Alvah meets king Random

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Michael James Watson
She frowns, "He could make you forget things. He could make you love him. Obey him. Worship him. He is one of the ones Arlo says is strong in the arts. But He also says Delwin was a principled man, a Unicornist. Even though the Unicorn is their grandmother many of them are not Unicornists.. Verna is my grandmother and I'm not A Vernist... I don't think anyone is.. I doubt he would do such a father did that and worse to me..No offence. We did just meet. But Fiona would not believe you forced me to do anything.. You don't have the will. I may be scattered but my defenses are strong now."
She pulls a trump from her deck. "This is mine.. I don't need mine from my own deck. Take it. If they do something...or you need something.. Hair style advise maybe, call me."
As Alvah pockets the card she sees a group enter the Gardens. Guards come to attention. The waiters look more attentive. Kylen is speaking to the shortest of them. Delwin and Fiona is in the group of 6 people. One is a short man just taller then the shortest. He is in fox toned doublet and hose, a fox fur colored hat with peacock feather, next to him a tall thin man with a tricorn cap and a thick ledger. Behind the king is a tall, wide man with ever look of a body guard.
Dwy says, "oh damn.damn... Thats the king. He;s a talker... with him is Duke Fortunadus, a warrior from some mercenary guild. The man with the book is Salvador Kesht, a banker. behind the king is Sir Galvar, a cousin of yours, son of Osric. He's the kings bodyguard. "
The Fox fur fop and the banker nod to the king and depart to a table with a large group.
Delwin and Fiona lead the king to the table. Dwy stands, and curtseys slightly.
Delwin waits for Alvah to stand.
Delwin says, "Thank you, Lady Dwynwan, for escorting my daughter here. Your majesty, this is my daughter Alvah."
He bows his head slightly, "What a pleasure it is to meet you. Delwin has told me so much nothing about you until a few minutes ago. It gives me a great opportunity to learn about you myself.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah hopping a bit restless as she wants to make a run for it she hears Dwynen her explenation and sighs and drops her ass in the chair again
"Yeah you are probably right"
She takes the trump card and quickly slips it in her pocket.
Then Alvah puts up the greatest fakest smile she can muster and waves her fingers to her father.
Standing up she looks at what Dwynwen does and she copies her moves (as a dancer i guess she can fake it enough).
"It is a pleasure meeting you as well, Your majesty. I have heard only in the recent hour or so of you and all this." she vaguely gestures with her hand around in the air.
"yes such a great oppertunity. But i will be honest that i won't be honest. i have no clue on what i should tell you or not. and most answers might be very vague as i have no clue myself where i stand. "
She grins a bit defiantly towards her father.
"Lady Dwynwen was so wise to already order some things. "
Michael James Watson
"Fi, i saw Flora.. Will you and Dwy please go find a reason to keep her away from me for oh...30 minutes.. Del. Go speak with Brand. Feel free to rattle him. He hasn't been very helpful lately. Though he did make a fine place trump for Regor. Scope it out, fix it. Get back to me later. Galvar, if anyone tries to come talk to me pitch him down to Caine's Dive. Especially if its Flora..The damn Diagans are sending a new Ambassador and i have to see him later and that just more formality then i can stomach at the moment. . Now,, lets have breakfast and talk about the virtues of dishonesty."
Fi and Delwin look annoyed at their dismissal. Dwy stands submissively and goes with Fiona. Galvar steps away looking menacing.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah can't help but show a grin as her father is send away by the king.
"i am sure i will see you soon father. "
Then turning her attention to the king she sits back let Cicero slither zigzagging between her fingers.
"That sounds alright, Your Majesty. Do you want me to put up an essay or will it be more a casual discussion?"
When Alvah is feeling awkward or in a new situation she just can't contain her defiance. Where she was ashamed of it as a younger lady as it was not proper she learned to use it as a tool to measure up the other one.
