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Michael James Watson
"Sea View Gardens it is then! Its just down stairs and a few buildings away! Hell, I'll summon my dufiro friend and make it a party! Its 3am but Sea View is a 25 hour joint. Has to be since it feeds castle staff.. They would probably wake Flora but that would be half the fun. Hey, lets not tell Hagalta he is being summoned!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"I kind of should be there to open the door and transport him. But we can ofcourse make it a surprise. Midnight snack time! "
She genuinely smiles to Jurt
"You are way more fun then people let me to believe. And hey if Flora wants to join jn on the fun. Right?"
(Alvah was also able to teleport to the dungeon right?) If so she holds up a hand to Jurt and nods
"Lets get him then for a midnight snack."

Michael James Watson
He nods and stands. Scratches the cat. "You watch the place and don't let that little dog give you any grief"
He wraps his arm around the low of her back and says, "It isn't that they don't think Im fun. ITs that most of them have forgotten how to have it"
Arriving in the dungeons, Brand looks up from his reading chair. Setting down his book he steps up to the bars.."Well, good evening! What a surprise..Jurt, isn't it?"
Jurt scowls and turns his back on Brand.."Lets get him quickly..I am not sure i can hold my temper.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Jurt and pushes him slightly with her hip when he puts his arm around.
"What a shame. Forgetting to have fun."
When arriving she orients herself a bit and walks to Hagalta his door. Stepling up to it
"Hagalta you up for a midnight snack? I jave some questions and thought maybe you need a breath of fresh air."
She looks bavk ay Jurt.
"We'll be out of here quick enough."

Michael James Watson
Hagalta turns his head angrily in bed grumbling something about Brand then sees who it is.. Turning, keeping his blanket on him he coughs,, "Ah,... gggggghhhhh., ah.., yes.. ah.,.. let me get dressed.."
He fumbles into trousers and a loose probably sleeping robe.
"I'm ready.. ah... Jurt? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles bright
"Perfect. "
She unlocks his door and nods holding out a hand.
"Jurt, ready? " holding out her other hand to him.

Michael James Watson
He nods and the transfer is quick. Arriving in the middle of the midnight service the Gardens are quiet. Late night suppers, after gather coffee, staff lunches and shift changes. mostly fill the place but there is less then 5 % of the booths in use.
Three Elites on a meal break come suddenly to the ready.. Seeing Jurt and Haglata and an unfamiliar face. A moment later and one says something and the others come to something like guarded watchfulness. A waiter hurries over to take orders and see the group seated.

Michael James Watson
Just says, "Send us your finest gin in the land! Burgers and fries for everyone!!
Hagalta stretches his arms widely, breathing in the night air. Looking around at the suddenly alert Elites he turns to Alvah and Jurt.
"My thanks... its certainly doesn't feel like a dream...ah! Waiter! Yes..I'd like as big a slab of beef as you have. Some of the Calrabon sauce. A couple bundles of carrots, any color. several loaves the Tazilwere rock ground bread, any kind.. and a pitcher of wine and a pitcher of water..and...they will probably want something."
Jurt chuckles, "Workman's plater and i want my own bowl of the Calrabon sauce.
The waiter looks to Alvah as the elites return to their tables yet remain alert.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Wow such appetite, just a pitcher of dark beer for me. That is a meal on itself. "
Alvah looks at Hagalta and then looks at the view.
"You know this means we have questions right. But enjoy the air the view other then your prison cell. "
She looks at the elites smiles friendly and ss disarming as she can with a nod.

Michael James Watson
Hagalta nods, "yes..Happy to next to brand is very talkitive for hours then sullen silent for days..Whats on you mind, Delwin's Daughter?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Alright Hagalta. To just lay it on the table. You have let an attack with the Azcalans. We need to know more about them. "
Alvah rests her elbows on the table and lets Cicero slither over the table near her.
"First thing first. How did you reach them?"

Michael James Watson
He waits till the wine is brought and drinks a good pint.
"MY deal with Random is that i be of service. I will. But if possible i'd like one of Margot's barrels in my cell. Brand has one. Its everful from the kitchen wine. Its not too much to ask. Now.. Azcala is open to the jeweled Road now that Chaos unsealed the realm and freed Tonacat. They don't shadow walk beyond their sway. Thei sigil isn't full so they can only walk in certain ranges. Unless someone comes from outside and leads them in. Like me, or like the Jeweled Road. They do't have a lot of visitors. Visitors are the top of the order of sacrifice. Just below Azcalan Royalty. But Azcala has several non-human races, the Cipactlix, the Jagri, adasks, dwarves, Orcs. I connected with the Adask. I was the first non-azcalan they had ever seen. I convinced them i was the Adask god. They folowed me."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and smiles
"After out talk i'll let King Random know what is discussed and that you were willing to share information. With your request for one of Margot's barrels. "
Alvah looks at Jurt and nods.
"Alright, the attack failed and you went back to Azcala. The reasons the attack failed are recorded but. From your perspective. What made the Azcalan attack fail? Are there certain weaknesses they have?"

