Alvah talks with Xozla with backup

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Michael James Watson
Alvah arrives and sees an ocean view under a blue sky with coastal whispy clouds. An island in the distance. The weather is warm toward hot with Xozla sitting in the sun basking. A cold beer in his hand.
As Agrom and Vance arrive Xozla rises. Agrom opens the trump and candle and Celekat steps through.
Xozla raises a hand, "I am unarmed and my spell frame is empty. If you have come to murder me, i am mostly helpless. If homicide is not on the agenda, daughter, will you and your companions stay for drinks? Maybe dinner? The resort has a fine chef"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah first looks at her surroundings she looks at the sky. Enjoying the sun on her skin.
Turning tk Xozla she nods
"Taking the slow route to Amber?"
Looking behind her seeing reinforcement areived she smiles and slowly turns back to Xozla she shakes her head
"No, no homicide, no murder. I changed my mind and want to take you up on the invitation to talk."
Hearing him call her daughter she looks a bit difficult but decides to not make a point of it now.
"We will join you for now. No promises on dinner. "

Michael James Watson
"Excellent. Let me make a call. " He picks up a phone and calls, "6 for dinner at dusk. send up several pitchers of the green agave tequila, chips and guac. oh, some of the lizard strips"
Vance steps out to look over the water. "Pacific? Baja California?"
Xozla says, "San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The Hotel Alcazar-Nine custom, elegant suites on the water's edge. Great beaches. and only an hour drive to a big city with nightly excitement. I used to shift among a number of shadows like this while i was centered in Los Angeles over the centuries. What interesting company you have daughter. A romulan, a Klingon, and an Andorian? Its like Comic Con Central America...Please, sit, or feel free to wander around. This suite is all mine and i have no other guests"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around. She then sits down looking at Xozla
"Nice place. Great weather."
She turns to Candle to take Cicero on her hand again letting him bask in the hot sun as well on her arm.
"Yes, family and friends. I did not find it wise to see you alone. "
Looking to the water again she is silent for a moment thinking how to start. It is always different when you sit in front of the person.
"How did you find me during my shadowwalk?"
She doesn't look at him but keeps staring over the waters.

Michael James Watson
"Familiarity with the subject."
Vance says, "A crystal heart. "
Xozla frowns, "Ah, you know about those...Yes.. I suppose i don't need it any longer and we have more at home. " He reaches into a pocket and casually slides a stone over on the table. "Diamond actually. Take it. The meeting i sought was with Alvah or Random. I suspect King Vance of Vulsara would be able to place a phone call to the king"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the diamond heart she picks it up.
"So this is one of thos hearts."
She turns it in her hands being highly intrigued by it.
"How many more of me? How many are there around made from my heart?"
She this time looks up to Xozla as she speaks.

Michael James Watson
He shurugs, "A dozen, i'm told. Can't be certain. Cihal isn't honest or faithful, daughter"
He looks to Agrom, "Her qualities lay elsewhere."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs leaning back she then lays the stone she has next to her and out of reach of Xozla. Keepimg Cicero close to it.
She leans forward again leaning her elbows on her knees
"Okey, i know you just do this to bug me, to lure out a reaction. You are not getting one past this, i am not your daughter. The fact that you are Cihalas husband does not mean anything between us. Okey? Stop calling me daughter, Alvah is fine. "
Sitting up straight again she continues
"Okey so possible a dozen. You wanted a meeting with me or Random... why me or the king?
I see no resemblance in worth or influence."