Michael James Watson
He smiles, "The essay comes later. For now I know three things about you. Delwin is your father and he won't tell me who your mother was. I bet you have not met Vance. Vance will be mad enough to chew readen. Even in a world of 10 to 1 a few cigars should have been passed around. Second, Arlo tells me you appeared in one of the auguries he visited recently and when he saw your trump appear in the deck he sent you a bird of Desire. Third, Delwin has let you spend time with my nephew Fisk. Fisk is charming but be careful dealing with him. He and I have a deal. No stealing form the royals. No stealing from the royal treasuries. No importation of a few substances I can't allow at the center of the universe. No treason against the crown. If i find out he is working with the Azcalans i'll have his head on a pike. What else should I know?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles sweetly
"Well those three things seem clear as there is not much more about me.
indeed i have no clue who my mom is and father does not want to speak to me about it yet, which means usually he never will speak about it, until it is to late and blows up in his face. "
seh gestures to herself
"case and point me. He did nto expect me to apparently find out that quickly but due to some circumstances things happened and my protective bubble burst so to say. Clearly father has not learned with the dealings with his son, uhm my apparent brother."
She nods again "yes i got a note attached to a red bird drinking my wine. It was send by this Arlo yes. "
Alvah smiles wider hearing Fisk
"I knew him by a different name but yes we spend time together. If you would put it that way."
Alvah laughs "well so far no need for me to be vague or anything. you already know what there is to know. Because i know nothing more about all this, the whole family thing, Amber. Father gave me a quick synopsis but that is it. And that people might expect or want things from me now, but that is something we will see."
Again she smile sweetly "anything else, your majesty?"

Michael James Watson
"Dworkin showed me your card before it was put in the deck. The blood of Amber eventually manifests, usually under stress, and he said it had occurred. I hope you will be useful to Amber someday but now you are just beginning. So learn. Delwin has access to a pattern ii do not control. he let Vance walk it a long time ago. Vance does not know where it is. Should you ever come across it i would very much like to know its location. As for you, I would consider it a personal favor if you would do three things for me. First, for security reasons I assign an Elite to every Amberite i can. They are to be companions, helpers, not servants or slaves. They will spy on you but not rat you out exactly. They have the power to bring you and themselves to the courtyard downstairs in an emergency. They don't need to be with you always but they are meant to be protection in need. I'll find one suitable to your needs. Seeing Fisk is a friend i know just the one."
As food arrives he tucks in.. "Calrabon pepper sauce...Dwy is clever.. this would have distracted me or Delwin well enough.. " he pours it on a bagel and runs a sausage in it, eating as he talks.
"Second, I'll let you walk the pattern today if you let Arloxedra run a scan on you and if you promise after walking the pattern, in the next 5 Amber years, you attend the University of Fantalin, take classes including the Royal Rights program. "
"Third, Deal with your relatives. One of my siblings will work with your in weapon skills and self defense. I've lost Julian and Caine and frankly, i don't trust Delwin. So its Gerard, Benedict, Bleys, Flora, or Dalt. Speak with Vialle. Tell her i gave you leave to depart or you'll end up doing a year as a Lady in Waiting. Or, do a year as a Lady in Waiting.. Hell, Doria did it, so can you. Though, Doria started calling herself a Dangerous Death-Dealing Creature of Blood and Fire in Waiting so the service is broad. Vialle so enjoyed sic'ing her Deathgodess in Waiting on people who annoyed her..Doria didn't kill anyone but she made a few cry and made one ambassador from Diaga piss himself in court... lastly, of the relatives, go visit Brand in the dungeons. "
"Oh, and do yourself a favor.. Introduce yourself to Dame Margot.. Don't make me beg. She will assign you quarters here in the castle. Spend some time with her. Do a little kitchen work. She will teach you how to bake bread perfectly and how to make an omlete perfectly and how to pickle stuff perfectly and if you suffer through that it will keep her from asking why you hate her..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens and as the king talks about his favors she puts a part of a muffin down on her plate with each favor he asks.
“I am not big on personal favors that tends to get messy, how much do you owe the other and such. The balance gets lost eventually and only bad things come from that.
having that said I know I am in no position to decline any favors or demands.
After having said that she picks up the first piece.
“I am fine with someone spying on me or following me. Might keep me on my toes as well and I can hone my skills.”
She pops the piece in her mouth and chews slowly thinking about the rest.
“Well the second one is not really one favor is it. Walk the pattern, sure father was talking about that as well. And I would want to see that Arloxedra now. And school. “ she makes a doubting expression with her hand “not much a fan of that but I guess I can deal with 5 years of that if that means I can walk the pattern. “
She squishes the piece of muffin and crumbles it.
“third deal with my relatives. So that training in self-defense. I am good. I have survived so far. And I like to train alone anyway. I am more of a smart fighter then a strong fighter. You know.”