Michael James Watson
"Azcalans are not disciplined. Their troops can march in good order. They look impressive as hell. Individually they are fierce fighters. But they view warfare as a time for personal honor in battle, not defeating the enemy. They fight with a variety of blunt weapons and in battle they club rather then cut. A soldier will enter the battle and take down a foeman, but often, if not attacked, and if their foe is alive, they will leave the battle, with their captive, and go back to the priests and deliver sacrifices. The priests manages all prisoners.. A soldiers glory is based on the number of foes he delivered to the priests not the accomplishment of a military end. Idiots. So I took a huge Azcalan army against Adagalasck but all Julian had to do was bring relentless soldiers against them, and they break because their soldier keep leaving the battle. Even the Adask i had. They blame me for losing that battle but it was their stupidity. After the battle they put me in irons, on a frame on one of their alters. "
He drinks the rest of his wine and waves for more.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods takes in the information and scratches Cicero as he slithers by.
"I see. So the battle was basically lost before it started. They put you in irons and then. I can guess a form of sacrifice since that seems to be their thing. Please continue and also, how did you escape? "
Alvah orders a few eggs for Cicero in the meantime.

Michael James Watson
"They left me in that frame, on the top of that pyramid, in all weathers, and ripped out my heart every week. I wore a healing device that kept me alive and massively caused my wound to heal, regrowing a new heart. Wait a week, then do it again.." He eats some bread, dipping it in the wine.
" For 4 years..4 times a month, for 12 months. THey also bled me almost daily, feeding me magically. So i was fed, and healed, and hydrated, but i felt starved. I felt like i had never drunk water."
"How did I escape...The Adask considered me a god, even after the battle they didn't turn on me. Instead they fled back to their realms and stayed away frm the insane rulers of the realm..But i had my fanatics. Several dozen died to free my hand. Once i had a free hand i could tear out the other steel bindings. I wielded a chunk of the frame in each hand and battered the priest warriros to death.. then i ran. Through Azcalan realms at first trying to get out but the easy way were blocked against me. In the end i found a tiny shadow trail and was elated that it left the realms.. "
" let me out in the abyss./"

Amber Bronkhorst
"They are horrible people. Ruthless but not battlesmart. So you said a bit ago that a banner of the Adagalasck is there which could be handy to have for Julian and the ones ruling there. What was the last position of that banner to your knowledge?"
Alvah then looks ar Jurt.
"If you have anything to add or ask please do. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt nods, listening.
"Where in the Abyss?"
He turns to look at Jurt.."hmmm you've traveled the Abyss, haven't you?"
Jurt shrugs, "Upper layers. Region of the mala, the oil fields., the people of the bent rock. The Domain of the Serpent. SO firt levels mostly, like most chaosians. But ive fought over the deep parts from whispies. mostly with Merlin while i was hating him and not fearing death. Before i took the Logrus"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks from one to the other she then nods to Hagalra.
"So where in the abyss did you end up in? And to your knowlegdr where might they hide the banner? "
Alvah then stands up and stretches a bit looking at Hagalta en then Jurt.
Alvah then repositions the chair and drops herself in lotus sit in it. Taking Cicero who she feeds while on her lap.

Michael James Watson
"My bannerman, Faxlat, was taken and is being scarified in the realm of Zictala..One of the lesser temples.. But i know he is there.. i can feel his pain and fear. I don't know where the banner itself is but If Faxlat escaped he can summon it to him. Its the power of the banner when it accepts a bannerman.."

Amber Bronkhorst
"So Faxlat needs also an escape. So how could one go to the realm of Zictala the quickest? And escape again. would trumps work there? because having heard the things from the Abyss nothing bad to you two but people come out of their a bit coocoo."
Alvah then turns to Jurt
"so this sword Rock Guard is there a way to find out where that is? i do not feel particularly happy to scour the realms of Azcala. "
She turns to Hagalta again
"what did your fanatics do to free you? do you know how they managed? and since you have been kept magically alive was there something needed to be done to keep you up and running."