Michael James Watson
"So you contend that a step-daughter is not a real daughter? How about adopted daughters? are they real daughters? IS this what Delwin taught you of family?"
Agrom steps up putting his NP dagger to Xozla's neck, "You seek to anger or hurt my aunt at your peril. Caine shot his brother in the heart with an arrow, do not think I won't slit your throat because you are her step-father. From what I know of Azcala your treatment of family is enough to make you asking such questions a mockery."
Xozla smiles, "Boldly said. And as the years come remember I once let you put a knife to my throat. I could break your arm before you could move that blade if I chose to. The only reason I have not removed your heart is that I know you have two and I don't know where they are. We have no Klingons in Azcala so it never occurred to me to study their physiology. Besides, room service is here, if you please."
He puts a finger to the blade, moving it away, and goes to the door, returning with trays of glasses and plates, chips and dip, and deep blue tequila.
"The tequila isn't as good as the stuff from home, but its plenty potent for this company as it is. "
Pouring into each of the glasses he takes his and returns to his seat.
He says, "I want to speak to my daughter Untara. I have not spoken to her by any means since Azcala was unsealed. She and I were both on the outside of the barrier but we only saw each other a few time over the centuries. I sought you, Alvah, for several reasons, not the least that I thought you might speak to her and arrange a meeting? Failing that, I thought Random might. I am not an active member of any of the war clans though I retain exalted rank as the Patron of the Eagle cult., I a not a member of The Party for War led by Tonocat. Amber would do well to let me visit.”
Xozla looks up at Vance who finally takes a chair. Xozla says, “Vance, you remember the day we played cards at the Oracle of Night? You, Relmopater, Benedict, and Bleys? Prince Martin was there as well. My friend Quetzal was there. Hagalta had taken the stair to the seat in the oracle, foolishly. And it led him to his folly in the Abyss. We spoke of many things. I could have told you of Alvah then, but it wasn't my place. “
Vance nods, “I remember. I never heard what happened to King Eztil and the 80,000 honored dead of the battle of Trudana Felik?
Xozla says, “Quetzel did as he said. Performed sacred rituals making the sanctified dead turn to dust so they could not be used for their lingering life energies or turned into undead. “
“You know, we spoke then of me becoming an Ambassador of Azcala to Amber. If Random accepts me Tonocat would have to disown me to deny the Embasy. He dare not do that. He would cause Cihalas to doubt her devotion and might cost him the entire Eagle Cult. Perhaps he could appoint Alvah as the Liason to the Embasy. I'd get to see Untara. Cihalas would know Alvah is in Amber. It has possibilities”

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Xozla his words. She smiles at Agrom thankfully that he stepped up for her.
Alvah looks with thkrsty eyes to the tequila though she knows she has to stay clear headed. For at least a moment.
"You think Random would go for that? Why? "
she looks at Vance.
"Would he go for that? And honestly do we want that."
She the turns to Xozla
"I doubt a position as liason would be granted to me. So won't count on that.
But Cihalas doesn't know where i am then? "

Michael James Watson
Xozla says, "She knew when you walked the pattern. She is the sorceress between the two of us. I helped heal her after Delwin escaped with you but she had your hearts. Wherever Delwin took you was able to block her from finding you. She did everything she could think of except go herself. She was quite angry about that. Thats when i learned about what she had done. Bold play, seducing an Amberite scholar and bearing a child by him. You should know something. She is a devoted priestess. Its one of the problems between us. She doesn't see the sacrifice and the creation of the diamond hearts as wrong. It is service to the realm. She has had it done many times to herself, so have I. So did Untara and Azitlios. Azitilos glories in it a bit too much. He is what is called a momma's boy."
Vance pours more tequila, "I think we can make an arrangement. Will you make a half step? Beceom the Azcalan Ambassador to Vulsara. None of our technology is exactly secret. Even the blueprints of the voss ship covering the pattern is available across the known universes in the travel guides and the Vid serieses. Tonacat would not want to make an attack on us any more then Amber. Accepting you as an Ambassador there is my call. Alvah, do you think you could convince Jurt and Untara to come to Vulsara?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly takes a glass of tequilla downs it in one go and fills up her glass again.
"So she is the sorceress, don't know how much damage dad did to Cihalas, but she got over it clearly. But if she was so angry why didn't she attempt to go herself? "
Alvah shrugs
"Well yeah bold play but logical if you look at the precedence of power. She just needed a high enough order subject. And ofcourse she is devoted why else purely create a child as a sacrificial piece."
Alvah looks at the diamond heart again which she leaves guarded by Cicero.
"I have the luck i don't remember. And dad took me away in time."
Turning to Vance she blinks.
"You serious, really want to make that leap? "
Thinking for a bit she nods downs another drink and pours her glass again.
"I might be able to convince them, wanted to ask Jurt for a favor anyway and i am sure he wants to know the news about our previous subject. I'm sure we can convince Untara to come along. Else i'll dangle some bottles Azcalan Tequila in front of her she might be willing."

