Alvah meets her stepdad

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Michael James Watson
Hours pass as the process continues.. As she tires Bleyes suddenly steps in front of her, putting a hand on her shoulder. She feels herself pinched by a massive psychic grip. He raises a sigil of Amber she has not seen him use. IT looks some how cray active and has war spells hung on it.
A man walks out in front of the pair. Opening his coat he says, "I come unarmed.. I was on my way to Amber anyway and leaving myself open brought me here. Look who i find? The Red Prince and....her...who i was going to Amber to see. I suggest we swear a truce for the moment. I understand death has been averted in Amber by family gossip? I have some. And....I have a Safe Conduct pass signed by Caine"
Bleys says, "You could have a safe conduct signed by Oberon and I still would kill you. Who are you?"
He says, "While i might enjoy banter with the Jack of Amber its Lady Avaxala I have sought and found. Unless she be a shadow and you a shade as well? I think not..And.. if you do not drop you sigil, i shall raise mine"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah is happy that Bleys steps in when he does as she feels the wear of concentrating this hard and walking.
Noticing the psychic grip she just gets confused.
feeling Bleys his hand she steps to where he guides her. Probably out of the way of his weapons swing.
Alvah looks at the man wondering if she knows him, she then looks around seeing if someone else other then Spatchi Bleys and herself is traveling with them.
"Bleys, what is going on? Who is that?"
SHe looks sideways to Spatchi and looks at her if she has maybe an answer. So far Spatchi had saved Alvah with answers.

Michael James Watson
Spatchi has two knives out, looking croached and ready to jump.
Bleys sasy, "I'm not sure.. Raise your sigil.. see how he reacts"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah does as she is instructed, keeping her breath steady and holding out her sigil in front of her.
Keeping a sharp eye on her surroundings and especially the man in front of them.

Michael James Watson
The man looks impressed. Before him appears a sigil looing like a living mayan calander
"Alright, we are all well armed. Save for the whisp with her daggers. Let us not send this into battle. While i can't say i sought you, fortune has found us... So...I shall lower my sigil, to show my intentions."
His fades away.. Something about it draws heavily on Alvah as it fades.
Bleys lowers his, but silently urges her to retain hers.
"Introductions. .I am Xozla, a prince of Azcala. I hold Prince Caine, Prince Arloxedra, and Lord Relmopator as acquaintances. I know you, Prince Bleys. And I imagine the knife wilder is not of the blood. That leaves only you. "He points a finger at Alvah, "To give her name."
12s Zictla 3.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the sigil of Xozla and can't help but stare for a moment. Though quickly reminding herself to keep the focus on her sigil she is holding and keeps up under Bleys his silent instructions.
Alvah waits a moment to answer, making sure her voice is there and she won't sound anything but neutral and strong.
"My name is Alvah. And we have not been looking for you, since really do not know you.
That we cross eachothers paths is just mere coincidence, do not know of a lady Avaxala either."

Michael James Watson
He nods, "Yes, Delwin called you Alvah.. but your baptismal name was Avaxala. That was the name my wife used when she sanctified you. Let us consider this an introduction and we go our separate ways. The Jeweled Road is nearby and I intend to take it to the Gates of Amber and knock upon them. However, there is a waymet at the point we travel. If you three might be inclined to rest in your travels as I intend to in mine. We could travel there and see what
resources they have for weary road walkers?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a moment to the side to Bleys and Spatchi. She wasn't sure how much up to date they were about Alvah her parentage.
She can't help but shudder when the sanctifying is uttered again.
A moment she thinks and then straightens herself again.
"what business do you have in Amber anyway, why would you want to knock on the gates? Who says that you will be welcomed. "
Being over the shock slowly she feels a form of anger, a need to run the hell away. but also to just defy anything he says.
Alvah keeps her focus on the sigil ready to just throw anything she got agains this man.