Alvah shrugs a bit.
“Sure Vialle, tell her you gave me leave to depart. “ Alvah sighs “Jeesh should I be taking notes? Is this going to be in a test tomorrow? And Brand, dungeons. Got it. “
Alvah just wipes the crumbs from the table on the ground.
“Yes I was warned about Dame Margot and to play nice with her, not be a total defiant bitch and nod and agree.”
Alvah does her emotionless stare “I don’t hate. No need for it. “ then a small smirk appears on her lips.
“So does anything have to happen in a certain order? And how can I reach Vance? I guess it would be such a fun surprise if we could meet each other before talking to father again… what a nice reunion would that be. “
Michael James Watson
Random says, "You train alone?..Not any more. You may have been the alpha bitch back in the club scene in whatever cowtown you grew up in but this is Amber. There are 50 people on this balcony right now who could beat the hell out of you and carve out your guts for garters using table wear and biscotti. I'll simplify things, Tell Vance to friggin train you or ill assign him Dame Margot as an Elite. He's a client King, he knows i can be serious. Tell him Sancha is your Elite. She is in Vulsara anyway right now. Taking phaser training. Walk the Pattern, transport to Vance. The pattern knows the way. "
He swirls a sausage in the pepper sauce.
"The royal rights course is just a year. Its history, heraldry, diplomacy, and a who is who. The program has been there for 4,000 years. Fantalin, a city in the Kingdom of Thelusia existed before the Kingdom of Amber did. Its not stressful."
"Dame Margot...She was a young girl when a Thulisian Duke named Oberon and his young wife Cymnea came to start a kingdom in a place Dworkin said was a good place. Her father and mother were servents. She has been here since the beginning. She is a lot older then me. I promise its better to be on her good side. Brand.. my brother. The villain was captured in Regor by a cousin of yours named Vander. He lives in the Dungeons now working off his death sentence. He says compared to his time in the abyss after Patternfall a thousand years in the dungeons of Amber is a picnic. I am aim to find out. Talk to him but remember words are his sword and he is a mighty fencer. You should try the Calrabon sauce.,.... amazing.. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins as she listens to the king.
“ah the silk gloves go off. That is way clearer and better anyway. I don’t trust people who play nice. “
She nods
“That actually sounds great. Then I have time to get to know my brother. “
Alvah takes note of the name
“very well Sancha will pass it on. “
She continues listening to the king taking note of what he says with a genuine smile on her face.
“I will be respectfull to Dame Margot that I promise. And I know when to tone down the defiance and sarcasm.”
Alvah takes note of the warning “Brand word fencer, got it. “
She tries the sauce as she is really curious now how that is.
“and I assume before I walk the pattern. The thing with Arloxedra still stands. “
Alvah sits back and looks king Random in the eye with a certain amount of respect.
Michael James Watson
"Yes...Arlo will tell me if i should kill you or not. So , ya, talk to him first."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods "clear. Prefer not to be killed honestly. kind of curious what this all is going to bring. And would at least scold Fisk a little bit for not telling me any of this. "
Michael James Watson
Random says, "Well, being killed dishonestly isn't any better. So...Galvar, get one of the detail to escort Lady Alvah to the Library please."
A guard leads her through the castle. The place is medieval but fairly clean and efficient. magical lights. Wide halls.
When she arrives in the library it is pretty impressive.
Michael James Watson
A man walks up, looks at the guard, then Alvah, "I assume you need direction?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lows herself to look around in amazement the turning to the man who spoke.
"Yes, king Random told me to see Arloxedra. He would be here." Again her eyes travel over the countless books.
She is not someone that picks up a book that quickly but she does appreciate the immense work that must be stored here.
Michael James Watson
He scowls, then says, "Follow the smell of cigarette smoke. Back in the map section today i think.
Walking back amoung the books she eventually sees a man sleeping face down on a table. many maps lay beneath him. A cig burs straight up over an ashtray featuring two pelicans.
A red haired elite sits napping on a sofa. A very large cat sees Alvah and leaps to walk over and greet her.
When she deals with the cat, Arlo pulls his head up.
He says, "One must sleep when the whimsy allows, don't you think?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds her hand out, the one without Cicero to let the cat sniff and the stroke softly its fur.