Michael James Watson
He chuckles and pours more tequila. "What did he do? Well, he had that pet Masoja of Fire of his wrestle her to the ground burning the hell out of her long enough for him to get that wicked Tourette syndrome spell past her defenses and lock it around her brain. So i had to put her in the healing waters of the Blue River in Ahshaza for about a year. I also had to get Xololt to come unwrap the spell. He was impressed. Nothing messes up the powers of a sorceress like twitches and verbal outbursts and incontrollable stream of consciousness out bursts while they are trying to do magic. Frankly i was impressed. The times i met him i thought him failrly bookish but that was his disguise of course."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Xozla and nods she knoss her father as one of the great wizards of home or here sorcerers. A hint of a smile appear.
"Well yeah that sounds like dad. And appears they have both lied, dad and Cihalas. She didn't show what she really was either. Till dad caught her. "
She shrugs
"But you were okey with this? That she had been with another guy, have a child and all that? "

Michael James Watson
"And i feel the need to defend my bloodthirsty bride...She certainly took advantage of Delwin to bear a child but she didn't do it out of cruelty. She had not expected to get pregnant. Wasn't trying to. She was learning Amber based sorcery and got caught up in Delwin. He can be quite charming and when it comes to such things we arrangement. She raised you with love, such as any mother. But there are casual horrors in Azcala that only living outside the realm for a couple thousand years let me se as cruel. Attendance at religious ceremonies, attendance at Puma, Alligator and Serpent Cult rituals. I see you still have a fondness for snakes. I'm surprised Delwin allowed you a serpent companion. "
"And as I said, the heart business is a religous practice. She never thought it wrong. She wasn't being cruel for cruelty's sake. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah scoffs softly hearing his defense of Cihalas.
"Yeah bit when she got pregnant she clealry had a plan. "
Alvah looks at Cicero and shrugs
"Why not he and i found eachother. He was hurt and i nursed him back to health we are together ever since. "
Without looking to Xozla she continues playing with Cicero
"And i didn't have a snake pet in Azcala, i only remember a big furry animal companion. And with that... the fact that the animal protected me from Cihalas tells me that ,religious shit or not, she might not win that mother of the year award."

Michael James Watson
"Our line comes from Chaos. So does the line of Bariman. Chaos is a timeless place. Great houses are not fecund. Oberon had millions of years and only fathered 47 children. Dworkin had more then that and had only 3. Benedict only had 4 by Lintra because complicated magics and technologies were used and they behaved erratically. There is a reason stillborns and children that die before taking the pattern or the Sigils are not listed in the genealogies. " He lights another cigar, leaving the box open. Vance reaches in, "Hmmm the cinnamon cigars you had at the Oracle of Night. I tried replicating them using the stub of the one i had then. They come out tasting fine but somehow not the same."
Xozla laughs, "I would be surprised if they did. Hand picked by members of the Tobacco Cult and rolled on the thighs of virgins. Mine are rolled on the thighs of Xilonen herself. Though."She is no virgin...Take the box. I have more. "
"A big furry companion? Ya, he is certainly furry. And he was something of a problem. Still is. His name is Tlatlayeni, he's a Jagri. One bonds with every child of the line of Tonacat. If it dies another comes to be bound.. It is considered sacrilege to slay them and they are hard to kill in the first place. Delwin had to hurt it really badly to be able to fight Cihalas. Cihalas hated it because she has a problem with Jagri. They don't bond to her. Their race hates her and Aztilios. He killed his in his youth and they never sent another. She tried getting hers to stay with him after that, it refused, and she killed it. She was surprised one came to you. But she knew better this time then to try hurting it."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up curiously smelling the cigars.
She then sits back again and just sticks with the tequila for now..
"Tlatlayeni.... Tlatlayeni. "
She tries the name tasting it see if she might remember more.
"So he is still alive? But surely after this time he forgotten me. "
She looks to Vance.
"So what is the plan? You want an embassy with Azcala in Vulsara?
Shall i see if i can reach Jurt see if asking them to come over is even an option? "
She nods to Xozla
"Can't have false hopes being raised ofcourse."
She then sits straight facing Xozla pours her glass drinks it half and all the while not taking her eyes of him
" what is your plan? I have the feeling you are measuring up receptiveness of possible players. "