Michael James Watson
"Well, I have a daughter currently in Amber with he new husband and her new loyalties. And, while certain forces have made war in Amber, i am not one of them. Yet. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands still for a moment as she is then with a "hmpf" she doesn't stand ready to pounce or run.
"yeah lets not be the cause of a war then, guess that would reflect badly. "
She looks to Spatchi and Bleys if they are both okey, she also checks if Cicero is still safely coiled around her arm.
Alvah looks at Xozla again with a raised eyebrow
"and why if we were inclined to do rest, would we do so together? It is not that we are friends bumping into eachother, right? All we are to eachother are family that don't know one another."

Michael James Watson
He nods, "True. But, thank you for acknowledging that we are family. I am sure Tonacat, my father, will be pleased to hear this is the position of Amber."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah snarls between her teeth as she has the feeling she fell for something.
"Whatever you tell him is your own interpretation, especially about Amber, i do not speak for its position."

Michael James Watson
"No. In the presence of Prince Bleys you can only speak for Amber if he allows it. He does not object, so i assume he approves. "
Bleys says, "Assume all you like. The proof is in the Hall of Amber."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lowers her sigil and shakes her head.
She mutters softly
"Assume makes an ass out of..."
She the looks up at Bleys
"Is there anything we should be doing? Or shall we keep moving? I particular have no need of sharing some quality time with him. "

Michael James Watson
Bleys says, "Well, Prince Xozla, your stepdaughter has spoken. Well met, and fare thee well. Move along, Alvah"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out a sigh of relief. Turning clearly away from Xozla she walks off without a word.
Not yet moving shadow until she is certain Spatchi and Bleys are with her.

Michael James Watson
Behind are the sounds of a great automotive engine. Lookjng back Xozla waves as he guns the engine off into shadow


Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around and rolls her eyes.
"Ass." She mutters.
"Should warn someone perhaps that Xozla is going to Amber.
When everyone is there again Alvah starts to pick up where she left. The sky, smell, humidity even de sky.

Michael James Watson
"Nice ride. Maybe some day i'll steal it."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs maybe a bit nervous sounding from.the ordeal just now.
"So shall we move on? "

Michael James Watson
Bleys says, "No. Lets live here. There is bound to be someone around here with a house for sale...." He waves his hand to proceed.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Oh nice, mister sarcasm. A simple yes would have been fine."
Alvah starts walking again. And after a deep breath she starts to tune in on her surroundings agaian... where were they.
Ah yes skycolor, smell, humidity and temperature. And keep our feet on the path.

Michael James Watson
"That's Prince Sarcasm., I'll thank you." He looks over at Spatchi speculatively.
Time passes and Bleys fine tunes her efforts. She feels tugs occasionally that he says are him nudging away a bit.
He stops at one point.
"Spatchi. Come put you hand on my shoulder and on hers should share this..raise your sigil, Alvah.."
When she does she sense a power source nearby. Looking around a greater one is straight ahead.
"To the left is the primal realm of Talwas. A squiggle. Nice place for a good meal but more boring the Tazilwere. Agrarian. No rulers. I mention it since its the nearest squiggle to Vulsara. Vulsar isn't a squiggle but it has a full walkable pattern. That is the power source ahead. Now we are not there..see the vibrations of Talwas and Vulsara? Those are Shades..other copies. Now forget colors and smells and red brick villas. Focus on the pattern ahead. If it brightens, go forward, darkens, back up, find the bright path. You are exhausted.. We can camp here and make Vulsara in the morning. Tonight, ill summon a feast."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks through the sigil and nods as she listens to the instructions
"Yes, got it and moving further tomorrow is fine. This was taxing. " alvah lowers her sigil again and turns to Bleys.
"I should warn someone about Xozla going to Amber. "
She clenches her jaw.
"Well guess the cat is out of the bag on that one."

Michael James Watson
"I contacted Ben once you got heavy into shifting. They are expecting him"

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing the name Ben she does a
"Hmm" and leaves it at that for a moment. Alvah then sighs.
"Well, guess was bound to run into that side of the family eventually. Happy he was not looking for me though."