"I have no clue what you mean with that. But sleeping with a burning cigarette." Alvah shrugs
"Bit dangerous, would be horrible for these books."
She then turns back to the man.
"You are Arloxedra i presume? I am Alvah."
She figures that would be enough info to give.
Michael James Watson
he nods, Flicks his cig at the book stacks. It wings back and lands in the pelican ashtry.
"Plan for fire. Yes. Alvah.. Daughter of Delwin. Feel free to sit where you like. I've a keg of beer over there and a cask of wine over there. And yonder is my Elite Darcy. Think not less of him because he drowses. There is little danger here save dangerous ideas. So...Welcome to Amber.. I didn't expect you to answer my bird so quickly. but there it is and here you are."
He lights another cig, stands and stretches..
"Sit. relax.. There are few wrong answers.. You come from a high magic earth world. One specifically that does not mention Amber. It doesn't even have the Corwin Chronicles, Merlin Chronicles, Caine Chronicles, or Bleys' plays. It seems like he was devoutly seeking to hide his connection to Amber. What do you think of that? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Yeah here i am! What woman can resist a bird."
Listening to Arloxedra she then falls silent when he asks her something.
"What i rhink of that. Nothing really but with the way you bring it up. Something is wrong with that. Right?"
Alvah told herself not to piss everyone off and at least play along now.
Michael James Watson
Arlo frowns..
"You may go. Good luck. Be tasty when something eats you"
He walks over and fills a mug places it next to Darcy., He walks to the shelves and picks a book, settles on a sofa and starts reading.
Cat sits by her leg, staring up at her.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks down at the cat then to Arlo, she exclaims a sigh.
"Look king Random told me to see you before i can walk the pattern. If that was a wtong answer, well shit, but i am working with the knowlegde i got."
If the cat still sits near her keg she leans down to pet it again.
Michael James Watson
Alro looks up..Sees the cat curling around your leg. Standing he goes to the keg and fills two mugs. Setting one before her he sits again at the table..
Thinks through a gulp he says, "I am in a small collection of people who see trumps before they go into the deck. When yours arrived it showed Delwin's artistic style, had been collected by Dworkin, and approved by Random. So Random has me talk to new arrivals and give him my impression. Here it is. You sat at the table and the ashtry did not leap up to sever your neck, so you are not possessed by an abyssal demon or are a conduit for magical beings spying on Amber. You yanked my chain about a perfectly pleasant bird of desire. I like chain yankers. You didn't say something snide about my Elite sleeping on the job. You will set the terms of your arrangement with your elite beyond the fact that you will have one. He had a long night last night doing night artillery instruction with the 5th Legion. The least i can do is make sure he had something to eat and a place to sleep. I asked a leading question to see if you would throw your father under the bus. You called Random King Random. A lot of family, especially new ones tend to ignore the title. Lastly, Cat likes you."
He finishes his mug and goes to gets a second, sitting down, lighting a cig.
"My job is to tell Random if I see any reason why you are a danger to Amber that he will regret not having shot in the face when you leave the library. I don't think he should shoot you in the face. How you face your life and death from here on is your business. Live Free. Die well. Now.. Is there anything I can answer for you? Clearly you deserve a few answers since Delwin is being secretive again."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the ashtray, while she is still patting the cat. Then back to Arloxedra she chuckles heating about the face shooting.
"Well wonderfull i like my face intact. "
A moment she falls silent then.
"So my next step is the pattern, where from where i can anywhere. I know it is a source of power and it is what you all need to change shadow. Do i need to know anything before doing that patternwalk? I have a feeling more is to it, and i like to be prepared." She then grabs thenmug and drinks.
"Oh and if you could get not to metaphysical about it. Would be great it is alot of info on the first day. " she smiles sweetly
Michael James Watson
He smiles, "Seems reasonable. I like your face intact too.. And ruining a lovely neck would be a tragedy as well. Do yourself a favor and take a few days her before walking. Get to know the place. Have dinner down by the Harbor. Get some sailing in. Maybe some fishing. There is a family dinner in a couple days. Stay for that. I'm sure Random told you to see Dame Margot.. I'm pretty sure she will be here soon. She and Dart of Hale know more about what goes on here then the King or I do. Walking the pattern means leaving unless you do it and transport here; which by the way is a hell of a good friggin idea. Talk to some of the kinship here about their experiences walking the pattern. Get to know the place. Before the Jeweled Road it was hard to get back here. It was hard to get anywhere really. Now there is a freeway. "
He Finishes his beer and leans back in the chair for a second.