Michael James Watson
The name Yeni suddenly echoes strongly in her memory, associated with orange fur
"Forgotten you? They live till they are killed or till they despair and they never forget. Its in its forest outside the home in Untola you were raised in. The locals feed it and give it a lair in the fields outside the village because it scares the piss out of predators. Coyotes may be a sacred beast but wild ones outside temple grounds are pests to simple folks; Taking chickens and doves, and goats. Sometimes children. Dogs can go one on one with them but lose as often as they win. But they are meat for a Jargi. They are damnably hard to convince of anything.. Their intelligence is something below human but they talk, and argue and reason like big stubborn teenagers. If you set foot in Untola, perhaps anywhere in Azcala, it will know and it will tear the jungles apart trying to get to you. Depend upon it.. Yes....yes.. Tell Untara that if she will come to Vulsara, i will bring Tekuani with me. That will move her."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stares into nothing for a moment
Waking from her stare she looks at Xozla.
"Right? I called him Yeni and he actually allowed me to sleep on him."
Alvah chuckles
" well so far blocked memories."
She looks surprised
"He still remembers me wow. Well happy he is cared for now. There is a small chance i will set foot in Azcala."
She then nods
"Tekuani, got it."
She looks to Vance
"I'll go see if it moves her enough for this to work."
Alvah stands up she holds out her hand to Cicero letting him slither over her arm. Taking the diamond which was once her heart she looks at it again and then hands it in passing to Candle.
"Please keep that safe."
It is clear Alvah is doing her best to remain composed and calm.

Michael James Watson
He looks to Vance, "Tonacat will consider this a provocation. Possibly treason. But Azcala has an Embassy in Mandalay, Regor, even Alamond. IT has a complicated arrangement with Chaos. It has a compound in Cynasure, another in An Ri. HAving one in Vulsara would be extremely interesting. I can sell it as a place for Azcala to intrigue, maybe imply i might split Star Fleet out of Amber. TOnacat will be pissed, but would bide his time."

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing Xozla as she walks she chuckles.
In an announcers voice " Azcalans in space,"
She then turns to Celakat and leans in a bit
"Shouldn't we warn Delwin? Or tell him of this? And Nur?"
She then moves away from the group to go and make a trump call to Jurt since she doesn't have a trump of Untara.

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "Warning Delwin would be a good idea but we have held off Trumping him so far. Its your phone call, Alvah. But I doubt anything happening out here will change his plans. Father is pretty stubborn.. As he said, Tie Fighters not Shuttlecraft.
Xozla, "Tie fighters? Whats that mean? He's attaking my wife with a starship?

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs with Jurt his trump in hand she waits.
"I can at least try right? "
She then waves her hand dismissively to Xozla. "Noooo he just went alone. Stubborn ass... but he is our dad."
She looks at the trump then switches it out for her fathers trump. She wants to at least try. Focussing on the image as best she can.

Michael James Watson
Xozla looks to Vance who nods, "I suggest making the call. IT will take her time to get here. I'll transport back home, colelct a few things and collect her Jagri. It and I have a better relationship then i have with your Alvah. Retrieving him will be your work.
"Vance, where can we meet, so you can bring me here?"
"we both have a trump to the Oracle of Night in our deck. Meet there. I will go in the hour and wait."
Xozla nods, "Well met by madness, as Relmopator says.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"We will see about my Jagri do not know if i feel comfortable with going to Azcala. Let me first try dad and then i'll contact Jurt. Since Untara is not in the deck. "
She turns wirh her back to the sea and focusses first on the trump of her father.

Michael James Watson
Xozla pulls a trump and steps away."