Michael James Watson
Bleys stops, turns."but.. He was....and he found you....on the shadow...shit"
He walks off and pulls a trump. Talks to it.
Saatchi says, "What's wrong with him?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks at Bleys trying to see what trump he pulls. Then looking at Spatchi she shrugs.
"Do not know... though it is probably something which is going to bite me in the ass... "
She moves closer to Spatchi and talks a bit quieter
"These are typical the moments i get so stressed i run away.... but i will try not to."
She then looks at Bleys again wondering what crawled up his ass.

Michael James Watson
Moments later Delwin and Random step though. Random says, "dammit Bleys if you made a mayday call for no reason...."
Bleys says," I told you we just ran in to Xozla. He said he was heading to Amber to find Alvah and here he found her. In the middle of no where"
Random asks, "And?"
Bleys asks,"Del, does she have an imprint of Azcala?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs turns to Spatchi and her whole body is tensed.
"Told you."
She starts to step a bit restless in place.
"Yay such great fun... being talked about. Shall we just go?" She looks sideways at Spatchi

Michael James Watson
Del says,"no. I would have known."
Random says, "so would I.. Well?"
Bleys ask"Alvah. Why did he find you so fast?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah still concidering to run off looks at Bleys.
A bit frustrated and angrily she answers.
"The hell i know! Maybe because my mother did make a ruby heart from me when i was an infant... maybe because they know i am alive and just were curious maybe because fucking dumb luck."
She looks at Random and glares
"Should you... what? "
Alvah by now slightly trembling with frustration.

Michael James Watson
Bleys says "the hearts...that must be it"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah throws up her hands.
"Well freaking little to do about that isn't there? "
She looks at her father
"Come on you could have thought of that as well right? The hearts the linked blades. You lived their for fuck sake."
She looks at Bleys again and gestures to Delwin and Random.
"Why? He is gone now isn't he?"

Michael James Watson
Bleys looks to Alvah. "Yes. But to where?"
Delwin looks around, gets a direction, and walks fading quickly into shadow.
Random says, "I see your point. But its her problem if people can track her. Since we are so far out I'm going to Cynasure."
Bleys looks to the girls then back, "Want company? " when Random nods the two head West, disappearing in a few moments

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Spatchi and sighs.
"The fuck is up with these people."
She shakes her head
"Maybe we should keep going. Bleys gave me instructions. And i feel little for waiting for the lot of them. Bleys knows where we are going anyway."
She then stops and turns
"Or we trump the last of the way. Is faster. I have the location trump.
I just hope Vance is going to be more straight with me. What do you think Spatchi? What does your gut say? or experience or general better sense of action then mine."

Michael James Watson
She shrugs. "I'm not the one manipulating forces of nature. There don't seem to be any owlbears around. I'll take the watch if you want to sleep a bit. Otherwise, your goal was to walk to Vulsar and you seem to know the way. Let finish what you started."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs and smiles to Spatchi.
"Good point." She groans
"Owlbears ugh they were... yeah"
She wants to lay down but the sits up.
"I know i shouldn't but i worry about dad he just was here and left without saying a word... i'll see if i can reach him."
Alvah pulls out the trump of her father and focuses on the image of her dad.

Michael James Watson
"Something wrong? Did Xozla come back?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"No dad, he is not here. Just wondering where you stormed off to. You just left without a word and after just now i got worried.
I am fine going to rest and then finish the shadowwalk to Vulsara."