Michael James Watson
"If there was a way to track the Rock Guard someone would have done it already."
Eating quickly, " Trumps in work. I think one is in the KRD. Once there i thing you would need someone more knoladgable then I to sneak in"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Hagalta
"jeesh slow down the food won't run off"
Looking at Jurt "yeah ofcourse you are right that sounds logical. then we need to find a way to be able to track in once there i think. "
Avlah getting clealr more enthousiastic about the plans and ideas she starts to flip a coin through her fingers again.
"Well we have more sources we can ask ofcourse. Hagalta do you have more to add to the information you already gave? something that would be usefull to know."

Michael James Watson
He leans back ,waving to the waiter," a dozen eggs scrambled with onions and apple, goat strips, tossed with calrabon sauce and goat cheese rolled in flatbread to go."
Looking to Alvah. "Funny.....must be the light. If you hold one of the diamond hearts you can experience the pain and suffering of anyone sacrificed within a day of the site of the sacrifices.they have parties where they trade off experiencing different hearts. A few are special. Most the Royals have been sacrificed a few times just to empower the hearts. There are ways to make a victim feel the pain and the fear more powerfully. If you own one of the hearts you can hang spells on it."
He holds a hand up and finishes a pitcher of wine. He examines her carefully. Hmmm mmm
" Xozla, Untara's father, is only loyal to Tonocat because of his wife, his sister Cihales. she is big time crazy even among them, and he loves the hell out of her. He isn't completely trusted. Strange....except for your coloring, you look a lot like Cihalas. Skin is way paler. But the bone structure is almost exact. Like Zentalas too, but not so much. I'd almost swear you could be cihalas' twin...twin....". He smiles broadly.
His burritos arrive bagged for take out.. Picking them up, he gathers the uneaten bread and says, "if you want more, I want a bag of these every day...maybe one of those magic production plates that make them. And I just figured something else. So pony up, let me hear you tell the night manager,or send me back to my cell."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit uncomfortable as Hagalta regards her like that.
“Well wouldn’t you have a heart like that then? Since you have been sacrificed so many times? What are you looking at me for.”
Alvah laughs and waves her hand
“seriously you had to much wine, Hagalta, I cannot look like them, or her ,Cihales. Wipe that smile of your face. It is still you who is imprisoned not me. And sure you can make demands but think about one thing as well. I can go to other sources as well. “
Alvah steps closer to Hagalta and looks up, still trying to look impressive enough.
“Still I will see what I can do for you. I am not in the authority to give you all that I have to run it by king Random and you know that you were there. So until then I guess it is back to your cell. At least you got to go outside a bit and got food. But stop spouting such nonsense first get a clearer head.”
She keeps her hands clenched in fists trying to keep her cool.
“So Jurt if you do not have anything else to ask this man. Perhaps I should make sure he is back in his cell. “

Michael James Watson
jurt leans in, "have you been in the presence of the Serent of Chaos?"
Hagalta gets up suddenly, knocking a chair over. Scowling angrily Jurt. He steps several steps aside and grabs a block of cheese off a passing waiter's tray.
He says loudly, "Pony up, now! Or Send me to my cell now or by the tests of the unicorn I'll walk there myslef!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah inhales deeply and then stands between Jurt and Hagalta
She points to Jurt
"you still need to help me with something could you please wait here? i will be right back. "
She then nods to Hagalta
"I will bring you back to your cell i have noted your requests and i promise i will pass them through the proper channels trying my best you get them. After that we might talk again. You did answer my questions though."
Alvah nods to Jurt "i'll be right back. " She then glances quickly to the elites who might or might not still be seated there measuring their reaction to this.
After that she places a hand on Hagalta his arm and focuses on the dungeons.

Michael James Watson
She notes the elites snapped to attention at Hagalta's move. One raising a sidearm that looks like a t-shirt gun and the other two have blunt pipes. She also note several dinners around have stood, looking prepared. And as she turns to speak to Hagalta Prince Caine enters, looking groggy but armed with a very modern looking large firearm. He stands silently at the door staring at Alvah.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds up her hand to prince Caine
"All is fine, bringing him back now."
she then nods to Hagalta.
"Like i said i will go through the proper channels. but please try and keep things a bit more quiet. "
She tries to smile but alot of thoughts are racing through her head, the biggest is Hagaltha right.....
She then nods to prince Caine hoping he won't shoot and with Hagalta she goes back to the dungeons.

Michael James Watson
Caine seeing that Alvah has Hagalta more or less in hand turns and says to a waitress, " I'll have what they were having". Then walks to the far side and sits