to talk she stands still be it a bit uneasy.
"What was she doing then? I was not sacrificed."
Alvah holds her hands out
" i am still alive. "
She steps closer to her father seeing his shame
"What did my mother do? "
Michael James Watson
"She bathed you in oils and sands. Sang to you. Sang with you.. You would sing this song about going up the pyramid.. it was catchy.. harmless sounding.. "
"I was studying the magic of Azcala. I was studying the other 8 worlds.. The priestly powers were not apparent. Sorcerers can't detect the working of priestly clericism. Not even me. I didn't know she was a priestess. I didn't know she was azcalan royalty. She was a scholar, a college administrator and professor. Quetzcal showed up unannounced and revealed her to me and helped me escape, just barely.. She was your mother... how could I have known?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and places a hand on Delwin his shoulder.
" it is okey, like you said. You didn't know. "
Alvah is clearly fighting back lots of emotions. A shaking breath in she then nods smiles to Vance.
"I need to clear my head a bit. I will be back soon, if i lose my way i'll ask someone or the computer to guide me back. See you both soon."
Alvah does not wait for answer she just leaves the room and starts running. Since it is probably mostly flat surface she picks up speed. Going here and there in rounds trying to find a silent spot she grabs her trumps and searches for Dwynwen. Hoping to talk to her.