Michael James Watson
"I assumed you were fine. Random and I were playing pinochle when Bleys called with a Mayday. You are a grown woman, trained to blade and spell; You can handle your own troubles and your own family relations. I'm going to go handle mine. I'll will be out of touch for a time. I'm going to go pick a fight with my ex-wife. Hopefully not a bloody one but bloody is hard to avoid there. I'm going to go see Quetzel. He is fairly decent as Azcalans go and will be arse deep in whatever the state of the resistance is to Tonacat. I'm going to see if i can find Zolton but that is unlikely. I will seek out Tezcatlipoca, a rival king to Tonacat who has only managed to avoid the knife by being the lord of Etapaq. That is something of a rebel stronghold. "
He looks aside, "You should know, Xozla is something of a enigma. He was not wild about Azcala being reopened. He isn't a fan of Tonacat. He bitterly hates Zictalas and Zentalas. He is the highest ranking loyalist to Tonacat that might flip sides. His devotion is to Cihalas, your mother. If he is on the way to Amber, he has good reasons. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head
"alright dad, but just be careful. And yeah i can handle myself, Spatchi and i are just resting up then we move further. Random and Bleys have gone as well. "
Alvah nods
"well i'll remember that if i ever see him again, and what i understand he is going to Amber for his daughter, so Uta i guess. Though he also said he sought me, under a different name. "
She waves her hand dismissive.
"well i just wanted to make sure you are okey, I hope you stay okey and please please be careful. When should i start looking for you? "

Michael James Watson
"When Tonacat rides to war himself. Till then i may go into hiding. I spent a lot of years in Azcala. Ive only recently told Random about my time there. I didn't meet Untara till she was in Amber. She, like Xozla, were among the royals of Azcala caught outside it when Swayvil sealed it. My appraisal is that she is mad as a bag of rats. Give my regards to Vance. Tell him i said a Tie Fighter can outfight a Shuttlecraft. Tell him I said he should take you to Talgwir. Be careful. I raised you to take no shit from anyone. Don't start now."
He breaks the trump contact.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out a laugh after Delwin breaks the contact,
"i won't.."
She then looks to Spatchi
"just going to get some shut eye then we move further okey, lets finish it the way it started, you are right. I like that idea. "
Alvah lets Cicero slither on her shoulder.
"you keep watch to my friend."
she then curls up and gets some rest to start shadowwalking further to her brother.

Michael James Watson
She feels a trump contact almost as she lays down.

Amber Bronkhorst
Michael James Watson
Concidering kittens in a blender she then sits up again and carefully allows the trump contact.
"yes? "

Michael James Watson
"Arlo.... ah.. Random just trumped me to call off the Mayday. I told him I am letting the drill go through just for practice. But I have a request for you. Someone would like to speak to you at your earliest convenience. She wouldn't say why. She is in the deck. Her name is Skadi and she is newly arrived in Amber. Escorted by Vek of all people. She is the daughter of Dashel, a son of Osric himself. Dashel and Skadi are Madalayians by fealty for the former and birth for the later. She has just talked to Random recently and is officially on good terms. However, she has not walked the pattern, and does not have permission to do so. She does have a trump deck and can use it because she bears the Imprint of the Mark of Mandalay. Dart of Hale told her to just trump you but she is shy about it. So.. make of this what you will. Call her when you are rested. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"Hey Arlo, gahhh yeah Bleys was apparently spooked that someone of the other side of the family could suddenly find me in shadow. But Random and Bleys are away now, dad left to.
Skadi, wait i heard that name before, wasn't she introduced the same day at court as i was? With Vek?"
Alvah laughs
"Why the hell would someone want to speak to me? But yeah she can contact me but i'll do the first contact if that helps her over her shyness. And who is Dart to tell her to contact me?"
Alvah rolls her neck and looks at Arlo,
"i might have another favor to ask you later, but that is later in the line. First things first. I'll look for this Skadi her trump and contact her when i am less cranky. "

Michael James Watson
He says, "You know Dart. Dart of Hale is Margot's second in command. Thousands of years in the job too. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"Ah right, well he is right, she could just contact me. Who needs fucking sleep anyway. gaw i need a drink or something. But okey will do, now i am going to take a nap. See you around. "
She then breaks the contact, hoping this time Arlo allows it and she just lays down her head to take a little nap before going further to Vulsara.
After the nap Alvah tries to find some food (conjure it if need be including food for Cicero) and searches through her trumps for the trump of Skadi. Laying contact with her.
Before she lets Spatchi know what Arlo had said to her.