"Not to get too metphysical walking the pattern is straightforward. Hard, tiring. IT tests your endurance powerfully. Once you set foot on it it will draw you along. Really, you can't take a wrong step unless you try to turn around. Don't do that. No matter how much resistance you feel keep moving. The pattern will engrave itself in your soul. It will make you see visions. Remember forgotten things in your life. It will show you people. Maybe suggest places to go. Its sentient.
Not like a talking thing but it has an awareness. When you reach the center you can transport anywhere you can imagine. Plan ahead. Figure out where you want to go. Outfit it with the people, scenes, buildings. weather, sun, skies.. everything you can, before starting the walk. Once in the center focus and go. But save yourself the grief, transport to the Library or the courthall. There are other ways to go to shadow your first time. It wouldn't hurt to get a kinsman to take you on a few shadow walks. Show you the things to do. Its all about little changes and focus. Make little changes and go slowly till you have the knack. There will be plenty of time to experiment. You are immortal. Don't do something foolish shadowwalking when inexperienced or transporting someplace incomplete. Keep a trump hand to call for emergencies."
He withdraws a set of trumps. "These wont work for you till you walk the pattern. But look them over. Then come back again and ask me about them. Places, people.. I can tell you many things.. thing... you have an Adask bond braid.. Did you bond with an adask in Delwin's world?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits listens and drinks her beer. Now and then nodding in understanding.
She takes the trumps and shifts carefully through them.
When Arlo is finnished she says.
"I'll take your advice stay here for a bit and indeed get to at least know Dame Margot. That is something even my father told me to do. " she looks at the pictures of the trumps as her fingers rin through them.
"King Random told me to go to my brother Vance with the whole end of the pattern thing. But i can also come back here and use these " she holds up the trumps " to contact him afterwards right?"
Half listening to the question about the braid she looks up. " i did what? I don't think so. I think Dwynwen is from there and she helped me with something." She touches the braid and shrugs.
"So do you know if Ryb...uhm Fisk is somewhere in Amber?"
Michael James Watson
"Going to Vance is a good idea. You are from an earth world, but lacking some of the travel guides. Is there a television show called Star Trek? Vance rules a kingdom that started as a Federation/Star Fleet world.. So if you go there, be prepared. "
He reaches over, softly grasping the braid.
"Its magic. Dwynwen is an Adask. Racially. They are a race of wildly mixed heritage. Elven, Fey, Chaosian. They have wild passions for love and war. Loyalty and vengeance. Great cooks. They practice familial marriages. This braid marks you as a.... companion... Of an adask. Not a lover. But they are not made lightly. One braid means something like boon companion. Warriors will exchange them after battles. Lovers retain a single braid to respect previous marriages. And this one is enchanted to remain, to regrow if your hair is shorn. How long did you know Dwynwen before letting her make that? Does she have one for you too?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide "a star tek kind of place. Awesome! I am more or a trekkie then star wars fan anyhow." Alvah chuckles
"Oh darn my inner geek came out to play. But you have to watch something when you are grounded. "
Alvah clicks her tongue.
" i did not agree with anything. And i don't knoe if she has one. Met her today at my homeworld,shadow, place.
She was with Fiona. My father invited them after he understood my 'egg' broke. And i confronted him. First we talked of the problem on the shadow itself.
Then we talked about Amber and the family.
In my room Dwynwen showed me to change my eyecolour and then i fucked up with my hair. She helped me and now that braid is there. She did not say it had meaning or that I can't take it out."
Alvah sighs. "Barely set foot here and already screwed up. "
Michael James Watson
He ponders, rubbing the braid. Alvah is about to think he is doing so too long when he sits back and drinks again.lights another cig.
"Your powers manifested. And if I do say, you have excellent powers for the study of sorcery. Don't let Vance teach you. He and that Romulan sorcery instructor strictly treat it like computer programs; algorithms, flow charts, cable guides. And don't let delwin teach you. he will have you copy manuscripts for a century. I could teach you but Elayne gets jealous. Go to Fantalin. Random probably has you going there anyway. The Dean is Aries Colbriesi. The only person not of the blood to walk the pattern. He is a great instructor. Or trump Dworkin himself and ask him. He likes audacity."
"As for the braid, I suspect it was an accident. I could erase the magic in a moment but would you want me too? Amberite must deal with their own troubles for the most part. But....let me make a suggestion, if it offends you, it was not meant too. Dwynwen has had a hard time of it . lonely. Elayne hates her. Dwy is young, new to her powers. She could use a friend. Show her the braid. I bet she will be mortified if she sees you know what it is. She will certainly offer to try to undo it. But..instead, take her hair and do a similar braid. If she doesn't want it she can properly refuse, according to Adask custom. but if she doesn't, and she allows the braid. She will be a friend for life. She could use one. Just a suggestion. Oh..just one braid. Two means something very much else. So you know, adask will grab the braids. Its considered Honoring them. So as long as its there, expect that."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah feels slightly uncomfortable with Arloxedra playing with her hair but the information he gives she takes in.
"Thank you and no please leave the braid. I know then what to do. "
Alvah smiles
"Yes king Random has me going to that university Fantalin. I told him i would. "
Hearing the name Dworkin she shifts through her deck till she thibks she finds him.
"Well i will think about that. Although there always is a chance my father does want to do my magical training he kind of likes to control what i learn "
Alvah then laughs
"But when Fisk trained me i think he had little say in what we were doing."
She smiles genuinely to Arloxedra.
"Thank you, for the clear answers. And not getting to metaphysical. When they were talking about Dufiro i got lost."
Then Alvah stands up and lays the deck of trumps on the table.
"Again thank you. I will seek out Dame Margot now. Then take a few days, meet people, see the sights. Then do that dance on the pattern."
Michael James Watson
He gets serious... "Who was talking about Dufiro? Oh..the Amber way is to trade information. I ask, you ask. Not now but in the future. But...who and what involved the Dufiro?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah a bit surprised by the direct question.
"Uh well according to what i understand, and mind you that is not alot. Someone on the shadow i come from summoned them and they were inhabiting people.
I pushed 2 of them out of people and a third that was there as well went away."
Thinking of the events
"But those were according to Fiona very weak ones. And later my father attacked one."
She looks at Arlo
"Why? Is it important?"
Michael James Watson
"Dufiro are a race of powerful beings.. They got into Delwin's personal shadow. That's tough... If you wish to deal with the matter I won't intrude. If not...I would like to indebt Delwin to me by dealing with it. The greatest expert on them is in the castle somewhere. The fox mate Fortuadus was here earlier. We talked on another matter....its not important... Go see Dame Margot..tell her I could use some cookies."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nodd "i an probably not going to deal with them myself, since i barely know what i can do and banishing 3 caused me a flipping migraine. And like you said it is my father his shadoe not mine. Deal with him about it." She then nods and turns "i'll tell her."Alvah nods to the guard. "Lets go find her. Shall we?"
Michael James Watson
The guard knows the way. The kitchens occupy most of a level of the mighty castle. Entering she sees a bustle of staff of all kinds. Butlers, maids, waiters, cooks, servants
The mood is happy. Everyone seems eager. Down long wats she sees many stoves working.the smell of bread is in the air.
She sees the red headed sleeping elite come and relieve the guard she had. He grabs a biscuit and silently stands post.
Trays are sent around. Maids are assigned. Everything seems like an intricate dance. Having grown up around servants it seems like hundreds of households worth.
Cats are underfoot but never stepped on.
In the middle is a tall confident woman issuing orders, tasting food, filling pitchers. Darcy leans and Whispers, " That's Dame Margot. "
She walks over frowning. "Now Darcy you know the damn rule!!!"
He laughs, "A biscuit is a sign a meal is needed. Yes.. I know...Well Arlo sent me to make sure you didn't set this one to changing bed cloths in the servants quarters."
Margot stops, looks at Alvah. "Oh my..maybe I should send her up with the Queen's Tea!"
He says, "no...I'll take it. I leave her in your capable hands."
A tray is brought and he takes it."
" my.. A child of my... I'm Dame Margot. Let's have some tea and chat ..."
Amber Bronkhorst
alvah again silent as she walks and observant trying to first of al remember the way.
Seeing the busy kitches Alvah gets a bit anxious. Till she sees the flow of the people working.
Alvah then nods politely in greeting to Dame Margot.
"Yes pleasure meeting you, i am Alvah daughter of Delwin. Tea and a chat would be lovely."